Prop. 10, Remote Beings Observations

Image by Paul Lachine

IPv8 output has consistently given the impression that well reasoned or powerfully intuitive proposals will get more than a fair hearing.  This initial view was reinforced when the Triad adopted the Evolution discipline.  With this, and no more, there is reason to dedicate qualified talent to review the Euro goals from the ECSC forward, make an attempt to rectify philosophical mistakes in the Lisbon Treaty, examine possibility for a “synthetic bridge economy”, and minimize further bureaucratic layering and patchwork.   The Triad argues that a credible effort of this nature will reduce volatility will receive a sympathetic hearing.  Equally important, there is every indication that remote beings using IPv8 are looking for the planet to undertake at least one project developing cues in the 2006 Prop. 10.  The reader may make his own judgement from this Phase XV impression.

  • An aircraft with USAF markings – A Saturn image in the depression of a straight line – A black Studebaker, otherwise similar to the blue and white one Carl Zeimke drove – A bundle of ropes dangling from an open second story window in a period building, probably in Europe – An invisible person playing a violin – A wasp on the edge of a lampshade – Sharpening a Swiss Army knife on a whetstone – A white 1/4 ton pickup truck traveling quite fast on a two lane asphalt paved road –  A dog, frozen in an attempt to climb a diner’s outdoor menu – An apartment in which transpired a serous event – When an aristocratic woman with a look of shock came through the door, it was clearly time to leave. (11.15.12)

Refinements to IPv8 have materially improved resolution of communications loops through domains of indeterminate dimensions.  A bonus to this effort is increasingly clear evidence that “thought tunnels” or equivalents in string theory are functional and will become a reliable tool for developing a presence in the Extension domain.

  • An interminably long story derived from Alice in Wonderland – The average viewer would drift off before it was finished. – A slingshot – An interrupted story involving Kingston, NY – Interstellar visitors found some children who may have become contaminated by ionizing radiation.  A little questioning revealed that these children were orphans basically living off the land in a severely deteriorated city.  The story broke off when one of the pilots recalled that it was in Kingston where one of the early Phantoms sightings took place.  Subsequent events proved that the deterioration was the result of several nuclear exchanges in the Middle East.  Both sides had developed weapons designed to maximize radioactivity after the detonation.  They had managed to poison the whole planet.  This fact was recognized by the interstellar community, and the planet was tagged as dangerous. – A badminton shuttlecock (3.21.13)

Developing the ability to communicate with a domain in which time is not a functional dimension has largely vindicated adopting Prop. 19 and applying Prop. 20.  This extract from today’s IPv8 data stream gives some indication of the results.

  • A Phantom tail section – Another deep analysis of 86-7220 by a new planet seemed to finally put the  litigation behind the generations poisoned behind it – An American Indian on a unusually large horse – A briefcase handle attached to the void (9.6.13)

Aggressively applying Prop. 20, reevaluating Web 4.0, and pressing for an advanced Search and Rescue operation in this environment will likely produce an administrative unit capable of addressing many conceptually related issues.  This parallel may be a little forced in that many intelligent species S&R will face may reside in different dimensional sets, forcing S&R to extract one without damaging the substrate in which it is embedded.  The parallel gets more challenging by comparing it to extracting cancer cells from a blood stream without disrupting either system.  Web 4.0 reaction as expressed on IPv8 gives some idea of just how deep this line of reasoning will go.

  • Androids changing body fluids – Findings of a universe assigned to study the Archaeology of everywhere as it reduced to what form was necessary to study each site.  A slightly worn baseball – A thread through a doughnut hole – An aircraft engine on a subsonic wing – Paraffin discs linked with threads – An integral in an open end wrench – A dipper with a long handle lying on a flat horizontal surface (1.3.14)

Research yielding incremental Triad progress leads to the argument that conditions in Prop. 10 will be a major factor in a search and rescue operation, and that the level of support given the Triad will in no small measure be dependent on confidence in planning for this environment.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn very encouraging reactions, some of which are presented following.

