Prop. 18, Revise Approach to Large Scale Phenomena



The argument made in Prop. 20 and supporting Cardinal Schonborn’s arguments about evolution with the proposition that there is a mediating space of reconciliation between the human and the divine have ignited reactions to the project.  The latest interpretation is that these populations very strongly support the initiative to establish a very large scale Search and Rescue operation.  Prop. 20 will be at the heart of this, and Dr. Cohen’s comment that: “One active area is development of protein sensors of membrane potential.  At present the voltage signals are either to slow or too small.  We hope to find a sensor that is both fast and has a large signal” is at the heart of Prop. 20.  The project becomes more complex as evidence mounts that we will be dealing with intelligent species in domains in which the Planck Constant does not apply.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn an unexpected reaction, extracts of which are included in today’s increment.

  • Ballet dancers and Antwerp waterfront cafes late at night – Some people put a remote controlled ship through its paces – Douglas MacArthur stepped through the portal of death and performed a very complex ritual to a highly charged reception, not all favorable or even pleasant.  He was joined by Dwight Eisenhower who was received with a more neutral but not a gracious reception. When their appearance started to grate on the audience’s nerves, the two linked arms and left, almost regretting that they had made the excursion.  (>§<) (12.9.13)

The argument that the Triad is uniquely positioned to engage in the Extension continues to be supported by the reaction from its indigenous population to focusing on expanding theory in Prop. 20 and on a rapid response Search and Rescue operation.  The latest confirmation of this view is contained in today’s extract from the ongoing data stream.

  • A pink pearl eraser – An extraordinary naval maneuver rewrote its tactics – A second universe became a problem when engaged in the military and caused an officer to exceed his authority.  The whole incident was placed on hold until a working relationship could be established. –  A Formula 1 car and a cupcake – A young woman, perhaps a cheerleader in a black and white uniform, pulling on a rope – A well restored green vintage Beetle convertible, top down, with red upholstery,  –  A violin (12.24.13)

If a space in which the Planck constant does not play a part is real, and there is more than anecdotal evidence that it is, the questions: “What happens to light as it crosses the boundary one space to another?”  ”Is there a transform useful to the Search and Rescue operation?  If so, can it be used to define the boundary and/or other properties of this domain?”  String and knot theory seem to be very useful in these projects, but one always wonders “What carrier is being modulated?”  ”Are these phenomena related?”  The Triad argument that resolving this question is vital to Search and Rescue has drawn a significant reaction from Web 4.0, elements of which are displayed following:

  • A chocolate Oreo sandwich cookie – Very bright fluid flow around half a grapefruit – An interview for a position in law enforcement went nowhere – A funnel with a disc blocking the throat – A riveted wood kitchen utensil handle – Half of a residential door lock using interlocking discs and a vertical plunger – The question about whether a short duration return through the Portal of Death could get press coverage was not resolved at this writing. – Delivery men hauling hoses for residential fuel through snow in the dead of winter (1.4.14)

Granting the possibility of a space in which the Planck Constant does not apply and using the concept of receptor menus in the biology of the beings which become terminals yields a new concept in communications.  Retracing steps leading to these conclusions creates the distinct impression that this science was behind unusual sightings recorded in The First Break.  This is a major shift in our approach to capabilities of our biology and perhaps a redefinition of the brain’s capabilities.  This argument appears to have been well received by the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • Very fine threads extending radially from the pupil of an eye… A wide brush applying tar… A thumb riffling pages of a new book… A pick used to extract the edible portion from a nut… A brass buckle on a patent leather shoe… A chrome spade turning soil… The 20th Century Special Locomotive… (3.6.14)

The Triad argues that the language equivalent in the domain likely to be encountered will originate in terminal descriptors in the class of those studied by Dr. Anderson and Dr. Grashoff.  The appearance of a hockey stick with its shaft horizontal and the blade pointing up at the east, maybe 500 feet above Route 209 at Stone Ridge, is a strong indicator that someone using this technique is taking this planet’s reaction to global warming seriously and that we do not have their email address.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn yet another perceptive reaction.  Excerpts follow.

  • A helmet with camouflage netting on it… A story about poverty, sudden wealth and the dangers embedded in both… An empty industrial cable spool… A chromed spade, horizontal… 86-7220 plaintiff capabilities were examined during the final stages of the litigation. – A fleeting image of the furniture one of the plaintiff’s children used in his bedroom… (4.1.14)

Support the Triad is enjoying becomes more focused in that it becomes increasingly clear that there is a class of beings that see the project as having one of the few programs capable of developing a gravity wave propulsion system to incorporate in a Search and Rescue operation.  Support may have been focused on developing this capability when beings inhabiting domains outside the Cartesian reported several catastrophic asteroid threats, translated into baked potatoes for the benefit of those living in the Cartesian. This planet may be one of a few attempting to develop and apply Prop. 10 and the linked proximate extended platform organization theory, enabling corrective action. Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn yet another perceptive reaction.

