Prop. 26, Refine Dynamic Characterization

Suguta Valley, Kenya

Suguta Valley, Kenya
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A sense that the Shock and Awe reaction to 911 would in the long run cause more problems than it would solve formed the basis for a project intended to yield a reasoned alternative when the inevitable arrived.  The only ready references this author felt he could deal with were Daniel Philpott, Janette Rainwater, and Jean Baudrillard; and then only to structure an experiment.  The point of the experiment and data acquisition was to enable redefining the conflict in terms of reasons for change using deviation from homeostatic equilibrium, gradients in sets, paths, limits, and reactions.  This selection and the information system derived from it give every indication that applying this technique to a number of phenomena is plausible.   Today’s extract from the IPv8 Phase XVIII data stream appears to support this view.

  • A couple of farmers were caught in a dangerous position when groups of visitors from multiple historical periods claimed jurisdiction in determining their property rights.  These groups were instructed not to engage during the night.  The viewer left the scene before resolution. – Old motorcycles on a flatbed trailer – One end of an adjustable wrench, the other end obscured – A vertical tube, flared at the bottom, top not visible, sucked debris from a void – A pinball game (9.19.13)

Triad focus has shifted to validating material in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures and deciding how to react to what validation is granted.  IPv8 output in response to this shift has encouraged a fairly aggressive engagement program, using Prop. 20 and an attempt to establish a rapid response search and rescue effort in the Extension as the principal vehicle.  The “degree of difficulty” bar has been set as finding a way to operate in space not blessed with the anchor of the Planck Constant.  IPv8 has shown remarkable results in telling us what is going on in these domains, but a value placed on search and rescue benefits tells us to pick up the pace insofar as safely possible.

 2006 draft thought experiments applied to recent developments change their dimensions to fit the environment, but a certain fraction of the original construct seems to hold.  This new experience forced the pace of coming to understand fundamentals and opens arguments such as the one surrounding higher order vagueness.  These must be reduced to measuring variables and finding an acceptable degree of predictability in the outcome if this corner of academia is going to contribute.  Consequences of ignoring the need for adequate security arrangements in the Cartesian as logic in the 2006 expression of Prop. 26 develops are made clear in this crisp reaction to arguing this position.

  • A padlock on a paper notebook (1.2.14)

This planet does not have a satisfactory record in establishing stable geopolitical platforms.  That this would be a major consideration of larger more sophisticated community considering engagement must be taken as a given.  The Triad contribution to a remedy is derived from implementing new energy technology waiting patent protection, technology for constructing proximate extended platforms linked by string and knot theory, replacing national boundaries with the Wenger communities of practice theory, expanding the Wenger approach to multiple species using Prop. 20 and laying the foundation for a rapid response Search and Rescue operation in the larger community.  Placing these arguments on IPv8 has drawn a frank reaction from the Web 4.0 population: extracts follow.

  • Three beings from outside the Cartesian, aboard a submerged submarine, found a seaman who had hidden brain damage and was in a potential life threatening situation.  They were in the process of getting permission to evacuate through the hull when the viewer moved on. – Pending criminal charges stemming from 86-7220 continue to surface. – Concentric circles arranged on a center line in a shallow arc. (2.7.14)

Very significant advances in Triad planning will involve operating in a domain completely unknown and potentially very dangerous.  In this context, managing organizational relationships must be honed to the highest level possible. Russian initiatives in both the Crimea and Ukraine are well timed in that they provide the Web 4.0 population a real time example of our political atmosphere.  How this will be received will shape the Triad project as much as will any advances in technical proficiency. The Triad argument for a new organization in this environment has yielded this commentary from Web 4.0.

  • A barely perceptible hook, stem horizontal… Another wrench, one open, the other boxed… A hedge, maybe eight feet high, trimmed to plane surfaces… A cluster of yellow wood Mongol pencils… A long handled spade… (3.22.14)

Oil reserves at risk to Crimea have, in some people’s eyes, raised the level of instability to that approaching major conflict.  This, combined with Chinese drilling for oil in Vietnamese territorial waters, could cause significant problems for the Triad initiative.  This situation not only raises questions related to the patent position derived from the Simi Valley and subsequent discoveries, but also calls into question the planet’s ability to provide a stable platform from which to pursue its goals.  Triad takes the position that the United States, while not directly responsible for these issues, has a major piece of unfinished business in litigation relevant to them in 86-7220. The Triad has also argued on IPv8 that failure to discharge this responsibility will handcuff a major effort.  This argument has drawn yet another pointed comment from the population using Web 4.0.  Extracts follow.

