Organizing Kernel Support



Polarization at every level of organizing work to progress through major stress zones of today’s environment is unavoidable and healthy.  There must, however, be a neutral zone for horizontal decision making and, assuming verification of the ability of the Triad to attract support not currently available, vertical communication. These are among the emerging design concepts for IPv8.  If these additional resources are to be made available, those providing them must have their position respected.  This sentiment is made fairly clear in this impression documented in Category IV working drafts.  To quote:

  • “A long and involved story about cyberspace and espionage – A serrated knife, slowly, with a rocking motion, cutting to the center of a grapefruit.  A brown pyramid on a white saucer – A white framed, very heavy duty, cable cutter on wheels – It was large enough to require towing with a car.” (Mid May 2009)

Determining exactly what this implies will probably be clarified as additional resources become available.  Developments incorporated in Prop. 21 very strongly suggest a completely new domain of hard kernels to be dealt with.  Support in this effort seems to be implicit in this acknowledgment of some of the hurdles.

  • An  outboard pontoon, seen on Pacific island canoes and some light seaplanes – Two wedges in the horizontal, point facing point, the left slightly lower than the right – The outboard well of my Belgian sloop, engine out, under sail – A spade (11-20-09)
  • A cluster of stop signs and red traffic lights – An avalanche of forks – Several round wafers or water crackers (3-3-10)
  • A trading session started in Afghanistan.  It quickly attracted Afghans like bees to honey as word got out what was going on.  A sample set of transactions was snakes from African pygmies in exchange for Afghan sisal mats.  Part of the negotiation was the specification that the snakes were to be rat hunters.  At last report, some Pakistani tribal elders were drawn in.  No questions were asked about guerrilla war history.  (3-6-10)
  • An Easter egg with a few sparkling decorations – A blacksmith’s anvil – An ice cream cone in the deep notch of a straight horizon inclined about thirty degrees from the horizontal (3-26-10)

Unexpected success with IPv8 may enable correlating hard kernels of obstruction with kernels of resources.  Recognizing this as one of a class is included in this Phase VII impression.

  • A car trying to drive through a town with streets partially plowed and littered with frozen slush piles  (6.23.10)

Continued trials using IPv8 as a communications net have yielded exceptionally promising indicators, as exemplified in this Phase VIII impression.

  • The devil, tired of taking blame for results of humanity’s shortcomings, staged a theft of a human’s essay on the subject.  After a good deal of posturing and maneuvering, the devil agreed to collaborate on condition that they worked in Hell.  “It’s too hot there.”  “I made a cool room for humans, you can work there and use the part of IPv8 dedicated to collaboration.”  “OK”  Arrangements were then made.  – A forever stamp (8.30.10)
  • A short chromed bar connecting indistinct hemispheres  (9.25.10)
  • A quarter of a carrot slice – A very short sequence involving a hostile intrusion into an aircraft race by a formation of space twisting vehicles – Damage control seemed beyond the capabilities of any who could engage.  The intrusion was turned aside in this case, but the threat level was significantly raised. – Two very heavy locomotives pulling long trains through a tunnel (10.15.10)
  • Several sea lions  (10.23.10)

This frighteningly complex effort may be tamed if IPv8 supporting a new virtual state continues its initial successes. This Phase IX impression gives the sense that this phase may become a showcase for the path to a solution.

  • An involved sequence, progressing to the equivalent of gladiatorial combat in the Coliseum, about college and professional football – A colorful old westerner with long silver hair and beard wearing a broad brimmed hat – A truck carrying a muddy body shell of a blue coupe, maybe vintage 50’s  (12.1.10)

Initial successes with IPv8 seem to have been enhanced and refined with the shift from a proposal for an organization using epicenters with an undefined core to one using proximate extended platforms bridging gaps in widely disparate life forms. This view is acknowledged in these Phase X impressions.

