Prop. 15, Refine Vertical Org.

Arabic Aristotle

Arabic Aristotle

“At the same time, politics was shaped by the legacy of archaic poetry and its heroic ethos and by the religious cults which included, alongside pan-Hellenic and familial rites, important practices distinct to each city-state. This was a polytheistic, rather than monotheistic, setting, in which religion was at least in large part a function of civic identity. It was a world innocent of modern bureaucracy and of the modern move to intellectual abstraction in defining the state: the entity we would call “Athens” in the abstract was called in its own day by the collective noun for its living and breathing citizens, “the Athenians.”

“Most of the wise men (sophoi) and students of nature (physikoi) who appeared in this milieu thought within the same broad terms as the poets and orators. Justice was widely, if not universally, treated as a fundamental constituent of cosmic order.”  Ancient Political Philosophy © 2010 by Melissa Lane

That this approach to unraveling an incredibly complex problem has struck a responsive chord with beings capable of validating information required to move forward with the structure of this bridge is reflected in this Phase XV impression.

  • Several extremely faint funnels – A sphere defined by four rotating arcs of light – A detailed study of forces opposing Extensions development – The study ended with a pair of vintage Corvettes in simultaneous fatal crashes while road racing on a clear day on dry pavement – A pair of very faint open end wrenches – A light wedge with an unusually long taper – In the interest of historical accuracy, the devil offered to research the rise and fall of Abraham and validate the whole work (11.24.12)

Continued attention to IPv8 output gives the distinct sense that a new perspective in analyzing dynamics of our society should be a priority.  The best this project has to offer is an effort to develop Prop. 11.  One likely outcome of this effort may be an explanation of this Phase XV impression.

  • A brutal confrontation between an occidental and an oriental as it became known the a prospectus for the first tranche of investment in the Triad was nearing completion – A white picket fence – A pair of tubes intersecting at an acute angle with one passing through a doughnut hole (12.9.12)

A close reading of IPv8 output suggests the intent to clarify and apply this poorly understood domain.  This Phase XV impression identifies a thread of this organization.

  • The back cover of a hardcover book – Several thumbnail previews of its contents – A second set of thumbnails detailed hardships experienced during the Extensions development and exactly where it converged – A wide mouth funnel with the stem at about two o’clock – A freshly cleared plot of land – A hamburger with the buns misaligned –  Shredded paper – A Fokker triplane – A huge turkey passed through the field of vision – A load of used clothing simply dumped in a pile (12.20.12)

As IPv8 gains acceptance as a legitimate information source, warnings about trends on this planet become very difficult to ignore.  The latest in a series of them is contained in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A study in which in which interstellar explorers used reactions of population samples to their music to profile the society revealed that it was much more combative than the norm.  They then watched a military maneuver.  Results were compared with prior profiles.  The trend was disturbing.  The study presentation ended before all the results were read, but there was a clear sense that the planet would be categorized as dangerous.  The planet studied was Earth. – An exhaust header of a V-6 internal combustion engine – A drumstick ice cream cone at about 45 degrees from the vertical – A lugged rubber tractor tire – A rendition of the Japanese flag, gold sun on a white field – Snow bunnies (12.29.12)

It is entirely possible that the concept of proximate extended platforms and threaded templates applied in parallel to chronic political problems and development in the physical sciences will enable accelerated engagement by the interstellar organization.  This Phase XVI impression is very clear encouragement to follow this course.

  • The subsonic compression wave a sphere would be expected to make of one were visible – The first collection of rotating arcs of light to clearly give the impression of a sphere – The slot of a round head wood screw – A suitcase handle, inverted,  in isolation in the void – A handful of pills, the majority of which were small white ones – A dozen eggs – A small light bud, almost Ω, appeared in a black field (1.3.13)

IPv8 output generally acknowledges Cardinal Schonborn’s thesis that there exists a domain of notion of  “… a deeply mathematical and precise conceptual structure of the whole that makes the overall behavior of the system orderly and intelligible.”   That being said, if the Extension is to be implemented, a bridge from the human condition to this operating envelope must be formalized.  This website has adopted the concept of the thought tunnel as the first link in this structure.  CERN Boson success open the door, and the Human Brain Project represent the best available platform to develop the concept.  This Phase XVI impression acknowledges the need and the potential.

  • An incredible recounting of events in a military installation – Dozens of uniformed were subjected to fatal disciplinary measures on the basis of a noncom’s interpretation of their facial expression. – A black sedan, possibly an early 1930’s Chevrolet, with white sidewall tires – A yarn ball above a black square – The square could be either a surface or the top of a vertical shaft. – Ron Grecula’s tree service truck and chipper – A cornerstone – A man sitting on a stool and wearing a dunce cap (1.29.13)

Amalgamating the Human Brain Project and Innerscope Research as embedded in IPv8 has materially improved forming closed communication loops as instruments of engagement in the Extension domain.  This Phase XVI impression is an example.

