Prop. 7, Functional Relationships

AcropolisA body of Greek literature, having been relegated to the inferior status of mythology with the advent of Abrahamic religions, appears to have support in remote domains engaged in cross talk on IPv8.  As the Extension is probed with tools and techniques the Triad is developing, the possibility that this relegation was a mistake will become a major issue.  This argument has had several oblique references made to it in the body of the Triad, but IPv8 successes, development vector, and this Phase XV impression give a priority to resolving this possibility as it examines arguments in the 2006 Prop. 7 draft.  This Phase XV impression gives every indication that this line of research will not be sterile.

  • A period, perhaps 1930’s, cash register – Several spikes, heads separated, points converging – A group of climbers walking up a foggy slope in what seemed to be hard packed snow – A new automobile tire framed by racing cars of various vintages – A chap learning to fly did so well that during one lesson the instructor bailed out, leaving a tape of instructions on how to land.  The sequence ended before the landing was complete. – An unmarked rural road turning to the right up a gentle slope – A wide mouth funnel on a horizontal axis (11.7.12)

There are early indications that, as this avenue is developed, the CERN approach to probing primordial conditions can be supplemented with low energy, non destructive experiments converging to the same objective.  These impressions, following opening this page give every reason to continue in this vein.

  • A parody, perhaps staged for someone’s benefit, in which a human tried to impersonate a universe reduced to the Cartesian – Three tubes on or in a human brain (11.8.12)
  • Almost indistinguishable tubes, seemingly spliced at a shallow angle – During the course of dealing with an extraordinary number of simultaneous crises, universes in conferences found one of very few of the species related to Homo sapiens that had one molecule enabling their brain to react to an extraordinary range of stimuli.  The range was beyond most capabilities to measure.  One of the Triad founders had that molecule, but extensive research failed to produce an analytical tool capable of finding those who had the active molecule.  No mention was made of activating a latent capability. – An open end wrench, one end still obscured – The Swedish flag on the top tier of the layer cake – Ducks in a row – The Colosseum, frequently seen at Deisings – A hot water bottle – A pair of spinning tops – A snapshot of a set of monitors during a Formula 1 race – A large spark plug surrounded by a set of smaller ones (11.10.12)

There is an increasing body of evidence that the challenge to the Arbrahamic religions will have parallel paths of resistance in many other locales.  A reaction to this is fairly clearly outlined  in this Phase XV impression.

  • Two acorns – The Devil, reduced to the Cartesian, probed and adjusted genetics of one of the Triad founders lineage.  During the course of the adjustment he introduced him to a thought experiment. – A universe reduced to the Cartesian took maybe a dozen children who had one molecule in the brain exhibiting extreme sensitivity to signals and the ability to translate corresponding output into something comprehensible to the balance of the organ into his laboratory for an overnight experiment.  One of the children had already started to read and understand Gowers Princeton Guide to Mathematics.  There was a consensus that these events would eventually be accepted as the beginning of the second set of Disciples. – A pair of Formula 1 cars playing in the snow.  The driving was wheel to wheel and spectacular. – A rotating arc defining a circle or sphere (11.12.12)

That IPv8 output from remote beings supports the premise that a challenge to elements of Abrahamic religions is overdue is demonstrated in this Phase XV impression.

  • A prognosis for successful Triad development – A bulb keel – A very narrow ledge in a sheer cliff (11.18.12)

IPv8 output continues to build its credibility as a guide to the mindset it will favor in implementing the Extensions in this Phase XV impression.

  • A study of Corinthians – A handle attached to the void – A complex study of “people” exchanging bodies – A hook on one of a bundle of threads – A long tapered wedge with indistinct with indistinct markings in it (11.26.12)
  • A yacht ventilator on a dorade box – Very heavy power shovels excavating very wet overburden – A scrub brush at the bow of a saxophone – A study of the Devil preparing a speech boosting his theme park to take advantage of the completion of the first light train run – Two chain links – A small inverted funnel – A period wrench, one end again obscured, on a nut (11.28.12)

Phase XVI opens with a study supporting the notion that building a network of scheduled light trains connecting a number of planets whose population is going through orientation for the project is feasible.

