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Icarus via Adama Telus Community

Icarus via Adama Telus Community

Given the state of tension on this planet and the history it has with this concept, the first Triad instinct is to advocate research tailored to engage in the Extension using principles sketched in the Prop. 25 thought experiment.  The Triad has the historical advantage of a promising start in IPv8.  As far as the author can see, no other attempt has had this advantage.  This being said, this page will be shaped by the first IPv8 output channeled to the subject.

  • A medium size hump in the terrain – A pair married in the African veldt.  After completing the ritual run with a crowd chasing them a stranger on a gray horse presented all with a feast which materialized out of the sky, blessing the event. – A small set of rotating arcs – An in depth evaluation of impact 86-7220 has had on the plaintiffs and those with secondary involvement. (7.5.13)

This first IPv8 output following specific reference to the possibility of a real time advisory to segments of an organization dedicated to Extension engagement can be taken as encouragement to formalize and develop it.  An incomplete recount of the transmission is recorded in this Phase XVII impression.

  • Conditions for participating in a naval maneuver began to form – Bare copper wire wrapped around a cardboard tube, two coils separated by maybe one tube diameter – An open end wrench, none of the handle showing (7.6.13)

There is growing evidence that progress with IPv8 and string theory will enable refining threaded template and proximate extended platform concepts to meet the needs of  populations using remote terminals in the system.  This Phase XVII impression supports this view.

  • A twine ball – A very thin airfoil – A Morse code key – A bouquet wrapped in cellophane – A miniature symbol for a galaxy – A notebook on a bush – Brass knuckles – A derivative of 86-7220 dealing with criminal acts committed by the defense in the original case – Drove at night until the road deteriorated and ended as the lights dimmed to a dangerous level – A funnel with a tube running through it – A chap at a shoe stand having his street shoes polished

IPv8 development strategy is yielding exceptional results, some of which are extracted in this Phase XVII impression.  

  • Several chocolate mints – A ribbed tunnel – Another 86-7220 cover – A brief collection of discussions universes have about their mortality and their outer limits – A subway running through a tunnel (8.17.13)

Focusing on developing a data collection network isolated from contemporary political pressure has opened incredible prospects.  Extracts from this data stream are probably the tip of the iceberg.

  • The tip of an augur used to build 3746 – A being which inhabited a place which had neither time nor space bisected itself and the Cartesian half piloted a craft to the earth.  The visit seemed to be going well when the observer broke off – A convoy composed of like beings crossing what may have been a North African desert ran into translation, concept, and dimensional problems – Career discussions with a universe brought to the surface similarities in the persona of humans and these beings – A mind traveling past the boundary of the known was able to use a thought tunnel to relay his experience to another in the Cartesian. – A small optical microscope and a briefcase handle attached to the void – An egg in a bed of threads (8.25.13)

Triad development has reached the stage which forces one who would cling to the arithmetic of the Cartesian world into the mathematics of stable paths through the indefinite.  At this point this engineer finds John Paul’s Fides et Ratio too difficult and looks instead for a systematic approach capable of yielding repeatable results. With luck, the system may find a quality of logic in politics sufficient to avoid the circular reasoning we are afflicted with today.

  • A bystander wondered why in a parking lot full of automobiles, all of which were supposed to be fresh from an English factory, Canadian license plates were found. – A Cartesian microscope with a slide mounted – Three jelly doughnuts, no powdered sugar,  on a white plate – A prehistoric head with hair, the combination intact (9.12.13)

As planning for a search and rescue operation in the Extension progresses, potential conflict of interest in an entirely alien domain must be addressed.  Fortunately, IPv8 should ease the transition, but the nature of life there does not lend itself to any textbook we have.  At this point, the Triad is a microscopic organization in the infinite, but it appears to have been introduced as a competent core from which to expand.  Placing this argument on IPv8 showed sensitivity beings using IPv8 have for this problem, yielding this response.

