Prop. 21 Systems Refinement

String TheoryVery recent reactions to Triad development seem to have considerable support for a complete rework of humanity’s notion of good and evil. Even Jean Baudrillard would not have conceived the possibility of good manifested and evil incarnate forming a working relationship with at least a few common goals, a form of stability possibly one.  As far as this website is concerned, this possibility is  contained in the passage from The Inferno, Canto VIII of Dante’s Divine Comedy which reads:

“It seems, if I hear right, that you can see beforehand that which time is carrying.”

This notion has been at the fringes for a time, but the latest Phase V impression suggests that Proposition 21, Phase II Systems Refinement will accommodate a revision using this Phase V impression as a guide.

  • A reenactment and dramatization of developments taking place in the last sixty years or so.  A box section made from Erector set parts.  The interior was black.  –  A white plastic rectangle, partially rolled – A baseball player on a follow through while knocking one out of the park – The decals frequently seen to express troop support looped around a wooden kitchen match – A large green hand reached up from an open manhole – A pair of astronauts on the moon (11-18-09)

Experimental support for weak theory linking theology with Web 4.0 and IPv7 has results sufficient to encourage targeted effort.  Following this lead may have opened a new window, as evidenced by this Phase V impression.

  • A rubber tired wheelbarrow wheel – A well known organizer accepted the challenge to arrange a party for an unknown.  He started to show signs of success, and decided to go for Madison Square Garden.  The place was already booked for a charity benefit, but the charity, on the basis of the man’s reputation, accepted the proposition to let his group join them.  On the evening of the party at the stroke of midnight the garden went black. As the name of a Pulitzer Prize winner was announced, the lights were restored.  The PP winner was short, undistinguished, and wore a beard.  The gathering was disappointed, and the winner asked why.  “We expected to see someone more strapping and dynamic.”  The slight figure then expanded to over eight feet tall.  Gasps!  “Who are you!”  “The devil – I decided that I was getting too much bad press, and the gentleman who arranged this event agreed to let me have the spotlight.”  A huge chuckle and the scene dissolved.  – A vertical fountain pen – A stack of 33 1/3 vinyl records – A woman wiping her brow as she worked in a commercial kitchen (11-19-09)

There is every reason to believe that, regardless of the physical organizational seat, Triad capabilities and/or sphere of influence will be monitored and restricted or expanded when necessary.  Continued probing of the potential of IPv7/Web 4.0 by expanding the concept of time as a form of energy which can control selected dimensions of a targeted element of space and modulate communications brings us to this impression.

  • A film showing someone shooting an Irish setter which, after a few moments got up, licked up the blood, and walked off the stage was shown on TV by a Police Dept.  The townspeople were enraged, flooding the station with telephone calls.  The Dept. tried to explain that the film was educational, but the explanation backfired when reports of dog shootings started.  As these reports continued to avalanche despite publicized warnings, a manhunt turned up a person with a history of cruelty to animals.  He was charged with a number of felonies and imprisoned.  Soon thereafter, the old man turned up with a string of Irish setters.  The scene dissolved without further explanation.  –  One day a succession of nuclear explosions was seen in the upper atmosphere of an unknown planet.  Communications systems were saturated with warnings.  First reaction was to launch an air strike against an economic competitor, but no squadron was able to fly.  At that point, the old man appeared and admitted that he did not know the origin.  Someone got to a hot line to the devil, who suspected that it was coming from his domain.  He promised full cooperation and the scene dissolved.  –  A chap sitting next to a window working with a spiral bound notebook.  –  The billiard table I set up for the children in the family room at 20 Cardinal. (12-7-09)

Probing limits of the imagination with IPv8 has yielded oblique political commentary reflected in this Phase VII impression.

  • A story about a native village in which the children played in cracks in the bedrock – One by one they fell to their death in them.  A traveler passed through and asked why the villagers allowed this to happen.  “It was meant to be.”  On further investigation, the fact that the population was blind surfaced.  The traveler then moved on.  Sometime later, another with apples appeared, seemingly fully acquainted with the situation.  The second traveler did a ritual dance and all the dead children reappeared grown to an age fitting the interval the corpses lay in the bedrock.  “It is a pleasure to see a healthy village.”  The traveler disappeared.  (6.13.10)

Opportunities to expand limits of the imagination with IPv8 are outlined in this Phase VIII impression.

