Prop. 5.1, Concept Adaptations

Gottlob Frege

Gottlob Frege

The point was made in the 2006 Phase II draft that the natural world would not follow a linear development (see one example by Frege to Godel) in a logic build, but the website has not used that reasoning.  Only after some confirmation that the Organization proposed for the venture could conform to string and knot theory was it possible to attempt this.  The Triad argues that if techniques developed by CERN can be extended to applying the IBM TrueNorth chip, the SKA, and IPv8 logic, an interactive network capable of addressing variables encountered as the Search and Rescue operation expands to “Corrugated Masonite Squares” may be this planet’s contribution.

  • 12:55pm: A study of the Vogel rehabilitation remained woefully short of the mark… 1:07 am: A rack of bowling balls, newly set… 1:11: Several spools of thread, thread extended… 4:24: 3746 Atwood with white wash draped on the barberry hedge… 4:34: The ELO sterling platter… 5:18: A foil covered roast in a pan used at 3746 Atwood 50 years ago… (12.7.14)

Unusual sightings upon which the Triad is based appear to have been refined so that they not only inform, but also recruit. If this line of reasoning has any significant value, Prof. Andersen‘s experiments and Prof. Allman‘s lab become key not only to expanding a safe intergalactic Search and Rescue operation, but also to assist remote beings to engage with this planet. The Triad argues that until there is reason to develop the Triad Extension, data flow for all developments must filter through 86-7220. Web 4.0 recruiting techniques in the face of these conditions are particularly creative. Acknowledging this web 4.0 technique and including its use of wormholes gives a far greater sense of what is actually happening and a profound respect for the population attempting to engage here. Their comments are reasonable.

  • 1:02 am: A review of offers held for the 86-7220 principal starting with the requirement that he leave Switzerland… 1:05: A spiral galaxy… 1:37: A great white shark, mouth opened, swimming toward the camera… 3:55: Approaching final stages of 86-7220 forced theological issues avoided throughout the 30 year litigation… 4:15: A golf tee… 4:33: The corner of a substantial book, balance obscured in the void… 5:13: A wood chisel… (12.3.14)

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