  • A witch and a handful of Halloween candy corn kernels – An unbelievably large bridge made of salt – A black sedan, maybe 1950‘s vintage, chopped and de-chromed in a hot rod customizing shop – Two funnels, long axis in the horizontal,  mouths adjoining  (1.25.11)
  • A gorilla studying a termite mound – A child, maybe six years old,  jumped toward what could have been a sand trap except that the setting was a heavily wooded well manicured lawn. – One end of an open end wrench in clutter (4.7.11)
  • Office Depot – A long list of military incidents, generally with unintended consequences (4.26.11)
  • Teams of hockey players, using bodies of comrades recently fallen in combat, gave a packed house the most violent hockey ever played.  There was, however, not one foul.  At the closing ceremony, they stood in a row and announced: “We thought our fallen would approve of this, their last public appearance.”  A voice came from the void: “Thank you” – A very involved story about a whale stuck in the trunk of a car  (5.4.11)

Phase XI seems to endorse the notion that the disparity in life forms using IPv8 require a functionally neutral zone (or zones) for horizontal decision making and vertical communication.  This may be possible by carefully configuring proximate extended platforms. The first Phase XI impression reflects this potential.

  • Paths converging to the working surfaces of an open end wrench (5.27.11)

Adding technical support and a core strategy to Phase II Goals has enabled some detailing in this thinking, as reflected in this Phase XI impressions.

  • A cannibal tribe started a ceremonial feed on a member of the tribe recently killed with a poison dart.  The dart immobilized the nervous system, but the heart continued to beat and the blood to circulate.  The feast started by removing and eating the skin, then the muscle tissue, the organs, and last, with great ceremony, the beating heart.  There was every indication that they were preparing for another by simultaneously shooting darts into the eyes of a ring of the tribe.  How they were selected and how the complete ritual played out became unclear.  The day when a “space craft” returned to base to find his support group had learned to make the trip without one.  At the demonstration, a quadriplegic showed the crowd that he could move food from the plate to his mouth without moving.  – A black tube with a monofilament line in the center – An adjustable wrench – A gold paper clip on a black field (9.10.11)

  • A story involving an MP thrown into a difficult situation with only one day’s training – A barred spiral galaxy – A foot severed from a leg (9.15.11)

  • A large cluster of nut & bolt combinations (10.4.11)

  • A very heavy duty steel mooring post, upside down (10.13.11)

Reaction to the Triad extension has given significant support to the bridge between concept building and execution.  That this process may be applicable to the Eurozone crisis is suggested in these Phase XII impressions.

  • The wooden Norse figurines I once owned along with their longboat – A Phantom tail section (11.17.11)
  • A figure skater on one leg – A white athletic sock with two red bands on it (12.2.11)

Phase XIII brings an attempt to extend Innerscope logic to a language grounded in algorithms capable of translating biophysical measurements into markers of emotion, in turn permitting an exchange not otherwise possible.  It is the Triad’s intent to develop the 2006 Prop. 3 and Prop. 5 as this tool is honed.  These Phase XIII impressions very strongly suggests that this may be possible.

  • Several violent scenes in which entrapment and impersonating the military seemed to be involved – The whole structure seemed to be a parody on a well known author’s work. – Extraordinarily quick youngsters – A knife slicing a Granny Smith apple – A plumb bob at one end of a hook and eye set (3.04.12
  • Some people making their way through a snowstorm (3.10.12)
  • A startlingly brief account of family relationships believed to have been linked to the start of WW I and possibly WW II – A drumstick on an ice cream cone  (3.22.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to it repeats IPv8 output with the 3.22.12 warning in this Phase XIV impression.

  • The forward turret of a WWII ship of the line fired a salvo – My Post slide rule with “obsolete” stamped on the inside of the closing flap (7.6.11)

The notion that the Phase II Experiment is mirrored by remote beings using IPv8 opens totally new concepts in Organizing Kernel Support.  It also begins to move the concept of a Virtual State to a project applying communications to an organization generally consistent with Prop. 4 as drafted and as developed.  This Phase XIV impression gives a sense of support.

  • A comprehensive study of significant events following the Simi Valley experiment – The series ended by focusing on one planet which had maybe half a dozen uncoordinated organizations, each using a different technology, attempting to move it.  The net result was a disaster.  A small sphere in the order of a pearl enabled point to point subspace travel.  Distances were measured on a variety of coordinates, and the window of opportunity for transit was at the discretion of one party.  When that party elected to close the window, the pearl disappeared.  This phenomenon gave every indication of a highly refined “thought tunnel”. (8.30.12)

Adding the proposal to solicit collaboration with the HBP has dramatically changed IPv8 output and elevated the notion of a Virtual State from a speculation to a serious candidate for a feasibility study.  This refinement calls for a reevaluation of the thought experiment in 2006 Prop. 8 and its 2013 development.