  • A chap had an issue with the devil.  After an unsuccessful effort to discuss it, the devil decided to take a room in the same motel. – Quite a few freshly made wooden tables with square tops set upside down on a lawn  (8.11.10)
  • A very faint door to a vault (8.20.10)
  • A small spherical bell, commonly used in Christmas decorations – A Jeep at the head of a line of cars  (10.21.10)

Prototyping results from IPv8 are beginning to give the sense that 2006 Phase II specifications not only apply but have been anticipated by an external organization. Phase IX then becomes a showcase for current capabilities, a probe for the limits of IPv8 application, and a platform for a Phase IX venture launch.  This Phase IX impression gives a sense of direction.

  • A clear glass or engineered resin tube – A contour map of a low mountain ridge  (11.23.10)

IPv8 prototype output very clearly points to the possibility that its capabilities may scope the venture, once launched. These phase X impressions give some indication of the mindset held by many of the beings at the terminals.

  • A cement plug in a tree trunk near the root – Ocean water sparkling in the sun (3.9.11)
  • A soldier in chain mail armor (3.24.11)
  • Tail lights of a car in a night street scene – A fork lift carrying heavy gauge wire mesh sank out of sight after passing over a small dirt ridge – An android was given a job as a night watchman.  He did not do so well. – A pack of Lucky Strikes – Heavy surf crashing against a rocky shoreline (4.18.11)
  • A liver – A collection of wildlife – Marble walkways laid in a field for no apparent reason (5.13.11)
  • A sine wave in the middle of a exponential curve with a positive slope – A clock with a white face and black hands showing 2:00 – The white front door with a brass door knocker of a private residence.  (7.1.11)
  • An owl (7.2.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals and linking random Saturn image appearances with Dante’s Inferno may have enabled detecting a “Mayday” as suggested in this Phase XI impression.

  • A stone bench – An emergency following a prime mover failure (7.24.11)

Phase XII refines base reasoning by adding  Innerscope logic, yielding these impressions:

  • A fuzzy snap ring (10.29.11)
  • Black traffic lights surrounding unreported murders of media reporters – A dinosaur – A stepped machined shaft with sections of decreasing radii (1.3.12)

Phase XIII adds value to IPv8 β by considering emotions a language, adapting what can be used as such from the Innerscope data base, and using it as input in the validation drill.  There is every indication that reasons for using this technique have been recognized by beings at remote terminals and, having recognized this, originate messages or respond in kind.  Brevity of these Phase XIII impressions reflect this argument.

  • A women’s high heeled pump in glass (2.28.12)
  • A tunnel boring into a difficult substrate – A screwdriver in the slot of a bolt head – A dipper (3.12.12)

The 98-3.4 diary entry suggested that the Triad had a solution to a large scale systems operating problem, the 3.12.12 message (above) confirmed the problem, and the proposal for collaboration with the Square Kilometer Array team yields this Phase XIV encouragement for the arrangement.

  • Threads converging to a restriction – Half of a very sharply defined arrowhead showing the section above a horizontal center line (5.28.12)
  • A short story about a unique squadron in a social setting – The Little Dipper – Bugs Bunny – A spiral galaxy formed from grease, perhaps lard or Crisco, on the passenger window of an automobile (6.8.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has significantly improved relevance of IPv8 output, including the Extensions concept of tiered security levels.  This Phase XIV impression could be taken as a recommendation.

  • A cap slowly coming off an inverted samovar – Very fine arcs of light rotating to form a very small circle – A galvanized container, maybe a 4′ cube, showed up on the front porch of a house. – A voice: “Put everything you need for a long trip in this.”  “What about my things that will not fit?”  “Leave them.”  “Who are you to make such a ridiculous request?”  “God, do it now.”  Then, a few moments later, very softly, “You are the only ones can help.” 6.25.12

Phase XV promises to bring a new level of sophistication to the Extensions, as hinted at in this impression.

