Prop. 33, Develop Coherent Progress Indicators

TachTriad organization gives every indication that the argument that space is not what we think it is should be reopened. This position, taken in Time and Space Support, has survived a good deal of testing for compatibility with the Standard Model.  Arguments in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures have undergone equal scrutiny and remain largely intact.  The remainder is convincing evidence that a large population using Web 4.0 is focusing on support for an intergalactic Search and Rescue operation. This combination, probably involving collaboration with very disparate and highly intelligent species, must have the signature organization of all major space efforts.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn yet another encouraging reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • A female ice skater executing her compulsories… A thread bundle through a doughnut hole… A last ditch effort by 86-7220 plaintiffs to reconstruct their lives showed signs of success… Tank tracks in the sands of North Africa… Examples of what to expect when working with beings who ask “What is time?”… An Octagonal black tube with a set screw at the end… A hairline crack in a like substance… Aircraft executing impossible maneuvers in the Cartesian, a repeat of dreams I had long before filing 86-7220. – A lamp above an operating table… (3.31.14)

As the Triad approaches a realizable enterprise with very substantial risk balancing its potential, it is not a waste to take a few moments to consider both in context of current tensions and our recent history of conflict.  WW I and II have placed Germany at the center of recent conflict on the continent, and the United States initiative in developing thermonuclear weapons reveal the intensity of both to dominate conflict.  Resurgence of Soviet ambition and Chinese insatiable hunger for raw materials and food supplies fairly well characterizes their priorities, sending sacrifices required to meet obligations of a planetary caretaker somewhere else.

Against this backdrop is escalation of destructive potential embedded in technology the Triad intends to apply.  We must recognize cues we have been given that characterize the magnitude of forces we are about to engage.  The Triad argument that our performance does not put us at the head of the table has yielded pointed comment, summarized following.

  • A small stern wheeler, possibly once used by Mark Twain… Only the smallest hint of wooden props supporting a vertical sailboat hull… (4.8.13)

The Triad argues that the 2006 Prop. 2 and Prop. 3 drafts must be continuously reinterpreted as Triad skill sets expand.  The project also outgrew the first draft of the Evolution protocol, revised to reflect what we now believe.  If the project is to grow on an orderly basis, coherent progress indicators with diagnostics must be incorporated.  All this has been presented to the Web 4.0 population with the 2006 Prop. 33 draft and their reactions are summarized.

  • A violin peg box… A violent demonstration given by a creature capable of transformation as an introduction to a boot camp hand to hand combat training session… A hard hat (blue) reading a set of construction drawings… A black rectangle in a slightly lighter field… A very bright spiral galaxy in edge view on an oval background in a light gray field… A clay tennis court… A spinning black tire… (6.22.14)

Reducing bellwether indicators for existence of a population characterized in Web 4.0 and large ventures to images of Saturn, snap rings, chromed sink traps, and corrugated Masonite squares used as hieroglyphics appears to have popularized the concept.  In retrospect, encouragement to move forward has been the thrust of all the external cues.  That being said, the latest commentary from this population follows.

  • A trailing hook engaged a ground cable… One night in London several domains collided.  They had reduced to humans and animals, triggering activation of trucks with sirens, local police, etc. – A tiresome and very circular conversation with accessories before, during , and after the fact in the 86-7220 defense. – The copper water holder bought with the scythe… A key and keyway of a machined and polished shaft… (8-2-14)

As the litany of excuses for not concluding 86-7220 is replaced by the promise of Web 4.0 and large ventures, it is time to assess the reaction of a very large and remote population.  An unimaginable assortment of beings has been following both trends, and they have commented.  A summary follows:

  • 8:34 pm: An antenna lead in an insulated standoff, frequently found in chimney installations… 11:45: A thread of light approaching and circling a sphere… 1:10: (awake & external) A large shape camouflaged in forest green and khaki… 2:44: Several small stacks of paper money… 3:57: A dipper with a long handle… 4:30: An inverted golf tee (10.2.14)

The Triad is preparing to operate in an environment in which the Planck constant may not be a constant.  As this effort progresses, the “hard sciences” may find going a little slippery.  On the other side of the fence, Prof. Bobzein, with “In defense of True Higher Order Vagueness” and Dr. Wright’s “The Illusion of Higher Order Vagueness” call for a mathematics sufficiently powerful to yield experimental proofs in controlled environments so that the matter can be redefined or be put to rest.

The Triad argues that that this is not idle speculation: failure to show results in this domain reduces the problem to either the very hard science of “Accelerating the Kill Chain” practiced by the National Fire Control Symposium or to unacceptable losses in Search and Rescue.  The Triad goes on to argue that the Web 4.0 population is looking for the same improvements in 2006 Prop. 33 and that their reaction to the current situation is registered following.

  • 12:01 am; 86-7220 core violence surfaced as one of the principals started the journey through the portal of death… 12:11 A tire patch…A shoe sole and heel… 4:02: Several rounds of discussions among beings with no Cartesian form yielded alternatives… 4:35: A steel strip about to be inserted into a blue white flame… 4:42:”duck and cover” exercises used at the first fear of a nuclear exchange… 5:01: The end of an open end wrench in view, the other end firmly embedded in the void… 5:06: A short section of a tube, the balance clearly embedded in the void…(10.24.14)

The Triad argues that a structure to implement Triad theory is emerging and is approaching the stage of drafting a set of progress indicators useful in describing a formal organization.  The Triad goes on to argue that many have been waiting for this to happen and that Web 5.0 comments recorded following support this argument.

  • 12:47 am: A disorganized gathering, giving the viewer the sense that 86-7220 awards were being made in the midst of other disappointments… 2:33: Several classes of beings attempting repairs on one 86-7220 victim marveled at the complexity of the human organism and created the sense that Homo sapiens and like species are qualified to function at major intersection of their domains. – A rubber tired sulky wheel… (11.05.14)

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