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Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris - Christopher Kramer

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris – Christopher Kramer

A Triad fundamental is the belief that resources consumed by “counterterrorism” are a waste if parallel progress in resolving core issues is not successful.  For better or for worse, this view has yielded an approach placing Ratio before Fides in Pope John Paul II’s Fides and Ratio equation. That is not to say that there is no faith in the existence of a prime being, but it is to say there is little if any faith in a claim to a priority access to this being or a priority in interpreting all aspects of it. This has oblique support in interpolating views woven through the highly respected work of Cardinal Schonborn and Dr. Eisenstadt.  A synthesis of one of their fundamentals is taken as:

  • “The question dividing many societies is whether a social category or subcategory or the natural world is the proper mediator between the unlimited mind of the Creator and the limited mind of humans.”  ( S. N. Eisenstadt)

There seems to be encouragement to pursue this line of reasoning.  Information organization is detailed in Phase II Experiment, and Proposition 2 will either take the reader down the road of inquiry or cause him to slam the door.  The following impression to be included in Phase IV will give the reader some idea of how the Triad intends to modify its approach.

  • A pair of swim fins and a mahogany inboard – Evan and Amanda reacted to all the problems in their life by taking hormones morphing them into part animal.  They appeared at one social occasion, almost shredded one person with their teeth, and ran screaming into the forest.  “How do we get rid of them?”  “Shoot one and they both die, but do not miss, for they have thousands following them.  They will descend on you like the plague.”  A 35 mm film canister – Some people, completely disgusted with the course of events, reviewed them, validated all they could, and came to the conclusion that this was as simple as Teapot Dome II.  (10-14-09)

And following with Phase VI:

  • Khaki trousers being dressed over polished boots – Experimental results give strong indications that a direct link from human thought to an animate universe has been established – The author’s Peak School photograph – Ω  (3-29-10)

Focus on potential of developing linkages IPv4 through IPv8 has yielded very promising cues, one of which is in this Phase VII impression.

  • A horribly  disfigured angel showed up in Egypt.  All concerned thought it a tragic sight, apparently beyond the capacity of all to repair.  When the angel’s identity was disclosed, a new chap showed up and told the angel to lie down in the desert sand.  “Far too hot, it will finish him!”  “Not so, I am used to working in far hotter places.”  Everyone knew what he meant, and stood back.  The sequence ended with repairs under way while the new chap raced the clock to finish before his blood cooled to the point of congealing.  (4-17-10)

Is this an example of judgement by others filtering or adding new information to IPv8?

Inasmuch as Wegelin & Co. has been approached to lead a due diligence effort for the transition from a site build to a wealth producing organization with exploration capabilities, it seems appropriate to develop current information focused on assisting them in their task.  Continued IPv8 probing has yielded these Phase VII impressions.

  • A light streak on the conjugate axis of a hyperbola – A cluster of Halloween candy corn kernels – Several cracks in a large ice field  (5.15.10)
  • A short story, details of which faded fast, in which a weak point of law was won by skillful courtroom theatrics.  Following the argument, two Scotsmen went to a pub for a wee dram and hatched a plan for a foundation to rebalance the scales.  –  A chap in the middle of a game at a bowling alley (5.19.10)

Probing a number of disciplines using IPv8 as a tool for validating or refining 2006 Phase II hypotheticals both reinforces several basic premises and suggests routes to improving weak arguments.  These Phase VIII impressions encourage continued refinement using this technique.

  • A chap wearing a dunce cap while sitting on a stool in the corner of a room – A black horse with fine lines obviously enjoying himself while exercising in a pasture – A fishhook with threads hanging from it  (7.30.10)
  • An Android with very advanced capabilities appeared in a community.  Many expected the scene to turn ugly, but it faded too quickly to be conclusive. – A red-eyed bat  (8.19.10)
  • A fork and a Corelle Shadow Iris place setting – A long story about the Air Force and a pyramid (8.29.10)
  • A hex head sheet metal screw fastening two work pieces together – A portion of a compact disc about 30 degrees to the horizontal – White landscape with a contoured slope  (9.7.10)
  • Ω rotated 90 degrees clockwise  (9.9.10)

Trials using IPv8 as a cornerstone MIS have given every indication that Phase IX has the potential for a showcase for the transition of the website to a new venture.  This impression opens the trial.

  • A chap bringing water skis to a plane  (11.20.10)

Almost unbelievable IPv8 fidelity to 2006 Phase II concepts yields these Phase X impressions.

