Prop. 5, Concept Ackgt.

Zeus of Otricoli

Zeus of Otricoli

At this point it can be said that humanity has made and presented a case with the Triad Theory.  Several years in developing what is in these statements have yielded the Triad website, likely to remain a work in progress indefinitely.  An extension of this position can be seen in this impression to be included in Phase IV.

  • The top rail of my Belgian sloop pulpit – A team with a new car trying to find an opening to run in a race already under way – The Dali Lama – The desk in the 56-24 living room – The blue ski jacket with the white stripe across the chest I used on Switzerland – The cosmetic surgeon in Vienna – The Broadway movie theater in Kingston – Some people carrying umbrellas in a wind driven snowstorm – A geometric ink bottle – A state in the Pacific Northwest – A monopoly board – A planet experienced an unscheduled media address by the Devil who made the point that God had to negotiate with him. – The scene dissolved before any further explanation – A beige late model ¼ ton pickup truck driving away from the camera. (10-15-09)

Why is it not possible to assemble a concept display of an organizational structure able to capitalize on this potential?

The argument that if a new communications network is discovered it will be used seems to have struck home.  IPv7/Web 4.0 is actually a refinement of the portion of 2006 Phase II Prop. 1 which advocates a generally accessible network intended to “… enlist remote beings assistance to … establish zones for integrated communications, renegade control, exploration, and scheduled flight operation…”  Emphasis on accessibility is supported by this Phase V impression.

  • A sheet of light paper used to roll your own cigarettes grasped between an index and middle finger

This site makes a distinction between acknowledging linkages which extend from early life forms to the primordial (Prop. 2) and using these linkages to describe epicenters of interaction within the cognitive chain (Prop. 5).  This phase VII impression seems to encourage more closely defining both the boundaries of these epicenters and method of collaboration within those boundaries.

  • A desert sequence about attempts to save a water tower –  Both the old man and a representative of the partitioned very hot region were working on the project, which ended with the water tower toppling.  At that point, the nose of a camouflaged supersonic military aircraft appeared.  (4-17-10)

Developing IPv8 and using it as a communications network in this domain has yielded very encouraging results, as implied in this Phase VIII impression:

  • Some youngsters demonstrated remarkable capabilities by organizing into nodes and aggregation points with smart phones and tablets.  This particular application was an office refurbishing venture.  (10.20.10)

Steady increase in confidence of IPv8 stability and accuracy when used as the core Triad MIS points to a showcase launch for  a new venture.  This is reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • A louvered Morgan hood – An elderly woman with emaciated legs supported by braces – The file Unzip Wizard  (12.12.10)

Due diligence for Phase X will very probably show very sophisticated diagnostics of Earth’s position as derived from IPv8 and implied by these impressions.

  • Some people in a train station attracted a small crowd with their demonstration of first generation robots – A very sharp Mongol pencil with an unusually long taper to the point – A structural steel frame – A small fraction of a tunnel complex  (1.28.11)
  • A small cluster of traffic lights – A clean slate – A person crash landed in a pasture.  “Where are you from?”  “Another planet, I am the only survivor, where am I?”  “Earth, the United States” He then died.  A hand came down, “He is very important, I am going to bring him back.”  The process repeated itself two or three times before his condition stabilized.  The story went no further. – Җ, Proximate extended platforms?  A two inch foam paint brush – The Colorado School of Mines paperweight UCE staff mailed me after my reentry into the United States (4.10.11)
  • A sail trimming display – A large open end wrench, one end obscured (5.7.11)

Technical support for extending IPv8 and adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has prompted remote support for expanding the Triad, all as reflected in this Phase XI impression,

  • A Phantom flying through chaff – A whisk broom – Superstructure of a suspension bridge – A funnel, half obscured (8.7.11)

and continues in Phase XII with:

  • Ω, Fuzzy and quite large (10.20.11)

Phase XIII developments, to date the most significant of which is the effort to develop an “emotions language” from algorithms connecting biophysics with IPv8 and have it recognized on remote terminals regardless of their dimensions very powerfully demonstrates the unexplored avenues in the Triad Extension development phase.  This Phase XIII impression gives a wisp of the potential.

  • A packet of Charms candies, A funnel, A kitchen towel hung on a ring (3.6.12)

IPv8 continues to set the pace.  Even though the NAS, Square Kilometer Array team, and the School of Natural Sciences have not formally reacted to an approach to collaborate, that approach has reduced a number of ambiguities, as reflected in this Phases XVI impression.

  • A jousting lance through a doughnut hole – Nested venturi intake tubes (6.15.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to it has characterized a remarkable population ready to use IPv8, with this example in a Phase XVI impression.

