Prop. 12.1 Remote Focus

Web 4.0Explicitly restructuring reasoning for IPv8 formulation and inverting the Evolution logic have yielded data streams credible enough to attract the attention of very demanding audiences. The Triad goal is to reduce counterproductive conflict while attempting to operate in the region generally accepted as the root of religious war.  IPv8 is showing increasingly credible capacity to collect data from this domain and organize it for use in Prop. 5 coordinate identification.  The Triad goes on to argue that Web 4.0 comments read from IPv8 and displayed following support this position.

  • 2:24 am: A convoluted account of a President of a prestigious university who claimed to have the right to the wormhole discovery and its applications… 3:44: A very turbulent period during which beings external to the Cartesian took 86-7220 into their own hands… 12.16.14

Work in Progress

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