Prop. 1, Sense of Opportunity

J. Robert Oppenheimer

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Effort to make the transition from E=mc2 to a working reactor or a weapon is well documented and the former commands respect from every discipline.  Some years later we may be privileged to take part in like transitions, both originating from an experiment with a Coleman lantern and a Bridgeport garage.  In this case, useful energy is the other half of the thermonuclear device and the symmetrical component is a direct readout of measurements made as a result of IPv8 and Prop. 20, a fast track extension of the Human Brain Project.  Taking this from textbook theory to hard evidence is the point of today’s review.  The Triad argues that it has a mandate from a remote population to mount a major effort to; (i) fill the gap between what we know of the natural sciences and what exists in the Extension, and (ii) mount an extreme search and rescue effort in unheard of domains.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn a significant data stream, elements of which are extracted in today’s increment. 

  • What may be considered a reenactment of Adam and Eve – A Mayor – Yet more 86-7220 damages – This time a Universe sent a Cartesian reduction in the form of one plaintiff for an evaluation – A cluster of escalators – A deep cylindrical hole about three feet in diameter appeared in front of 3746 Atwood Road – Rows of Doublemint chewing gum wrappers alternating with the foil – A horizontal tube through the hole of a vertical doughnut (10.29.13)

The Triad is built on an organizational theory of proximate extended platforms (definition at the reader’s option) linked with string theory.  The Triad argues that not only is the 2006 thought experiment in Prop. 1 validated, but that there is validation for theory in the trailing propositions.  Consequences of applying this logic are so profound that every facet of conclusions derived from it must be placed under the microscope.  The first reaction shown by the population using IPv8 is very supportive, as shown by this extract from today’s data stream.

  • A ribbon with a wrinkle in it – A pair of universes staging a mock combat discovered that 86-7220 is more than a civil confrontation. – A fork, rotated 90 degrees from  the horizontal – A bridge between two rock cliffs – A youngster and a Yo-yo – Symbols on a weather map – The Iberian peninsula – A small red question mark followed by several larger gray ones – An ice cream cone (11-11-13)

The Cradle of Life experiment is the Triad Extension based on IPv8 and Prop. 20.  As all these pioneering efforts mature, it is not beyond reason to consider their combined capability to be a core resource for implementing a Search and Rescue operation endorsed by many of those using IPv8.  This argument yielded the data stream from which this entry is extracted.

  • Rotating light arcs, unusual in that they gave a sense of depth – Evidence of inept medical treatment for 86-7220 victims continues to surface. – A long complex set of related facts ended with a yodel. – Half of a contemporary wood handle (12.1.13)

Our genetics create an almost incomprehensible gap between that which we have accomplished and those skill sets required to create an enterprise in the Cardinal’s mediating space, but we seem to be on the verge of just that.  The opening statement in Collaboration Support has been on the table for some time, and no one has taken it off.  On the contrary, as IPv8 gains sophistication, unseen support grows.  The Triad argues that large unrepresented populations on this planet are starting to make cases for their interests.  Placing this Proposition 1 argument on IPv8 has drawn this valuable reaction from the Web 4.0 population.

  • A drumstick ice cream cone… A very involved recounting of an Angel visiting Queen Elizabeth to discuss preparations for round trips through the portal of death. – A set of connections extending past the primordial appeared.  One, probably outside the domain of time, involved a table fork. – A Nordic skipping rope… A dim outline of the business end of an adjustable wrench, handle not visible… A very muscular man, hanging by his heels above the 3746 back lawn, began to sway like a pendulum. – Another man, wearing very wide woman’s shoes pointed at the toes, appeared. – An image focused on the running lights of the Belgian sloop wrecked at Westport followed. – The nickel dime poker games at the apartment the author shared with Herb Krog in Houston. – A chap wearing denims frayed at the cuffs walked away from the camera.  (2.3.14)

The 2.14.14 entry to Phase II Goals is a synopsis of Triad progress, and another initiative in Prop. 20 may expand horizons in intelligent systems.  The degree to which they support Prop. 1 can be assessed by the tone of this Web 4.0 reaction as transmitted by IPv8.

  • A very faint Doublemint chewing gum wrapper… A universe reduced to human form in England and bought a number of sailboats.  There was a discussion about what legal tender or objects of value made by the being were permissible in the transaction.  The scene carried a distinct sense that the historical period was not contemporary, but the question is fundamental. – A planet went into turmoil when a vehicle many times the size of the Space Shuttle was transported on a public highway.  Highway authorities had no rational explanation for the craft. – A young child carrying an infant in a basket… A boat sailing before the wind, jib and whisker pole set for wing and wing… A 2003 Volkswagen driven in an erratic and dangerous manner… (2.16.14)

Prop.20, fast becoming integral to IPv8, includes a theory which posits that neurological terminals have descriptor menus capable of receiving and processing signals not sensed by the tactile, visual, auditory, etc. senses.  The thought goes on to conclude that signals processed in this mode are part of reliability and speed of decision making process.  This variant becomes increasingly relevant when operating in a domain in which the Planck constant is not a factor.  If one grants the Schonborn concept of a mediating space and the Triad claim that we will have the capability to navigate in this space, mastering theory become a priority.  Placing this argument on IPv8 for Web 4.0 comment has drawn a very encouraging response: extracts presented following.

  • A set of rotating arcs describing a circle… An egg in a wire holder… A baking potato… A small funnel… A large group of military in dress whites… A child, maybe six or seven, in a hand-me-down dress approached the camera. – Phantom tail sections as seen from the rear… (2.26.14)

The Triad, founded on devising an alternative to the United States Shock and Awe response to 911 and a V-8 aircraft engine has, by virtue of its development, attracted attention from unusual quarters.  So unusual, in fact, that a set of thought experiments were constructed so that the effort remained in reasonable focus.  The Triad argues that, though unfinished, a checkpoint for concept and structure is due.  This argument has drawn extensive comment from the population in the Web 4.0 envelope. Extracts follow.