  • A long sequence of brutal games very similar to gladiatorial combat in the Coliseum during the peak of the Roman Empire – The photograph of Chrissie in a wagon (2.4.11)
  • An android got too close to a transmitting tower and fell from a roof, opening a discussion about android life span and related safety issues.  (4.16.11)

Phase XI, with the addition of a core strategy to Phase II Goals,  should enable developing complex programs in very difficult environments, as characterized by these impressions.

  • A fork in a bowl of dry breakfast cereal – Multiple sequences of disgusting human behavior – A short sequence about training the mind (6.9.11)
  • The file Unzip Wizard program icon – Several loaves of bread – A funnel, mouth up – A chap wearing a t-shirt opened and walked through a brand new white door – A black circle in a white square – A circlip, open end up (6.12.11)
  • A story about an extraordinary number of identical pocket watches (6.26.11)
  • A miniature Phantom on top of the toaster (7.12.11)

Phase XII has shown exceptional progress in finding and focusing on kernels of opportunity by tracing the path of progress and its most clearly defined branches.  These impressions give every reason to believe that IPv8 is again the principal enabling innovation .

  • Exhaust headers, either on a V6 or a V8 – One end of an open end wrench – A subsonic aircraft rudder with the Pan Am logo on it (11.2.11)
  • A number of people watching unsuccessful attempts to develop a motor – One of the principals became so distracted he broke off and even stopped maintaining his grounds before he finished mowing his lawn. (11.16.11
  • Outlines of a global restabilization initiative began to emerge in Paris.  Whether prompted by events in Egypt and Iran or the collateralized mortgage debacle was not explained. – Very heavy earth moving equipment, some if it ready for the scrap yard – A basket full of chocolate Easter rabbits (12.20.11))

Adding Innerscope theory to the IPv8 front end has improved and focused reactions very significantly, as shown by a concise Phase XII impression.

  • Icicles – A paraffin disc (1.11.12)

Phase XIII may contain the innovation required to begin systematic analysis leading to an answer for Dr. Eisenstadt’s question quoted at the beginning of this page.  While adding Innerscope logic rationalized IPv8 output, using databases correlating emotion with physical variables and creating a prototype “emotion language”, gives every reason to believe that this addition has the potential of moving IPv8 to beta version capable of limited “conversation” with beings in this domain.  Even more intriguing, there seems to be an interest on the part of these beings to participate, aware of the full 2006 Phase II draft.  These Phase XIII impressions give some sense of how these beings translate.

  • Several wooden kitchen matches – Traffic lights, one not lit – A cluster of traffic lights, clearly not on the same circuit (3.1.12)
  • A cluster of funnels (3.9.12)
  • A fork (3.16.12)

A proposal to collaborate with the Square Kilometer Array has not only yielded a welcome acceleration to evaluating prospects for a venture launch, but it also seems to have prompted beings at remote IPv8 terminals to react to this comment made by Dr. Weiss:

  • “Theory-based evaluation is one approach that has a great deal of promise. But trying to use theory-based evaluation is difficult when programs do not have any explicit—or even implicit—theories, when programs are amorphous, or when they shift significantly over time.”

Placement of this Phase XVI impression could be taken as an invitation to explore the possibility that standards external to the planet exist.

  • A teaspoon placed horizontally, bowl to the left, on top of a place setting – A small two bar galaxy – The Liberty Bell (5.27.11)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to Prop. 2 as drafted in 2006 has proven a major boost to due diligence required for grounding the Triad concepts in a new venture, as evidenced by this Phase XIV impression.

  • Threads dropping into a venturi throat from 360 degrees of its circumference – They were well ordered and seemed to be equally spaced – A chap lost his way and found himself in a high mountain construction site.  He intended to leave by shifting space, and before he did, several of those on site were able to learn the moves. – Several faint indistinct wrenches (7.17.12)
  • A thumbnail equipment study for another expedition outside the Extensions zone – An almost imperceptible image of the water tower on Northern Boulevard between Bayside and Port Washington – Some people curling – An emergency medical team transporting a patient to an ambulance  (9.15.12)

Detailing history of IPv8 crosstalk not involving this planet is giving increasing credence to the notion that a precursor to the system exists and is being used to give cues for the one under development on Earth.  The corollary to this position is support for the full 2006 Prop. 5 draft.  Cues for continued development are explicit in this Phase XV impression.