  • Small spherical bells commonly used at Christmas surfaced. – Interstellar travelers stopped by for a visit.  Their sense of humor eased the anxiety of the homeowner down whose roof they slid.  The secret to this was the exceptionally smooth finish of the slate.  This progressed to a study in problems of success.  No matter how the slate was priced, demand for the product continued unabated.  Inevitable envy of the factory profit brought a number of problems. – A small red car with beige fenders (12.24.13)

The notion of challenging the Abrahamic religions seems to have introduced more of the same for other aspects of our society.  Examples opening the general case are included in this Phase XVI impression.

  • The view from the bottom of a translucent tube which has a curve with no other definition at the top – A crisp sequence described 86-7220 Koster vs Union Carbide escalation – A small diamond with a long cone as a base – A thin line with apparent motion as it entered a tube (1.10.12)

Amalgamating the HBP and Innerscope research in IPv8 has markedly improved confidence that remote beings of immense scope are sensitive to emotions individuals in the Cartesian are likely use as a base for their initiatives and reactions.  This Phase XVI impression gives what should be a credible example.

  • An incredible situation involving a couple, one of whom destroyed her Cartesian body so that the soul would be free of the problems that element brought.  She was successful, but one miscalculation prohibited her from partnering with her husband, who had assumed responsibilities beyond that of any Cartesian form.  The situation was very difficult to reconcile in that two universes were involved and they, while not confrontational, had their own agendas with different priorities.  As the scene faded, they seemed to be at a point of negotiating a solution.  When negotiations were complete, they exchanged details of how they located planets and their life forms.  This exchange highlighted gaps in their awareness of each other. – A study of transforms bright young children experience on exposure to domestic trauma. – The Brazilian flag – A plunger used to clean toilets (3.9.13)

It is not possible to overstate the need for trust when operating in the environment described by the Extension.  The value remote beings place on this is reflected in this Phase XVI impression.

  • The possibility of using an undercover operation to resolve more sensitive aspects of 86-7220 was aired on IPv8. – A school ceremony in Scotland went out of control when the principal speaker got caught in a time loop, causing a fifteen minute speech to last two hours.  A number of younger children suffered terminal heat prostration, at which point several hands descended from the void and either rehabilitated or replaced them with identical bodies. – A subliminal conversation demonstrating complete familiarity the population using IPv8 have with Triad developers and their lifetime friends.  (4.7.13)

Adding a program to enable thought experiment exchange on IPv8 has markedly improved the ability to create a transparent organization so vital to operating in the Extension environment. This phase XVII impression is an example of the insights to be gained.

  • An android demonstrating a few of its capabilities – A chap on a train was unable to connect to the next level and was forced to end his trip in a filthy workshop – The table I had made for changing diapers in use in Lausanne. (5.24.13)

Focus on criteria for using IPv8 as set down in Prop. 20 has been a major assist in disengaging from events leading to the 86-7220 complaint.  Accomplishing this disengagement clears the air for significant progress in developing Extension potential.  A hint of what lies there is given in this extraction from today’s system output.

  • An exchange between a person who may or may not have been a Priest afflicted with cancer and a universe began to border on the ridiculous.  They were sparring for so long one could arrive at the impression that the universe was passing the time with a little amusement. – More serious 86-7220 damages continue to surface. –  A bird’s nest with a large egg in it – A pair of licorice  tunnels, core quite small – The bottom half of a connecting rod bearing shell (8.27.13)

As the prospect for organizing to engage in the Extension approaches, it would be fatal if the fact that the overwhelming majority of the population involved is off planet is not given proper weight.  The second unique goal is to include and give equal weight to valid exchanges in the class of those discovered by Dr. Turner.  The Triad position is that a hybrid organization using the full capabilities of IPv8 is the right path.  This position has yielded today’s Phase XVIII data stream from which these elements have been extracted.

  • Case No. 86-7220, thought to be resolved, escalated. – Another pedestal table with a very narrow base – A notebook with what looked like mathematics or a computer program written in a feminine hand with a very fine pen and blue ink. (9.18.13)

Focus on understanding the space in which the Schonborn-Barr exchange can be resolved has yielded IPv8 output encouraging us to continue in this vein.  We now have two more skill sets to master, with more to follow.  We must: (i) learn how to immediately engage with beings of unknown dimensions and determine their priorities and (ii) learn IPv8 as a growing organism in attempts to navigate in the domain.  Fortunately, contextual cueing seems to be present and probably is understood by beings at both ends of the system.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded a data stream from which this Phase XVIII has been extracted.