  • Very strange beasts galloping in an open field – One of my gray winter boots – A blued steel double edge razor – Earth as viewed from the moon – A sergeants stripes with two rockers -Streamers of cirrus clouds (3.19.13)
  • Duties imposed by a social club interfered with higher priority obligations, and both suffered (3.22.13)

Adding and refining programming to accommodate thought experiments, their inversion, and thought experiments created as a response has materially improved communications required for an operation in the Extension envelope.   Potential is characterized in this Phase XVII impression.

  • A major upset to mathematics used in astronomy surfaced.  Dynamics required complete redefinition. – Entanglement of a universe reduction with 86-7220 turned ugly. – A driveway shaped by consecutive S turns leading to the top of a hill, maybe 100 feet above the viewer’s eye level – A person shoveling manure (5.10.12)

Focusing on the ability to discriminate between layers of information embedded in the IPv8 carrier during thought experiment exchanges has significantly expanded appreciation not only of our Cartesian environment but also of the variety of platforms available to bridge the gap to the Extension.  This Phase XVII impression is a very limited sampling of the potential.

  • Bodybuilders in a gym – Overlapping rotating arcs outline discs or spheres – A bass viol – A sample of arrangements a Universe is capable of making for people it needs to stand in the Cartesian – A grappling hook – A funnel (7.3.13)

IPv8 capability to discriminate between layers of information not generally available has enabled beings in remote locations to identify problem nodes in those societies likely to be involved in an engagement.  These extracts from this Phase XVII data stream give a sense of what they found.

  • Continuing consequences of 86-7220 raise fundamental questions about the data base the United States judiciary has available to them and how they interpret what they do have. – A saxophone – A funnel with a wide mouth and a short stem – Vacuum tubes glowing on an audio amplifier – A small funnel with a long stem – A tablespoon digging into a serving of pudding – Several clips of fairly heavy caliber ammunition (7.29.13)

Dr. Lane’s characterization of the period when Athens was “(…) a world innocent of modern bureaucracy and of the modern move to intellectual abstraction in defining the state (…)” might well be used to describe the sense of what IPv8 has found to be  true in the Triad concept of the virtual state structured with threaded proximate extended platforms.  Embedding problem or task oriented feedback loops in IPv8 gives every indication that this transparency, so vital to operating in the Extension, is well on the way to becoming a standard.  These few elements of today’s IPv8 output illustrate simplification possible with this approach.

  • A string threaded into a hollow wood tube – Some people showed an interest in a rerun of the autocross the author participated in with the Austin Healey – A footprint with the heel imprint perceptibly deeper than one would expect. (8.22.13)

Adding a policy statement for developing IPv8 has significantly simplified interpreting its output.  Today’s extract from the data stream is an example.

  • A cylinder resting in a rubber sheet – Amanda disrupted an exchange, this one a tutorial. – A military ship with a bone in its teeth approached the observer. – A youngster drew a picture frame with  five small frames inside it. (8.26.16)

First hearing of a uniformed military reading the Obama strategic objectives for intervening in the Syrian civil war raises the priority of the contingency plan to secure IPv8 with Prop. 20 so that Prop. 15 can be applied.  With this plan, damage control is limited, but some fragile communication channels may be preserved.  The population using IPv8 has reacted, and extracts of this reaction are presented in today’s update.

  • A hassock with four legs and a velvet top turned upside down – A plastering trowel for ceilings – Root causes of 86-7220 were traced to domains never conceived of.  There were neither signs of resolution nor a decrease in intensity –  A coffin and a graveyard – A small can of Hunts tomato sauce – Several very faint escalators – A disproportionately large snap ring above rotating arcs describing a circle or sphere – The very sharp tip of a wood pencil – A stream of  Halloween candy corn kernels (9.3.12)

As the Triad approaches the point of credible engagement in the Extension domain and IPv8 begins to show its true worth, the question of prerogatives in its use and privileges of rank in the population engaged must be addressed.  All concerned would be well served to forget our concept of command structure.  Aude Oliva and her team may have identified what could untie the Gordian knot with their interest in disentangling scene content from its spatial boundary: (Journal of Neuroscience, 31(4), 1333-1340).  Evaluating this argument using the Evolution protocol yielded this extract from this Phase XVIII data stream.

