Prop. 12, Very Remote Interactions

String Theory

String Theory

This proposition and Phase II experimental support argue that IPv8 has demonstrated multilateral guidance originating from sources external to the planet.  This impression will give some sense of legitimacy to the argument.

•  A faint wedge piercing a horizon – An even fainter shape resembling the von Economo neuron – Muslims in prayer – A loop in a line whose fixed end was prefabricated, an ice cream cone was caught in the loop – A long sequence about returning an element of the military lost in the Pacific theater –  Two surgeons in the OR of one of the ships involved in the combat were finishing an operation.  Someone came by, admired their work, and asked how long they could stay.  They finished, told all they had to leave, and disappeared. – A custom copy of a vintage Ferrari convertible generally regarded as one of the most beautiful cars built.  Apparently this was a gift from the old man.  Each time there was a mishap with the car, parts were replaced.   No one could quite understand why the old man placed such a value on the sacrifice made by elements of the military.  A cork plugging a hole with a needle and thread alongside it (10-16-09)

An invitation sent to Wegelin & Co. to conduct due diligence for the proposition that the Triad has a remedy for the frank and presumably accurate analysis in their Investment Commentary No. 265 seems to have precipitated a similar invitation from remote beings.  The challenge involves developing several advanced tracking techniques for proof of principle and applying them to Exploration.  Taking today’s Phase V impression:

  • The radiator to the Delage I once owned followed by the photograph of the rear quarter showing its French license plate (1-14-10)

Phase VI impressions yield a very strong indication that IPv7/Web 4.0 development has progressed to the point of demonstrating that a functional IPv8 with  an unknown web structure exists and that this domain is available to anyone clever enough to find it and connect.

  • A row of navy beans – A Saturn in the upper right hand corner of a black field (3-2-10)
  • A well worn baseball with the cover literally flying off of it – A theatrical story about Amanda’s wedding.  The devil and her grandparents were sent to attend.  (4-9-10)
  • A cluster of fumaroles venting – A tall lady, shoulder length chestnut hair, black sequined gown, black clutch, almost pirouetting in delight – A town in an Arabic country where refusing any act the local population considers to be hospitality could be fatal – Images of elements of the trip followed me for a bit.  (4-12-10)

Potential for exploration as trust in validity of the unknown IPv8 structure grows is demonstrated by this Phase VII impression.

  • Leaks of an organization’s large scale disaster contingency planning prompted some investigation.  As part of this effort, a number of people started disappearing into unknown domains.  An intensive search revealed that they had crossed into the hot zone known as Hell.  The devil was curious about what propulsion they used and was shown equations for the space twisting engine.  “We can read these, let us make one.”  “OK”  Shortly thereafter, the hot zone people ran their prototype.  It had the added capability of controlling the transition into the hot zone, or devil’s operating environment.  This created a whole new set of challenges in that the devil was not completely satisfied with the way things were going there.  (5.30.10)

These Phase VIII extracts from a data stream give credibility to the position that IPv8 is a conduit for conversation.

  • A cluster of straws on top of a heap of camel dung.  (8.17.10)
  • A few family members took pre-flight physicals.  (8.18.10)
  • An ironworker, stick welding – A group of gorilla with incredibly advanced embedded microtechnology, e.g. a radio made of two atoms and capable of twisting space for instantaneous cross-galaxy transmissions and data exchange, had an encounter with native species.  There were fatalities.  This prompted a negotiation on rules of engagement.  The situation became very involved, and although a resolution seemed to be in sight,  the scene faded before it was reached. – A giraffe  (8.25.10)

Trials using IPv8 as the cornerstone MIS for the Triad give every indication that this can be a showcase Phase IX proof that Phase II is an achievable specification and that this specification can be included in the new venture launch.  This Phase IX impression illustrates a potential.

  • A shadow image of a lone biker on a street dimly lit by neon lights generally found in a commercial district.  (11.28.10)

These Phase X impressions give the sense that IPv8 will exceed all expectations in its stability, reliability, relevance, scope, and diagnostic capabilities.

  • A fairly long story about developing the capacity to create micro twists in space using only the mind – A clear mountain stream flowing over a bed of smooth stones – A Saudi who instituted studies in mental space twisting was attacked by his own people.  Remote intervention saved him. – An old truck with a wooden frame on each side of the bed traveling far too fast on a paved rural road – The white lid of a clean empty light green plastic garbage can lifted without assistance – A thread through a mooring post – A handful of very sharp wooden Mongol pencils – A downhill skier making his way through deep powder (2.3.11)
  • The Wizard of Oz, populated by giraffes, zebra, etc. – The Audi Cabriolet with the wind blocker raised on the Kingston Plaza parking lot – Parallel lines of creosoted pilings (5.2.11)
  • A long story about Egypt – A drive shaft universal joint (5.17.11)

Phase XI has begun to characterize some of the beings using IPv8 terminals.