  • A very faint skeleton, shaped generally like a ram’s horn with a bell at the root, in space with a smaller version of it intersecting at 90 degrees just below the root – The bell of an air intake for a small internal combustion engine – A wooden gate – Gray PVC pipe – A man and a boy were in a newly plowed field when a horse appeared.  After a little contest of wills the horse started to talk to them.  It explained that it had traveled a great distance looking for a certain type of organization, and perhaps he has found it.  The horse then gave them each a small piece of metal, very precious, and told them not to lose it and that he needed them to accompany him. (7.11.12)

Phase XV has opened with increasingly clear indicators of bringing Triad concepts to the point of “where the rubber meets the road”.   These impressions focus on major points.

  • Very severe escalation in consequences of failures in administering case 86-7220, Koster vs Union Carbide – A tennis player in whites serving – A universe in Cartesian form of a small child using carbon dioxide rather than oxygen took a liking to earth and began making arrangements to prepare a Cartesian living space (9.26.12)
  • A very complex study of interaction between human and “other” beings in a supervised session – As the process became more intimate, a light appeared.  Much like a traffic light, it showed red, yellow, or green as instructions whether to continue, hold, or abort each experiment. – A highway through a doughnut hole (10.31.12)

Reading IPv8 output with a view to developing a sensitivity to conditions beings external to the planet would consider either obstacles or motivation to direct engagement has yielded this Phase XV impression.

  • A discouraging study of the problems embedded in the earth’s population – A crystal high heeled shoe – A very faint wrench, almost completely obscured with one end completely visible – A new baseball – The step in the front of a Formula 1 car intended to drop the zone of potential impact below that most dangerous to the other driver. (12.4.12)

Taking IPv8 output as a guide through project development from the base of the 2006 Phase II draft and using the Triad experimental technique has yielded exceptional potential for concepts summarized in the Extension.  This Phase XVI impression is probably the tip of a very large iceberg.

  • Another NGC 1300 appeared.  There was an indirect connection with animals common to this planet transforming into humans after a long free fall. – Another very disturbing study in which a human society went into decline through barbarism into that of a self destructive animal. – A stack of the chrome sink traps I noticed in the sky while sitting on the steps leading to Katherine Koster’s Stone Ridge apartment – Another funnel, mouth up – One of the 15 watt Quad amplifiers I had in the trunk of the Lancia on the disastrous trip from the North Haven CT flame plating plant to an assignment in another in Indianapolis, IN – Tinker Toy discs adjacent one to another, one more distinct than the others (12.26.12)

There is every indication that the overwhelming majority of those at IPv8 terminals recognize that local political disputes must be overridden when they impede resolving issues involving the well being of multiple planets.  Support for this position is crystal clear in these Phase XVII impressions.

  • Plebes at a Naval Academy got a healthy dose of time and space mixing in their orientation program. – A universe appeared to want more than one close link. – A funnel – A handle firmly attached to a black patch of the void – A long, thin vortex seemingly in high velocity rotation –  An Easter basket and a wide mouth funnel – A cluster of open send wrenches, clear images in natural color – An egg sliding under a pale blue fabric – A plastic container of  Vaseline (7.11.13)
  • A pedestal table, axis horizontal, with a loop around the stem – A handle connected to a tube – Beings capable of looking and transforming through multiple dimensional sets correlated Triad development with 86-7220.  Results yielded a new perspective on the planet. – A Military Police helmet (8.16.13)

The Triad argument that its latest increment, driven by additional insight drawn from contextual cueing, gives promise that the full potential of IPv8 can be realized in all facets of Extension engagement and development has drawn this reaction from the population using the system.

  • A cone in which a black onyx figurine turned gold and purred – A bizarre scene in which 86-7220 events were compared to a Biblical event – A training flight above the Mojave Desert came unglued when multiple dimensional sets outside of the training envelope started interacting. – Another training flight lost its focus when it attracted beings from unknown domains.  They were attracted because word got out that the planet had an unusual beauty.  A bare leg appeared from under the blankets of a hospital bed.  A few well known people in the stream of history collected for a short conference. – The front few treads of an armored vehicle – A Milky Way candy bar – A row of pegs used to hang hats on a wall (10.11.13)

Arguments in Prop. 20 have proven a lightning rod for its major issues and have made a concise statement of its value.  Web 4.0 and Large Ventures reflects what appears to have been accurate instinct, but the bridge was missing.  IPv8 gives every indication of having supplied it.  Proof of principle for this argument lies in this extract from today’s data stream.