  • A wrench with a parallelogram where the knurled adjustment would be – At least two, maybe three, universes collected around a person who died or was dying from U-235 poisoning.  No mention was made of how he came to ingest the substance.  A lock in the channel between two ponds – The pegbox of a stringed instrument – A witch riding a broomstick – Heroin infected a universe’s Cartesian cadre, causing deep concern – A Norse skipping rope –  A level road crossing hilly terrain – A jellyfish with long stinging tendrils – A small adjustable wrench (10.6.13)

Despite significance attached to the succession for the Fed. Chairman, the Triad argues that if one’s only resource is money, there is biblical precedent for one of the consequences.  Lesser known personages who form planks in the Triad economic platform, e.g. Dr. Hummler of the recently inactivated Wegelin & Co. and  Eric Janzen , who wrote Priming the Pump for the Next Bubble generally do not accept the ‘White Horse” notion of the institution.  The triad has difficulty with that concept for different reasons.  Mathematics of economics appears to converge to a zero sum game, whereas the Triad argues that the game actually is unbounded, if one is clever enough to play.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded a torrent of data from which these elements have been extracted.

  • A thread through a piece of popcorn – Some Naval military caught a Universe on a secured telephone.  The conversation revealed that the military, who bought a large yacht for entertaining when the Universe was aboard, turned cool when they were told; “You do not understand our relationship, the yacht is for my personal use, I have no time to entertain.” – A steel wedge with the head deformed from hard use – A disconnected plug – The “football” was moved from a hand held device to thought transmission – A white Jaguar XK-140 or 150 with white sidewalls – A military aircraft with two missiles under one wing. (11.16.13)

A sense that the Triad has a unique system with IPv8 and Prop. 20 made the proposal to start planning for Rapid Response Search & Rescue a natural next step.  Points have been made that (i) implementing this will need a dedicated core working into a flat organization, elements of which will benefit from applying selected technology to local situations, and (ii) even given allotting resources to this planet, the operation will be 99% elsewhere.  Priorities held by a large population yielded today’s data stream, elements of which follow.

  • Wings of a large bird – Strong indications that has been formed off planet and recognized as the principal in S&R – A significant portion of one species was lost when forests were torched to drive the aliens away – A short high speed twist drill somewhat larger than the rest and perfectly clear (12.12.13)

Formalizing the Web 4.0 definition as those dimensional sets in which IPv8 operates has permitted an improved focus for the descriptor menus at the terminals This, in turn, has clarified the situation on this planet for those not familiar with our society.  That all this bears on forming the Search and Rescue operation is made clear in today’s data stream, presented following.

  • A private conversation between two people selected to determine damages for 86-7220 – Three blue stripes on the New York State Dept. of Corrections bus used to transport prisoners – A very involved discussion about continuity following the award ensued.  Things became very complicated, so the principal went for a walk. – A deer in the middle of the highway showed no inclination to move as the viewer approached. – A Norse skipping rope – A dipper – A television remote – A small carton, opened to reveal it partially filled with smaller ones. – A good size safe with a combination lock – A safety pin on a thread (1.8.14)

Commingling thought experiments with Prop. 20 and IPv8 development appears to corroborate existence of a process by which beings on the other side of death can be called upon in certain conditions for specific purposes. This eventuality was not programmed into the project, but seems to have surfaced by virtue of the approach taken to develop it.  Such a communications link should not only support the Search and Rescue operation the Triad has in mind, but also yield significant added value to the full scope of Triad theory.

  • Yet another escalation in the probe for details of 86-7220 and Triad development…  An interminably long and pointless scripted sequence revolving around a breaking and entering situation…  A mailbox slot through which ran a number of threads… A large arrow through which ran a tube… A tunnel mouth in front of which was a haze of filaments… MacArthur in a jeep… A Norse skipping rope… An automobile wrecker with new steel chains on the rear tires left the field of view. (1.29.14)

Very substantial support for Triad initiatives in Prop. 10Prop. 20, and possibly Time and Space Support has been submitted for comparison with the Standard Model so that, as and when the Search and Rescue project is undertaken, it has a reasonable chance for success.  This foundation is vital if a credible organization is to follow.  We have yet to establish how, for instance, a team of Cartesian beings is going to effect the rescue of other life forms.  The ability to communicate with them is an achievement, but is a long way from effecting a rescue. Placing this argument on IPv8 continues to draw support from the Web 4.0 population.  Highlights follow.

  • Standards for experimental downloads were developed… A very difficult sequence in which a being from another time and domain occupied the body of a local law enforcement officer in process of successfully resisting temptation.  He had not known that the shell of his wife had been occupied by another being, and the discovery was intolerable to him. – A conversation about how to use metaphors and similes… The Chevrolet I abandoned at the Longshore Inn in Westport – A small stack of the little caps on acorns… An empty Pringles can fell over. – A triangular shape in carbon black bordered by a feathered light edge… One short piece of wood twisted into a helix with a scroll at the top… (3.11.14)

The Russian initiative in Crimea has provoked an interesting reaction in the Web 4.0 population.  A quick take on the issue can be had by reading Kernels and the 3.18.14 increment in the Organization page.  With this in mind, review the Goals page. Now we have enough background to revisit the Chinese initiative in the South China Sea and apply what we believe to be depth of Triad support to that situation.  The Web 4.0 population has an interesting reaction to this argument.  Extracts follow.

