Prop. 7.1, Refining FR Theory

Cosmic Elf - Alex Grey

Cosmic Elf – Alex Grey

There seems to be a strong correlation between the kernel concept in human behavior and strings and knots in the mathematics, so we could reasonably look to these concepts to refine dynamic theory.  Prop. 20 and Dr. Andersen’s experiments approach bridging the “gap” between the animate and the inanimate, and both generally support Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a “mediating space”.  Kernels in this structure may not be static, but they must have dimensions capable of describing their state in context of their environment.

This requirement takes us to another fundamental.  Ten years ago, the Triad would have completed this statement with “their state at any given time”.  There is every reason to believe that we cannot complete with what the Triad has argued.  The possibility that the Boson family of particles, for example, may include some scalar particles and some which are not introduces wrinkles in the Higgs field.  Multiple appearances of mesh hammocks in public places moves the pointer even further.  The Triad argues that Prop. 7 as drafted in 2006 recognizes this, and that the body of Triad research support this position.

  •  1:45 am: Yet another example of questionable politics inside the beltway followed by a sealed envelope… 3:39: A cast iron pot filled with Halloween candy corn kernels… 5:34: A row of the NYS Dept. of Corrections buses with three blue stripes under the windows… (12.6.14)

The Triad has come face to face with the distinction between contemporary politics and very large scale operation management in extremely dangerous environments.  The two inevitably cause friction over priorities and resource allocation, but reality dictates they must find a way to coexist, and in this case,  Evolution and Policy set the hurdles.  The 8.21.16 Web 4.0 advisory** transmitted by IPv8 places this problem in context of a very large structure sketched out in the Metatheory.

**6:26 am: A yo-yo in front of an image of the White House and a hint that the Sagan work caught the attention of a species of unknown origin [8.21.16, PDK]

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