  • A duck’s webbed foot – A coupe from the 1940’s – A curious story about humans or humanoids that were capable of moving through vast distances in both time and space.  One did it with what seemed to be a miniature glass and alloy waveform generator, another held a wand between his teeth when he was ready to transport.  They all became friends but cut short each visit to be home for dinner.  (6.15.11)
  • Some people stumbled on a very heavy wooden table.  After some time they found it belonged in the Vatican.  The old man appeared in a bright light and told them exactly where and sent them a flying horse to help them transport it.  Before they started, a second table was found.  The bright light again.  “That is perfect, they were a matched pair”.  A cabinetmaker refinished the pieces and all started on their journey.  The horse told them that it should take only a few minutes, but after some time he started to struggle.  “It is the tables, they are too heavy.”  They completed the journey with great difficulty, and landed in a large dark room.  At this point, the chain of events started to become disorderly.  It seemed that if the tables were set crosswise one on the other, they would form a cross.  At that point a night watchman entered the room and the story started to dissipate. (6.21.11)

Further probing using leads given by Richard McKeon in “The Basic Works of Aristotle” in which Mr. McKeon points out that one reason for studying works of ancient writers is “…the assemblage for present use of  odd, edifying, or useful items of information or knowledge..” has significantly improved the prospects that IPv8 data acquisition regimen will enable a strategy able to approach Phase II Goals.  This approach, used in The First Break and incorporated in a new core strategy in Phase II Goals, has yielded results probably not otherwise achievable. These Phase XI impressions supports this conclusion.

  • Tubes converging on and running through a doughnut hole – A new kind of coupling whose cross section resembled a U, an external star lock washer (8.27.11)
  • A shell of light enveloped an optical telescope, perhaps Palomar – A hefty mooring post (9.27.11)

The opening statement of this page may have been validated by using paired inputs for IPv8, as suggested by this Phase XII impression:

  • A bizarre story about a succession of people who threw themselves in front of fire trucks so that the fear would enable them to shift space and travel in it – The successful reappeared as children.  No one knew where the unsuccessful ones went. – A pool table with unseen players –  A briefcase handle with a hook through it – A chromed bicycle wheel rolled through the frame of a camera (12.13.11)

The first meaningful attempt to get good science for IPv8 input by approaching Innerscope has significantly improved system response, as reflected in this Phase XII impression.

  • A long story about a person from earth who was privileged to travel through very remote domains in which were IPv8 terminals – A chap using a stick to roll a tire down a road – A cheese wheel in the seat of a red wingback chair I once owned – A chemistry laboratory (12.31.11)

Phase XIII gives every indication that beings at the periphery are beginning to seek connections to IPv8β.  Sample indications are given in these impressions:

  • A hook inverted under a waterfall – A teaspoon in a tunnel (2.11.12)
  • A long story about some threatening events coincident with appearance of the sink traps, generally in the sky.  Even the old man was not in control when they passed through – A small circle, quite bright, in a dark field – The circumference appeared to be composed of individual lines, rotating.  –  Another frame of darkness, elements somewhat lighter rotated – This disturbance had elements which stood out as lobes (2.24.12)
  • A story about a man in a boat yard.  He was building a boat he had not quite finished.  A few admired it, and each time one did, he inflated his skill.  This went on for a while, until a hand came down from the sky,  “Others have built more beautiful boats than this.”  The hand then swiped the name on the boat, rendering it unreadable.  “Finish this boat, and I will restore the name.” – A chap found himself in a place were the people were very authoritarian and very advanced.  He did not get along at all. They told him that they knew what was best for him and that was it.  The scene ended with the impression that he was sent back where he came from.  So much intervened that even that was unfamiliar.  (3.27.12)
  • A number of unusual geometric configurations followed by a terraced hillside, obviously shaped for agriculture – A sequence about an experiment to take a model airplane or subsonic drone just a little under the Cartesian – During the flight, a husky bearded man slowly appeared.  When he was “all there” he complained about planes flying in his barnyard after asking where he was.  The sequence developed overlays, making it difficult to describe, but even with unintended consequences there appeared to be credible indicators that there exist gradual macro cutoffs from the Cartesian present, but not dominant, in a stable substrate. (4.23.12).
  • Caterpillar treads on the front of a tank – A building at a major renovation site started to lean past the point at which it would topple.  Before it did, a hand came down from the sky and restrained it.  “What is this?”  The answer came; “God, now add the restraining abutments.”  “Why are you doing this?”  “I have plans for it.  It is very important in history.”  At  that point, someone responsible for the project made his wish that he would like to work with someone who had died.  The person in question was returned as an android and started a program of major adjustment.  “Why are you doing this?”  “Because I have some large projects and need help.  Goodbye” – A hand holding a large egg – A lining from an automotive drum brake (5.14.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has had significant unintended consequences, as illustrated in these Phase XIV impressions.