  • An involved story of a colony of ants who: (i) lost their home, (ii) met another colony which had space shifted into their path, (iii) learned from the second colony how to use a thought tunnel to converse, (iv) begin to learn mathematics as a language, and (v) got help in finding a place to live. – Yet another escalation in 86-7220, Koster vs Union Carbide – A bakery ring with white icing on it as frequently used with morning coffee – A drumstick ice cream cone – Subtropical palm trees –  A violin peg box – A Phantom tail section in rear view superimposed on the vase used in the photograph of Adelaide Ojerholm with roses she was given on her retirement. (2.07.13)

The kernel concept, applied to designing computer programs and a wealth of other efforts, appears in a number of forms in the Triad.  It is very useful when recognizing that while the planet has an added value, it by no means has command of the complete range of skill sets required to implement programs in the Extension.  This organizational consideration is  reflected in the thought experiment in the 2006 Prop. 21 and its 2013 update and this Phase XVI impression.

  • Concentric circles, the inner one offset – Old stone pillars in a stream – Two androids botched a renewal on their way to a military base.  When they reached it, one had died.  The base was ready to write him off when a hand came down: “I need these; they should have had an escort.”  “I have no orders.”  “Fix it, I am in a hurry.” – A funnel, axis vertical – A long conversation with a universe went nowhere. – A funnel with an extraordinarily long thin stem on a vertical axis – A herd of wildebeest (3.24.13)

Focusing on IPv8 as a pioneering development tool working in tandem with research in the fundamentals of physics and chemistry has yielded exceptional results in attempts to engage in the Extension domain.  Results are up for evaluation with this Phase XVI impression.

  • An experiment in assembling the first Cartesian seat for universe administration caught the attention of two more remote layers of existence.  Specifications for qualifications and terms of participation were crystal clear and not negotiable.  Exceptions were decided at the next more remote level, presumably overseeing the experiment. – Another tube through a doughnut hole – The copyright symbol (4.19.13)

Adding the first stage of IPv8 programming designed to enable processing thought experiment exchange may have been the first formalization of a process in use by others for quite some time. Reducing this phenomenon to computer code appears to have honed responses remote beings have to our initiatives.  One such instance is illustrated in this Phase XVII impression.

  • Shiny black hair on the rear of a head as it emerged from basement stairs – Two angels created a brood of ten plus one strange one.  The strange one resembled a human and called himself David. – Deep damages from 86-7220, flowing from clandestine operations with conflicting interests – A martini glass – Fawns in a small group (5.19.13)

Refining Kernel definition and detailing capabilities for exchanging targeted task oriented thought experiments appear to have more closely matched IPv8 capacity with that resident in the Extension domain.  This Phase XVII gives some indication of the potential and can be taken as encouragement to focus on this aspect of Triad development.

  • MacArthur and Eisenhower in a tour of an underground military command post carved from solid rock parsecs from the earth – A chap finishing a statue he was commissioned to sculpt got repeated calls to return to his home planet.  His family was very upset. – A drummer – A railroad grade crossing signal (6.15.13)

The notion that a functional equivalent of IPv8 was operating on this planet prior to filing the 86-7220 complaint is supported by both the United States’ reaction to the filing and Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.  When these two obstacles have been cleared, substantial progress will be possible.  An example is this extraction from this Phase XVII data stream.

  • A very narrow ledge or path in a sheer rock cliff – Unexpected consequences of 86-7220 – A bolt in the void – A small pedestal table – Two shapes, somewhat in the order of the surface of inverted saddles, made what could be described as an approach. – A galaxy in edge view, galactic plane vertical (8.8.13)

Adopting a policy that recognizes a wider and more fundamental need IPv8 is uniquely qualified to fill appears to be consistent with the caution that operating in the Extension will require the ability to maintain balance on a very narrow ledge in a sheer cliff.  This extract from today’s data stream gives some idea of the reasoning remote beings in this new domain have expressed. 