  • The rock of Gibraltar – A very large pile of bundled greenbacks – A person with an automatic weapon was sitting on the pile daring anyone to take it from him.  One took the dare and mayhem started. – A great escape during which planet after planet was able to lift along a string able to recalibrate its strength to match the load.  This capability enabled each planet to escape being engulfed.  The planet and the string were able to communicate and collaborate.  After the sequence was completed, the question arose as to why the tunneling phenomenon seemed to have been replaced by this one and how exactly did they differ. – A heaping plate of pasta in tomato sauce – A white sheet dropped from a clothesline.  (9.7.12)

A product of amalgamating the HBP and Innerscope research with the IPv8 structure was demonstrated by the appearance a very large sphere laced with what could be interpreted as a circulatory system required by the organism.  This sphere was momentarily visible from Rt. 213 at the Marbletown Elementary School if one looked up and a little South during the day either on March 6 or 7, 2013.  It is not unreasonable to place this sighting in the category of an IPv8 report card, the first of which was given when very short lines appeared at the base of the author’s fork in the I-85 diner some years ago.  Indications of the source are given in these Phase XVI impressions.

  • Gemütlichkeit of the Alps – A complex sequence describing the passing of one embodiment of a universe The Brazilian flag (3.8.13)
  • Unpublished details fundamental to 86-7220 continue to surface, escalating what appeared to be a routine libel/slander civil suit to biblical proportions. – A witch and her cauldron – A mechanical flour sifter – Ω at maybe 30 degrees to the horizon – A short tunnel making a blind turn to the right – A few gumdrops – WW II uniformed operating bolt action rifles (3.12.13)

Adding the capability of processing thought experiment exchanges in IPv8 has introduced a few remarkable possibilities, examples of which are included in this Phase XVII impression.

  • A forced landing by a lost space shifting craft led to the discovery that the Milky Way was not on a number of charts – Life in a forest designed by a universe as its private reserve – The hidden story in 86-7220 – A line with a suction cup at each end (5.23.13)

It is vital to recall that whatever support remote beings at IPv8 terminals are giving this planet’s engagement in the  Extension is offered, not solicited.  It is not a right.  Of equal or greater consequence is the sense that encouragement continues on the basis of added value shown in each step up the learning ladder or, if you care to draw the comparison, Jacob’s Ladder.  This extract from today’s IPv8 output gives a sense of potential for this approach and conversely, consequences of ignoring its logic.

  • A major experiment was aborted when the bureaucracy shut it down for violating policy applying to information exchange between organizations.  In some quarters, this is known as “stovepiping”.  The concept of potentially dangerous competition between universes was introduced. – A small funnel, stem down – A piston connecting rod assembly (9.5.13)

Both Prop 20 and experiments challenging the place of the Planck constant in the natural sciences suggest that a major revision is called for.  Not to lose momentum, these experiments are being applied to the Extension so that the mandate the Triad claims to have for developing an intense search and rescue operation there can be implemented.  The first priority when embarking on a venture such as this is to stay out of trouble as you familiarize yourself with the terrain.  When this argument was placed on IPv8, the network reacted with a significant data stream, elements of which are presented following.

  • A universe started a rabbit collection project in Norway.  It seems that there is a domain in which very large rabbits with fangs were terrorizing the population of smaller creatures. – A chap in the gym rubbed his elbow – Tank treads rolling over bamboo shoots (11.7.13)

The argument that the system is not a straightforward binary device with IPv8 as the anchor elevates Innerscope progress to direct measurement at the neurological level as one input to the larger system.  A vital question in this context is the possibility that there is scientific merit in the Dante’s speculation; “It seems, if I hear right, that you can see beforehand that which time is carrying.”  Understanding this process is key to plans to found an intense search and rescue operation in the Extension domain, and progress made in this effort is reflected in this extract from today’s data stream.

