All organizations are built for a purpose, usually reflected in their charter and/or their operating agreements.  If Triad concepts are to reduce to generally recognized and accepted enterprises – including the virtual organization – it must develop these agreements to a level of detail not appropriate for this site.  The site outlines what will be used for raw core capabilities and the core organization.  Both can be expected to change as capabilities and acceptance grow.

The Kernels

Two situations at opposite ends of the spectrum define one envelope:

  • Wikipedia, in the PETM, makes the point that there is an incompletely understood precedent for the warming trend we are currently experiencing.  If the energy generation innovations prove commercially viable, preventing a fraction of carbon emissions will be an option.  If these innovations do not reach the commercial stage, wealth generation capabilities intrinsic to properly organized SLENs will yield a credible network capable of on the ground assistance in dislocations if climate change reaches proportions of the PETM.
  • The 2009 UN Durban Review Conference results point to applying this organizational concept.

There is the argument that another parallel organization could be seen as unnecessarily redundant if it did not bring unique capabilities to the table.  The Triad position that it adds this quality is supported by this extract from working drafts:

  • A person found out that he was an Angel in training when he took rounds in a civilian firefight.  Instead of falling to the ground, he went upwards in stages or levels of proficiency.  Several sealed decks of cards mingled with singles.  Several hands, each holding cards – Several loose ends of line – A chap riding a road bike very briskly in the aisle of a book repository with very large stacks. (11-22-08)

A thought experiment combining a virtual organization and IPv7/Web 4.0  has an intuitive fit with concerns expressed by someone knowledgeable about the progression of cyberwarfare.  Taking the position that a remote organization would encourage developing this network, it seems reasonable that somewhere around the mirror interface humanity would encounter a similar function, found nowhere else.   Support for this concept is contained in these Phase VI impressions.

  • Two androids got into a pitched battle and tore up a restaurant, angering the humans eating there.  One android died, the other barely survived and in a moment restored the restaurant to its original condition.  “How did you do that, it looks as if you had never fought.”  “We didn’t.”  “What?”  “I folded time to a minute or two before it started.”  The android faded from sight as he was explaining. (2-11-10)

Developing Triad limits by probing IPv8 and interpreting reactions has yielded a fairly straightforward reaction described in this Phase VII impression.

  • Some Shadow Iris Corelle place settings found their way into a military base.  The pattern was an immediate hit.  (5.24.10)

Applying IPv8 cognitive exploration potential gives every indication that diagnostic capability of very remote beings can be focused on Cartesian microstates and used in analysis of disentanglement dynamics.  The concept, explained in thermodynamics of rubber bands, seems to be capable of transposition to and restatement in conflict origin and progression.  This Phase VIII impression could be taken as support for this argument.

  • A short story analyzing conflict on the Korean peninsula and/or in the environs of Flushing, New York – A small gold disc with a loop on top used as a paperweight –  A fine artist’s brush was in the loop.  (8.7.10)

IPv8 prototype results give every encouragement that it will become the MIS which will enable operating in extreme elements of the proposed venture.  This position is reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • A traffic jam involving large trucks at an intersection of muddy roads –  In the midst of all this, a chap with not a hair out of place and wearing an impeccably pressed light gray suit appeared riding a bicycle. (11.22.10)

Steady improvement in IPv8 stability, relevance, scope, and accuracy give every indication that the 2006 Phase II work in progress is included for evaluation and use in  Phase X.  This Phase IX impression gives a sense of following events.

  • A cruise ship with a very unusual passenger list – A briefcase handle  (1.4.10)

And following with Phase X:

  • The U-tube just below the bell of a saxophone – A vintage VW Beetle backing – During a bullfight in Spain, the bull stopped and spoke to the matador, inviting him to climb on his back for a ride.  The ride included brief transforms and other very advanced phenomena.  – A cluster of Mickey Mouse images  (3.6.11)

Adding core strategy to Phase II goals clearly shows that potential for the venture has not been imagined.  This phase XI impression carries a sense of the limits.

