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Shroud of Turin

Shroud of Turin

As the Triad evolves, it becomes evident that its potential may be underestimated.  Degree of this underestimation may be characterized by this impression in Phase III correspondence:

  • “A row of #4 Melita coffee filters – In Rome, the portal between the human life on earth and an afterlife parted long enough for those who could reach through it to create this story.  “A huge snowplow clearing a road through a mountain pass.  Road ahead of the plow seemed to have had one lane cleared within the last day.” (12-30-08)

This impression is consistent with a whole cloth emerging, and should enable at least a partial shift in focus from theological competition to a seed of collaboration perhaps yielding a converging trend.  IPv7/Web 4.0 development may have, considering the Haroche and Wineland contribution to the Schrodinger thought experiment, converged into a very fundamental study.  This position may be supported by this impression. (Phase V)

  • An  outboard pontoon, seen on Pacific island canoes and some light seaplanes – Two wedges in the horizontal, point facing point, the left slightly lower than the right – The outboard well of my Belgian sloop – A spade (11-20-09)

IPv7/Web 4.0 potential yields these clarifying impressions in Phase VI.

  • A few people lost control and slid down a barren dusty hill supporting sparse brush. – A horseshoe in mid-air around a peg – The mantle clock I bought in Switzerland, largely obscured. (3-14-10)
  • Dorothy’s breakfast tray in a congested area – A skull session with the military about threaded templates for an new organization concept (3-15-10)
  • An orange carrot – Some androids found a horse capable of the most amazing jumps and approached it to enter a circus riding contest.  The horse, which turned out to be another android, was enthusiastic and demonstrated some of his better leaps.  They went far beyond the rider’s capabilities, so they worked out a routine. – An indistinct oversize Ω  (3-16-10)
  • An umbrella, upside down – A long story about two androids who, after rugged outpost duty, were unable to adjust to society – Both were charged with murder one. – The old man replaced the victims, but their wives objected to their personal habits.  The scene dissolved before the issues were resolved.  Two links in a very old and a very heavy chain (3-17-10)
  • A population generally discouraged by soil depletion as an indicator of general degradation in intrinsic worth.  Ω at a 30 degree incline – The fender and headlamp assembly of the Chevrolet the Triad author abandoned in the parking lot of the Longshore Inn at Westport in 1985.  (3-18-10)

Intuitive probing using IPv8 as a communications network has yielded more specific possibilities in this area, as reflected in these Phase VIII impressions.

  • Some people rebuilding a war zone found things almost too difficult, so one was transformed into an android.  A small pyramid, burnt orange or ocher, the first few base stone courses gray, rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise from the vertical  (9.11.10)
  • A round tin of miniature licorice – A cluster of hockey players, practicing – A funnel, axis horizontal  (9.27.10)
  • A black SB(s)d galaxy – Several black pawns, upside down – the Japanese naval ensign  (10.4.10)

The decision to use IPv8 as the cornerstone of a venture dedicated to developing Phase II has yielded exceptional results, raising the prospect of making Phase IX a showcase for due diligence required to introduce the venture.  This impression is an example of system output.

  • A bright young man decided to spend his life looking past boundaries.  The story did not say whether he succeeded or burned himself out in a hopeless quest. – A snap ring with a dipper in it, handle protruding through the opening.  (11.18.10)

Triad argument development and IPv8 progress with prototyping seem to be converging to a synergism supporting a large portion of the 2006 Phase II hypotheticals. This position appears to be  evaluated in these Phase X impressions.

