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Recent events in the Near East and the Snowden affair could bring the sense of “Shock and Awe II” to a miscarried Arab Spring.  When examining net gains in the United States fiscal and foreign policy, it is not unreasonable to think that a fresh perspective might be welcome.  It is premature to claim that the Triad will be a factor in placing all this on a fresh footing, but it seems to be the only new approach in the wings.  The Triad argues that this assessment is not completely out of step with those made by experts in the field and proposes that implementing the very large scale Search and Rescue operation is the best option available to break from deeply embedded circular reasoning.  Placing this argument in the form of the 2006 Prop. 17 on IPv8 has drawn another encouraging reaction from a significant population.

  • Classmates of Denison Diebolt made a long and difficult journey to respond to a note he sent to ask for help.  Obstacles to completing the journey bore a striking similarity to those anticipated when passing through multiple domains in a Search and Rescue mission.  When his classmates neared the end of the journey, they were told that the obstacles were in fact universe reductions to the Cartesian.  They fabricated the event to learn how the rescuers would go about solving problems. – An outdoor fruit and vegetable stand – The right front axle of a car, perhaps the one that failed on the NYS thruway northbound as I was driving from Weston CT headed for 3746 Atwood –  A tractor and flatbed lost its load as it climbed a steep mountain grade.  The load went over a cliff. – The rubber universal joint to a Lancia Aurelia B-24 Cabriolet – A pale blue sedan left a driveway (1.24.14)

As Europe grapples with attempts to find or establish common ground and the Near East searches for its identity the Triad must recognize the degree of difficulty it has set for itself with its goals.  Any archaeologist must be sensitized to the fact that we live in a microscopic space in an infinitely small slice of time.  It is untenable to hold the conviction that there are not others who occupy different points on the Cartesian matrix.  It is not too great a conceptual leap to include those who do not require properties resident in the Cartesian to create societies, and they, like us, have anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, and organizations designed to maintain stable societies.

 This is the premise forming the Triad, and it shapes the fabric of its development strategy.  We must also take a lesson from the Snowden affair.  While it is necessary to maintain an intelligence network, it is criminal to use that network to simultaneously acquire private information and to cloak directly related internal facts embarrassing the institution.  These opposing forces drive the Triad to a structure of a Virtual State using a communications network for IPv8 conceptually equivalent to a Virtual Switzerland.  Proton Mail, a new arrival in the industry, shows promise for the vehicle of choice for these specifications.  The Triad argument that these concepts are fundamental to a legitimate definition of national security has drawn a concise reaction from Web 4.0, presented following.

  • A leather work glove on a right hand… Uniformed military and large trucks… A funnel… The life experience of 86-7220 plaintiffs made the the case inevitable… A universe transform spent a little time on 86-7220 damage assessment and found little improvement in the majority of those affected. – The edge view of a galaxy with a breakfast croissant at the center… (6.23.14)

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