Prop. 36, Add “Trickle UP” Capabilities

The Triad intergalactic component has very encouraging support, but this does not represent its full potential.  Its technology, organization theory, and communications capability and other resources place it in a unique position to ease tribal tensions and become a force for creating development paths from the mud hut to intergalactic markets.  There will necessarily be a development period the impatient will find annoying, but the certainty that the potential exists should change some attitudes.  This argument has drawn clear encouragement from the Web 4.0 population, elements of which are presented following.

  • Yet another analysis of 86-7220 evidence followed by another cluster of very faint funnels… A cluster of class NGC 1300 galaxies… Ping Pong paddles… One end of an open end wrench… (3.1.14)

Work in Progress

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