  • A clock on top of an umbrella – The experiment using a human as President pro tem of a universe continues.  Consensus is that he is doing rather well, perhaps picking up another. – An iris – A clear path through  a park – A short tunnel – A boomerang – A little red wagon – Grown men shooting marbles from a circle, as did students in the Peak school during lunch time – A vegetable steamer full of Quad electrostatic speakers (1.14.14)

It is not the point of this project to defend Jean Baudrillard or Eric Janszen.  It is however, the point to demonstrate to a very large community that we are serious about creating a stable platform from which to launch a very ambitious Search and Rescue operation, or, if others are more adept, at least to participate.  The Triad argues that Prop. 10 makes it clear that this is expected of us.  Reaction to this argument, presented following, is symmetrical and concise.

  • A spiral staircase – A large book on a stand – A white wicker frame commonly used for meals by the bedridden (1.23.14)

As the Triad has pursued the notion that theology is a res natura in the attempt to construct a rational alternative to the United States Shock and Awe doctrine used in reaction to 911, there were few footsteps in the snow before encountering Jean Baudrillard and the Schonborn/Barr exchange.  Even with this, when the subject of communications comes up, we have prayer, incense, Inquisition, human and animal sacrifice, Holy Books written a long time ago, etc.  It is very difficult to fashion an arguably functional communications network from this mix.  Desperate times frequently call for desperate measures, so Prop. 20 was postulated.  With this tool, Prop 6 appeared to have blossomed.  All this takes us to a set of operating conditions requiring comparison, now in progress, with the Standard Model.  Melding Prop. 20 with the concept of species which can flourish in a space with no Planck Constant redefines the “void’.  Now it is necessary to reexamine the notion that Homo sapiens is the only species in question in this argument.  Placing all this on IPv8 has drawn a measure of understanding from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • A very young universe transformed into a submarine manned by others.  Ensuing confusion almost lost the ship on several occasions. The viewer moved on as more experienced personnel arrived on the scene. – Arrangements were made for the brother of the principal 86-7770 plaintiff. – One end of a chromed wrench, the other end obscured… A large paper cone speaker… A pair of galaxies… A catcher signaling the next pitch… A strand of line leading to a black hole bored into a light colored substrate (3.10.14)

The latest indicator, very convincing, that we are on the right track was a barrage of channel lock pliers above Schoonmaker Road as I took the bike out for the first spring run.  The most valuable lesson the Triad has taken from this experience is that this planet has attributes attractive to a very accomplished population, and those attributes plus a readiness to learn are the path to growing into these circles.  This deceptively simple process forces a number of issues we have chosen not to address.  Even with a best effort, we will make potentially fatal mistakes.  Again, this seems to have been anticipated, and reinforcement of this position is contained in this extract from the Web 4.0 population’s reaction.

  • A small black rotating disc followed by sandpaper… A dipper with a long handle… A recapitulation of some severe mental dislocations suffered in 86-7220… A bass viol, strings horizontal… Tracing 86-7220 plaintiffs’ genealogy brought to light an amazing lineage… One 86-7220 plaintiff went on to experience Supersymmetry by taking a trip to Hell.  The caretaker there appeared to have a cordial relationship with the being responsible for Heaven.  From this experience, an amusing argument could be made that Biblical events are within the realm of mathematics. – An illuminated string through a hole in the middle of the center of a brown bead… Gen. MacArthur signing a small object as he stood… Stoddard Fedor with the book he loaned me about Thomas Aquinas… An aircraft windshield… A rubber reflex mallet on the bureau… (4.3.14)

The Triad is on the path to validating results from Prop. 20 and IPv8 operating in what may be the HIggs fieldTo the extent this is an accurate representation of what is actually happening, there is a possibility that theology will be reduced to biochemistry of unknown, but eventually accessible, domains.  Politics of religion assure us that this eventuality will not be welcome, and that those not welcoming it will react so as to create kernels of denial and retaliation.  A good deal of progress with this project has been made by taking on faith unexplained phenomena first characterized in the First Break.  This act of faith must be translated to science if it is to be implemented with repeatable results; viz, an attempt to reach this goal with Prop. 20 and IPv8.  Current interpretations of the Abrahamic Religions, at best, do not give this approach active support, and at worst, actively deny its value.  Placing the Triad argument that these elements must be avoided so as not to distort experimental results on IPv8 has yielded pointed commentary from the Web 4.0 population. Excerpts follow.