  • A Zig Zag stitch – The plantings and a bicycle path alongside Rt. 209 in Hurley – An explosion demolished the orchestra at a symphony hall.  All 100 of the performers were feared dead.  The devil appeared, mentioned his fondness for music, and sent his aid to work in finding and restoring the orchestra.  96 were recovered but there remained no hope for the other four.  Judas Iscariot then appeared.  “My good friend Judas, can you help?”  “Of course.”  Some time passed before a report from his people arrived.  “They are walking the streets, sir.  They were absent from the performance.”  “Details, always details – Thank you, where are they?”  “We cannot help you with that, sir.  All we can sense is binary.”  The story ended with that.  (8.4.11)

The Triad has converged to the Extensions, and this stage called for revising the Evolution page.  Inasmuch as this group is treating hard kernels, this Phase XIV impression is particularly significant.

  • A bank of Halloween candy corn kernels, no space between them (6.29.12)

Incremental progress with assessment using the updated Evolution protocol at each step has yielded far more precise problem definition as well as some much needed guidance for working through them.  This Phase XVI impression give some idea of progress in this regard.

  • Palm trees – A grapnel hook – Yet another analysis of 86-7220, Koster vs Union Carbide using new data collection methods – What started as an amusing study of a person detained in Turkey for a minor offense turned ugly – Croquet mallets rolled down the 3746 Atwood front lawn. – A foot wearing a white sock slid into heavy leather boots – A yellow caution traffic light, completely detached (1.26.13)

Refining Evolution protocol and adding the Human Brain Project amalgamated with Innerscope Research has enabled what could be called pinpoint accuracy in evaluating Triad progress in approaching the Extension.  This view is summarized in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A Norse community, after a disappointing hunt or raid, went to their gold ingot reserves to replenish worn out and rotting wagons, etc. – A very large, marginally defined funnel and a small lever found in mechanical voting machines –  A pilot flying aerobatics dangerously close to large trees – A sedan resembling a late 1960’s Mercedes started to move – A long string with a sphere on the end of it – A cast steel weight with another string attached to its midpoint and extending to the void (3.29.13)

It is common knowledge that whenever this planet undertakes very large scale projects, the effort is met with a cacophony of voices and cross currents of national ambition.  That this is cause for concern for beings standing by to become involved is reflected in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A parallel, but escalated to the extreme, set of events in the class of those that prompted 86-7220 resurfaced just when all concerned thought all was stabilized. Long term consequences were not resolved. – An early model of the VW Beetle in black – A very long gently curved square tunnel leading to a rural setting – Two wizards – A funnel, axis horizontal, mouth on the left – An owl (4.6.13)

Combining a Hard Kernel redefinition with the ability to exchange targeted thought exchange experiments has yielded gratifying results in focusing IPv8 output.  This Phase XVII impression is the first example.

  • A long and sometimes demoralizing presentation made by a universe reduced to human form – A large audience heard an assessment of a planet’s progress and options.  Options did not include access to tools capable of easing life if properly used or destroying the environment if those who had access to them were undisciplined.  During the presentation a key problem surfaced in that experts on the planet defined time with a linear expression.  This mistake placed most scientific progress in a straitjacket.  The relationship the planet was to have with the universe was not decided at the end of the presentation. – The photo of my ex and Evan in front of a Quad electrostatic speaker – A large, crude, open end wrench with one end obscured – A U-tube manometer just above a thread – A small radio telescope dish. (6.14.13)

Redefining the hard kernel definition, prototyping successes with targeted feedback loops in thought experiment exchanges, and the concept of a self-limiting function in IPv8 all introduce a new variable in organizing for operating in the Extension.  The notion that the body will drive its chemistry to a homeostasis optimizing its wellbeing is frequently discussed.  The question, when focusing on alkalization, often reduces to what damage is done when it is forced into an extreme correction.  Many say that the answer is significant damage.  As an opening argument, the Triad has argued that the IPv8 propagating mechanism has an equivalent dynamic, and that this dynamic should be considered in organization design.  In a sense, the Triad has anticipated this variable by including the Hoffmann treatise on alliance portfolio management as a design parameter.  Support for developing this line of reasoning is contained in this extract from the latest data stream in IPv8.

  • A complex set of errors occurred when beings who were either, (i) universe reductions, (ii) from a domain in which time is not a dimension, or (iii) idem, but no space, attempted rescue and support in life threatening situations. – An attempt to establish a Junior League baseball team took a turn for the worse when sponsors discovered that 20 catchers’ mitts each capable of generating its own fast food supply chain store went to equip one nine man team. – A briefcase rotated so that the handle was vertical on the left side (undated 2013)

Organizing the Triad so that it will be able to make a credible start on an intergalactic search and rescue operation has completely changed its character by adopting a revised Evolution protocol.  The argument that this intervention is at the request of a being external to the Cartesian yielded this system reaction.