  • A spiral galaxy – Albert Koster Sr. on a sailboat with a chrome winch – One bowling pin on the alley – Two halves of a wheel coming together, forming a functional unit – A vertical bicycle link – A can opener (10.12.12)
  • The palm of a hand and a galaxy in edge view – A piece, perhaps the last, of a jigsaw puzzle – Quad tailpipes emitting just a little something on starting a very low car with very wide tires (10.24.12)
  • A pair of discs, perhaps slightly concave, joined by a handle – An ice cream cone – A study of stress induced schizophrenia – A fork – A miniature galaxy in edge view (11.9.12)

Focusing on interpreting  IPv8 crosstalk has yielded very strong indicators of  a constructive mindset on the part of remote beings toward the Triad Extension.  One root of this mindset may be intent on their part to observe and coach the Cartesian population as it works its way through conflict and fear of the unknown.  This Phase XVI impression is another of these many indicators.

  • A thumbnail – An  outdoors gymnasium, quite busy – A circle composed of arcs of light at the end of a long tube – A black Austin Healey in a small parking area – White sidewall tires – Tuning keys on a guitar – A chap sporting a handlebar mustache posing with his foot on the running board of a vintage car, perhaps late 1920s or early 1930s – A mouse trap (12.23.12)

IPv8 output is giving every indication that it is one element of a search by remote beings for candidates to collaborate in managing threats and opportunities in their domain.  In this sense, the Extension network is as successful as it shows the capacity to complement a preexisting network and the ability to match goals and methods with inhabitants of a completely unknown environment.  In this sense, Phase II Experimental Support and Experimental Technique are descriptors for the acknowledgement process.  Support for implementing this position is in this Phase XV impression.

  • A study too complex to recite about a man who owned a small shelter in a vineyard or garden – One day, his children visited, noticed a small gold object on the bridge of his nose, and pulled it off.  The old man cried, “Now all my brains will come out!”  They did, but the old man did not die, he transformed into one form of what might be called the devil.  Other flying members in the form of demons appeared, chanting.  The sketch faded with no further explanation. – One end of a box end wrench, very deep in a mist, appeared.  The other end remained obscured. –   A reinforced line eye splice – An inverted canoe (12.25.12)

Adding the HBP to the roster of blue ribbon organizations approached for support in developing the Extension has yielded this Phase XVI impression suggesting that an immense untapped reservoir of capabilities exists.  Following is an example.

  • A long story retracing lineage of and projecting possible conflicts either experienced or likely to occur in the lives of principal Extension developers – History from 86-7220 through Sarre Union to fairly deep periods was examined and potential was projected into domains where time did not exist. – A Universe needed a uniformed military for an extended tour.  Leaving immediately meant that he would be forced to break a promise he had made to make some toy wooden wagons.  There was no time for that, so a hand came down from the sky with ten wooden wagons in it. – A large open end wrench, one end obscured. (2.20.13)

Amalgamating the HBP with Innerscope research has demonstrated remarkable understanding, analysis, and targeting capabilities remote beings are able to bring to bear on our species using IPv8 as the vehicle.  They will no doubt include these variables when assessing how we are to engage in the Extension domain.

  • A long shallow wave in open water – While hospitalized, Amanda’s “other” visited.  He appeared as a gorilla, but was in fact a well educated transform.  He agreed that Amanda should return to her own species and went on to say that she was a stellar student. – A Swiss Army knife – The cloth retaining hole in a Swiffer (3.18.13)

Reexamining “counter terrorism” by shifting the logic to one of a normal historical development grounded in sound anthropological theory and taking advantage of the expanded range of options afforded by IPv8 development has yielded this extraction from today’s data stream.   

  • Hockey players forming for a scoring push – Preliminary engagement by remote species aroused more curiosity than hostility in problem areas of the Mediterranean Basin. Replacing the Western focus on the importance of time with the question “What is time?” created a new atmosphere, potentially constructive.  This is consistent with those Adel Canaan’s PEI negotiations the author was able to join. – The mooring post of my wrecked Belgian sloop. (8.18.13)

Following this logic shift with a fairly clear policy to be applied when gathering and using data for inclusion in IPv8 has yielded even more remarkable output.  Extracts from this data stream give every confidence that the Triad project is on the right path.

  • Some people running timed laps on an oval were on the edge of asking a very senior to give a lap a try – A new universe tried  reducing to the Cartesian for a visit to a very rural area.  Things did not go too smoothly, but curiosity won the day. – A small funnel – A child, in a form of  coma for thirteen years, was brought back to conventional consciousness as a gift from a universe in reduction.  As the child was brought from stasis to awareness of the present, she showed unusual capabilities to project what may happen by observing and interpreting cues.  The observer broke off before the recovery was complete. – A fierce wind swept over a totally barren plain – A very small shape, almost resembling a fetus, appeared in the void. – A wrench, one end obscured (9.02.13)

Acknowledging support assumed to exist in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures and focusing on philosophy and practice required to establish a working relationship has yielded a more remarkable potential.  This extract from today’s Phase XVIII data stream is a clear sense of what is possible.