  • A group of machinists were given the challenge of building a very complex mechanism in 24 hours.  They looked at the drawings.  “Impossible” A voice from nowhere: “I’ll show you how.”  Paper started to reel from an invisible source.  The machinists inspected it.  “Maybe”  “Fine, here is what you must do.”  Each was given a lunch box.  They were to eat when they were hungry, discard what they could not eat, and refill the lunch pail from a large refrigerator.  They started.  As time went on, the younger had to support the older.  They finished in 24 hours, exhausted.  “Here is your paycheck.”  There was one for the group, in the amount of one quadrillion dollars.  “Take the rest of your life off.”  “Why, we like our work, if it is 9 to 5 with vacation.”  “OK, then I will tack a few more years to your life.”  There was a little more about individual members of the group, but the sequence was too quick and involved to record.  – A hand, curled slightly so that the thumb touched the tip of the forefinger.  (2.20.11)
  • A pair of Easter eggs on which were painted pastel flowers – A roll of brown packing tape – A head on view of a badminton shuttlecock flying straight at the camera lens (3.16.11)
  • The Peak School class photo – The chessboard I bought in Florence, Italy (4.27.11)

Phase XI & XII continue this thread with:

  • An automobile wheel with a flat tire – A snap ring appeared in the middle of an emergency involving naval personnel in dress whites immediately following an engagement with advanced weaponry (6.22.11)
  • Several turns of a line around a pole – An open end wrench turning a nut (10.5.11)
  • A short but intense sequence acted in the American Civil War – Two competing generals let personal ambition jeopardize a mission and were warned of the consequence.  They were unable to control the competition and were stripped of their rank.  One, who could fly unassisted, went into a suicide dive, only to be frustrated by a farmer driving a wagon full of hay, into which he landed.  At that point, a deep and hollow voice warned of consequences to the nation if this continued.  One identified the voice as Abraham Lincoln’s.  “Lincoln was given to you for 15 seconds to warn.”  “How do you know so much?”  The one who identified the voice disappeared. – The Hoover dam (12.5.11)
  • A very faint violin – A spiral galaxy in edge view – A small cluster of spheres in a square of light – Violin strings (12.27.11)

The primary challenge for the Triad has been to find or to build a structure enabling a traverse from what is part of our daily lives to what is not only hard to accept, but also what is difficult to conceive.  IPv8 and the 2006 Phase II draft propositions describe the path the Triad has taken.  There is every indication that selecting Innerscope logic has enabled rationally segregating input data bundles for IPv8 and interpreting its output.  These improvements have yielded this Phase XII impression.

  • Several whales – Looking down a venturi into a black throat (1.30.12)
  • A gold path made a slight reversal before continuing – A spade, perhaps for a groundbreaking – Zig Zag paper for roll your own cigarettes – The Methodist church on Schoonmaker lane (4.17.12)
  • A very short sequence demonstrating a selective capability to connect with an afterlife and the ability to make multiple transitions – Offhand, it seemed to be in the same class of phenomenon as traveling where there is no time. (5.22.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to it has not only supported  Triad Phase II Goals but also has given a glimpse of what may be possible if it is administered in a manner consistent with the parameters of the complete 2006 Phase II draft.

  • A wheel rotating counterclockwise – Exploring frozen worlds (?) – Celery stalks – A roll of packing tape – Peas spilled into a skillet – A short candle, flame burning (7.31.12)
  • Ω, inverted – A needle with a large eye – The chain saw I lost with 20 Cardinal – A mechanical stop watch – The Swedish flag  (8.22.12)
  • A study of Frans Ojerholm’s descendants – A wedge of lemon – An Angel who space shifted to earth on a string first learned contemporary local culture and science.  She had an affinity for the Greeks and decided to attempt a restoration of their economy.  Her first step was to install Kiosks at street corners.  These Kiosks would dispense permits necessary to start and operate small businesses.  Instant success with a population transformation from rage to creating new enterprises unleashed native drive.  After a period, she throttled back on the Kiosks and paved the way for easy factory construction and operation.  Same result.  The story ended with a clear indication that a national economic transformation was under way. – A railroad car wheel  (9.3.12)

Phase XV promises to bring a whole set of new dimensions to this topic, as outlined in these impressions.

