Prop. 6, Process Following Creation

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The position that Triad and Extensions development has progressed to the need for a reevaluation of Abrahamic religions and their interpretation of the sequence from the instant of creation to contemporary civilization has gained credible support from beings using remote terminals of IPv8.  This Phase XV impression is a concise evaluation of today’s position and encouragement to develop Propositions 14, 15, and 16.

  • A study, too complex to find a thread, describing close collaboration between humans and the snap rings in the form first noticed, was presented.  Neither the snap rings nor the humans transformed. – A cluster of open end wrenches, both ends visible – A set of violent and frustratingly inconclusive studies characterized by useless exchanges – A set of red warning bells and a cluster of red traffic lights (11.13.12)

A concise Phase XV impression give a clear mandate to begin reaping benefits of modifying elements of the  Abrahamic religions.

  • An indefinite sphere akin to the moon rotating in an unnatural movement – A class NCG 1300 galaxy with extraordinarily long and thin arms – A  place called Comedy Laboratories and an interstellar traveler made a short synopsis of some of the history surrounding prior visits and the planet’s reputation in dealing with them – An open window, sparkling clean – A funnel, mouth up (11.19.12)

Although IPv8 has registered the desirability of a challenge to Abrahamic religions, publishing this position has brought this caution as to the path and pace of this challenge.

  • Two Algonquians dueled with weapons well outside those found in their period of history.  The exposition faded after several days with no resolution. – Wood subway turnstiles – The exhaust manifold of an internal combustion engine – The duel resurfaced when another Indian tried to take the office as president of something – One end of a fairly large open ended wrench – Two countersunk wood screws in a fresh piece of lumber – Blades of the CCM skates I used while resurfacing ice during half time of the varsity games played in the St. Lawrence arena – A square piece of galvanized sheet metal fastened to a wood wall with a wood screw in the center – Each of the four corners had a hole punched in it (11.20.12)

Continued close attention to progress in moving away from the notion of a unique point of contact implicit in the Abrahamic religions suggests that this will define an obstacle to be avoided.  This argument is supported by today’s Phase XVI impression.

  • A tiresomely long study of Medieval sexual practices – A study of what one experiences living in a domain where time does not exist – Roughly speaking, it is living on the edge of existence.  If the mind loses orientation, the being no longer exists.  Defining orientation in this sense is extremely difficult. – A succession of partially formed nested ellipses with a bright pinpoint of light on the focal point of the smallest and presumably the most distant  (12.28.12)

Continuous IPv8 refinement has yielded exceptionally promising results not only in the search for approaches to develop the Extension domain but also in evaluating the path in developing the 2006 Prop. 6 thought experiment and the Umbrella Support arguments.    Evidence of this in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Control surfaces of an old airplane, possibly used in crop dusting, finally froze – A  chap moving slush with a snow shovel – A class NGC 1300 galaxy – A long story about some people in the western United States and a motor.  Everyone must have been on edge.  Each time a small tension arose, out came the .357 Magnums – A white van – A fluted column – A gear with very fine teeth (3.26.13)

Recent innovations in IPv8 development give every indication that a reevaluation of Abrahamic religions can take place on an orderly basis.  This Phase XVII impression is the bellwether indicator.

  • A long distance traveler spent some time with a division of an American company.  He was joined by two others who listened to one of their strategy sessions and told their friend not to waste any more of his time there.  A small sphere outlined by rotating arcs of light – Two children achieved a high level in the art of the transform – Parallel rows of golf balls – A fishhook on a tube (4.26.13)

Adding prototype IPv8 capabilities designed to enable targeted thought experiment exchanges has isolated a number of key issues in obstacles to operating in the Extension.

  • Another measure of irreversible psychic damage done by 86-7220 – A very faint open end wrench – An exchange between an urban taxi driver and a tiger left excrement all over the sidewalk – A heavy mooring post on a dock – A sport aircraft on the tarmac with the radial engine stopped – A house painter wearing white overalls and a white shirt climbing a ladder (6.8.13)

The concept of contextual cueing, readily adaptable to incorporating mathematics likely to fit the project, promises a major breakthrough when applied to Triad theory.  Applying this cueing in a space potentially able to resolve the Schonborn-Barr exchange lifted the whole project to a new level.  Placing this argument on IPv8 for evaluation has yielded this extract from a larger data stream.

