Phase II

911 Associated Press

911 Associated Press

Phase I, prompted by the conviction that the “shock and awe” reaction to 911 would be very costly in the long run, has evolved into a probe of root factors in a number of issues which seem to be at a crossroads.

  • Counterterrorism
  • Historical Judeo-Christian / Muslim relations
  • Subprime credit crisis
  • Narcotics Interdiction
  • Global warming
  • NASA

An overwhelming population of experts has published on these topics, but results clearly encourage a fresh entrepreneurial approach.


Anthony Schwarz of the US Army War College aptly summarizes the current middle east situation with “The United States invaded two countries and overthrew two ruling parties. In Afghanistan and Iraq, the so-called ‘end of major combat operations’ came swiftly and decisively. In their wakes emerged resistances far more resolute than predicted, forcing coalition military commanders to shift from a conventional warfare doctrine to one better suited for fighting long wars against asymmetric enemies with extremist ideologies”: © 2007 Anthony J. Schwarz. Current events in Afghanistan and Pakistan support this summary. Pres. Obama, in his June speech in Cairo, created a welcome philosophical shift from the “axis of evil” to the recognition that a relationship defined by differences will sow hatred rather than peace. The Triad takes this as a sign that the field is wide open to fresh approaches.

Historical Judeo-Christian Muslim Relations

The Vatican has committed resources to one set of problems with its response to the Open Letter “A Common Word” signed by 138 Muslim scholars. The Catholic – Muslim Forum held the its first seminar in Rome in November 2008. The Triad will apply basic research and philosophy developed by Armstrong, Baudrillard, Eisenstadt, Philpott, and Schonborn in an attempt to supply coherent support.

The Subprime Credit Crisis

Looking past attributing the crisis to irrational exuberance, a quick reference to legislation related to the phenomenon will yield the possibility of legislative failure. Gillian Tett and Michael Osinski give  sparkling descriptions of events inside the financial community, partially explaining this historic event. This site will discuss techniques incorporating Mr. Janszen‘s analysis.  Based on latest developments in industrial relations, the housing market and the U.S. deficit forecasts, Mr. Janszen’s warnings about reflation with a manufactured bubble take on greater weight.   If the concerned reader includes David Walker‘s views on off-balance sheet debt and general fiscal responsibility, the whole problem should be too large to be swept under the rug.  The G-20 has begun to reformulate monetary (not trade) policy and to recommend procedures for closer control of institutions responsible for the debacle. Organizational innovation described in the site may speed the recovery and resolve serious questions about current policies.

Narcotics Interdiction

Although it faded for a time, the “war on drugs” is back with a vengeance. Appetite for narcotics in the United States is alive and well, and extremist organizations depend on it to fuel their activities. If one is going to venture into any of this, he is involved.

Global Warming

Even the casual observer will see that all these stress raisers are interactive. Last, only because time has not permitted doing justice to it, is global warming with its capability to override the rest.  For this, a working tool generally accepted as adequate remains to be prototyped.  A 12/8/09 Phase V impression clearly warns that if this issue is mismanaged consequences include a nuclear exchange.  Another Phase V impression was a little more direct.  To quote: “A place where the total population exhibited characteristics of zombies – This went on for generations”.  (12.16.09)


If some credibility is placed in the Simi Valley experiment and derivative technology, relief in some of these issues could avalanche and extend to unexpectedly large domains.

A Coherent Program, driven by IPv8, emerges

As the reader progresses through the site, he may get discouraged by its complexity. The closest analogy to logic used in structuring it – and that which will be used in a final edit – is contained in Stuart Isacoff’s essay on Beethoven’s piano sonatas.  Mr. Isacoff mentions Beethoven’s architectural scaffolding in which small cells are used as building blocks that reappear throughout a work in myriad permutations.  This reasoning will be used in developing IPv7/Web 4.0.  (Web 3.0 had a conference in May ’09.)  This successor to Web 2.0, so successfully used by Pres. Obama,  can be taken to a far more abstract domain.  The distinct sense of a few small hands reaching from the void (Triad Phase III Draft, 2-9-09) has been an incentive to pursue this line of reasoning.   Uncertainty is significantly reduced by these Phase V, VI, VII, and VIII  impressions.

