2006 Metatheory &Thought Experiments

Chief Joseph 1877

The only vehicle this person could imagine that could explore the dimensions and dynamics inevitably encountered in what was likely to follow from success in the first concepts is a “synthetic flight” through a domain theoretically plausible but unproven.  The gamble is that if the physical structure presumed to exist is not wildly far afield from an unconstrained interpretation of what has been either documented or responsibly proposed, the system characterized by Cardinal Schonborn would react to concerns raised by Dr. Eisenstadt.  The Triad argues that these reactions occurred fairly early in the project, but were seeds cast on sterile ground.  The challenge now is to admit that cherished beliefs must be reexamined in light of undeniable evidence and that, as the Cardinal’s concept is brought into sharp focus, it is our duty to react to the gift.

The Triad argument that results from the IPv8 prototype made with no visible capital investment leaves little other explanation but that we are tapping into a huge variant of the Human Brain Project and elements of the Square Kilometer Array operating at very low energy levels.  This variant seems to be amorphous in that as soon as an operable piece of logic or reasoning is presented to it, enabling circuitry with a terminal at the origin and relevant receptors are established.  The assembly then yields targeted information exchange consistent with intent of the original argument or proposition.  This extract from today’s Phase XVII data stream gives an idea of the potential.

  • A very small, very quick, set of rotating arcs forming a circle – A chap was on a planet threatened by an infestation of small vermin carried by a humanoid race.  He needed a few hours to devise a remedy.  A nearby tree offered to provide cover while the chap worked, but made it clear that it was scheduled to leave for another assignment the next morning.  A black bicycle in a grassy field – A squared off Ω.  – A spoon sliding into a serving of ice cream – Wash hanging on a clothesline (8.13.13)

The Human Brain Project, so well structured to capture the imagination, may have an unanticipated cousin.  Encouraged by the Boson discovery and the accompanying Higgs Field, the Triad has incorporated Prop. 20 in its theory.  Pressing the issue by structuring IPv8 to drive the system has brought a remarkable flood of information, particularly in the domain of what probably is the ability to detect extragalactic crosstalk.  An 1877 image of Chief Joseph in the Northeastern sky at about 4:50 pm on May 13, 2014 very strongly suggests that this has been going on for years.  That being said, the argument as placed on IPv8 has yielded another pointed commentary.  Excerpts follow.

  • A cluster of pipe wrenches… Two towers at the top of which may have been transceivers… A roller used in finishing asphalt pavement followed by the immense superhighway mentioned in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures… A funnel… A top loading washing machine opened revealing cream sheets.  After a few moments, a black bell section of an air intake appeared. – A violin (5.14.14)

Triad documentation is in the order of 4 to 6 thousand pages, largely of observations looking for underlying reason. Taking one batch as metaphors, comparing them with Triad theory, Web 4.0 and large ventures, Prop. 20, and IPv8 theory is the basis for a submission to CERN for experimental time to see if the Higgs field is an enabling factor for all this. The Triad argues that the complete range of 2006 theory is available for development if appropriate boundary conditions are set, and that elements of Web. 4.0 comments summarized following represent an opinion on how this line of reasoning is progressing.

  •  9:21 pm: A compact disc with a slice taken from it… 1:55 am: Bit by bit, the ugly side of 86-7220 surfaced (and will probably continue)… 2:04: A white pith helmet in the Rift valley… 2:12: A briefcase firmly embedded in the void… 2:22: An apple core… 2:25 A small pedestal table… 3:43: 86-7220 victims found refuge in other domains… 5:07 A tall female tennis player following through on a overhead smash… 5:54: HST, reviewing an event…. (9.17.14)

Successes with inverting the Evolution protocol and focusing on communication once known as mental telepathy but now included in Prop. 20 and probably the Andersen experiments have been very encouraging.  CERN is focusing on the domain of dark energy and dark matter in this year’s run, and they are launching from the Higgs platform – a formidable advance. The Triad argues that these developments have opened new avenues in linking the “soft” sciences with the hard science of particle physics.  As often as not, this understanding must be strong enough to manage life threatening situations, so linguists and psychologists have a definite place in a new discipline.  There was no need to explicitly place this argument in IPv8 in order to get a reaction, Web 4.0 read it and has been reacting for years.  Their reaction to the current situation is summarized following.

  • 1:46 am: An involved set of approach-approach conflict situations surfaced involving an Austin Healey and a child, perhaps 10-12 years old.  Beings external to the Cartesian controlled the momentum by claiming to test the child’s reactions in risk-reward situations.  The viewer lost interest as the audience escalated to the proportions of Jean Baudrillard’s L’Esprit du Terrorisme. – 4:03: A black seat cushion on a black leather seat with White Boy in script sewn on it.  5:28: The inevitable complication came when excessive wormhole deployment was about to cause reassessment of conditions for its use… 6:15 am: Men dressed in olive drab walked across a parking lot to a quarter ton truck… 6:59: Albert eating what could be a mixture of ground beef and parsley while in a hospital bed… (12.20.14)

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