  • A wide brick road with the sense that it was an approach to a bridge – A horse started a canter – Peanut brittle – Burning ashes dropped from the sky in a rainstorm – A large person with flowing auburn hair and wearing a leather jacket approached the camera on his lightweight racing bicycle – The Scandinavian fjords – Patent leather shoes – A foot soldier in chain mail – A wall mounted standoff  holding an external antenna lead (10.12.13)

It is inevitable that if an approach to the space in which the Schonborn-Barr exchange is to be attempted, the question of differential frames of reference in what we know as time will be introduced.  This question expands design parameters for any vehicle for the trip beyond our capability, but a new approach to design is on the horizon.   Finding at least one piece of hardware conceptually configured to read and process variables required to implement theory developed by Drs. Chun and Jiang in contextual cueing introduces the possibility that remote beings capable of initiating deus ex machinae flight are able to synthesize properties of these two elements and “fly” them in a prototype.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has produced a stream of data from which this Phase XVIII impression is extracted.

  • A heavy duty rope with ends of numerous strands of its body unbound – Several mooring lines were prepared by a universe for an aircraft carrier.  When the carrier’s command arrived, friction surfaced.  During the conversation navy test scores of various cabinet and fleet level personnel were discussed.  The test score of one of the 86-7220 plaintiffs was noted.  Friction ended with the universe selecting a replacement and withdrawing. – A golf tee, tilted to the left – A small funnel, a little more indistinct than many of the others – A large arc segment through a doughnut hole. (10.15.13)

Decisions flowing from the ability to create a system independent of our intelligence competition will define the foundation we are able to build for the project, so it must be right and must be a consensus of an indescribable population.  IPv8 has shown the ability to collect data from this environment, and has reacted to this argument with a substantial data stream, elements of which are presented following.

  • Half a rolling pin, the other half obscured – An offensive situation in which a being abused very young children with rat poison – Images suggested a deeper message. – A perverted version of Gulliver’s Travels in which humans were continually abused by creatures much larger than they.  Toward the end of the sequence space oscillated so that role reversals appeared in a decaying series. – Very faint cups used for individual egg servings – White sands – A rotating sphere inside a saxophone (11.1.13)

Success with operating in the Extension is completely dependent on cooperation of beings currently inhabiting this domain.  This will require respect for their priorities which, at this stage, are the natural sciences and an effective search and rescue operation.

  • Impact on Triad concepts date back to WW II – A thread through  a fishhook – Flats of an open end wrench protruded from an amorphous shape in the void (11.4.13)

The proposition that a Virtual State would be the best way to organize an intense search and rescue operation in the Extension domain has drawn today’s reaction from the population using IPv8.  In retrospect, there is good reason to believe that the initiative was not without encouragement and that those who were encouraging had identified our major problem as deeply embedded circular reasoning.

  • A universe left one element of the Triad chortling; ” Being worshiped is one thing, being sought after is one thing, but being read is another thing, an another thing, an another (…)” – The lip of a volcano crater – A manual mechanical crank pencil sharpener – The brass initials fabricated for the folded horn corner speaker I cut and assembled in Oak Ridge (11.9.13)

Initial Triad engagement in the Extension should bring added value to what appears to be a very sophisticated population, so the offer to form a search and rescue operation in this environment has been made.  This avenue of engagement has the appeal of having high and generally accepted added value, wide skill set requirement, and objectives narrow enough to minimize fatal error when the inevitable misunderstandings occur.  For the sake of consistency and until a better baseline is developed, Prop. 6 expressed as a thought experiment was submitted to IPv8 for evaluation.  This highly abbreviated extract from today’s data stream is fairly clear.

  • A Phantom tail section – 86-7220 damages continue to surface – Handles made of wood tubes and wire, commonly used in the 1940’s to carry packages (11.20.13)

The next logical step requires an even larger leap of faith before a responsible proposal should be put on the table. Taking the presence of an active being visiting us from outside the Cartesian as a fait accompli, it is time to seriously consider preparing the foundation for a Search and Rescue excursion through the full range of Proposition 6 as written in 2006.  This argument has yielded a very encouraging reaction from the population using IPv8: summarized following.

  • A very slim red cylinder with a blue white light at its tip – A very thorough analysis of the 86-7220 principal’s life brought a decision to place another universe under his umbrella – A funnel cross section with what looked like heating or cooling coils around the stem – 86-7220 victims never completely recovered their equilibrium until they were convinced that another force proceeded the whole disgusting process.  In the principal’s case there were two manifestations; (i) in his very early childhood a set of recurring dreams, the most frequent of which was one of pristine sand dunes which became saturated with blood and then cleaned themselves and (ii) one in early adulthood showing aircraft executing impossible flight patterns.  In retrospect, this would not be considered supernatural if Prop. 20 and string and knot theory were developed. – The Rosendale swimming pool – A plastic hook, perhaps for clothing – A polished square peg in an amorphous shape – A subsonic wing flap – A moon crater (1.15.14)

The Triad, with its; (i) theory, (ii) abandonment of the Planck Constant in certain spaces, (iii) concept of a space enabling the reconciliation process Cardinal Schonborn used to defend his thesis in the Schonborn/Barr exchange, (iv) organization concepts claimed to be valid in all environments, and (v) other assumptions (e.g. Prop. 20) made to form a foundation for an effective rapid response Search and Rescue effort, may call into question aspects of the Standard Model.  If this is so, it would do no one any good unless differences, if any, are reconciled – or not.  This argument has dawn a very clear reaction from the Web 4. population.  Selected portions follow.