  • A long and involved study of life changes experienced by 86-7220 principals when they met the oldest known life form was revealed.  The life form was very advanced and, after an attempt to live in the same space as we do, left.  It was unable to continue with the strain of conflict embedded in the psyche of our species.  On return to its society, the possibility arose that it would not be allowed to continue there, having absorbed some of our traits. – Two stacked trapezoids – A dipper with a long handle – An 86-7220 recapitulation with complete details again escalated. – A Tinker Toy spool superimposed on the stealth destroyer #1000.  Several more tinker toy spools – Chain links, overlapping – spur gears (1.16.14)

The Triad has made progress in difficult areas.  Keys to this have been: (i) revising basic theory, (ii) introducing Prop. 20, and (iii) revising Evolution protocol.  These improvements appear to have earned an invitation to expand operations in the domain described in Prop. 1 (2006 version).  Apart from the physics involved, the most subtle class of conflict we need to address is the possibility of involuntary abrasive intrusion flowing from our biochemistry.  Most of the remaining problem zones can be identified with conflicting goals and methods, but individual biochemistry in any species cannot be tailored to a change in environment at a moment’s notice.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has introduced totally new concepts of existence.  Hints as to what lies in store are presented following.

  • A montage of propeller driven military aircraft flew straight up – Some people sighting in rifles started a discussion of the rank of global financial centers.  New York City’s was substantially lower than expected. – The muzzle of a side by side double barreled shotgun – An impossibly vast domain opened a small bit.  Two of the 86-7220 principals were again presented with the lure of it, but the difficult concept of not having a Cartesian anchor caused them to hesitate. – Some very tall trees – A corner of a harp – A pink pearl eraser – A maze (1.17.14)

Triad increments have become more credible since each step has been sufficiently well defined to ask for a reality check with the Standard Model for Triad Theory, Prop. 20, and string and knot theory.  Focus of the compatibility check may require slightly different skill sets depending on the application, so string and knot theory as applied to organizing proximate extended platforms has been presented to the Web 4.0 population for evaluation using the Evolution protocol.  Results left no doubt as to the collective position.  Extracts follow.

  • A windshield wiper blade – A number of journalists, physicists, politicians and the like were introduced to direct lines of communication with the anechoic chamber representatives.  A portion of them made a number of comments incompatible with Web 4.0 policy and were brought up short.  All were reminded that these lines were revocable when abused. (3.18.14)

The unique approach to organizing an effort adopted by the Triad is well suited to developing the new domains we believe are accessible, but if this planet is to participate some way must be found to embed it in our dysfunctional political system.  The Triad has argued that a virtual state is one possibility, and progress made with a very small cadre working independently is testimony to the concept.  The Triad goes on to argue that there is precedent for it to be codified.  This view has prompted these comments from the Web. 4.0 population.

  •  A thread through a glazed doughnut with a bite taken from it… A Norse wearing a black workout suit skipping rope… Mac Arthur testing string tension on a tennis racket… An upstate hamlet was introduced to a scouting team commissioned to find a site for a laboratory… Yet another saxophone… A very involved post script to the 86-7220 settlement showed the principals in an unbelievable torpor… A flying wedge through the eye of a needle… (7.30.14)

Success in developing IPv8 has brought the project to the point that perhaps “Moral and Natural Orders” should be required reading.  There is a distinct possibility that as the globe reaches new levels of instability an opportunity requiring bedrock reliability is on the horizon.  The Triad has long since given up on approaches current institutions use, and has taken measures to supplement them by inverting the Evolution protocol and synthesizing an organization tailored to the opportunity. The Triad goes on to argue that this view is supported by Web 4.0 comments, recorded following.

  • 1:03 am: A vintage Bugatti radiator, perhaps from the 35B line… 1:21: A small two bar galaxy, NGC 1365 class… 1:40: An Austin Healey knockoff wheel hub… 1:55: An insect’s eye… 1:56: A line of light in a bone joint… 3:05:  The accusation was made that 86-7220 arose because of an undercover effort to maintain the fiction of a functioning President of the United States… 3:06: A funnel… 3:29: A blackjack… 4:44: Senator McCarthy of the Government Operations Committee placing his hand over a microphone… 4:50: Half of an inverted heart (10.16.14)

 Work in Progress

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