Prop. 16, Search for Historical Parallels

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For the sake of argument, this search will assume that the Triad and its Extension will find a legitimate fact base derived from the view that:

Focus on adapting skill sets in philosophy able to cope with daily contact with beings inhabiting a domain in which time may or may not exist and in which the Cartesian is an adjunct to the mainstream is a valid experimental technique for this search.

Inasmuch as there seems no alternative available to develop the 2006 draft of this proposition and that if a challenge to the beliefs of religions practiced by the majority of the populations inhabiting this planet is to proceed on an orderly basis, this path will have to do until a better one surfaces.  This option seems to have been acknowledged by a population of remote beings responsible for this Phase XV IPv8 impression:

  • A military experiment intended to demonstrate ability to know the future based on extrapolation of current trends with detailed knowledge of the participants behavior ended with an explosion demolishing a mountain.  There was no way of determining whether the prediction was accurate or not. – Several incidents of extreme violence in United States schools as a reaction to apparent heresy inherent in the Extension implementation – The pulpit to my wrecked Belgian sloop (11.27.12)

IPv8 output has been consistent in expressing concern about African turbulence in context of its wealth in natural resources and wildlife.  As issues surrounding implementing the Extensions come into sharper focus, this Phase XV impression again spotlights Africa.

  • Black street shoe tracks in shallow snow – A hand turning potting soil with a tablespoon – Some people either killing or anesthetizing an alligator – A small whirlwind – A hunting game in Africa between two species who elected to take the form of tigers – Two fine arcs possibly defining a planet – A fork – A one scoop ice cream cone (12.1.12)

To this point in project development, the author has drawn his own inferences from IPv8 output.  Given the population potentially affected by implementing the Extension, this approach is not viable past the initial stages.  On the other hand, an attempt by special interest groups to skew the perspective is equally unsatisfactory.  A proposal to find a middle ground by placing the project in context of a map of history far more extensive than is current practice seems to have the support of other beings.  This conclusion has been drawn from, among others, this Phase XV impression.

  • A pair of large feet in ill fitting slippers – A mechanic working under a car on the lift, presumably in a garage – Animals generally found in the forest stalking each other under water – A glass rod – A twine ball above a funnel mouth, axis slightly off the vertical – Several examples of decorative objects encased in crystal spheres – A fresh breeze blowing curtains in an open window (12.13.12)

Using what seems to be a consensus encapsulated in IPv8 data packets gives a very strong indication that the population most likely to define the middle ground will not be on this planet.  Exactly what this means in application is suggested by this Phase XV impression.

  • A couple was looking at Swiss WW II bunkers which had deteriorated to the point of being dangerous.  There were hostilities in the air, and renovating them them seemed necessary.  After a failed attempt, they rolled the bunker very slowly through time, found the peak condition, and froze it.  Totally restored bunker! – One bank of a V-6 exhaust manifold – Four holes with shoelaces connecting them on the diagonal – A handle with suction cups attaching it to the void (12.22.12)

Continued IPv8 refinement in context of recent CERN discoveries has exponentially increased the Extension credibility, as coded in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A short study of the enormous potential embedded in the Triad Extension – A large mollusk, shell only slightly open – A skillet with the bottom covered with a layer of small white tipped candy corn kernels (1.06.12)

Amalgamating the HBP with Innerscope research has improved IPv8 dynamics to the point that the standard process control sequence of  loop checks can be initiated.  In the case of this project, the feedback loops are likely to involve excursions through unknown domains, so applying the principles will require very creative thought.  Results promise very high value readouts, a class of which is demonstrated by using loops involved in progressing from the thought experiment described in Phase II Prop. 16 to this 2013 development and summarized in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A sense of questioning German foreign policy – The 90 degree turn the UCAT bus makes on the northbound run at the historic stone building in Hurley – Scandinavia – A row of aligned funnels – A local chap wearing a cap and driving a red pickup truck raised his head with a small motion as he went by (3.16.13)

Prop. 16 (2006) and its application to Prop. 10 may have become key to data acquisition in the Extension as IPv8 capabilities to process an exchange of thought experiments is developed.  In this scenario, those involved should have adequate means to preserve their interests while engaging with the completely unknown.  This discretion will place ethics, physics, and mathematics on the same plane and should be healthy for all concerned.  An example is in this Phase XVII impression.