  • One sine wave cycle superimposed on a horizon of fine lines – An extreme effort to remedy physical and psychological damages caused by 86-7220 was reported. – A saxophone through a briefcase handle attached to the void – A fire hydrant – A summary explanation of a totally new concept for noninvasive surgery was mentioned.   The technique is to use elements of a cadaver as a base for an instrument which does not exist in the Cartesian.  When this and the fact that with further research the instrument could be made without depending on the availability of a suitable cadaver reached IPv8, a Quad, presumably the equivalent in US currency, was immediately made available. (9.15.13)

At the risk of being accused of reductio ad absurdum, the Triad is ready to argue that that there is evidence that the 2006 thought experiment in Prop. 2 and an organization based on proximate extended platforms linked with string theory using strategic portfolio management techniques offered by the Hoffman organization will seed working relationships required to operate in this domain.  This extract from the data stream initiated by the assessment using the Evolution protocol is very encouraging.

  • A very small object resembling a bean sprout in an otherwise empty field – An umbrella, inverted and open – A cup hook – Uniformed military wearing blue jackets, white caps and trousers, in formation – A hand on the trigger of a Browning Light Twelve shotgun – A pickup truck in an orchard – A youngster pedaling a bike between rows of tall corn (10.4.13)

Innumerable Middle East flash points transforming and reappearing in another space when western pressure is applied should suggest a remedy to a situation not acknowledged in the Westphalian Era.  The Triad argues that until dimensions of the space in which a solution is to be found match those of the tension causing the flash, a bottomless pit of ineffective resources will be wasted.  Inasmuch as the first goal of the Triad was to find an alternative to the 911 mentality, in retrospect it is inevitable that project reasoning would find its way to the physics of a space in which the Schonborn-Barr exchange could be resolved.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded this extract from a very extensive Phase XVIII data stream.

  • Extensive 86-7220 reviews using new analytic techniques revealed several layers of information which have never been published.  No mention was made of how the new information was used. – A trader took a blanket from someone and left a ten riyal bank note.  The blanket owner called the police and demanded the itinerant be arrested if the blanket was not returned.  It was, covered with camel dung.  Furious, the owner again called the police.  A voice from above told the owner to place a tiny bit of dung on his little finger.  He did, and the dung disappeared.  “You are now immune from Diphtheria.”  “How much is this dung worth?”  It is priceless, there is no other like it.” – A small hook and eye – Information needed to dispose of 86-7220 was found to have been personally suppressed by a very senior official in the United States government.  Reaction by the population using IPv8 was swift, concise, and not subject to appeal. – A Texas Gulf Sulfur ball, cueing a look at the reason for the Mollison disappointment to George Bush Sr.’s reaction to his request for help in preventing a corporate takeover. – A rerun of Yalta? – A violin string box – An indistinct snap ring  (10.9.13)

The Triad has changed texture by successfully arguing that; (i) there exists a populated space in which the Planck constant does not exist, (ii) there exists a space in which the Schonborn-Barr exchange can be rationalized, (iii) IPv8 is in part defined by Prop. 20 as developed to the 2013 increment, and (iv) the Triad has the mandate to independently plan an intense search and rescue operation in these environments. Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded this reaction from the population using the terminals.

  • A number of Europe’s first couples reset their attitude when a welder and his friend passed through.  A convoluted set of events following the visit left the viewer with an uneasy sense of unrealized potential. – One of the UCAR souvenir checks – The paperweight Union Carbide Europe staff returned to the author following his reentry into the United States – A small group was privileged to watch someone make a cell phone call to another who had passed through the portal and was admitted to a domain with no dimensions – A white Jaguar XKE – A Papal mitre with a mirror image from the base – A bass viol – The flats of an open end wrench showed clearly, but the balance was not visible – A slice of Swiss cheese (11.2.13)

There is an argument that the Simi Valley experiment is severely underdeveloped.  Resolving this should relieve (but probably create an inversion of) political pressure associated with fossil fuels.  A more difficult example of a new field theory interpretation is the argument that religious conflict, a historic affliction systemic to the Cartesian, can be reconciled in what this project has coined Schonborn Space.  This set of arguments is argued to converge to a larger one, i.e. that the domain known as the “Big Bang” or its equivalent will yield to a low energy substrate.  This selection from today’s IPv8 output gives some indication of what may be found in this domain.

