Fundamental and very powerful abstracts have throughout history yielded bloody conflict, and today is no exception.  Reading Lt. Schwarz‘ contribution to this site suggests introducing the notion of the hard kernel, frequently  linked to aberrant or localized reactions or individuals, usually because their internal logic or chemistry is not understood or accepted. For the sake of argument, we can look at a pocket of terrorists and/or dogmatic positions which harden in the face of fact as examples. The Vatican, in announcing the formation of The Catholic-Muslim Forum, detailed a few boundary conditions. Applying these observations to the environment faced by ground forces in Pakistan  brings abstracts of  L’Esprit du Terrorisme and Janette Rainwater to the immediacy of a daily body count.

Further refinement of this notion requires including the idea that a vertically integrated organization extending to the very remote is engaged on a real time basis.  Indirect but persuasive evidence that this is the case is comes in the form of imagery clearly related and of unknown origin.  Extensive experimental work needs be done if reliable interpretation of this is to be accepted, but an opening observation may be a guide.  To extract from working drafts:

  • A shareholders meeting erupted when preferred shareholders discovered a scheme engineered by the common stockholders to take a windfall profit out of the company at their expense.  Gunfire ensued and the two who conceived the scheme quietly left.  A third followed them.  It seems the the meeting was held in the jungle, and the lone stockholder watched as the jungle creatures, led by a large snake, seemed about to devour the two.  The scene became too indistinct to allow a reliable description of the conclusion.  After a short period of time, an attractive two seat convertible with the top down emerged.  (12-2-08)

From this, we probably have a metaphor generated by remote beings for what is happening in Africa.  Reaction to Copenhagen COP 15, political combat in the United States’ quest for health care reform, development of and attempts to repair damage from the subprime market failure graphically demonstrate the clear understanding these remote beings have for the need to balance the control oligopolies exert by introducing fresh entrepreneurial thinking.

Interpretation and Application

Managing scope and complexity of  chronic friction in the Middle East requires closely coordinating multiple disciplines, each focused on a hard kernel. By their nature, these kernels have mutated. If a kernel is taken as defining a particular space in a particular time and that definition is workable, managing complex dynamics involved can be separated into layers of abstraction ranging from the suicide vest to arguments over the path to salvation, both in the Judeo-Christian and Muslim camps. Working drafts include yet another impression worth repeating:

  • A couple of humans walked in on what turned out to be an android war game.  They watched helpless as the battle escalated.  It went from battle axes through white phosphorous and was approaching nuclear exchanges.  The humans told the androids they were leaving.  The androids said it was too late, the first nuke was set to go.  The androids let it drop that they would probably blow the planet to pieces.  At that point, the humans found a radio transmitter which would, if activated, immobilize the androids.  Group after group were immobilized, but the nuke was ticking.  An angel descended and decided that one of her planets was not going to be destroyed in a war game.  She disabled the nuke and the androids.  Whether any attempt to dispose of the junk accumulated during the game was not apparent before the sequence dissolved. – A very large red truck started moving north on Rt. 209. –  A muddy truck, possibly World War I vintage, prepared to pass another vehicle. (1-26-09)

Tracking more or less the same time period brings us to the chain of events, largely legislation, that yielded the subprime market failure and consequent credit market collapse.  Reason says the hard kernels in this environment will mutate as special interests and their lobbying organizations storm Capitol Hill.  Considering this dynamic, it probably makes sense to mine the subprime credit crisis for hard kernels and either correlate analyses or construct parallels with the “war on terror” and look for interaction.

As the Triad has a favored reasoning base for religious extremism, so it has for the credit crisis. The Janszen macro analysis and the Wikipedia time line are favored by the Triad.  A recent analysis of the GM rescue plan introduces yet another candidate for hard kernel mining.

Who can pinpoint the drivers for group formation, character change, and dispersal?

Although dormant for a period, fallout from the “war on drugs” has resurfaced with a vengeance in Central America.  Another in the family of interactive hard kernels.  A subject as universal as is this must take a prominent place in reading reactions to IPv8 probing and reaction.  Level of detail included in this macro is demonstrated in this Phase VI reaction.

  • A chap caught a new high speed train, got off before his proper stop, and found himself stranded in a neighborhood resembling the South Bronx during its most violent stage.  (6.4.10)

Continued probing using IPv8 as a data gathering network seems to have collected an opinion remote beings have regarding the use of clandestine cell systems to advance whatever objectives the parent organization has in mind.  A reaction to this practice could be one interpretation of these Phase VIII impressions.

  • An abrasive story, the root of which was the military’s assumption that it could conscript androids into the Special Forces – A splitting axe  (7.31.10)
  • A story about a woman who had a particular quality – The end of a succession of blunders saw her executed for murder.  More complete investigation revealed the fact that the murder did not take place.  An environment of contagious outrage followed.  The old man arrived on the scene when deterioration in the society had reached dangerous proportions and tried to reconstitute the victim with no success.  The devil then tried.  Failure again.  The old man remarked; “There is one other.”  This one had neither been mentioned nor seen.  Success  ( 9.6.10)

How does this work when space can be folded?