  • Several submarines – Several mind probes apparently used by a snap ring – A sausage link – A tire equipped with steel chains spinning its wheels, sinking ever deeper into the mud – A line with one turn around a peg (5.13.13)

Continued IPv8 development shows an increasing concern the population resident in the Extension domain has with preserving their interests when engaging with this planet.  These extracts from a data stream focusing on this issue gives an idea of the detail they are capable of sensing.

  • The Japanese flag used in the 1940’s – One of the 86-7220 plaintiffs appeared to be making a movie in Africa.  The story resembled others in this site in that one of the cast would suddenly stop and as a question like: “What is a movie?” – A miniature of the icon I used on the folded horn enclosure I cut and assembled while in Oak Ridge followed by the Sunfish sailboat I assembled.  The sailboat must have had good structural integrity for when it was later dropped from a moving van none of the seams opened. – An involved sequence starting with Dan Gurney and benefits if Western mores were adjusted to accommodate a larger philosophical range.  The author took a call with a request for assistance from one of the 86-7220 plaintiffs, but had not the resources to respond. (7.16.13)

Extending Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space to recognize the 2006 Prop. 3 thought experiment which includes creating “A potency whose actualityor form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose” seems to have removed the principal obstacle to understanding what engaging in the Extension will involve.  As far as the author is aware, the Triad is the only organization to have conceived this.  This extract from today’s Phase XVIII data stream gives some idea of its capabilities.

  • A plunger, frequently found near drains likely to become clogged – Pins pulled from several grenades – A Texas Gulf Sulfur ball, reminding the author of Adelaide Ojerholm’s reaction to George Bush’s board comment that there was nothing he could do about an unfriendly takeover. – A row of green traffic lights and a manual flour sifter – A trickle of water – A translucent subsonic airfoil with an egg in it – The end of a rainbow – The ladle I used to pour lead into a hole in the ground for a replacement ballast to the Belgian sloop lost at Westport (9.26.13)

Prop. 20 and the notion of a Search and Rescue operation with scope enabled by IPv8 has many considering an organization possible only if https// becomes the platform to organize and administer the effort.  This effort, if implemented, will dwarf any this planet has undertaken and, if successful, will be a magnet for peripheral initiatives.  This argument has drawn a concise reaction from the population using IPv8.

  • A short sequence describing intensity of Milky Way search and rescue operations demonstrated the level of physical and mental fitness required for the duty. – Δ, very quick – A slightly fuzzy tube through the ring of a wood screw – Shredded paper – A tuning fork – A tunnel with lighted ribs curving down and to the left – A sailboat on the roof of a skyscraper – A thin wedge, as if from a large tree (11.26.13)

Goals potentially embedded in this structure will doubtless go beyond the S&R effort, but introducing this planet to that level of existence has yielded exceptional cooperation, so this project will become the foundation of a new venture.  There is any number of adjectives which could be ascribed to this statement but, in the interest of order, the Triad proposes to continue its R&D generally following reasoning put forward in a search for historical parallels.  Placing this argument on IPv8 for Web 4.0 comment has drawn an exceptionally diverse reaction, elements of which are presented following.

