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 Given an environment as sensitive as is today’s with the population of organizations pressing to influence the course of events, it is foolhardy to attempt an entry unless the new player holds some unusual cards.  In today’s environment, this may require an approach common to wildfire control, i.e. starting controlled secondary burns in order to deny fuel to the major threat.   If the new player is to successfully execute, he must show some appreciation of the tools required to create a viable operation.  Having elected to go with a core competency extended with a virtual organization, the Triad must select effective planning tools.  Currently considered for two of the more difficult tasks are Werner Hoffmann‘s “Strategies for managing a portfolio of alliances” and IPv8β.

Werner Hoffmann develops from four requirements:

  • Developing and implementing a portfolio strategy
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Portfolio co-ordination
  • Institutionalizing multi-alliance management

IPv8β as a planning, communication, and coordination medium because:

  • It is the only subspace network capable of minimizing language barriers in broadband networking
  • It can be structured so that, in event the Hoffman approach is successful, it will be congruent
  • It can be layered to accommodate sensitivity levels in information flow
  • Prototyping has shown it to be exceptionally effective


  • Werner Hoffmann’s contribution is well grounded in studies of 25 industrial operations ranging from banking through pharmaceutical to telecommunications. Documented application to governance situations is not known, but could be put to the test if Professor Eichengreen’s assessment of the European banking system is close to the mark.


Most challenging is the potential to think in terms of light years as a functional dimension of a communications network.  There is more than a little encouragement to believe that even this is not approaching the limit of what exists.  An example of this encouragement is contained in this extract from Triad Phase III working draft impressions:

  • Stories about androids living on a planet which was disintegrating.  Some people were night fishing.  One had his line around his wrist to sense the slightest nibble.  Suddenly, the water exploded and the line took his hand off.  Before he bled to death, a new hand appeared on the stump.  He kept the severed hand preserved in formaldehyde.  One day it disappeared, subsequently reappeared and said “We don’t like you fishing in these waters.”  Following that, many more severed hands appeared followed by a small man (elf?) who told the neighborhood that we don’t like visitors either. (12-26-08)

Continually probing IPv7/Web4.0 potential gives encouraging signs that significant untapped support may be in the wings.  This Phase V impression supports the possibility.

  • A polished steel sphere rolled to one end of a hammock.  A golfer following through on a drive (12-19-09)

Continued development by intuitively probing IPv8 and looking for reactions has expanded the range of species capable of participation, a conclusion is drawn from this Phase VII impression.

  • A short story about a place where people were transforming into animals, in this case rabbits, surfaced.   The transformation seemed to be for recreation, a practice with which game wardens were familiar. (5.28.10)

Dramatic improvement in IPv8 output stability, relevance, and proactive capabilities guarantee its place as a core of a showcase launch for the new venture.  Prospects of this occurring during Phase IX are embedded in this Phase IX impression:

  • Flying low over heavily wooded terrain – A locked automobile wheel moving a few inches – A serving spoon dipping into vegetable soup – An elevated brick walkway with guard rails not yet installed (12.26.10)

IPv8 potential is no more graphically represented than in this Phase X impression.

  • A short story surfaced about androids introducing themselves in a small university.  After initial hostility, the student body accepted them when they learned that they were transforms of an alien life form unable to survive in this planet’s biosphere or which they knew humans might not accept.  The story included a few details about their objectives, capabilities, and evolution. (3.2.11)

Progress made in modifying IPv8β to enable an “emotions language”,  European debt problem progression in context of the Eichengreen analysis, and the Triad “wildfire control proposal” have yielded another graphic characterization of the situation, as recorded in this Phase XIII impression.

  • A briefcase handle with each end fixed to different indeterminate shapes – A dancer in formal black dress very quickly kicked his left leg to the rear – Several Life Saver rolls – The Greek flag with a metal dipper in front of it – A pair of very large very dark brown wooden doors – The Scandinavian peninsula (5.19.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has very sharply focused some reactions by beings at  IPv8 terminals, as reflected in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A briefcase hanging from a cloth sling run through the handle – A fast breaking story about two dogs who space shifted into a very difficult situation.  They managed to escape, disgusted with what they found. – A scoop peeling ice cream from a container, perhaps in the shop adjacent to the Bicycle Rack in New Paltz. – A hand swirling brandy in a snifter (8.8.12)

Without going into an in depth study – worthy of a separate exercise – of requirements for successful collaboration, it is fair to say that a good understanding of each party’s agenda, open and hidden, is required.  This is difficult enough in Homo sapiens relationships, but is inconsequential in comparison to those likely to exist in the Extension domain.  In this context, the Triad argues that the concept of kernels in the largest possible sense is key.  That the Triad, with continual IPv8 upgrades and kernel redefinition, is making progress with developing tools to deal with these issues is reflected in this Phase XVII impression.