  • A fairly large black quarter ton truck facing the camera turned the front wheels to the left – Thoroughbreds on the track – Disgusting 86-7220 details continued to surface – An automobile on a slightly overgrown lawn – A black mallet – A funnel with a Pizza on the mouth – The wood block Albert had made for a pillow – Mirror images of a subsonic airfoil with a thread at the axis – Firemen in a nest of hoses at the 911 incident (11.30.13)

An unexpected interpretation of search and rescue developed when boxers who used minors for their sexual pleasure and to run for narcotics found that they had unwelcome company when mirror images of them made threats of extreme retaliation if the practices were not stopped.  The mirror images then demonstrated their skill in using a razor to slit a throat.  ”Who the Hell are you?”  ”You just met search and rescue 101.”  Implications in this reaction take Search and Rescue far beyond what was intended, but the graphic description of a need cannot be ignored.  Implementing on this planet will involve working through a legal thicket, so before resources are committed a good deal of conversation must take place.  On the other hand, if this problem in other domains is as significant as the phrase suggests, implementing can be considered in another light.  Examining this issue using the Evolution protocol drew an extensive reaction on IPv8, elements of which are recorded following.

  • A blast from a ceremonial cannon’s mouth – A channel resembling a single flower vase in the texture of the void – An olive drab truck with a red cross on the side – Several chance encounters introduced the theory that everyone has a mirror somewhere, normally too remote to react.  The question as to whether the separation could be managed was not addressed before the viewer moved on. – A mirror under the north bedroom desk – For a limited time a row of paired images of the port/starboard running lights from the wrecked Belgian sloop appeared on the horizon – Cards up a sleeve – A gated community – A Dutch Boy paint bucket – A bare arm hanging from the driver’s window and wigging the index and second fingers as the vehicle approached the viewer – A large slice moving out of a new pie – π , rotated clockwise (12.30.13)

The Malaysian Flight 370 disaster has raised the level of interest in better search and rescue capabilities as well as improved preventive measures. Commercial aviation is a subset of the scope contemplated for Triad Search and Rescue, and synergy in support for both domains could be substantial.  The Triad argument that an organization using kernels of:

is uniquely positioned to bridge Cartesian domains and those in which the Planck constant does not enter into the equation, e.g. Web 4.0, has drawn a concise endorsement from this population.  Extracts follow.

  • A heated exchange between two Internet Service Providers, possibly brought on by the prospect of IPv8… A very difficult situation for 86-7220 plaintiffs was created when interests in CERN and the HBP conflicted with the political climate in both Switzerland and the United States.  There was no resolution when the viewer moved on. – An annotated version of Triad 2006 Phase II as developed to a volume several inches thick was shown in Switzerland. – A very involved set of arguments over the nature of beings progressing to the Triad concept of an anechoic chamber and its place in Theology… (3.16.14)
  • A story, set in Texas and very difficult to follow, about vintage Corvettes.  Some were legitimate specimens, others the work of chop shops.  The viewer moved on before all the conflicts were resolved. –  A reexamination of facts surrounding classic cars in 86-7220… More suppressed details on precursors to 86-7220… An empty terminal strip… A concert of very subtle music played on stringed instruments in which listeners sat on the floor.  One chap was rebuked for making too many trips to the bathroom. – A glass dish used in squeezing juice from oranges, hanging from an imaginary bracket… (3.26.14)

Taking Dr. Andersen’s statement that; “We have found that an anatomical map of intentions exists…” at face value and inserting it into Prop. 20 theory has yielded remarkable results, all of which have been subjected to scrutiny by elements of the Evolution protocol.  The last round places the Prop. 25 statement: “Technique requires state of the art communications.  Should this meet with any success, derivative programs should follow” on IPv8 by proxy. Web 4.0 reaction has been vital to Triad success.  Extracts follow.

  • Yet another almost obsessive recap of events and attitudes leading to the 86-7220 filing … A localized sensation combined with a clear image of a feminine hand in the brain suggests that 86-7220 caused physical damage remotely reparable by one of a class of beings in the Triad operating envelope. –  An oscilloscope trace of a sharp transient very quickly damped… The driveway on Atwood road used by the dog which once nipped at a biker… (5.22.14)

The prospect of collaboration, CERN with Triad, in pursuit of dark matter can be argued to be nearing the stage of designing a dedicated facility.  The Triad argues that this position is justified by evidence of a slice of the Web 4.0 population living in that domain and reacting to the new venture.

  • 11.34 pm: A cluster of ping-pong paddles… 11.43: A pack of Chuckles candies… Yellow tennis balls rolling down a chute… 12.00: A rotating tube covered with clothes…. 2:45 am: An Orwellian extension of the right to surveil granted by the Patriot Act… 3:05: An inverted Papal Miter… 3:30: A fork taking a helping to meringue… 4:10: Incredible bits of 86-7220 history… 4:22: A polo match… 4:34: Burning bridges… (9.28.14)

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