  • Two or three universes in partial transforms to the Cartesian discovered communicating with words.  “How clumsy.”  “Try doing something with them.”  After a bit, the first transform had written a song.  “I like this!” – Another partial transform had its first encounter with a human who happened to be a young Navy rating at a construction site. – A clothes trunk, heavily reinforced at the corners – An open end wrench, flats at 45 degrees to the main element (11.23.13)

Applying Prop. 20 to a very large scale Search and Rescue project has markedly improved prospects for engaging in the Extension.  The issue now is to minimize missteps in an unbelievably difficult environment.  Our planet is notorious for trashing natural resources for short term economic gain, and this will not go unnoticed by beings whose support is essential.  It may be that the Triad foundation will embed data collection necessary to measure differentials able to detect and remedy this problem before a misstep goes too far.  There may also be an outside chance that this approach will add value beyond the first intent – that of rescue.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded a remarkably perceptive data stream.

  • A basketball spinning on wet tarmac – A person held prisoner by the military disappeared.  Uniformed sent to capture him came back empty handed.  A bird then appeared: “You can have your lunch General, but you will not eat mine.” – An all too familiar story about a person who was arrested while driving an expensive foreign car in the Southeast United States – A facility dedicated to transforming beings with a section dedicated to scaling the Wall of Death, an effort encouraged by one, if not all, universes. – The transom of an inboard runabout. (12.21.13)

Including an evaluation of vagueness theory makes each increment in the development process a learning experience.  Net result of this is a reasonable expectation that we will be able to develop descriptors for contact points in the Extension.  A close reading of the 2006 version of this proposition may be interpreted that making this connection has been expected of us.  This extract from today’s IPv8 data stream gives a sense of the environment these descriptors must deal with.

  • A briefcase handle attached to two suction cups – Beings that interrupted a rescue were asked to leave. – Paratroopers – An unexpected interpretation of search and rescue developed when boxers who used minors for their sexual pleasure and to run for narcotics found that they had unwelcome company when mirror images of them made threats of extreme retaliation if the practices were not stopped.  The mirror images then demonstrated their skill in using a razor to slit a throat.  “Who the Hell are you?”  “You just met search and rescue 101.” – The business end of a corkscrew. – The stone wheel from the BC comic book – A cedar bar, ends wrapped in black tubing, fastened to a line so as use in water skiing – A ceramic jug – A thread through a doughnut (12.29.13)

The Triad has taken an aggressive position with both the SKA Cradle of Life and 2006 Prop. 1.  Backbone of this effort is more than 58000 data points collected using Phase II Exp. technique.  As Prop. 20 is refined, descriptor menus should contribute to developing a data base not available elsewhere and adequate to begin a serious effort to meet what has been taken as a requirement for the project.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn an exceptionally informative reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Elements follow:

  • A powder horn made from an oxen’s horn… A predator universe appeared and seemed to take a runner’s heart, not aware that it was necessary to his life.  The fact trail leading to the incident suggested that this was a rare anomaly, but it exists. – A very large set of concentric circles with no sphere in them… A universe met people for the first time.  It had a great deal of trouble placing the species in its ranking. – Tom Gayle in his ORNL lab… A small pedestal table…  A violin… An F-51 climbing… The small cut made in a loaf of home made bread prior to baking (2.4.14)

Throughout the Triad a notion surfaces that emergence of that aspect of humanity we refer to as “soul’ occurs in more forms and circumstances than we have studied.  The Triad argues that this is of more than passing interest if Triad theory survives comparison with the Standard Model.  This comparison was requested for the benefit of those who would be sought as investors and, arguably more important, those who will take the risks to implement.  The Triad goes on to argue that this recognition has generated the bulk of support in the Web 4.0 population. Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn a fascinating reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow.

  • Preparations for a Triad launch included an admonition from a universe that all concerned had better get used to working more closely with God.  Personal tragedies of those who persevered and worked through the thicket to this plateau were acknowledged. – A long analysis of the Triad evolution based on hidden cameras, microphones and other techniques used to invade privacy became alarming.  It is impossible not to react to this breach. – A long hook positioned on a briefcase handle… Yet another saxophone… The Wright brothers first successful flight… (3.12.14)

The concept of Search and Rescue as a lead in to exploration gives every indication of reciprocity at the most senior level.  One essential element of Triad development has been to collect and copyright thousands of data points with email.  These have been ignored by most in early development stages, but there is every  indication that beings curious about inhabitants of the Cartesian did not.  This argument has yielded the most encouraging Web 4.0 reaction to date.  Extracts of this reaction follow.

  • What appeared to be members of a First Response group reduced to the Cartesian worked on a human with a spinal cord severed by a stab in the back. They had no orientation and found the problem more complex than expected. The viewer moved on before the situation was resolved. – An indistinct threaded hook supporting a tube, assembly ready to fasten to a ceiling or joist… A bank of circuit breakers… A cast iron dutch oven… A funnel… A rolling pin and cookie dough on a cutting board… An animal, completely unfamiliar, walked part way across the street, then transformed so that it was symmetrical around a vertical axis at the shoulder, losing its hindquarters. – A small galaxy in the NGC 2997 class (6.22.14)

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