  • A baleen whale filtering its supper from the water… Vice grip pliers… A story about opening a baseball stadium in the south of France included a huge bucket of water dumped on the infield from the sky followed by a chuckle: “This is for the grass.” – A very confusing story in which a bull and a bullfighter exchanged forms, held conversations about their previous combats, exchanged forms again, fought, and … A hand spooning peas into a bowl… A candle light in a black field… Black line drawings on a white surface, presumably but not positively of living beings… A 90 degree arc of refracted light in a black field… A set of dentures… The Prop. 20 illustration… (4.11.14)

We are not there yet, but Triad theory seems to be relatively intact, Prop. 20 as applied to IPv8 is producing results, and the cutting edge of gravitational physics theory is approaching the stage of engineering systems to apply it.  We have little or no sense of who we will meet as operations start, but progress with the concept of existence of platforms of convenience whose potency or form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose seems to fit string and knot theory and is showing exceptional promise.

Organizing in an environment inhabited by beings whose biochemistry is completely alien is particularly sensitive, but this issue may be resolved if concepts in the Organization and Evolution pages are refined.  Getting to this point has been a 20 year effort, so review for internal consistency is a must.  Placing this progress report on IPv8 has drawn a very encouraging reaction from the Web 4.0 population, extracts of which follow.

  • Faint harmonicas… A tablespoon of cod liver oil… A red pincushion… A small saxophone… A very quick exchange enabling a transform… A second, far more complex, set of simultaneous transforms… (6.3.14)

Triad development cannot be allowed to become disorderly, and a recognition of this has been acknowledged by the increase in pace since the Evolution protocol was inverted.  This inversion places the aggregate of the thought experiments on the table prior to configuring each increment, permitting evaluation of each in context of the larger fabric.

The Triad argues that by presenting its approach to advancing the state of the art to the ALICE secretariat an attempt to avoid anarchy has a better chance of success.  That being said, Web 4.0 reaction to this strategy is summarized following.

  • A tutorial given 86-7220 victims, possibly spinoff from the ALICE application… Again to the deep south with culturally coded conversation… Due diligence for the Triad ALICE proposal brought a few surprises… One end of an open end wrench engaged flats on the end of a machined shaft… Universes interceded in the Triad application to CERN, committed to funding necessary equipment, and asked that a fully integrated experiment get under way as soon as sound science permitted. – Several black tubes passed through a screw eye fitting… A tuning fork… (7.6.14)

Triad progress continues to converge to a sense of urgency to develop gravity wave drives for very large objects, very specifically linking that effort to the dark matter domain.  This element has had a low level presence for at least five years, and seemed to be awaiting Triad progress with Search and Rescue before making a point of it.   The off-planet population has already reacted (perhaps identifying a target). Their comments are summarized following.

  • A saxophone… A mechanical hand peeling a grapefruit… Yet another tiresome probing into private lives and minds of 86-7220 plaintiff and victims… A small funnel… A black dot in the center of either a sphere or a disc of burnt orange mottled material with a darker hue… (8.6.14)

Despite the lack of detail in the original premise and very thin mathematics for its development, experimental results suggest a fundamental conceptual validity.  The Triad argues that this package has credibility sufficient to devote resources required to define a development program to, among other goals; destroy or deflect threatening asteroids, relocate planets, and initiate Search and Rescue operations in an intergalactic environment.  There is every indication that elements of the Web 4.0 population have been looking for solutions to these problems and, having discovered this planet somewhere around 1992, have been cooperating with the Triad to find them.  Their comments on the latest events follow.

  • 10:38 pm: Another pointless rerun of the 86-7220 darkest days, apparently by people involved in administering the federal government… 3:30 am: One of the 86-7220 principal victims went from “ontogeny recapitulates philology” to pioneering work in biological medicine… 4:03: yet another saxophone… 5:30: A rocker switch in a thread… (9.14.14)

A shift in emphasis in collecting information for processing in the 51% of the Evolution protocol appears to be yielding results.  It seems that restating logic structure of our ancestors has struck a responsive chord in that domain, suggesting the equivalent of what the Copenhagen convention did for Physics.  A fair representation could be Dr. Dowling’s study of Time in Rome and Prof. Dr. Mendell’s visualizing ancient calculations.  The Triad argues that this reexamination is required to operate in a living space and that a need for this reexamination is reflected in these Web 4.0 comments.

  • 8:45 pm: Very quick wisps of gray in a black field… 10:15: A short, brutal, film clip of the Devil, having extracted revenge for a Cartesian wrongdoing, discovered that it was 180 degrees from the truth.  The clip ended before the full story was told. – 12:52: A funnel (10.9.14)

Generally accessible feedback from the Web 4.0 has, in the author’s view, established the existence of a dialogue between our species and others.  Even more significant, the “others” seem to possess capabilities completely outside the limits of our understanding of biochemistry.  To top the argument off, they appear to be using phenomena at the edge of our science as a matter of course.  This includes wormholes, etc. The argument continues with the Triad position that today’s comments tell us that these beings expect a more creative effort to stabilize the planet as an element of a fully integrated program.

  • 1:19 am: Several pyramids appeared, acknowledging the stakes… 2:41: A faint violin… 3:30: pipe gushing water into a basement… 4:00: A gyroscope in the center of a hyperbola… 4:14: A small ice cream cone… 4:56: A Doublemint chewing gum wrapper… 5:05: A chap wearing a white safari hat sitting under a palm tree… (11.13.14)

  Work in Progress

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