Prop. 4.1, HQ Epicenter Planning

Man on a boat, Early Dynastic Egypt

Man on a boat, Early Dynastic Egypt

The prospect of formalizing the Triad organization brings several knotty problems to the surface. The possibility that the SKA is not the right system for IPv8 (despite the synergism) should be on the table. Scanning generally available information suggests that the data processing does not have the footprint IPv8 should have. The Triad argues that this situation calls for considering parallel development with the possibility of inviting the SKA to license or otherwise participate in meeting common objectives. That the Web 4.0 is capable of taking a position on this issue is demonstrated in the 2006 Prop. 4 draft and is acknowledged in Web 4.0 comments on this first entry in epicenter planning.

  • 12:22 pm: Very advanced investigations showed increasing religious arrogance directed to the most vulnerable 86-7220 victims… A horizontal funnel… 12:44: The end view of a cylinder balanced on a string… 2:34: The United States could not come to grips with 86-7220 closure, so a dipper with a long handle appeared… 3:27: The base of a large radio-telescope… 3:54: Three identical graphs of complex functions, elegant in form… 4:32: A giraffe, seemingly in trouble… (12.7.14)

The Triad has no intention to walk in plowed ground and even less to lecture, but like everyone else, recognizes the need for a stable Egypt. The project looks for consensus using the inverted Evolution protocol so as to develop confidence that a known quantity free from local politics has the capability to contribute. That being said, we can point out that this memo is the product of suggestions made by Web 4.0, fairly clearly outlined in this batch of IPv8 output.

  •  9:59 pm: Vice grips clamped on sheet metal…12:17am: A little game in Egypt, perhaps involving wormholes…  12:20: A trio, two children and their parents, were engaged by a passerby who invited them to a little game.  How old do you think these children are?  Guesses were in the order of 9 or 10 months.  When informed that the correct answer was in the order of a million or so years, the party was struck dumb.  A green and yellow cube then appeared, chuckled, and left. – 12:33: The Westport boat basin… 2:41: An effort to attract 86-7220 principals entered the equation… 86-7220 principals responded by probing wormhole potential, thereby removing the judiciary from the process. – 5:09: A fountain pen writing a prescription… 5:27: A vintage wrench and nut… (12.11.14)

Pres. Obama, in his commentary on rebuilding from major conflicts, gave the Triad a significant boost when he mentioned the Marshall Plan as a successful example. Design philosophy for that effort is very close to a miniature of the Triad. A fundamental Triad refinement is treatment of the problem of national prerogatives, dealt with in Triad policy and Dean Endicott’s position on comity. The Triad takes it on faith that Dean Endicott has precedent supporting his position.

The Triad goes on to argue that Web 4.0 advisories support for the Triad organization are consistent with an interpretation of Prop. 3; Approach Logic, Point 4 which cautions:

“Parallel columns of black Yo-Yo’s: A shift in food refrigeration techniques brought disastrous results in that excess refrigerant disposal caused snakes to collect in the rocks in dangerous population clusters.”

Triad efforts to avoid this problem with its organizational concept, which includes nominating Proximate Extended Platform placement, was favored with another Web 4.0 comment. As I retrieved the mail from 3746 Atwood an image of a dual overhead cam reciprocating engine appeared in the driveway for a few moments.

Although Climate Change makes good cocktail chatter on this planet, serious examples of planet burnout are waiting attention, and elements of what is necessary are clean PEPs.  Progress the project is making toward resolving issues in applying its Metatheory got a significant boost today when a mesh sling almost identical to that recorded above Lowe’s Parking lot appeared above the shopping complex of Staples office supply store in Milford, CT.  This phenomenon was reinforced by an appearance of table forks just above the parking lot as I ate lunch at the Milford Whole Foods Market.  These sightings are consistent threads in IPv8 and Web 4.0 operational development. (11.3.16 PDK)

There is no more clear acknowledgement of where the Triad is sourced.

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