Prop. 30, Replace Artificial Stakes

Mark Twain, 1895

Mark Twain, 1895 Napoleon Sarony

Problems in the Middle East are a well bounded example of a larger problem.  These populations are compressed, living with political boundaries overlaid on the tribal, and at various stages in their development.  The Triad argues that a good deal of this compression can be relieved by creating conceptual space.  Operating in this space will require recognizing the 9.15.13 Prop. 2 increment. Once this hurdle has been negotiated, new ventures linked by proximate extended platforms should introduce a refreshing concept for finding paths to satisfaction.  Placing this argument on IPv8 yields this Phase XVIII extract from a larger data stream.

  • A person who took refuge on a military vessel found himself paralyzed by a tangle of conflicting regulations. – A study detailing remarkable institutional changes IPv8 development brought with it – One of the most gratifying was unlocking the stalemate in 86-7220 – An exchange between Amanda and Prof. Singer –  A scene describing an instance of thought weapons used in gang wars with a clear warning for the consequences – (9.16.13)

Exploring this line of reasoning brings us to the conclusion that we have yet to begin to realize what conceptual space can involve.  This extract from today’s Phase XVIII data stream demonstrates where this line of thinking can lead.

  • A tray of surgical instruments – A conversation with a range of beings that live in unimaginable conditions in equally unimaginable domains focused on an encounter with tiny people inhabiting a diamond like substance. They could communicate outside this environment but could not leave it.  They explained that this controlled environment was required for them to survive extreme conditions they were expected to encounter as they probed the limits of reality.  The gift of IPv8 construction seems to enable maintaining some sort of communication channel as these probes progress. (9.17.13)

One of the Triad goals is to become a factor in ensuring that the planet is a stable platform from which to launch intergalactic Search and Rescue operations with concurrent exploration capabilities.  This requires a reexamination of the goal structure.  Lessons learned from the UN are well taken, so the enterprise will have its own income generating capabilities so that, if successful, it will create an independent gradient capable of incrementally closing some of the great divides crippling the planet.  Placing this argument on the IPv8 network has yielded an exceptional response, elements of which are presented following.

  • Barely perceptible tubes, larger than usually seen, in a virtual intersection – Small disturbances resembling paper crumpled into balls at the lower end of a blank field – Several spools of white thread – A few plain wood doors opened – A large yarn ball – A New Zealand mathematician – A tire with a narrow white sidewall – A person making his way through rocky terrain – A climber making his way up a narrow ledge in a sheer rock cliff – An avalanche of spools of white thread filled the field of vision (11.29.13)

There has not been an immediate acceptance of theory used in Triad development, and IPv8 has registered annoyance with resources dedicated to what the off planet population considers vital programs.  As this sense has become more immediate, the “empty chair” in the Evolution protocol has been assigned a majority of votes for policy decisions so that an equitable balance in priorities can be established. The Triad argues that off planet results do not necessarily diminish interest in local affairs. On the contrary, unfettered by power politics again rearing its head, the pace seems to quicken.  This position has drawn another pointed commentary from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • A social event at a neighbor’s house left the viewer isolated. – Yet another version of 86-7220 psychological damages… There have been so many that it is not possible to reconcile them. – An unexpected confrontation between two of the principal 86-7220 plaintiffs brought them again to the brink. – A saxophone… The Long Island Railroad… Threads feeding radially into the center of a digital recording disc… A handful of marbles… (5.29.14)

There is anecdotal evidence that, although the science the Triad has mastered is perhaps trivial when compared with others feeding data into IPv8, the Triad appears to have created a unique application with Prop. 20.  This combination of the SKA, CERN, and a fast track human brain project has been referred to as the “hat trick” by some of our Canadian ice hockey fans.

The Triad argues that, even with our failings, this planet has the potential to take a pivotal role in developing a capacity to adjust the Cartesian path of galaxies and planets.  Programs to reduce threats of asteroid-planet collisions seem to be underway, as are Search and Rescue operations for individual vehicles.  A corollary to our effort to climb out of a political morass may well be pilot programs for those having difficulty dealing with the variety of life forms existing in the Triad operating envelope.  Arguments end with the claim that all this is validated by this Web 4.0 commentary.

  • 12:04 am: A scenario introducing a possible rehab protocol for the two older male 86-7220 victims… 2:05 Carefully calibrated preparations for the first encounter of the principal 86-7220 victims were prescribed by beings external to the Cartesian… 4:12: Very faint cross-hairs in perhaps a Bofors… 5:03: A cloven hoof… (11.14.14)


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