Prop. 14, Scope Org. Span

Clio, Muse of History Scroll

Clio, Muse of History
Scrollom the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow:

Validating IPv8 processes has uncovered an enormous hidden potential.  No study of particle or gravity physics that I have read joins the equations with neuroscience. The Triad argues that this is in fact happening in the Andersen experiments, IPv8, and Prop. 20.  It is straightforward to argue that it is this phenomenon which has prompted extended genotypes’ attempt to knit highly disparate communities into common cause.  On this point, the community appears to have flagged Prof. Hawking as a lightning rod.

His opinion, highly respected, of dangers in the zone of the Higgs field would discourage attempting operations in that zone.  The Triad argues that the extended genotype community takes exception to this caution and has made its position known on multiple occasions over the last 15 years with a variety of metaphors, i.e., mesh hammocks, chrome sink traps, and Chiclets candies.  It is likely that a careful review of the diaries not lost in a number of moved forced by an inexcusable failure of the United States courts to resolve 86-7220 would yield some clues to the mathematics required for the combined theory. (9.30.15)

The Triad goes on to argue that current events and mindsets are bringing this planet perilously close to dangerous confrontation in virtually every corner. The Triad goes on to take the position that Dean Elliot has taken with comity is a rational escape. Given the cusp on which the planet seems to rest, the Triad argues that nothing less than a large scale well coordinated program will yield a “soft landing”.  On the other horn of the cusp lie many other civilizations with the same problem.

Generally speaking, Web 4.0 advisories are presented chronologically, lagging current events by about a month, but concern regarding a favorable outcome from current events dictates a real time presentation of the Web 4.0 position, summarized in today’s Nighttime System Connections. Today’s advisory also contains very unusual cues supporting trace evidence of 86-7220 plaintiff’s distant lineage.  The Triad will address this situation by applying Prop. 14 in a “Tapioca Space” domain. Copy of the 10.20.16 advisories read from IPv8 output follow.

(Time not recorded): CRY 383 with a sense that the entire set of Triad initiatives is under review…2:41 am: Initial use of the Proximate Extended Platforms exposed an adjustment problem in operating envelopes…11:35: Yet another escalation in the 3746 property grab demonstrated the operating technique of one element of the family tree as well as skill sets beings in the domains of extended genotypes are acquiring to protect their PEP’s from subversion of emergency response systems…6:21: That escalation prompted another transposition, one in which PJV was reported to have conversed with a university in Knossos, time period not specified….[PDK 10.20.16]

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