Prop. 29, Replace Marginal or Inadequate Reasoning



As the Triad, and in particular IPv8, is exposed to both its remote users and those on this planet the sense that the concept of a virtual state has already transformed to looms large.  IPv8 operation seems to conform to concepts in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.  That being said, the push to bring the communications network to the point of being able to support an expanding concept of search and rescue is bringing us to the point of seeing value in a priority effort to create a descriptor menu for each terminal.

Incorporating this concept in the Phase II Experimental Technique should yield data adequate to find a base facility and establish a few branches for search and rescue. The natural progression is to integrate the operation with CERN, the Square Kilometer Array, and the Human Brain Project.  Following this, achieve some exchanges in the economies involved.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn considerable comment, elements of which are presented following.

  • Ж, a very complex sequence about a couple who were asked to pass the portal of death for a search and rescue assignment was presented in a data burst.  Their passage was complicated by a wide distribution of photographs of one.  This distribution introduced the possibility the photo could be used to disentangle.  The universe sponsoring the trip gave this person two mirrors as an escort in event of a problem. – A short and very troubling experience two young men in their youth had at a neighborhood farm. – A wand touched a number of plums. – An inverted tuning fork – Some people stringing their tennis rackets. – A funnel, mouth on the floor – Double overlapping images of an adjustable wrench – A row of blue ribbons and a class NGC 1300 galaxy. – A wide ranging discussion among universes about conditions in each contained information too tightly packed to include in this update. (1.1.14)

At this stage, progress with the concept of a rapid response Search and Rescue organization as a “calling card” for this planet’s engagement has been more than gratifying.  This encouragement notwithstanding, there is a real possibility that hostilities and incursions into data sensitive to a large scale operation with this degree of difficulty will limit scope of this planet’s participation.  The principal concern probably would be instability introduced into the S&R data stream by spying and weapons in the class of Stuxnet.  The Triad argues S&R development continue with a minimal secure line to a main computing complex located elsewhere while the planet is on probation.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn a fairly clear reaction from the Web 4.0 population.

  • Creatures belonging in Lilliput of Gulliver’s Travels and others of like size that belonged in Gingerbread houses were deposited on the ship’s deck by a version of a breeches buoy.  They were in the process of introducing themselves when the viewer moved on.  A fully detailed account of damages sustained by 86-7220 victims and how they rebuilt their lives and found new horizons… An open end wrench, considerably more substantial than those previously experienced… A bass viol… A hand, knuckles in the dirt, shooting miniature planets as marbles from the perimeter of a circle in the game as played at the Peak School in the early 1940’s… (2.13.14)

As unfortunate as the confrontation in Ukraine, it carries a clear warning.  The Triad, if launched, will probably have a fairly well understood commercial component and a high tech service component.  If the commercial component were caught in an unstable pocket characterized by Ukraine, a mixture of insurance and strength in the balance of the organization could probably absorb the damage.  On the other hand, if a highly stressed rescue unit with no military capacities were to encounter the potential for armed resistance, results could be disaster.  This then forces a choice, avoid the sometimes undesirable stigma of the paramilitary and decline calls from such situations, or use proprietary paramilitary capabilities in the operation and lose the mantle of neutrality.  Placing this question on IPv8 has drawn an informative reaction from the population of Web 4.0.  Selected segments follow.

  • Ж – A line taken one turn around a peg… A cluster of wrenches, stacked in the horizontal… The crater of an inactive volcano… A length of multiconductor cable sheathed in black plastic… A very fine circle of light around one of a section of vertebrae… A small funnel… A short piece about some youngsters and the DAI in Turkey described how they had found some archaeologically important pieces.  Questioning revealed that they were universes in a Cartesian transform. – A very faint mechanical alarm clock… The central bulge of a galaxy, almost threateningly bright with a black edge… The brown rabbit I used to get to Seaver Circle in Bridgeport… A small saxophone, somewhat darker than the void surrounding it… (3.3.14)

As Web 4.0 and Large Ventures is probed for validity, it becomes evident that we are institutionally unprepared for this opportunity.  Progress made since the first draft of Triad Theory is moving out of the realm of academia into life and death situations, and counterproductive positions on coordinating a response are moving from the annoying to the dangerous.  The off-planet population has taken a position on this, and is giving every indication that it is waiting for a reaction from this planet that it feels will recognize its needs.  Triad development is in its infancy, so the it argues that – for the moment – applying Lynn Stout’s conference format to Prop. 29 seems to be the right mix of discipline and exploration.  Elements of the Web 4.0 reaction supporting this position follow.

  • A small brown dipper… A universe, prior to visiting earth, did extensive research on population subsets, languages, customs, habits, etc.  This instance was the most detailed effort this observer was aware of. – A water column, seemingly from an explosion, rose through the center of a doughnut… A fairly detailed analysis of the relationship between the military and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue… A cream Jeep… (6.20.14)

The Snowden affair prompted a DOD official to make the comment to the effect that:  “When you are looking for a needle in a haystack, you need a lot of hay.” Anything remotely resembling this philosophy would be fatal to the Triad, so it will not, under any guise, be admitted.  

The population reading and reacting to the Triad predates our species by an indefinite period, and it appears to be capable of internal switching to preempt significant damage.  This has been an article of faith in the Triad, and so far no serous breaches have been noted.  Triad arguments and a diverse population’s reaction to them have been read by Cardinal Schonborn’s conceptual structure for some time.  Their reaction to this argument follows:

  • Parties seeing potential in the Triad approach formed a supporting foundation which showed promise. – The concept of reasoning began to propagate into species not familiar with Homo sapiens understanding of the process. – An ax cut a heavy line… A stack of chocolate Oreo sandwich cookies… (7.12.14)

Engaging with Web 4.0 will require a platform carrying the highest order of stability when dealing with crosscurrents in history.  Although the Triad was conceived in the United States, national reaction time of 29 years in a simple libel case is no recommendation for a pivotal responsibility for this venture. This question, placed in context of internal Triad security, has drawn comment summarized following.

  • 11:57 pm: A courtroom in which string and knot theory turned putrid with manure… 2:40 am: A golf ball hooked left on the green and appeared to stop just before dropping into the cup. – 3:45: Details of irregularities in processing the application for a White House Fellowship filed by the principal 86-7220 plaintiff and rejected by the recipients… (9.30.14)

IPv8 system characteristics and output dimensions have become increasingly clear, and the conviction that Web 4.0 and Large Ventures is a credible premise warranted pulling data surrounding the attempts to launch a water cooled aircraft engine from the stream and looking more closely.  The end point of this process is the Triad conclusion that the motor project was not working into a neutral environment, but that a significant effort was afoot to stop it.  The intensity of the effort was totally out of proportion to developing a motor, so the “garage crew” took inadequate precautions. The Triad argues that Web 4.0 anticipated this reaction, has seen it before, and has acknowledged all this in comments summarized following.

  • 11:58 pm: A small town whose population turned suicidal, electing the most horrible means to accomplish it… 1:00 am: Burr St. in Rochester… 3:39: Close questioning in 86-7220 opened another Pandora’s box… (11.6.14)

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