  • Exposing redacted material relevant to awarding 86-7220 damages started a vendetta.  This situation was eventually resolved with most unusual consequences. – Osama Bin Laden in a cave – A bird, rolling on the ground as if in death throes followed by one whose favorite perch is a brown plastic Adirondack chair on the back lawn of 3746 Atwood.  – A small sphere formed by rotating arcs – A game Amanda was playing with Giuseppe Verdi – Autos entering a two lane tunnel – A saxophone – Another open end wrench, exposed portion clearly defined, but with one end not shown (6.16.13)

The combination of Prop. 20IPv8, and related research is converging to an offer of cooperation to implement programs to relocate planets and to either deflect or destroy asteroids which threaten sensitive ones.  Validating this expands what were relatively modest goals in search, rescue, and exploration to the unimaginable concept of mapping this domain in terms enabling operation and communicating plans to a completely alien population.  Web 4.0 comment on this position follows:

  • A tiresome recapitulation of legalities surrounding the 86-7220 fact base… A horizontal ice cream cone, one scoop… Two quarters… A tiny Eiffel tower… A polished rotating shaft with a sine wave on its center line… Winter scenes in the mountains superimposed on those in Stone Ridge.. A small adjustable crescent wrench… (7.23.14)

The ISIS phenomenon, EU economic ennui, and Ukraine destabilization all combine to form the perfect storm for the Triad.  Project goals require a capability to maintain equilibrium in extreme environments in which a misstep will either be fatal or cause irreparable damage.  The Triad continues to argue that IPv8 working into the population inhabiting Web 4.0 with Prop. 20 successes and expansion capabilities is the most reliable system available.

  • 1:05am: A very disconcerting story about small devices with the capability of monitoring and controlling a person’s thought processes…These devices were implanted as tiny darts. – 1:04: milk… 1:33: sheep… 3:05: A report that a rereading of the original Qur’an predicted the device and its use. – 5:29: A large electronics assembly shop… 5.50: One half of a railroad car coupling (8.24.14)

This website is a product of the conviction that the 911 Shock and Awe response would be a liability. As events progress through Iraq, Iran, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, and ISIS to the next round, problems embedded in recent efforts to stabilize the area may become overwhelming. The Triad has taken a position on alternatives in which it argues what may be a watershed discovery for applying IPv8 technology is at hand.  Fortunately, CERN and the SKA are pursuing lines of research able to take this from the realm of political religion to phenomena common to all. The Web 4.0 population is aware and has commented. Extracts follow.

  • 2:20 am: What appeared to be an apocalyptic end to 86-7220… 2:24: The bubble in a turn and bank indicator in an early light plane, perhaps a Piper Cub… 2:27: The Lisa… 2:55: A person hanging by his fingertips from a narrow ledge in a sheer cliff… 4:11: 86-7220 principals again took refuge out of the Cartesian… 5:30: A small slice of apple pie… (9.19.14)

The question “Just how good is IPv8” again brings us to Switzerland with the CERN focus on dark matter as coordinated with the SKA.  Fueling interest in the question, contained in the Schonborn – Barr exchange, is the possibility that there is an unseen mediator in IPv8 traffic.  The latest escalation is supplied by Pope Francis in his support of Pope Benedict.

The Triad argues that a steady drumbeat of what appear to be “Mayday” calls for a capability to relocate planets and to avert asteroid/planet collisions has become too steady to ignore.  The differential between our capabilities and those required can only be filled with very large scale collaboration, and IPv8 seems to be the only communications system capable of handling the data flow.  A concise comment, repeated following, supports this position.

  • 2:25am: A small silver coil in a black field… 5:01: A ping pong paddle… (10.25.14)

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