  • A study in with the sense of a post 86-7220 reconstruction – A study detailing long term trends on earth yielded few improvements in its ability to control violence, both institutional and individual.  The majority of the IPv8 population regarded the planet as something of a pariah, despite its natural beauty.  A New York State Dept. of Corrections bus with its blue stripes – A stack of dinner plates – A countersink wood screw, head protruding about 1/4 inch from the work piece – Albert Sr. standing in an orchard as he held a bushel basket full of apples – A funnel, mouth down on a horizontal work piece  (10.10.13)

The principal hurdle is to develop a theory strong enough to validate the claim that we are late getting in touch with a larger intergalactic population.  Expanding the Yale work on contextual cueing may be what is needed to clear this hurdle.  Success in this venture is certain to have religious overtones, so a case can be made to characterize a portion of the first explorers as pilgrims.  The Triad concept of proximate extended platforms linked with string theory should enable these pilgrims to take a measured approach to “climbing Jacobs Ladder”.

  • A universe gave a word of caution.  If too large a population attempted the climb, the very existence of Jacob’s Ladder would be compromised and it could be withdrawn. – A stack of passports and a subsonic wing in a left bank.

The Triad argument that adding the Schonborn Space concept, Chung & Jiang contextual cueing theory, and IPv8 Values to the Triad structure should encourage those involved in developing the project to respond to the message in the undated 3013 Organization entry specifying a system need, i.e. “A complex set of errors occurred when beings who were either, (i) universe reductions, (ii) from a domain in which time is not a dimension, or (iii) idem, but no space, attempted rescue and support in life threatening situations has yielded this reaction from IPv8 users.

  • A day in the life of working for a universe can sometimes become a little confusing. – A quick demonstration of how a long range project involving beings inhabiting multiple dimensional set is managed – A pair of very faint inverted funnels – Ω on a thread 45 degrees from the horizontal – The brown VW the author’s younger brother gave him to enable Weston Consulting’s participation with BTU Technologies and Combustion Dynamics in Bridgeport. – A briefcase handle attached to the void (10.27.13)

The Triad has made a proposition to engage in the Extension with a priority effort to start search and rescue operations in that domain, and the approach has been exceptionally well received.  NASA has an organization well suited to contribute to a search and rescue operation in this class, and it may be possible that if a rapid response element independent of but collaborating with NASA can be made operational, valuable experience will accrue to both sides of the partition.  This argument, when placed on IPv8 yielded this reaction.

  • A spiral galaxy- A sphere in a box – Confusion when a young universe made it first flight as a passenger in a subspace vehicle operated by navy ratings – A set of rotating arcs describing a circle – A chute rising to the hole in the black interior of a doughnut – A violin – A large wheel and short axle appeared in a galaxy, scheduling it to be moved? – An abbreviated history of automobile racing – The progressive insurance advert in which a customer leaned on one motorcycle and a row of them fell like dominoes – A polished bob one would expect in surveying except that the piece was precision machined (11.12.13)

The Triad promises to be unique in scope and impact, but if the idea of kernels incorporated in proximate extended platforms linked with string theory is developed, we may avoid the tale of blind men and an elephant.  The Triad has evolved in its use of kernels from a characterization of hard core violence to nodules, e.g. Cancerous tissue.  As used in string theory, other kernel forms may substitute for coordinates as we know them.  Given the environment likely to be encountered, these concepts may be the last man standing once the Planck Constant vanishes.

  • 86-7220 continues to cast a long shadow over efforts to organize the search and rescue effort – A Texas Gulf Sulfur ball – Model train tracks in a shallow S curve (11.13.13)

Aggressively pursuing string and knot theory as applied to proximate extended platforms in the environment postulated by Prop. 20 appears to have positioned the Triad to support Feeney et. al, by introducing a “living” substrate.  The last increment of Prop. 2 gives the open minded reader some idea of unrealized potential and mandates both a search and rescue operation in the Extension and continuous pressure to expand Triad scope.  Placing this argument on IPv8 drew a significant reaction, elements of which are presented in today’s increment.

