Prop. 24, Refine Strategic Protocol

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors

Placing Prop. 20 on IPv8 seems to have become a touchstone for both controversy and progress.  There is no precedent for what the Triad is attempting, so the project will rely on IPv8 to support a strategic protocol anchored in applying the Phase II Experimental Technique to Phase II Thought Experiments and recycling with IPv8 until there is a convergence suitable for a Virtual Organization composed of proximate extended platforms linked by string and knot theory.  This increment will explore extrapolating from Prop. 24 taken as a thought experiment and using the combination as a proposition for a Virtual organizational philosophy.  This approach has yielded an extensive IPv8 data stream, elements of which are presented following.

  • A number of  universes from a domain of which we cannot conceive reduced to human form.  They neither adjusted to each other nor to the planet did they choose as a platform.  They then decided that the reduction was a bad idea and broke it off. – A bazooka pushed through coiled barbed wire. – The Buick Roadmaster Adelaide Ojerholm bought from Harold Carlson – A free standing steel structure, apparently intended for a building (11.18.13)

As the Triad prepares for a launch, it must balance interests of the founders and those of potential investing institutions. Fundamental to this are founders’ goals set against economic trends.  Even though the vast majority of activity envisioned for the company/ is off planet, its approach to doing business here will have a measurable impact on a host nation’s economic activity and may be large enough to affect economic trends.  The Triad argues that if this concept is successful, an exchange to be described and structured will doubtless arise, and that this duality will find a conceptual home in one fabric.  This argument has drawn encouragement from the population using IPv8, an example of which is this extract from today’s data stream.

  • A Phantom tail section with a baseball at the control surfaces – A Unicorn – A caterpillar tank tread configured as for a WW I tank – A turkey wishbone – Symmetrical bones, perhaps a joint, with one rotated 180 degrees from the other – A cap, peak touching a polished surface (12.6.13)

Ceremonies and recollections surrounding D-Day in context of today’s tensions bring a sense that the underlying forces are still with us, ready to boil.  This is particularly troubling for the prospects of implementing a project with the potential of Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.  The Triad has presented plans for an organization with fairly well documented structural and functional concepts to the population thought to be involved, and they have reacted.  Extracts of their reaction are presented following.

  • Calipers extending downwards on a sheet metal strip… Several midnight visitors chanting all the misdeeds the principal 86-7220 plaintiff was accused of… The worst were family members who felt that that had been wronged by him… Deeply embedded anger stemming from 86-7220 injustices severely interfered with his interpreting input from a broad array of beings. –  Details of physical injuries continue to surface, fueling an already systemic anger. – A saxophone (6.6.14)

The Triad has argued publicly since 2009 based on 1995 data that this could be the direction the project could take.  The premise at that “others” had taken note of the project can be interpreted that all this has been known to them for almost three decades, and that they were waiting for us to react.  The proper response for us is to refine strategic protocol, so the 2006 draft goes on IPv8 for review with their comments (condensed) presented following.

  • Some transforms caused havoc in a Nevada proving ground by preparing to make a movie. One element, an explosion, fatally wounded an off duty noncom. – A hand came from the sky to rescue the soldier. – 86-7220 was followed by a class action… A wire egg holder used when coloring eggs for Easter… A large wrench on a nut… An NGC class 1300 galaxy… (7.18.14)

The IBM True North computer chip gives every promise of breaking one data processing barrier, and life being what it is, the Patriot Act creates another.  IPv8 has proven an exceptionally powerful tool, enabling transmitting thought experiments in environments neither envisioned nor controlled by contemporary politics.  It seems that a substantial population believes that we are closer than any to engineering a system capable of engaging threatening asteroids and to either deflect or destroy them.  Others go so far as to recommend developing planet relocation programs.  The Web 4.0 population’s annoyance with unnecessary obstacles this planet is creating show in the latest commentary, summarized following.

  • 12:48pm A pill… 1:34am An unbelievable recounting of real or imagined attacks by a person or persons wearing Navy machinist’s uniforms on graduates of the Peak School in Stone Ridge… 1:48 A golf tee… 2:57 Another saxophone… An assessment of what seemed to be 86-7220 damage awards… 5:30 The Coliseum… (8.20.14)

Triad pace in developing its theory and excellent prospects for applying IPv8 advances raise the subject of a multidisciplinary study group to address a concept with what may have an open ended application.  System reactions to “Just how effective is IPv8?” and “Triad IPv8 expansion” point to using 2006 Prop. 14 as the enabling premise to recast the Refine Strategic Protocol page. Web 4.0 reaction to this line of reasoning, with extracts presented following, suggests a small working group charged with preparing a proposal for structural overview:

  • 12.22 am: Some pills in a clear plastic tube... 12:30 A small two bar galaxy… A small NGC 1300 class pinwheel… 1:43: An incredibly through analysis of the 86-7220 defacement… 1:51: The knife, once used in Kodak shipping, A. Vogel left with the 86.7220 plaintiff… (10.29.14)

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