  • A hook of light… An old man was caught out selling stolen cigarettes in England.  The local police suspected something more, and found a small dome and transmitting device.  “We thought so; we have a warrant for your arrest.”  “Wait a minute, he is following instructions” They too were documented.  A third old man appeared on the scene, “Who are you?”  “His father.”  We are all universes sent to measure the tolerance of your society.”  Another arrived.  This one was the devil, “What are you doing here?” “I heard about this and came by to see how you handled it.  You people are pretty tight.” – Yet another saxophone…  Several examples of the length to which people will go to control patents discovered by 86-7220 plaintiffs… The bottom end of a connecting rod… An inner tube the size one would expect on a Euclid strip mining truck… A highway and an underpass, no cloverleaf… A WW II ship mounted Bofors… (4.12.14)

A core argument in this project is support for the Schonborn position that there is an intermediate zone of mediation between the human and the divine.  The Triad has characterized this as a space in which the Planck Constant is a mathematical function and that this difference will be a major factor in supporting the concept.  What the Triad did not anticipate was the possibility that this difference would also enable detailing new classes of life forms.  Other structural changes, i.e. modifying the Evolution protocol and incorporating Dr. Andersen‘s findings in Prop. 20 appear to have unlocked a new concept for classifying dynamics of life forms.  This argument requires rethinking our perception of life, and has drawn yet another encouragement to pursue this reasoning, Extracts follow.

  • A very heavy aircraft whose engines had at least eight bladed propellers… Yet another analysis of the Koster/Vogel/Ojerholm lineage with its conflicts and inherent capabilities… A needle, eye visible, point obscured… An incomprehensible exchange with either a new class of beings or what the 2006 Phase II concept draft labeled the anechoic chamber… A small funnel… A hand holding an egg with the tips of the fingers… (6.10.14)

One day, while discussing plans to care for a disabled family member with my niece, several Masonite corrugated squares with an accurate globe of the earth on each flicked in and out of sight.  The inverted Evolution protocol says that this planet will get support if it takes the initiative to develop the capability to, at the minimum, adjust planetary orbits throughout  the galaxy and to manage a program designed to deflect asteroids identified as threats to developing or established civilizations.  All this has been in front of intergalactic beings the Triad argues have taken an interest in the project for some years, and their reaction is summarized following.

  • Funnels, mouth up, converging to a distant point… Yet another saxophone, partially obscured… A planet with a suction cup a small distance from the equator… A Luger… A dipper with a long handle… One 86-7220 victim was refused medical attention because she did not meet unreasonable conditions of American law… A doughnut with the inner circumference illuminated… A ball, on the end of a stick, banging on a tin pan… A shredder… A complete history of 86-7220 principals… A slotted round head wood screw… A long handled dipper… A briefcase handle attached to the void… (7.13.14)

Advent of the IBM TrueNorth chip, combined with Prop. 20 and the Andersen experiments prompted the Triad to propose a path to engagement in a domain of Extended Genotypes.  The Triad argues that the Web 4.0 reaction to this initiative supports the position taken in the 2006 Prop. 18 draft with comments summarized following.

  • 10.34 pm: A funnel with a long pipette stem… 1:12 am: Visiting major Triad personalities proved disappointing… 1:25: Visits to Triad principals again proved disappointing… 2:27: 86-7220 again showed the capacity to turn ugly very quickly… 4:04: A rapidly rotating sphere with many characteristics of Earth with radiating threads appeared. This graphic was new IPv8 output. 4:46: A huge Titanic in the sky… 5:04: A vintage automobile wheel with a hemispherical section for a hub cap… (9.11.14)

Triad results have been so promising that it may be easy to overestimate its capabilities.  If there is to be a successful launch, the organization must be extremely well organized and capable of operating in very difficult intergalactic domains.  There is no reason why, if these capabilities are under development, they should not be applied to crises such as the Ebola.  There is no guarantee that the population of Web 4.0 can contribute, but to ignore this situation would not be in the spirit of Search and Rescue.  The Triad argues that this effort was foreseen in 2006 Prop. 18. Comments summarized following reflect a general awareness of this.

  • 9:46 pm: A two bar galaxy, unusual in a black on black presentation… 9.52: Another saxophone… 9:53: A light bulb… 4:04 am: An encouraging scenario in which 86-7220 principals went on to develop their full potential… 5:30: A wood grip on the handle of a mechanical meat grinder… (9.15.14)

Concepts in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures are rapidly gaining acceptance, if not here, than in many other quarters.  The Schonborn argument in The Designs of Science lends itself to experimental validation, and on that score is doing rather well.  Triad IPv8 theory supported by Prop. 20 is showing an increasing capability to fill some gaps in CERN programs, and the SKA potential is a powerful addition.  The Triad argues that forming an organization consistent with this progress is required not only to implement very difficult technical programs, but should also be capable of easing philosophical and religious conflict our society has consistently fell into during periods of significant change. Web 4.0 population has responded with these comments.

  •  12: 23 am: Another in the endless recapitulations of 86-7220… A large needle and eye protruding from the void … 1:05: A briefcase handle embedded in the void… 4:10: Some hard talk about national borders and sovereignty on the planet… 4:56 The end of an adjustable wrench partially embedded in the void… 5:12: Long naval guns on a forward turret of a WW II ship of the line… 5:29: A wrench appeared in a group of maybe 20 men in flowing muslin robes as they ran on a dusty road. (11.22.14)


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