2013 Phase II Synopsis

Aristotle, Copy of Lysippos

Aristotle, Copy of Lysippos

“The study of an ancient writer might appropriately envisage one or more of three objectives, the re-discovery of past accomplishments and thoughts, the assemblage for present use of odd, edifying, or useful items of information or knowledge, or the inquiry into truths whose specifications do not change with time.”  © Random House, The Basic Works of Aristotle, Richard McKeon

This registered but unpublished work contains a number of propositions (thought experiments) each with unproven theory.  Even if valid, each is subject to alternate routes in application.  All are derived using Richard McKeon’s views on history.  There has been anecdotal evidence supporting many of the Triad interpretations, but equally diligent efforts may take others in different directions.  There does not seem to be a good reason to let uncertainty slow progress, so this recap will source current directions to Triad positions developed during the decade 1996 – 2006.  An independent view on this approach is suggested by this impression to be included in Phase IV.

Thought experiment results synopsis

  • A story involving a well known United States military commander and some others who had died – I seemed to have been involved with one hand cut off.  The old man appeared and repaired it with some of his powder. The old man then told us that he had formed a club to work for him.  “Why”  “Because you are competent at your crafts and I have a lot to get done.”  “Oh”  “If that is all right with you, feel free to use the golf course.”  The sequence involved the old man’s lineage, but it went so far back no one could remember where it started. (10-12-09)

Year end 2009 developments in recovery from the subprime credit crisis, latest Afghan military strategy, and estimates of resources required set against Copenhagen climate change discussions may place a priority on Triad recommendations for using templates linked by IPv7 and Web 4.0.  Moreover, it probably would get the whole business closer to reality to define these situations as wicked problems and approach them in a consistent manner. Support for this position may be found in this Phase V impression.

  • An Alpine horn – A row of french cuffs – A briefcase handle – An automobile tire (11-12-09)

Proximate extended platform and organized virtual state concepts begin to emerge.

Continued probing in information acquisition and analysis using IPv7 and Web 4.0 yields the possibility of taking the envelope of this concept to completely unexplored domains.  Two examples are constructing “population topography” for use in building proximate extended platforms in an organization and, more ambitiously, contour maps mentioned in Prop. 5 of the 2006 work.   Boundaries of these constructs are hinted at in this Phase V impression.

  • A pair of woman’s Gucci shoes under an umbrella – A triangular snubbing post in the middle of a stream – A short story demonstrating risks of using certain tunnels (12-12-09)

Focused probing of  IPv4/IPv7 potential has not only validated the approach but also has given strong indications that IPv8 with unknown properties supports 2006 Phase II concepts, with applications and errors to be isolated and detailed.  This position is supported by the following Phase VII impressions.

  • A WW I Fokker triplane – The iris of an eye – A dragonfly as seen from above  (5.2.10)
  • An angel took human form for a while so that she could edit the book derived from the site.  Emphasis seemed to be on IPv8.  (5.9.10)
  • An eyeball in isolation – A large chaff release (5.20.10)
  • A crowd doing the wave – A looped hawser around multiple pilings (5.21.10)
  • An undercurrent of  violence totally inconsistent with geographical importance followed by mummies (5.22.10)

Consistent with the idea of recycling site development using latest findings, the 2006 Phase II Concept Recap can be set against IPv8 probes and reactions for validation.  These phase VII impressions should be a good barometer:

  • A train threading its way through the Canadian Rockies  (6.16.10)
  • A two lane road with a right turn immediately before crossing a bridge – A speed skater wearing tights – A stop sign  (6.18.10)
  • A 1/4 ton pickup truck with worn shock absorbers moving toward the camera  (6.26.10)

Techniques available for recycling to improve clarity and correct errors are substantially improved as IPv8 gains credibility through collaborative use.  This view is reflected in these Phase VIII impressions.

A sense that collaboration with beings not on this planet begins to surface.

  • A traveling band came across the equivalent of an Amish village, decided to stay a while, and found that the local population had mastered transforming through time. – Light line wrapped around a stick.  (8.4.10)
  • A funnel, through which passed disconnected events from a family lineage –  The author’s salad plate displaying the words “Delizioso, Molto Buono, Mangiare”  (8.28.10)
  • Three or four people wearing western clothes riding horseback on a prairie – An egg, long axis vertical, with a horizontal crack in the top third  (9.16.10)
  • A glass orange juice squeezer  (10.1.10)

IPv8 credibility as a Triad development cornerstone is illustrated in these Phase IX impressions.

  • An earthquake opened a fault of about one meter wide if the perspective was that of an observer maybe 50 yards from it.  Euclid earth movers in an open pit mine – The Eiffel Tower tipped over onto its side  (11.10.10)
  • A celluloid shoehorn – A cluster of open end wrenches (3.22.11)

Phase X results from IPv8 output have demonstrated general interest in litigation surrounding due diligence for moving the site to a new venture.

  • A short length of magnetic recording tape wrapped around a Flex shampoo bottle.  (4.11.11)
  • A manual eggbeater – A snap ring on a platform – Scissors cutting a plastic coating from a cheese wheel – A double edge razor – A short section of an open ended wrench, the other end obscured in the void – The State of Nevada (4.14.11)
  • Several spools of thread – The bell of an intake venturi – The extruder draw table I worked at when Channel Master promoted me to Assistant to the Plant Engineer (6.4.11)

The early portion of  Phase XI shows significant encouragement to pursue the line of reasoning adopted in the website and detailed in correspondence.  This impression gives some idea of remote expectations.

  • A wide mouth funnel in a vaguely defined space (6.22.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has opened a route to new limits, as implied in this Phase XI impression.

  • Two slim men, either angry or very determined, charged each other, missed by a foot, and ran right by each other – A tube through a doughnut hole  (8.3.11)

  • A saxophone – Ω  (8.26.11)

  • The Eiffel tower in the horizontal plane with the tip through a doughnut (10.21.11)

Adding an “emotions language” to IPv8β has released a deluge of data not yet arranged into the discipline of science.  Reconsidering the definition of time has yielded a similar phenomenon.  This Phase XIII impression gives an indication that the Extension can be considered a benchmark marking a new plateau of applied research.

  • A very small venturi – An automobile tire, lying flat – A bird’s nest with several white eggs in it (5.3.12)

Restating the Evolution page as well as probing the probability that “cross talk” among remote beings using IPv8 has yielded unexpected consequences of the Feeney et al. research, all as embodied in this Phase XV impression.

  • Inter-species organized combat involving transforms went sour when it was discovered that few if any knew which form set the limits.  Some very young were involved.  They should not have been watching, much less participating. – Consequences of humans mixing with beings, possibly universes in reduction, seriously questioned wisdom of permitting this kind of contact. – Some stories of African voodoo in which living bodies as well as inanimate objects were reconstituted from small elements of their remains. (9.18.12)

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