  • An open end wrench, visible end lifted, other obscured (Phase V,12-22-09)
  • A windshield which had sustained an impact – A non-com uniformed airman, one of a long line of military with distinguished records, was wrongfully executed for leaving a grenade on a commissioned officer’s chair.  The grenade detonated, killing the officer.  The base commander, on reviewing facts of the case, asked if the old man could reconstitute the airman.  The old man failed, and called the devil, who agreed to help and succeeded on the reconstitution.  “Why did you bring me back, I liked it where I was.”  “OK”  The devil then shot him between the eyes.”  As the airman died, a voice came down from the sky:  “Thank you, he was doing good work here.”  The devil, muttering “Humans”, shook his head and left.  (Phase VI, 3-11-10)
  • An Iris aperture closing – A story, perhaps set in the 1700’s, about an abducted android –  Included were two talking peach pits.  (3-23-10)
  • A sequence involving conflict characterized by West Side Story, publishing, and cash on the barrel head  ( 5.8.10)
  • A cluster of photographs taken on the St. Lawrence campus  during the 1950’s – Extreme anxiety and turmoil preceding an unimaginable crisis – Very advanced personnel search capabilities were the first priority.  Following that, some children appeared to find a path to a solution with chess principles and transforms. – A chap elected to revisit Lake Constance because of a vague impression that he had been there before. (Phase VII, 5.17.10)
  • A large gathering of senior citizens and angels – The story was interrupted before the reason for the gathering was explained. (5.18.10)
  • A vertical screwdriver, handle at the bottom – A row of Ω with red tipped ends at 45 degrees to the horizontal  (5.26.10)
  • A short description of the chain of events following validation of key points in the website arguments (6.27.10)
  • A distant blank blackboard  (Phase VIII, 8.24.10)
  • An IPv8 generated image of a youngster on roller skates with a large disconnected hand above him  (9.19.10)
  • The stone wheel in the BC comic strip (10.5.10)

Zoned broadband communications evolve

The idea that individuals more capable than we are using Phase II (as yet unpublished) as a specification for IPv8 – the cornerstone MIS for the Triad project – is why Phase IX is expected to give a showcase launch for a new venture.  This Phase IX impression supports this idea.

  • A pedestal inclined 45 degrees – Large chromed wire wheels rolling above the 3746 Atwood lawn – A combination lock briefcase  (12.2.10)

This startling Phase IX amplification of the Phase III 2.9.09 Draft impression of small hands reaching from the void corroborates the notion that IPv8 potential was recognized by some almost two years ago.  This development takes a showcase launch during Phase IX from “would be nice” to “priority”.

  • Small hands, fingers grasping – A very depressing set of sequences describing entire populations in terminal decline  (12.19.10)

Additional IPv8 prototyping made possible by delaying the venture launch has enabled identifying a whole new population able to pinpoint individuals with terminals. This view is reflected in these Phase X impressions.

  • A row of small frying pans and eggs (3.13.11)
  • A cluster of very faint suction cups on what may be planets – A faint funnel at 45 degrees to an artificial horizon  (3.22.11)
  • A hyperbola, whose asymptotes intersected at the center of a spiral galaxy, appeared. – The first observed instance of a rogue star behaving as though it was guided on a collision course with a key planet (3.25.11)
  • A thin bi-fold wallet (5.8.11)
  • The Kingston Office Depot – An open hand emerged from the void – A fleeting image of a cadet in a gray and black uniform (5.22.11)

Phase XI has opened by yielding an incredible IPv8 message with this impression.

  • A high school principal was completely unnerved when, on calling the school after hours found out that the night watchman who answered the telephone was in his office.  “That office is off limits after hours.”  “I know, sir, but I needed some information now.”  “I’m calling the State Police!”  “Don’t bother, I will be gone.”  At that point, the principal heard a click as the connection was broken.  A bronze snap ring appeared in the palm of his hand.  “What’s this?”  “Our calling card, sir.  I am a universe.”  The episode ended. (7.8.11)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the restatement has perhaps enabled setting another class of markers in the contour map necessary to accelerate  integrating IPv8 with the work of Feeney et. al.  This Phase XIV impression seems to be a fairly explicit corroborating statement.

  • A spinning grenade – A briefcase handle connected to the void – An eyedropper (8.16.12)

Work In Progress

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