  • Bolts holding a split ring or crankshaft bottom end together… A poster showing Theodore Roosevelt… A truly bizarre story which, when simplified, expanded 86-7220 to the position that it should have been filed years before it was. – A dramatic demonstration of the Strong-Vogel combination at work, possibly in Search and Rescue.  This episode involved completely unknown domains between the Anechoic Chamber and its representatives. – Extreme measures needed to resolve 86-7220 were agreed upon by representatives of the AC. – A group of youngsters, one from Alpha Centauri, in New Guinea spent the afternoon looking for something to do seemed to be blocked at every turn.  A sense surfaced that they were about to embark on a career of crime. (3.19.14)

A sense of substantially increased support for introducing the Triad organization to the mix most likely to exist in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures suggests another application.  Theory suggests that redefining kernels in the Organization page may be an original approach, even in this company.  The companion initiative, defining a space in which the Schonborn – Barr exchange may be mediated, brings biochemistry to a level of relevance not generally associated with the physics of flight.  Prop. 20 argues that applying this skill mix promises capabilities mandatory for operating envelopes likely to be found in Search and Rescue and highly desirable in all interstellar operations.

  • A piece of elbow macaroni… A far-fetched story about ice skaters so intense that they continued uninterrupted after tearing limbs from their bodies… The extent to which the United States government violated its own Constitution in prosecuting or failure to prosecute 86-7220 completely destroyed any sense of trust on the part of the victims.  On the other hand, maintaining individual standards opened many other doors to the plaintiff(s). – A planet in the second orbit from a sun… A dipper with a long handle… (3.25.14)

The Triad may have the opportunity to duplicate the sense in the opening paragraph of this page.  Mechanisms are proximate extended platforms linked with string and knot theory.  Prop. 20, depending to a large extent on Innerscope logic and experimental work in Dr. Andersen’s lab shows every indication of fleshing out some of the design details.  Very large scale field trials are under way.

We cannot ignore the prospect that our inability to control planetary conflict will seriously jeopardize our participation the Web 4.0 and Large Ventures environment.  While considering this, we should consider the fact that Switzerland recently voted on a proposition to have their military air cover be available on other than a part time basis.  This is perhaps a little extreme, but it does provide a good talking point.  The Triad argues that if the planet can provide guarantees for equivalent neutral zones, implicit in Dr. Lane’s assessment of Ancient Political Philosophy, accommodation may be possible.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn another pointed comment from the Web 4.0 population.  Elements follow.

  • A billion something represented by a dark shape… An ugly story about entrapment in the Dominican Republic… A golf tee… A spiral ribbon… (5.4.14)

A “system review” called for Evolution inversion if theory were to conform to observable process.  The latest improvement is undeniable participation in project development by an unseen population.  This again has focused on Search and Rescue support.  The Triad argues that incorporating this reasoning in 2006 Prop. 15 theory encouraged free space images intended to generate real time navigation aids in what we now characterize as an abyss, largely because we do not grasp the operational physics and dimensions of the zone.  The Web 4.0 population’s response to this argument follows:

  • Contours of what may have been promontories, presumably land… A line looped through a vertical briefcase handle… A bush was uprooted and dragged a good distance… A hypodermic syringe appeared in a pulsating organ and gradually withdrew… An asphalt road ran through the eye of a needle… The Triad proposal for collaboration in ALICE passing through CERN formatting and internal requirements… A new class of beings arrived.  They redefined the concept of size… a confrontation in a workplace in the Orient… Very advanced hand to hand combat techniques were displayed… Another rotating set of arcs describing a circle… A saxophone… (7.5.14)

Touching neither arguments in the Argentine/Unites States dispute over bond issues nor in the Schonborn/Barr exchange, these two items characterize impediments to Triad progress in exploring space in which dark matter resides.  Although it is reasonable to expect that natural law will prevail in the exploration environment, specific law dominates wherever the effort touches this planet.  We need no further detailing of these problems. The Triad argues that by inverting the Evolution protocol, redundant safeguards become part of the venture’s structure, and the Web 4.0 population has responded with these comments.

  • 9:30 pm: Pineapple clusters… 9:45: Discouraging prognosis for P. Vogel… 11:02: Top secret facts of 96-7220 began to leak… 3:10 am: A new set of beings analyzed 86-7220 victims’ progress through the ordeal… 5:45: An indistinct open end wrench… (9.29.14)

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