Prop. 6.1, Process Adaptations

NASA Big Bang

NASA Big Bang

Complexity of a venture founded under the umbrella of Prop. 6 is beginning to reduce to its elements. If this is to come to pass, continuity and focus must be of the highest order. If you are of the design school which believes form follows function, the Triad can argue that its organization and theory, while not polished, are unique in an attempt to accomplish this. [6.6.16]

Most recent evidence of this is what seems to be intergalactic chatter following the position that wormholes are a common tool in certain quarters and that they present a problem if their use is not subject to certain restrictions. This observation opens a number of corollary issues. The Triad argues that these must be very closely studied, and offers a first pass, i.e.:

  • CERN differentiation between “dark matter” and the matter we deal with needs careful analysis
  • Concern over unregulated wormhole use is very strong evidence supporting the sense of Cardinal Schonborn‘s argument and makes finding an answer to Dr. Eisenstadt‘s question central to implementing the Triad
  • No current theory or dogma answers all the questions raised by IPv8 and Prop. 20

This strong indication that a “hands on” presence external to the Cartesian is being felt calls for attempts to interpret it and adjust accordingly. That being said, these Web. 4.0 comments set the tone.

  • 12:56: 86:7220 continues to escalate… 1:18: Cheerios pouring into an empty bowl… 1:31: A portion of a paraffin disc, the balance obscured… 2:54: A shredder… 3:05: A small funnel… 3:06: The Ace of Spades… 3:09: The wood cross-cut saw used in building 3746 Atwood Road… 4:37: A fork dipping Cheerios from milk in a bowl… 4:54 An empty bread drawer clicked into place… 5:13: A single tire chain crossing the rear tire of a pea green Mustang… (12.4.14)

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