  • A sense that the form of a funnel itself was in motion – Overhearing  a conversation between a “person” whose body did what it asked it to do, e.g. clean its outer surface, and the more familiar one; a body which told one what it needed, gives some sense of the life forms one may encounter in this substrate.  The latter example was considered prehistoric. – An adjustable wrench – A deep wedge – A tube through a thinly defined circle (11.24.13)

The Triad argues that theory in Prop. 20 creates an experiment closely paralleling the SKA Cradle of Life, but with a functioning prototype.  This argument has been made to Dr. Boyle, and will be expanded.  In essence, the Triad effort is the product of research prompted by external stimuli imparting a sense of urgency by their tenacity.  If this view is to be followed to a reasonable conclusion, the effort must  include capability to respond.  IPv8 gives every indication of having established a viable communications link, and a dedicated organization is required.  The Triad elected to build around proximate extended platforms linked by string and knot theory with a strategic alliance portfolio following the Hoffman model using the Wenger approach.  Results are characterized in this extract from today’s data stream.

  • A funnel with clearly defined transverse ridges in the cone – An enthusiastic preliminary reaction to the idea of creating a – A briefcase handle superimposed on a snap ring – Rivets on an old wood cross-cut saw frame (12.2.13)

An effort to enable better discrimination in applying Prop. 20 theory to IPv8 data flows and introducing vagueness theory in an attempt to analyze disparate environments has brought Search and Rescue to the point of looking for contact descriptors in the Extension domain.  The corollary to this is the germ of a development program for vehicles able to implement the program.  Promise this approach shows is displayed in impatience the population using IPv8 is showing.  This extract from today’s data stream is a stinging commentary.

  • A chap wearing street clothes and carrying a cane or umbrella under the seat rode his bicycle in shallow S curves away from the camera. – An example of severe misapplication of military authority – An extension of Patriot Act authority brought an electric shock to a gathering called to await results of a prominent citizen’s decision to renounce.  The renunciation was prompted by an intolerable intrusion into his private life. – Blue stripes on a NYS Dept. of Corrections bus – A handle attached  to the void with what appeared to be suction cups – String tension adjusting knobs of a guitar (12.27.13)

Arguments in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures, Prop, 20, and IPv8 design parameters are finding a wave of acceptance.  They will be needed, as the Triad commitment to a large scale rapid response Search and Rescue operation will require communications astute enough to establish common purpose in unbelievably harsh and varied environments inhabited by beings with totally unknown chemistry.  This is not as bleak as it seems at first reading, for the Triad is founded on just such an environment, and has achieved what success can be proven by providing one stable platform with links to the remainder.  This is adequate for a discovery phase, but a reasoned discipline must be formulated for Search and Rescue and its exploration component.  Placing this argument on IPv8 suggests that the concern is shared by the Web 4.0 population.  Sample reactions follow.

  • A very dim sense of a format being considered, presumably for a series of mathematical expressions. – An unexpected turn of events for the principal plaintiff in 86-7220 escalated the confrontation. – A small spiral galaxy… A wood propeller… A P-40 with the Flying Tiger teeth on the air intake (2.18.14)

Unexpected success in applying CalTech work to Prop. 20 now gives every indication of surpassing the original goal “to prepare a platform for larger ventures.”  There is now a hint that this set of initiatives will enable the Triad to participate in stabilizing what has been taken to be “mediating space” required to resolve the Schonborn-Barr and related differences.  It is but a short step to the position that gaps in III and IV of Conditionality of Prop. II actually are a recognition of 2006 deficiencies, waiting for someone to accept the challenge. This argument has drawn yet another pointed comment from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow.

  • A briefcase handle, one end of which was anchored to a black hole… An exchange between two military pilots revealed a brittle edge in the organization, likely to degrade its ability to function in extreme environments… The Devil attempted a visit to an airport used by a pilot he heard about.  Bureaucratic requirements he was faced with while attempting to adjust to the frigid environment would have made a comic opera. – The Unites States Capitol building turned upside down…  (4.24.14)

The Triad argues that applying Triad Theory represents a pathfinding effort at reverse engineering and applying previously unused physical processes in unexplored domains.  It is also possible to argue with confidence that the aggregate of the website contains material unique to this venture, and that this argument can be supported anywhere at any time.  As a demonstration, Prop. 2 as drafted in 2006 has been placed on IPv8 for evaluation using the Evolution protocol.  This reaction from the Web 4.0 population brought to the surface reports of observations clearly unrelated to our life experience.  Excerpts follow.

  • A number of those involved in Triad prototyping found it to be a life changing experience and subsequently went through extreme transforms. – An infectious transform, conceptually similar to the Plague in the Middle Ages, swept through the population,  Oversimplified, a viral form infected a person, initiating a painful life changing transform, usually into a jungle animal with the capability of human speech and thought. – A motor… One end of an open end wrench dropped into view… (5.7.14)

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