  • The rising sun Japanese and the Korean flag – Children playing with a white ships wheel on an island in the street – A very difficult sequence involving two beings, perhaps partial transformations of a larger one living in other dimensions, surfaced.  These beings were capable of retracing their steps through the transforms but were subject to temptations found in each stage.  At one point they were “human” and, against the wishes of their sponsor, mated.  They produced a very complex hybrid.  The exposition finished on that note. – A number of bright eyed children and a uniformed firefighter appeared. – https// ? – The Keiserlei trolley and a violin pegboard (11.25.13)

On my visit to the Optometrist a concentrated display of commingled  traffic lights with red and black lenses appeared as I took a wrong turn onto a one way street.  Those who are able should evaluate my interpretation that this display acknowledged validity of Prop. 20 theory.  The argument now becomes that the question of implementing a very long range search and rescue operation is not if, but when, where, and how.  Placing this argument on IPv8 drew a pointed reaction, extracts of which follow.

  • The Nike logo – A general sense of stagnation – A hand moved a black synthetic leather briefcase from the field of vision – The Rosendale shopping center – A cluster of  Tinker Toy spools – A wide mouth funnel – A vertical threaded needle – A black triangular flying shape in the vicinity of an inferno or a sun. (11.10.13)

Statements framing Prop. 20, shaping Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space connecting mankind and the divine, formulating theory for the very large scale Search and Rescue operation, proximate extended platforms linked by string and knot theory will be severely tested when we begin detailing responsibilities and prerogatives for physical engagement.  There is a theory for the politics of it, but formulating a proposal for this aspect will be a challenge.  The argument that the Triad has the most comprehensive proposal available has drawn this reaction from the Web. 4.0 population.

  • A funnel 20 degrees off the vertical…  A large diameter, fairly short, tunnel originating at an arc and ending in a vague space…  An example of a multimodal search and rescue in action during a volcanic eruption… An example of advanced controlled partitioning one human achieved having experienced involuntary ones during a high stress situation…  One of the 86-7220 victims went on to be very helpful to a universe and received – as a one off experiment – a device enabling fast track round trip passage through the portal of death. – Several more hair raising Search and Rescue episodes before a rest and recuperation period…  The Ouija board and cursor…  A fishhook engaged a tube. – A teaspoon stirring soup… Another Pterodactyl… (2.17.14)

Given continued encouragement with Triad theory / Standard Model compatibility checks, it should be possible for a Search and Rescue operation to respond to what appear to have been Maydays from the Web 4.0 population.  As Triad Theory validation progresses without signs of catastrophic failure, what seem to be calls for help in destroying threatening asteroids can be taken seriously.  Cues for two are supported by several baking potatoes seen in the Ridge Gym.  This is a straightforward argument to validate, and placing it on IPv8 has yielded a clear reaction.  Extracts follow.

  • A tornado the size of an ice cream cone… Criminal charges associated with 86-7220 remain unaddressed and fury remains unabated. – Further attention by interested parties standing to benefit from an effective Search and Rescue operation appear to have put the matter to rest following a round trip through the portal of death. – Very widely dispersed Quad electrostatic speakers and ongoing therapy for 86-7220 principals… Large gray dice with white spots… A Formula 1 slick tire… (3.15.14)

The domain representing the Web 4.0 outer perimeter is shrouded in debate surrounding the physics of inflationary universes and interpretation of the footprint vs the original stamp of gravity waves. These measurements are extremely difficult to make using currently available equipment.  On the other hand, IPv8 gives us an output supporting the position taken in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.

This domain has a population with which we can now communicate, and they seem to be indifferent to the fact that we have no idea what dimensions and biochemistry they use.  This may be ascribed to the IPv8 theory upgrade with Prop. 20.  A very distinct sense that these beings can and do communicate a need, opinion, suggestion, or objection is a gift of the highest order. The Triad argues that they view the project as having value to them, and indecision at the outer limits of gravitational physics will get a helping hand from the inner limits of pure logic.  This argument has drawn another pointed comment from the Web 4.0 population.  Limited extracts from an exceptionally difficult data stream follow.