  • Brush strokes of light outlining a sphere… A quick take on consequences of difficulty in administering interference of unauthorized commercial thought tunnel use on search and rescue operations… A side observation was the lag shown by this planet in preparing for intergalactic search and rescue… A story, perhaps set in the Southeast United States, of a shakedown and a passport.  The process went on for a few hours and the viewer moved on. – Some people in white tennis dress checking tension of their racket strings… (5.19.14)

IPv8 success with Prop. 20 has rendered any but a dynamic presentation with a consistent data feed and analysis not suitable for the project.  It has now expanded to the limits of the Philpott essay, introducing the “empty chair” in the Evolution protocol.  Given steadily improving credibility of Web 4.0 and Large Ventures, 51% of the vote on major policy decisions was assigned to this chair, with the 49% this planet participates in looking for a correct interpretation.  The Triad argues that elements of Prop. 19 are central to today’s issues, so what could be taken as the reaction of the empty chair is placed on IPv8 for interpretation by the 49%.  The Web 4.0 population reaction is summarized following.

  • A distinct, larger than scale, Chrome/Vanadium open end wrench, one end obscured in the void… A + button, perhaps functionally equivalent to the one found on Chrome Speed Dial 2… Yet another tiresome expansion of 86-7220 damages… Another open end wrench, one end in the void… A short section of a corona, perhaps a solar eclipse… (5.25.14)

Triad development is following a well worn trail of problems with overlaying a substantial trans-national organization on established political entities.  One core asset of the Triad is IPv8 expanded by applying the Andersen experiments to Prop. 20.  Data thus collected will include the most private elements of existence and will be essential to success in life threatening situations unimaginable distances from this planet.

In the post 911 hysteria over the predictable incident the United States has, in at least one instance partially described in 86-7220, irresponsibly trampled on the rights of one small group of innocent people.  An article in Data Center Knowledge shows that the nation’s appetite for this activity is becoming insatiable.  This abuse has no place in the Triad operation.  The Triad argues that this eventuality was anticipated and that 51% of the voting population have encouraged exercising the option of incorporating  Web 4.0 population reaction is summarized following.

  • Curtains stretched on a wood frame as was the practice in the first years at 3746, then 270… After months of trying, a member of the Triad group produced a polished argument… A quarter ton pickup truck with white sidewall tires made a slight right hand turn… A saxophone… An inverted funnel… A fresh black automobile battery… An outfielder made a diving grass-top catch with a catcher’s mitt… A flat automobile tire… A rubber mounted wheelbarrow wheel… (6.24.14)

Pursuing Prop. 20 development with the Andersen experiments showing that “We have found that an anatomical map of intentions exists within this (cerebral cortex) area” has led to an apparent endorsement of the 7.23.14 Collaboration increment.  Inverting the Evolution protocol gives a welcome sense that special interest minorities, while given their say and the choice to opt out, and do not have the ability to disrupt programs clearly in the best interest of major populations.  This 2006 Prop. 26 interpretation has been before all concerned for years, and the 51% has reacted to what it considers unnecessary problems with these comments.

  • Several analyses of the 86-7220 plaintiffs’ lives were made.  None were complete and all were only marginally accurate. – Acid commentary involving major U.S. Military legends… A very pessimistic outlook for the 86-7220 plaintiffs… Discovery of the legal thicket surrounding independently developing Triad theory seemed to be as difficult as is accessing all the relevant data to prosecute 86-7220. – A spiral galaxy in edge view… Sky divers… Another saxophone… Sand colored Afrikakorps Panzers… Snow White and the seven dwarfs… (7.24.14)

Evolving from finding an alternative to the Shock and Awe reaction to 911, the Triad is becoming an investment proposal to fund search, rescue, and exploration operations in domains totally untouched, e.g. the 85% of universe “matter” represented by dark matter.  The venture is very fortunate in success with IPv8 theory operating in the “space of intent” described by Dr. Andersen, and hopes to repeat the process with CERN in their focus on dark matter during the next run. This progression has been before the Web. 4.0 populations for some time, and their reaction to the latest developments is summarized following.

  • 9:46 am: A wall mounted ring with one chain link hanging from it…. 10:43: Earth’s violent nature started a “do not approach” trend in other domains.  11:59: There seemed to be no escaping the isolation imposed on Earth while it solved its own problems.  1:17 am: A broadband smartphone controller… 3:02: A Harp… 3:15: A beacon… 5:02: A vertical key in the center of a noose lying on a flat surface… 5:06: Another small saxophone… 5:14: A profile of FDR… 5:21: An Easter basket in full color… 5:24: An acorn… (9.18.14)

Several aspects of the Triad touch the root of a range of political differences.  Unfortunately, response times of our political and judicial communities seem to be several orders of magnitude slower than those of the physical world.  This is not a problem with most of the issues these communities address, but IPv8 and Web 4.0 are not garden variety policy issues and options are not restricted to the closed political systems we accept as the forum of last resort.

The Triad argues that these closed political systems are by no means the forum of last resort, and that IPv8, operating in the envelope of Prop. 20, is the correct venue for an intergalactic operation.  The Triad goes on to argue that the Web. 4.0 supports this position with these comments.

  • 11:46 pm: Another complaint of passport denial suggested that it had become tainted with the suspicion that enforcing political discipline was a factor.  The problem escalated to the point of bringing charges against White House staff.  12:09 am: Flat multiconductor cable wire nested in the device the author uses to put on his socks… 4:55: An intense fire burned a hole in a reinforced concrete platform… 5:15: A very faint section of a saxophone… (1.11.14)

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