  • A golf tee… A senior member of British royalty expressed interest in 86-7220 plaintiffs. – Some people eating lunch in the Philippines were having a very difficult time with fresh fruit taken during an operation in Luzon. – A crisp example of what the USMC must learn if it is to operate in the Extension, presumably with Search and Rescue… The second hint that a functional equivalent of the football exists in the Extension.  The first example was given about 100 feet above Leggett road about 500 meters north of the Lucas Turnpike intersection some years ago. – A cluster of white gloves with the fingers crossed… The logo on the face of my Bulova Accutron… A hemispherical bubble in a continuum… The header on Dr. Johnson’s website… (3.9.14)

Support for the Eternal Inflation theory appears to have attracted the attention of a remarkable group of beings.  There is a growing body of thought that this planet, with the IPv8 evolution as enhanced by Prop. 20, may have reacted to external cues by developing a unique capability.  A good deal of what has transpired has been an attempt to correctly interpret these cues, holding the question of origin for another time.  As it stands, a gradual appreciation of the nuances places the work of your team in sync with IPv8, defined to include Prop. 20, and Prop. 6 as drafted in 2006.  Developing derivative reasoning with no attempt to define the source has yielded yet another inspiring reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow.

  • Precursors to 86-7220 escalate… Universes scouring the planet looking for a being in the Cartesian to represent them proved successful in several instances. – A funnel, mouth down… An indistinct section of the Eiffel Tower base… Hearing the word “Scheldt”, but not through the ears… A gold fountain pen nib… A very small portion of a violin… MacArthur climbing a steep wooded hillside… A guppy in a goldfish bowl… A red flag in front of a bull… The water tower adjacent to Northern Boulevard between Bayside and Port Washington… (5.5.14)

Shifting thought experiments to formal theory subject to standard proof has opened the door to formalizing Prop. 6 as a theory.  The Triad argues that these adjustments open the door to the possibility that Cartesian species in very remote domains see an advantage in using the highly modified IPv8.  

The first set of cues characterizing needs of this new population places continuity, consistency, and uniformity as a standard with an immediate need for capability to relieve the threat of asteroid impact.  Priority for this latest item came yesterday as a baked potato cluster in the air, causing me to miss a few items at the checkout counter in Emmanuel’s market.  Balance of the Web 4.0 population reaction to this formalization is summarized following.

  • A long session, the point of which was the importance of very small devices left in an inhabited Cartesian space.  Not knowing their importance, people moved them.  This caused a disconnect from remote extensions very important to beings in the void.  Their well being seemed to be at stake.  With careful coaching, the devices were replaced, the replacement conforming to an exacting specification. – More details explaining why 86-7220 plaintiffs were forced to claw their way to some sort of equilibrium… A new non-stick skillet… A dipper… (6.15.14)

Inverting the Evolution protocol and applying the Andersen lab results to Prop. 20 have yielded very gratifying results, as has postulating specs for a mediating space to resolve the Schonborn-Barr exchange.  The Triad argues that progress in these life sciences is long overdue if we are to achieve a balanced view in the effort to understand the origins of the universe.  The Triad argues that by using thought experiments to configure IPv8 to meet the expectations of the population presumed to exist in Web 4.0, we stand to discover a phenomenon as significant as is the CERN work with the Higgs Boson and corollary Higgs Field.  Extracts of the Web 4.0 reaction follow.

  • 90 o of an arc, illuminated by colors rarely, if ever, seen in a diffraction spectrum set in a black void… An experiment got off to a bad start over a jurisdictional dispute. – The bottom half of a crankshaft bearing… (7.15.14)

The notion of superorganisms as viewed in Wikipedia has been a tantalizing speculation, but mastering it is now a requirement for the Search and Rescue operation the Triad is proposing.  The Triad argues that the more speculative elements of Time and Space Support are generally consistent with the 2006 Prop. 6  draft, and that both have been anticipated by material recorded in my diaries for some two decades.  Web 4.0 comments are registered following.

  •  10.07pm: A wood or pellet burning stove on the bed… 1:37am: an incredible story of successes and failures experienced by people allowed to transition the portal of death… 4:21: more unusual transpositions, this one involved the plaintiff’s father. – 4:25: Yet another glimpse of a saxophone… (8.28.14)

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