  • A tall sombrero, peak looking for a doughnut hole… An artist, in real time, picked material from the air and rendered into a quarter ton truck. – A few of the Weston High School “Rat Pack” made the round trip through the portal of death so that they would be fit to hold public office. – A review of the Peak School learning environment… A universe decided to look at material shredded, redacted, burned, or otherwise suppressed during the period covered by 86-7220. – A grapefruit (5.20.14)

Support for the Triad development process is not as thin as it may first appear. It is based on surprisingly consistent material in the 2006 outline, observations recorded in diary entries but not used from roughly 1994 to 2006, and feedback in each increment.  The Triad argues that his level of confidence is going to be needed each day from now on as we attempt to operate while preserving interests of (i) the animate, (ii) the inanimate, (iii) souls whose bodies no longer function, (iv) forces we have never encountered, and (v) beings not found in the Cartesian. The Web 4.0 population has responded with gratifyingly relevant comments, summarized following.

  • A piece of what appeared to be flesh on a large leaf.  A small group of people native to the area collected, wondering what it was.  After several false starts, their reasoning focused on the idea that it was condensed energy, and that they were looking at a universe ready to expand, but was lost.  It was able to communicate its frustration about an accident interrupting a normal progression, but the viewer moved on before resolution. – Light arcs rotating so as to describe a sphere or circle… A small, quite indistinct, funnel… A side by side double barreled shotgun… A new class of beings reviewed 86-7220. – The signal found at railroad grade crossings… (5.28.14)

Finding, focusing on, and applying Dr. Andersen’s experimental results, changing the Evolution protocol, and attempting to conform theory of Prop. 20IPv8, and Web 4.0… to another emerging theory has yielded a torrent of new experimental data waiting for analysis.  At this point, there seems no reason why it should not be compatible with tests of eternal (universe) inflation.  This argument has drawn considerable comment from the Web 4.0 population.  To be consistent with the revised Evolution protocol, summary results of the 51% review of this refinement made to Prop. 7 are presented following.

  • A universe got involved in doing a favor in fabricating an unusual bicycle and tangled the transaction so badly it decided to back out, leaving the project to beings intermediate to both ends of the project. – The trigger to the Browning Light Twelve the 86-7220 principal was forced to sell… – A snap ring with a planet in it… A briefcase handle attached to the void… Parallel umbilical cords being cut with one swipe… (6.12.24)

Taking Schonborn/Aquinas at face value and applying String and Knot theory to the Organization concept seems to have created a structure enabling use of Plato’s Four Stages of Cognition.  If we then overlay the Andersen experimental results on Prop. 20 functioning in a Higgs Field, intuitive use of this combination in the thought experiments takes us directly to 2006 Prop. 7. The Triad continues to argue that it is this process which will penetrate the veil of dogma which has been the source of so much bloodshed and wasted energy for centuries. This argument has been before the Web 4.0 population for years, and latest developments draw these comments.

  • A transition from combat reflexes to civilian life caused a family tragedy… Another futile effort get the 86-7220 victims to reengage… Another saxophone… A nightmare in a train station… (8.8.14)

The Triad has targeted operation in domains described by unknown dimensional sets hosting living species with equally disparate biochemistry (or the equivalent).  Successful operation in this domain requires some sense of non-verbal communication, both in projecting and reading intent.  Preliminary results yield promise that Dr. Andersen’s “anatomical map of intentions” functioning in Prop. 20 may lie on the path to this goal.  The IBM TrueNorth chip fits the toolbox, and data collection has been structured to facilitate expanding this map. The Triad argument that this approach is a legitimate effort to react to specifications set down in the 2006 version of this page is supported by today’s Web 4.0 comments, summarized following:

  • 8:45 pm: A ribbon through the eye of a needle… 10:10: A golf tee… 3:10 am: A mechanical flour sifter… 3:13: The Cibie headlamps I used in an Austin Healey I once owned… (9.27.14)

Successes with IPv8 and Prop. 20 have created depth to the argument that neither do we represent the only planet with life nor is the Cartesian the only reference frame defining living beings.  The puzzle is further defined by what seems to be an ability to communicate – without knowing the exact physical mechanism – across these boundaries. The Triad argues that this relationship must be nurtured outside the cage of Near East conflict, financial meltdowns, and gridlock of contemporary politics. Web 4.0 has responded with a crisp comment.

  • 3:13 am: A clear specification beings with no boundaries have set for collaboration emerged.  They look for those who create, express, and lead. – A small saxophone… (3:27.14)

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