  • A fairly high ridge on which people were playing golf – One golfer’s stroke sent the ball into a bird’s nest down the slope – A study of exhaustion likely to occur as this very difficult  domain is developed – A cylinder head from either one bank of a V-8 or a straight four cylinder engine – Very faint LIRR doors closing – A cone, the interior of which approached black body conditions as the apex was approached (8.30.13)

​Two way communication, incorporating the Chun and Jiang theory of contextual cueing and focused on one kernel, can be considered proof of principle for this ​system to fill a gap in concept and to become a major operating unit.  The task now is to put it to work on a focused task while development continues.  The menu is very large, so a second proof of principle has been placed on the network for evaluation.  This extract from IPv8 output gives some sense of the potential.

  • A loop in a lariat – A recount of conflict in the Middle East compared duplicity in the area to the Herod period.  Formula One racing cars – A gauge with an orange face oscillated with decreasing amplitude, came to rest, and slowly retreated into darkness. – An orange truck with a large 7 on it rolled by. – Penguins and ice floes (10.22.13)

If the hypothetical “man in the street” would consider uncertainties and conflict in today’s environment in context of risks likely to be encountered when engaging in the Extension, he would not be criticized if he thought the venture a fool’s errand.  This would be doubly damaging if the hypothetical man in the street turned out to be a potential investor in mufti.  On the other hand, if this hypothetical man were to seriously consider: (i) potential Prop. 20 with properly designed descriptors has for finding common denominators, (ii)  the universal  need for Search and Rescue, (iii) discipline in and support for Prop. 35, and (iv) increasingly evident support shown by a gigantic unseen audience, he may warm to the opportunity.  This argument has drawn an IPv8 response showing new interest in learning the dynamics of Earth.  Selected elements follow.

  • B-52 bombers dropping strings of bombs in Cambodia… A pair of hockey players… Amanda’s resurrection… A couple assigned to Earth began to experience family problems they ascribed to hostility surrounding them.  A review of their alternatives yielded the frequently expressed opinion that the planet was more trouble than the bonus he got for working there was worth.  This classic problem was not resolved when the viewer moved on. – An automobile poppet valve… A steel wedge… Ursa Minor… A black sliver… A gray sleeve with a black band near the wrist.. WW II military aircraft… (2.05.14)

The Triad argues that any attempt to compromise the complete range of activities embedded in theory will be corrected by a system characteristic outlined in Time and Space Support.  Before anyone takes the position that the Triad posture is unreasonable, results of 2000 years of current practice must be weighed against the potential of recognizing a scheme known to be successful in the natural world.  In context of some religious beliefs, this may be considered an experiment in extending Thomas Aquinas’ “Res Natura” arguments through Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space in the domain between our world and the divine.  System response is pointed, as summarized following.

  • Sections of an automobile tire with an aggressive tread… A recapitulation of major cultural traps prevalent in the 1950’s in the United States east of the Mississippi revealed their severity when one time traveler was confronted by a local individual who knew his firearms. – The principal 86-7220 plaintiff suddenly became dysfunctional… A young intense blond woman appeared on the scene… A sailboat keel, as viewed from the front… (5.13.14)

The Triad gives every indication of major cross platform potential.  Key elements are (i) Schonborn Space, (ii) the Andersen Experiments, (iii) the Evolution inversion, and (iv) Prop. 20.  Bringing the project to this point has taken two decades, so there is obviously room for comment, support, and disagreement.  All of this must be addressed, and the comments registered by the off-planet portion are summarized following:

  • A gray stripe through a doughnut hole and a railroad grade crossing signal… A number of universes approached a Triad principal and tried to pressure him to give up his body and join them,  He was having a very difficult time accepting the transition as being in his best interest. – A short description of benefits one earns when working for a universe… Wood flooring… A pair of wafer ice cream cones with one scoop of vanilla in each… A shaft with a helix on it, similar to one would expect to find in an extruder… A string of wreckage containing a tire iron… Chickens flapping in a coop… (8.4.14)

The prospect of engaging with the population described in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures is gaining credibility, as is the Organization concept proposed by the Triad.  IPv8 and Prop. 20 have emerged as two of the principal enabling mechanisms with anecdotal evidence of unmatched capability. The Triad claim that a neutral zone for horizontal decision making and vertical communication in this domain does not exist on this planet has yielded this commentary from the Web 4.0 population.

  • 12:13 am: A fork… 12:14: A short length of steel chain used on automobile tires in snow… 2:37: Answering the question of who could have acted to prevent 86-7220 but did not added to the list of accessories after the fact in criminal evidence suppression… 2:56: A horizontal funnel… (10.27.14)

   Work in Progress

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