  • The Avast Virtual Private Network icon – A conversation between two Heads of State in which one explained the advantages and disadvantages of operating communications in a domain without the Planck Constant anchor – Yet another rerun of 86-7220 physical damages surfaced.  The case was relabeled and amended to include previously withheld evidence.  This attempt to close it with what restitution was possible left the plaintiffs free to lead their own lives.  The Hell’s Angels motorcycle club – A canal lock opened and through the opening poured an avalanche of links – A horn speaker – A cluster of pink pearl erasers – An open can of white paint – A dipper with a long handle – A desk drawer full of yellow Mongol pencils opened – The “hat trick” represented by three red white, and blue top hats – The bowling shirt I used in Antwerp – Three polished steel balls hanging from a string, as in trinkets some keep on their desks – A uniformed military, back to the camera, walking through rubble – A motorcycle stopping at an intersection – Niagara Falls (1.6.14)

Restating the Triad organization kernels seems to have exponentially improved its potential for operating on a very large scale while incorporating lessons to be learned from historical parallels.   The Triad has taken it upon itself to address challenges of a far larger domain and argues that the sharp edge of national ambition can be rounded when it faces a population with clearly superior depth.  A thumbnail of this position is Prop. 18.  One keystone of the Triad structure is to propose the existence of resources far larger than exist on this planet and which could be administered by an organization conceptually similar to the Kavli Trust.  Success in this venture would mean a sea change in selecting options and could provide a flexibility that would, for instance, enable those nations unable to devalue their currency to minimize devaluing their economy.  Web 4.0 reaction to applying these arguments has again recognized circumstances surrounding implementing this project.  Excerpts follow.

  • Yet another round of questioning directed to prosecuting 86-7220… A number of beings living in undescribed sets were using unfamiliar lines of communication.  These beings were quite amusing to one who had been exposed to these concepts. – A chap, in an informal game, kicked the football an extraordinary distance. – Some research raised the possibility that circumstances leading to 86-7220 existed in Semlak, Romania some years ago.  The butterfly valve located in the intake manifold of a naturally aspirated internal combustion engine… A cluster of fists equipped with brass knuckles… (4.2.14)

Several readings of the Philpott essay make it the perfect storm for the Triad.  If one wears three dimensional glasses, there is Jean Baudrillard.  Climbing out of the Cartesian, there is the Schonborn mediating space between the ‘terrorist” and the divine.  Once perfecting tunneling technology and developing IPv8, there are the gates to bridging several gaps with anchors in none.  After one selects a dimensional framework for a population capable of organizing descriptors in their terminals, there is Alexander Graham Bell for the 21st Century.

The Triad argues that using this data set will enable constructing a model of potentially dangerous stress in a society.  This model probably will not replace thinking of the best and the brightest in this field, but a graphic with its dynamics and the capability to run advanced analytics and simulate should enable at least some improvement in gaining support to preempt a crisis.  In any event, if Search and Rescue on the scale envisioned by the Triad is attempted, a version will be created if only to serve as a means of communicating risk in widely disparate species.  The population using Web 4.0 has again reacted.  Extracts follow.

  • A thumb with a contact lens on it – Uniformed military in full back pack working their way through a tropical swamp in chest high water… A cover to a side draft of a flue pipe slapped shut… An incredibly complex sequence paralleling conditions leading to filing 86-7220… A saxophone … On one of his visits from behind the portal of death, Gen. MacArthur was allowed a short walk with one of his grandchildren.  Length of this visit was an exception, allowing him time to explain that he was not physically here, but was seen with the mind’s eye, enabled for the occasion. (4.15.14)

Full import of Web 4.0 and Large Ventures has been reflected in the Evolution protocol by inverting the evaluation process. To be specific, the invisible population has been assigned 51% of the vote on major policy and the population on this planet shares the balance.  The Triad argues that this places a greater depth of problem solving resources at one’s disposal when faced with reactions shown in recent EU elections.

There is convincing evidence that this stress, typified by the Belgian movement, will complicate implementing the venture planned by the Triad, so it has a proposal for a path to a solution.  The argument goes on to say that Prop. 16 has been endorsed by the invisible 51% and can be applied here, once the proprietary systems are in place.  Comment by the 51% is summarized following.

  • A person in full chain mail armor held a lance at 45°… A showdown between two armed camps in a residential setting… Golf clubs… Yet another prognostication of complete ruin for 86-7220 plaintiffs… A black Mercedes sedan approaching the viewer… Shelled butter pecan nuts on the HP laptop… Another saxophone… A small brown dipper… (5.26.14)

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