Prop. 27, Evaluate Historical Parallels

Ica stone

Ica stone

Threaded through the bios of the more senior philosophers and historians the Triad has drawn upon is a certain prescience about time.  The synopsis of Dr. Dowling’s book “The End of Time: Eternity and Immortality in Roman Culture” is a fertile seedbed for proof of principle for the Extension.  Technical support required to bridge this remarkably ambitious research to an ongoing real time effort is surfacing in peer review of 2006 thought experiments in Prop. 26, 28, and 30 with feedback via IPv8 in their 2013 increments.  This unexpected synergism may be a precursor to unlocking a knowledge base not only capable of jump starting skill set development required to successfully engage in an unbelievably difficult environment, but when organized and placed on IPv8, may seed like efforts.

  • An incredible upset in a major city – The net effect was that the city collapsed into populations from different historical periods.  While disconcerting in its own right, this phenomenon fit an emerging pattern.  Evidence that efforts to resolve 86-7220 had ended – Several jelly doughnuts covered with white powdered sugar – A short section of a DNA/RNA chain – A Mercury outboard motor – The inevitable infighting to site two major Extension installations on this planet was resolved elsewhere – A terminal eye and a short length of wire (9.21.13)

Bloom’s Taxonomy followed a series of conferences from 1949 to 1953, which were designed to improve communication between educators on the design of curricula and examinations.   At this meeting, interest was expressed in a theoretical framework which could be used to facilitate communication among examiners. This group felt that such a framework could do much to promote the exchange of test materials and ideas about testing.  The Triad argues that: (i) the population using IPv8 is more than capable of developing a document with these objectives, (ii) organizations presenting themselves as paraffin discs endorse the project, (iii) beings intermediate to Homo sapiens and the Absolute will be made available to fill some of the major gaps, and (iv) organizing in proximate extended platforms linked with strings and (perhaps) knots is compatible with the concepts involved.  Placing this argument on IPv8 yielded a torrent of data, extracts of which are presented following.

  • A village in Italy witnessed two Triad theory validations.  One, forming knots in twine and the second a chap who sailed through time intending to prove a principle.  Both events were fairly clear theory validation. – A wood model of a Viking longboat square rigged with a vertically striped black and white sail. – A motorcycle with chrome plated wire wheels – Red Lucite fragments from an automobile lamp – A tent with a flag on it rotated 180 degrees. – Two tech ratings, one in camouflage and one in blue (11.15.13)

The Triad, if successful, will operate in a domain which has been characterized as being capable of unbelievably violence.  We have no data base for instant life and death decisions.  The only possible link to a successful operation in this environment is the perception of a genuine effort to acknowledge value in both sides of this class of conflict; thereby maintaining the required support.  This support is lent by a very few who are able to read what we think.  If we elect of go forward there is no possibility of changing the rules.

  • A hook… A subspace vehicle appeared and discharged several containers. – 86-7220 principals were forced into choices, based on conflicting information, more difficult than those forced on them during the course of resolving 86-7220.  The former appeared to be part of a very long range search and rescue operation. – Some beekeepers… A sheer cliff… The Phantom tail section in rear view, inverted… A small dipper… A lightweight road bike and a new wrench… An unusually small funnel… (8.9.14)

Triad development pace seems to have accelerated to the point that the reason for this quickening should be examined.  In the author’s brief skirmish with formal logic structure, he was struck by the clarity Begriffsschrift offered.  The second surprise was the willingness accomplished mathematicians have shown to massage Triad word/graphic/text equations into a language generally accepted in the profession and one which may unite interpretations of what is now an impressive copyrighted catalog of raw data.

In this context Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. Mendell’s interest in ‘…models that not only visualize ancient calculations, but often reveal the assumptions upon which they are based…” is a continuation of this discipline. The Triad argues that using this novel translation capability as an umbrella for a consistent interpretation of these sightings may break the chain leading from Anbar One through Anbar Two to Anbar Three (and worse) as well as the converse in opening new channels. The Web 4.0 population gives every indication of having analyzed this mosaic.  Their comments are summarized following.

  • 9:00 pm: A flying wedge split a doughnut into two pieces…12:15 am: A very large saxophone… 2:56: A small black pot in an expanding circle, all in a marginally lit domain… 3:47: Beings external to jurisdiction of United States law enforcement probed 86-7220 facts and acted on information relevant to their interests. – An NGC 1365 class galaxy… 4:35: A Sabatier carving knife… (10.7.14)

The Triad argues that the question posed in “Just how effective is IPv8?” places skills in non-verbal communications high on the priority list for operating in this domain. The Triad also argues that a large population totally alien to this planet has been using this technique to encourage, coach, and lend assistance in remote domains for at least two decades, and only recently has the Triad been able to interpret messages directed to it.  The Triad goes on to argue that few if any alternatives have yielded equivalent results in these domains, and that progress made in taking Prop. 27 from the 2006 draft to the today’s increment speaks for itself with these comments.

  • 1:35: am: Probing 86-7220 roots may have brought Muslim extremists in contact with transforms and may have seeded points of negotiation. – 1:48: A galaxy in edge view… 1:53 A pruning saw… (10.30.14)

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