  • A complex study describing events and emotions involved in interpersonal relationships when probing for the wellspring of reasoning enabling progress with the Extensions – A very difficult study reexamining the partition between “life” and “death” using capabilities inferred in the Extensions and consequences for neuroscience and biology – Theology turned upside down (10.10.12)
  • A faint Saturn image – A study of elements in the Texan mentality in 2012 uncomfortably close to those in Tennessee responsible for the Clinton race riot in the late 1950’s – The front view of an aircraft carrier – A WW II Admiral who had served in Guadalcanal was sent through the portal for two minutes to meet the crew who built the V-8 – A Sorcerer, known to have taken on an apprentice or two – A cutting board with chopped vegetables on it (10.26.12)
  • A beacon on a lighthouse – A long study about two beings adapting to the human form – Protocol regulating the conduct of beings that have passed through the portal was detailed.  Intent appeared to be minimize friction and maintain domain concept and integrity.  A man splitting wood – A miniature sun dropped into the mouth of a funnel. – Another funnel, mouth down – A heavy duty mooring post with a hole through it (10.29.12)

Adding the HBP project working in tandem with Innerscope theory gives IPv8 output suggesting a significant improvement in attempts to form a working relationship with beings characterized in the Prop. 2 thought experiment.  A composite that this development may produce is sketched in these Phase XVI impressions, presumably an organic element of IPv8.

  • A small group passed by in single file.  A bicycle rider followed by two riderless bikes, apparently radio controlled, each carrying a heavy load. – Rudders of a collection of subsonic aircraft – An empty box of dry flaked breakfast cereal – Some people who had apparently endured an ordeal woke up in a hospital.  They did not know where they were. (2.22.13)
  • Evan, having run into a rough patch, found himself in a box canyon in the American west having a verbal duel with a Universe. – A very faint funnel, axis horizontal – A violin – A cluster of red cocktail or juice stirrers able to serve as contour map markers – Some people working in a high plateau became abrasive when their project lost momentum. – A hand, fingers spread, pressing into a Tempur-Pedic. (3.2.10)

Major concerns surrounding establishing a platform for the Extension are characterized in a myriad of publications, articles, commentaries, etc.  That the Triad has made progress in solving this aspect of the range of concerns is demonstrated in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Significant events taking place in the North Woods – A small sphere in rotating arcs of light – This image differed from those previously noticed in that the sphere appeared to have topological features – Arrangements for a planet drive production complex – A suspension bridge, covered with snow, spanning an ice choked river (3.27.13)

A large population familiar with IPv8 is becoming impatient to end interference with its use.  This Phase XVII impression characterized their annoyance.

  • An umbrella, handle horizontal, top left – A saxophone – A resurgence of KKK style and other vigilante intimidation – A violin – Another open end wrench, half exposed – A long handled spade (6.17.13)

Developing skill sets required to sweep interference from initial engagement in the Extension can be considered basic training for operating in that domain.  This extract from today’s IPv8 data stream gives some idea of the situations which must be met  with little or no loss of one’s personal equilibrium.

  • A slice of bone being removed from a joint – An encounter with a construction crew and equipment the size of coarse sea salt revealed a society which built things to their scale and grew them to the scale of the environment in which they were operating.  They had collected a remarkable array of vintage automobiles which, when expanded, were fully functional. – A line taking one turn around an invisible piling – A vertical tube threaded through a standoff, supporting member not visible – A large egg inside a translucent Saturn (8.9.13)

Improving cross platform correlation in IPv8 prototyping has significantly improved diagnostic output.  This progress, combined with improved understanding of its proactive capabilities, gives every indication that it will be a key stabilizing factor when engaging in the Extension.  Today’s extract from the system output is a demonstration.