  • Androids examined an 86-7220 victim and seemed able to find some potential solutions… AFO had a premonition, confirmed by some of the domains under development by the Triad, of the problems encountered by the principal 86-7220 plaintiff.  She was also told how these obstacles could be overcome and the benefits of success.  The forecast was remarkably accurate. – One sine wave cycle with only the X axis visible… MacArthur carrying a rectilinear briefcase… A tinker toy structure built with spools and rods… Markings for an unseen road… A needle with a large eye and the sense that an object had just flown through it… A crystal ball in a small pedestal… (4.28.14)

For those looking for a fresh breeze in today’s economic landscape, progress in developing the Triad may well have the answer.  A Fitch thumbnail analysis can be read as a result of a tired system with stale analytics patching it.  The Triad is founded on totally new technology and organization concepts proving to be surprisingly compatible.  It is tempting to argue – without the time to fit the data – that incomplete analysis in Prop. 10 and Prop. 11 can be fitted to the Fitch conclusions and prove the point.  The Triad argues that when taking the argument to applying IPv8 in very remote domains, comparing the two system’s expansion potential cannot be discussed in the same room.  Web 4.0 population reaction to this position is crystal clear.  Extracts follow.

  • The small red toolbox the author once owned… A whale’s fluke… Earth following triangular nuclear exchanges… The first example of evacuation, shutdown, and destruction of an advanced SSBN at sea… A wood toboggan… A snap ring, set at the same angle as the face of the DOK gravestone… (5.21.14)

Web 4.0 and large ventures is becoming more credible by the hour and inverting the Evolution protocol has been well received by this population.  Enabling mechanisms derived from the Anderson experiments with support from other research begins to validate Prop. 20 theory.  This in itself is encouraging, but our species has a collective intolerance to this class of change.  The Triad argues that if we do not show a best effort to remedy this, a myriad of opportunities will be lost.  This is not an intuitive judgment, but is contained in the 2006 Prop. 10 theory, and the 51% of the voting Web 4.0 population have made these comments.

  • The head of a finishing nail set tool… A popular governor was asked to let himself die at one of many illnesses so that he could so that he could make a round trip through the portal and continue healthy. – An unvarnished assessment of 86-7220 damages. – Several leaks in redacted material fundamental to 86-7220 escalated the review. – A knitting needle through a doughnut hole… (7.1.14)

As plans to partition ISIS are being formulated, threats from the completely unknown should be considered. The Triad argues that the Web 4.0 population is accustomed to this problem and has developed a number of techniques to preempt and/or minimize damage.  Partitioning implements currently under study for ISIS are fairly limited, e.g. projectiles, knives, poisons, asphyxiation and the like.

On the other hand, IPv8 technology for communication has shown capability to span new spaces.  The Triad goes on to argue that links enabling this communications bridge identify links which can be broken.  The more obvious is an adjustment to one or more dimensions in which ISIS operates, producing an internal disconnect.  The closest analogies are the various forms of mental and physical dysfunction.  In a very refined form, this dysfunction could be either temporary or permanent.  This possibility has been before the Web 4.0 population for some time, and their reaction is summarized following.

  • 10:55 pm: A road show which included a Palomino speaking Swahili… 1:47: 86-7220 criminal assaults reached dimensions justifying armed retaliation at the least and emigration as a probable option… 2:09 am: A galaxy in edge view… 2:16: A pairing knife cut a pear into two equal pieces… 5:32: Beings external to the Cartesian fed many of the graphics showing atrocities committed on his family to the 86-7220 principal, measured his reaction, and made a judgement on his ability to move forward. – A wood cart, similar to those used in beheading in the French revolution… A Swastika on the west roof panels of 3746… (9.20.14)

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