Phase IX starts with IPv8 output very quickly validating increasing system credibility.

  • Ω – A very involved story about gang warfare when two androids capable of transforming into humans took on a neighborhood gang called the Rockets.  Confrontations resembled the musical West Side Story.  They escalated to involving the devil. – Noah’s arc  (11.3.10)
  • Civil litigation escalated with criminal charges – A spent center fire .30 cal. cartridge –  A flock of geese on the move – A fluid mix of crumbled, cooked, ground beef slowly leaked from an overturned Dutch oven – A Philips head wood screw – Chrome plated wire wheels

IPv8 output with steadily improving stability, relevance, and proactive capacity gives every indication of taking a leadership position for this key issue in a venture launch during Phase IX.  This Phase IX impression characterizes situations likely to be encountered.

  • A mountaineer led a group in what seemed to be a flight.  After a few days, they encountered a fierce windstorm blowing salt.  Some died.  Of the remaining, a boy approached the leader, his father, after he had fallen and drove a pickax through his skull.  The old man appeared:  “Why did you do this?”  “Because he took us from our studies on a fools errand.”  “What are you going to do now?”  “Take the goats and few that are left back to the village.”  “It is three days.”  “I know the walk.”  As the few and the goats arrived at the village a horrible salt storm blew in.  Safe and sheltered, all turned to the lad as the new leader. – Interviews fleshing out candidates for the new venture – A glass tube with hemispherical openings at both ends – A pair of millstones suspended in rope webbing (12.25.10)

Where are the most reliable alarms?

All too frequently, hard kernels of either nascent or proximate conflict are overlooked or avoided as politically inconvenient.  There is no shortage of examples of both conditions in today’s environment.  This dynamic can be seen as opening windows of opportunity for those equipped to address it.  The sense that IPv8 has enabled forming a diverse organization capable of functioning in a broad range of extreme environments is embedded in this Phase IX impression, to be incorporated in Phase II Goals.

  • A bell mouth tube, flared end up, with a paraffin disc in the flared end – A short sequence three generations into the future demonstrating advanced IPv8 capabilities – A chap doing his abdominal crunches lying on the floor – A slot oval head machine screw – Several glass window panes – The Bell curve – Ball bearings around a tube (1.11.11)

Unexpected success with IPv8 gives every indication that a number of hard kernels will become more tractable as diagnostic capabilities are honed. This view is characterized in these Phase X impressions.

  • Red prongs attached to wheels of a garden tractor, presumably for tilling difficult muddy plots – A story of almost unbelievable squalor – A wooden pencil with a very sharp point (3.11.11)
  • Some people introducing themselves as they collected material for a core analytical group – A factory shift change whistle (4.28.11)
  • A small theft led to a landmark legal decision in which a superpower was forced to admit defeat (5.26.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals gives every indication of improving capabilities to resolve intractable problems, with one example referred to in this Phase XI impression.

  • Conflict between Christians and Zionists was subjected to experiment enabled by new technology – A Saint Lawrence U. beer mug – A hockey stick on a puck (7.16.11)

Adding Innerscope logic, paired inputs, and the notion that emotion can be considered a language capable of being detected by physical measurement and transmitted on IPv8 seems to have given remote beings an opportunity to express their opinion and have it recognized it as such.  This proposition has yielded these Phase XIII impressions.

  • A Japanese, when Japanese/American relations were at an all time low, brought a perfectly formed Maple tree, six inches high, to the United States.  The tree, which turned out to be priceless, endured a number of threats, all of which were characteristic of the way the United States treated it forests.  Finally, the tree spoke: “That is enough, I am going home.”  The tree then slowly dissembled and finally disappeared, –  Some people captured what may have been a prehistoric sea creature.  They were excited about the doors which this find may have opened. – A blue propane flame.  (2.25.12)
  • A Trappist ale glass – A fairly rapidly rotating batch of threads in the aggregate forming the circumference of a small circle – A water cooled .50 cal. tripod mounted machine gun, a principal WW II weapon – A vintage automobile fender (3.13.12)
  • A sequence of images depicting life situations we all try, sometimes unsuccessfully, to avoid (4.16.12)
  • Several accounts of medieval torture and mass execution – The eye of a large needle – A black shape of what the entry to an igloo is expected to look like – An automobile tire and wheel (4.30.12)

Adding a proposal for a comprehensive Triad evaluation to the Evolution page has very significantly focused IPv8 output, characterized by this Phase XIV example.

  • A Halloween candy corn kernel (6.20.12)

Focusing on and making every effort to correctly interpret cross talk among beings, none of whom reside on this planet and some of whom do not generally inhabit the Cartesian  coordinates, that use IPv8 has yielded this pointed impression.

