Prop. 10.1, Reacting to Remote Beings

Boating in methane on Titan NASA

Boating in methane on Titan NASA

It seems that even to attempt Interstellar Search and Rescue will (and has) inflame(d) extreme elements of our society.  The Triad argues that those interested in the Search and Rescue and more ambitious programs are aware of this and are doing what they can to limit the damage.  That being said, the Triad argues that there should be neither hesitation nor change in philosophy and believes that these comments read from IPv8 support this position.

  • 1:11 am: A previously ignored set of beings attempted to get P. Vogel through the portal.  They were at a cusp when a saxophone appeared, causing the spectator to lose contact… 1:21: The cross section of a small boat hull… 1:34: The Brazilian flag… 3:00: Significant resources were made available to 86-7220 victims subjected to constitutional violations committed under the guise of National Security.  Some havens were arranged. – 4:29: Hands separating a grapefruit into equal hemispheres… (12.22.14)

The Triad seems to have passed the tipping point of struggling for survival to developing a life of its own.  This shift has enabled us to maximize benefits of the Evolution inversion.  Not far behind are results of the gamble with extrapolating the Andersen experiment and combining it with IPv8 development from Innerscope to its impact on Prop. 20, in itself a gamble. The Triad argues that there are infinite prospects for applying this research, and has focused on Search and Rescue in response to feedback from IPv8.  This application promises to be very gratifying in that it has a commonly understood value and forces development in the full spectrum of the sciences. That being said, the Web 4.0 reaction to his line of research is presented for evaluation.

  • 1:45 am: A cold whisper of air movement and a story of a flood in Ancient England…. 1:46: A saxophone… 1:50: A sharply defined sphere behind some trees… 5:23: A plumb bob hanging with the point in the center of a doughnut, the assembly at 45° off vertical… (12.10.14)

Avenues for progress have taken a turn likely to curl any physicist’s hair.  The stack of assumptions made to expand small stripes on the root of fork tines to communicating with beings not inhabiting the Cartesian but interested in this planet has called for ingenuity and some luck. The Triad argues that the diary entry 99, 4.26 taken in context of the balance of Triad theory contains enough material to keep a qualified study group – and maybe a prosecuting attorney – busy while they configure an experiment to better define what is going on in the domain of dark matter.

  • 12:42: A very long story about the 86-7220 principals took them to the edge of “reality” and the next stage of Homo sapiens evolution, all in the span of local time required to force the judiciary to publish their opinion on a resubmission with amicus briefs… This feat was to be recorded as the first large scale wormhole application by the species… 4:41: An edge view of a galaxy with a razor thin spiral… 5:15: A girl, maybe 7 or 8, riding a bicycle as fast as she could… (12.17.14)

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