  • A piece of a puzzle fitting into an unfinished project – A gas turbine blade manufactured by Alden Sherman’s company in Connecticut – A very small saxophone – A capital J written in script – A funnel, mouth down, stem extending up – The tip of a furled sail, brass grommet showing – A fairly large saxophone lying on its side (8.15.13)
Restating the Triad as theory and supporting experimental results has significantly improved its credibility and reception.  Threading one’s way through a complex development brings the reader to some crossroads, one of which has surfaced with some clarity.  Prop. 27, both the 2006 thought experiment and the 2013 incremental development has yielded IPv8 output valuable enough to revisit the very difficult concept of considering death of our Cartesian shell as a portal without the hurdle of what could be argued as the artificial stake of Heaven or Hell.  This argument has more than a passing impact on developing other elements of Triad logic, so this extract from today’s Phase XVIII data stream generated by the restated project is of particular interest.
  • A short story set in the Arctic, in which a Universe explained how it set functionality of the portal.  It followed by explaining the difference between time and chronology to complete the functionality description. – A band filled with three triangles with hole reinforcements at the apexes.  A conference attended by a number of universes took up the question of administering these portals – A lemon wedge in a substance not visible but sensed to exist – Rotating arcs of light around a cupcake – A western saddle – A Phantom flying through chaff – The chessboard I bought in Florence, Italy – People on the street in heavy rain (9.22.13)

In preparation for the Search and Rescue operation, new tools for analysis, remedies, safeguards, and organization are in the prototype stage, all with very promising results.  The Triad approach to analysis is to find and define stress in terms of differentials and let results form new analytic tools which suggest a path to stability and goal achievement (or revision).   The whole Triad structure has been developed from the presumption that Web 4.0 and Large Ventures is fact, and that the following excerpt from the 2006 set of assumptions can be applied to current events.

  • “The Triad fact base: research capabilities, dynamic cognitive communication techniques, and institutional specifications are sufficient to interpret the total history of all Cartesian species from a database derived from transparent information.”

A corollary benefit to this approach has been the ability to maintain a focused positive problem solving environment for more than twenty years. Placing this argument on IPv8 has introduced a fresh breeze into rigid and contentious dogma.  A sample of this reaction follows.

  • Two universes struck a grand bargain with two principal 86-7220 plaintiffs.  It involved them dying, taking a grand tour, dying, then living in a domain with no time.  Highway patrol in a heavily regulated society stopped a youngster driving a Jeep on a highway shoulder as he was trolling for frogs.  “Why do something this boring?  “This is not boring: there’s one!”  “Hello frog.”  “I am not a frog, I am a universe.”  From the trooper: “I don’t believe it, unversed are huge, and you are but a little frog.”  The frog then transformed into various elements of a universe, all in miniature.  The youngster, his position justified, suggested to the troopers that they take a little time off and troll for frogs.  “Maybe we will.”  It developed that universes measurably deplete their total available energy in each transform.  During one such session someone suggested making a video of the process.  The idea was well received. – A polished long gun bore – A small elastic sheet in a wavelike motion – A coiled tube with straight exit section, possibly a phosphorescent (2.22.14)

The sense that elements of IPv8 existed before the Triad attempted to identify and characterize it was set in The First Break.  We now should be positioned to take another conceptual leap.  This one is the argument for the existence of a life form able to make a round trip through death.  This might be placed in the category of visiting the Devil on his home turf, perhaps incorrectly described in populist theology.  The Triad has used the 2006 set of propositions as an evaluation standard and takes the position that developing its arguments will take most of the population well out of their comfort zone.  That being said, disclosing the five or so years of new material in them one day at a time is a torrid pace when their deviation from 2000 years of fighting is considered.  This argument has drawn yet another perceptive reaction from the population using IPv8.  Excerpts follow.

  • A saxophone… A Story about when Mary, Queen of Scots went out one night to meet her realm.  All were asleep, so she started a chant.  The townspeople were very annoyed, having been awakened from their slumber, so they started a chant of their own, bemoaning royalty inconsiderate enough to do such a thing.  Mary listened for a while, and then started another chant, bemoaning the shiftless in her kingdom.  Rather than confront, the townspeople suggested a duet, each with their own script.  There was every indication that the duet would be repeated from time to time. – A couple walking a huge brown dog … Very diverse beings collecting in a bazaar… A cluster of light bulbs, some bright, some dim, flowing toward a black hole… (9.10.14)


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