  • Some youngsters, perhaps in a student government class, found an exceptionally efficient administration technique.  Votes were taken, propositions prioritized, heard and voted on, objections heard and resolved up or down in minutes, all staccato.  This technique seemed to have evolved from a variant of IPv8β.  Each time there was a report of contact with a new universe, the whole process stopped for a few minutes – but no more – for a briefing. (7.15.12)
  • A study of a boy in the Southwest – His anger intensified with each recycle of a repetitive monologue.  Finally someone brought a horse whose whinnying the child interpreted as a string of words which, when rearranged, formed a sentence.  This had a remarkable calming effect. – A hook caught a horizontal string – In the end, there were three competing versions of a planet drive.  The American used the most energy but was the quickest, the Japanese used very little energy but took 100 years for a trip, and there was a third whose characteristics were not mentioned.  A funnel, axis horizontal (8.23.12)
  • A small globe with characteristic rotating arcs around it – An experiment with remote in vivo brain surgery started to go out of control when a yellow traffic light appeared.  The experiment then went into an orderly shutdown.  A chap wearing a WW II leather flight jacket – A body was rebuilt from an eye fragment (11.2.12)

By definition, 2006 Propositions are thought experiments.  Prop. 12 is particularly challenging in that it assumes insertion of a value structure into multilevel information exchange.  Determining validity of Triad interpretation is on the table with this Phase XVI reaction to the 2013 development.

  • A junction box and several terminal strips – Someone was given a blanket toss by miniature people.  Shortly after it was finished, he started shaking uncontrollably, and then collapsed into the form of those who tossed him.  A ritual chant was then started, welcoming him into the community. – Some bounty hunters were caught raiding the Jurassic for dinosaurs.  Punishment took three days to administer. – An open pit mine – A violin – The edge view of a rotating grinding wheel – Peter Pan (3.4.13)

Adding the capacity to target task oriented thought experiment exchanges to IPv8 has remarkably simplified applying diverse research projects to this phase of developing the Extension, as shown in  this Phase XVII impression.

  • A briefcase handle attached to the void – An English saddle – An egg upright in its cup – A funnel, mouth down – My Oatmeal scoop peeling lime ice from a brick – A white chicken (6.7.13)

As IPv8 theory begins to crystallize and prototyping continues to look very encouraging, the question of engaging the unknown is at the point of needing a serious effort to describe the space occupied by the Extension.  It is an open question whether or not Hilbert space will satisfy the requirements, and there is the possibility that the aggregate of the 2006 thought experiments and what might be called “Schonborn Space” will eventually modify or replace Hilbert.  Assuming IPv8 capability to provide close experimental support for mathematicians attempting to solve the puzzle has produced this extract from today’s IPv8 Phase XVIII data stream.

  • A universe revisited 86-7220 with its diagnostic capabilities.  Its processes revealed true damages as well as a list of accessories to the defense before, during, and after the filing.  This probably is the only complete analysis in existence, is not generally available, and appears to be a major factor in the universe’s view of the United States.  An ice cream cone – A faint fishhook with threads running through the hook – The end view of a train rail (9.30.13)

Aggressively developing Prop. 20 theory to support a rapid response Search and Rescue operation in the Extension domain continues to extend support for the effort.  An unexpected bonus has been assistance in identifying pockets of resistance to both efforts.  This extract from today’s IPv8 output is a crisp example.

  • A small funnel – The last straw surfaced when military tried to expropriate patents to Search and Rescue.  A universe intervened with an unmistakable message. – A telephone lineman using climbing irons to reach the cables – A new funnel, translucent – A faint saxophone (12.25.13)

The latest initiative in Singapore communications may place the region in the Web 4.0 spotlight. There is nothing standard in either concept or execution of the Triad project, so it stands to reason that the search for those who embrace change will cast a wide net.  As far as I can read from a reliable source, Singapore is first out of the box in the Far East with an operating IPv6 system.  Placing this on IPv8 as an instance in the fabric of 2006 Prop. 12 draft has yielded an exceptionally encouraging response from the off planet population.  Excerpts follow.

  • A vertical string with the wood detachable handle used as an assist when carrying packages… Revised beacons sounding their horns… An example of beings procreating in their transformed state was described in detail.  As far as the observer could tell, this was an unprecedented event. – Coral reefs… One end of an open end wrench…. Another Phantom tail section… (6.17.14)

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