  • Absolutely the last comment on case 86-7220, Koster vs. Union Carbide – A Coleman lantern – A curling stone at a 45 degree angle – A work piece shaped like a handle of a lawnmower motor starting cord in  the jaws of a vice – A corridor with dimly lit walls converged to a small slot (11.11.12)

IPv8 output has clearly demonstrated that resolving 86-7220 does not clear the path to implementing the Extensions in that peripheral interests have used this complication to advance their own goals.  The fact that remote existences do not approve of this is incorporated in this Phase XV impression.

  • Examples of how flying and driving proficiency improved when all the nerves in the body become inputs to the process – An air mail envelope – A pair of pliers clamped on a metal tag – The gutter of a bowling alley – A cluster of 55 gallon drums – A row of wooden pegs with a touring cap on each – A pair of Ping-Ping paddles – An intermediate layer of a tiered layer cake (12.12.12)

It is not outside the realm of plausibility that a problem solving methodology for difficult situations in the Extension domain and Gordian knots on this planet exists in the thought experiment of Prop. 8.  A hint of this is in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Two instances of medical problems sourced in transforms – Mailing addresses in the Extension domain (4.15.13)


IPv8 development is showing promise to enable linking arguments in the complete site to targeted problem solving thought experiment exchanges.  The first, and certainly not the last, change this capability will bring to Extension development is to change the kernels concept from the old “Hard Kernels” to a new definition for them.  This recharacterization is vital if useful nodes, e.g. cairns, in the fabric of the Extension are to be elements of negotiating this unknown environment.  

  • A cadaver in a morgue suddenly sat up.  “What am I doing here?” “You are supposed to be dead!” – Short conference – “Open his veins, maybe they forgot to embalm him.”  He had embalming fluid in his veins.  “Can’t be, this stuff will not transport oxygen.”  “What is oxygen?”  No connection – “I use this.”  He drew a picture of Carbon Dioxide.  This can’t be; he is a plant.” – End – A London youngster stumbled on tubes containing very old prints.  They were so old they would disintegrate if not handled by experts.  An expert knew the owner, and offered to let the lad keep two, each valued at a million pounds sterling.  He also asked the lad if he had any old American coins.  “Yes, one.”  “May I have it?”  “It is my favorite.”  “Not to keep, only to hold for a few moments.”  Having held the dime, the collector was able to validate the prints. (6.13.13)

Targeted problem solving thought experiment feedback loops have become substantially more effective in removing contemporary Cartesian political maneuvering from the Extension contact point equation with reactions remote beings have shown to the Triad policy on IPv8 use.

  • A cylindrical propeller shaft with a sense of motion to give it a sense of motion – A twine ball, apparently unused – A number of others followed. – Those who know may have selected contact points. – More twine balls in the void following a complex display of the range of techniques used to gain political advantage. – A cluster of the photographs of my ex and Evan in front of a Quad electrostatic speaker – Tar and feathers – A black foam tube – Three more twine balls in the void (8.31.13)

Two classes of problems – resistance to change and unintended consequences – associated with change Triad success is likely to bring will challenge applying Kernel theory.  Originally conceived to replace the hopelessly naive definition the United States has applied to “terrorism” with concepts in Jean Baudrillard’s essay on the subject, the theory has expanded its application.  When combined with an organization structured using proximate extended platforms linked by string and knot physics, Kernel theory seems to be capable of forming solutions appropriate to a wide variety of problems.  The Triad argues that descriptor menus in IPv8 terminals will yield data sets appropriate to resistance on this planet as well as versions necessary to minimize unintended consequences in Search and Rescue.  This argument, when placed on IPv8, has drawn a fairly direct reaction, elements of which follow.

  • A washcloth or small towel threaded through a ring – A doughnut around a periscope – A king cobra, hood open – The brown VW Rabbit in Ron Grecula’s Seaver Circle garage – A vague sequence about 86-7220 and a publisher – A large needle – A heated exchange, settled off planet, about how the first tranche of Search and Rescue financing was to be allocated – Rail car couplings connected – A faint slingshot (1.19.14)

Inverting the Evolution protocol without severing chains of command (which still exist) seems to have created an environment conducive to organization adaptability to changed conditions.  This inversion seemed to be the only way to walk around obstacles particular to a knot (e.g. 86-7220) in order to maintain progress on larger issues.  A vital measure of success in this scheme will be to see how effective it is in avoiding organizational bloat each time a problem situation is encountered.  The Triad argues that all these issues have been before the population using Web 4.0 and IPv8 for some time and that the round of Web 4.0 comments summarized following reflect consensus of a large population.

  • 1:24: A long, involved, and potentially dangerous dispute over property rights to portions of the copyrighted Triad material took place in the San Francisco bay area… 1:30: bookends… 3:50: Reports that 86-7220 awards were made, leaving the principals to deal with the damage as best they could… (11.28.14)

 Work In Progress

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