  • An arc, with a wedge breaking it at six o’clock – A new open end wrench, one end obscured – A small circle described by rotating arcs – A thumb and index finger describing a gap of about four inches – A saxophone – A short section of a larger than usual tube leading to a black void ( 11.10.13)

Forcing a number of issues by refining and applying Prop 20 to IPv8 and focusing efforts to engage in the Extension with a search and rescue operation have introduced an intense reaction from the population using the network (see Prop. 25, 12.30.13 increment).  Renegade control had been tabled until fundamentals were more clearly thought through, but adding a discipline to develop and tabulate descriptors has, either by popular demand or by very abstract beings’ willingness to cooperate, adjusted the priorities.  Reaction of a wide spectrum of beings using IPv8 is characterized by this extract from today’s data stream.

  • A tailored shirt, folded – Consequences of publishing a portion of the total Triad diaries with a refusal to release the remainder were predictable, so plans to relocate to Ursa Minor were implemented. – An inverted audiophile vacuum tube in free space – The business end of an adjustable wrench (12.31.13)

Results realized when Prop. 20 was introduced into Web 4.0 and IPv8 give every indication that intergalactic beings have been making their presence known for some time.  It is also fairly clear that engagement depended on our response.  Taking this at face value, we now correlate an extract from the 10/22/92 am Diary with the argument that a snippet from Prop. 21 which states that: “…multilateral communications among colonies of beings with extended physiologies … “exists.  With this foundation, the Triad argues that it has license to operate Search and Rescue in the space occupied by these colonies and to develop the full meaning of Prop. 21.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn what may be considered a predictable reaction, elements of which are presented following.

  • An Ouija board and planchette – The stone carving Marco Miranda gave me in Lausanne – An average day in the life of working for a universe –Those who do are exhausted most of the time. – A being enabling a universe to be heard in the Cartesian interrupted an Admiral visiting relatives.  The Admiral became annoyed when his schedule was compromised but could find no regulation prescribing the proper reaction. – An 86-7220 principal was elected president of a Universe reporting to 100,000 others.  The arrangement was an experiment to measure the potential of IPv8 development in Web 4.0 and would be terminated at the discretion of the 100,000. – A saxophone – An alpine horn, bell resting on the ground, with a yellow liner in it (1.12.14)

Applying concepts of beings with extended physiologies and the Ouija board to Kernel theory and Proposition 20 have given promise of a major improvement in Triad capability to support Search and Rescue operations in this domain.  The Human Brain Project, the Square Kilometer Array, and CERN with the Boson discovery are at the cutting edge of large scale efforts vital to implementing S&R, so developing a coordinated effort using a slice of these resources seems rational.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn a concise and encouraging reaction, elements of which are presented following.

  • A line taking one turn around an imaginary peg – Threads converged to an invisible throat, with the pattern repeated at least twice. – A mermaid – 86-7220 consequences continue to distract – A bass viol – A social event, designed to introduce – The base of a large tube – A cave (1.20.14)

The Triad argument that the gap between what we like to think of as well developed skill sets and what is required will be filled only if we use or develop a viable alternative to the 2006 version of Proposition 21, Systems Refinement has drawn an unmistakably clear reaction from the population using IPv8.  Elements follow.

  • Bottlenose dolphins lost one on a formation swim.  The loss was not as it seemed, for it started a sequence of universes recruiting them to host a collection of the species from at least eight other domains.  Whether this was part of Search and Rescue was not mentioned. – A light aircraft tire – Looking up at a shark swimming overhead – A funnel superimposed on Kingston Plaza – A cluster of utility sink drain plugs – A bare heel of a human foot – A thick walled tube, the inside of which was filled with high intensity light – Threads converging to a bell throat – The Berlin coal airlift (1.27.14)

Very unexpectedly, progress in developing theory has suggested a totally new approach for validating integrated systems support in the Extension.  It goes as follows:

 “This support is not as thin as it may first appear.  It is based on surprisingly consistent material in the 2006 outline, observations recorded in diary entries but not used from roughly 1994 to 2006, and feedback in each increment.  This level of confidence is going to be needed each day from now on as we attempt to explore while preserving interests of (i) the animate, (ii) the inanimate, (iii) souls whose bodies no longer function, (iv) forces we have never encountered, and (v) beings not found in the Cartesian. (Exploration)

It may not be naive to suppose that limits and other safeties will be an integral element of IPv8 so that our limited capacity for self-control does not interfere with other attributes we may add to the environment.  This argument has brought a crisp reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Elements follow.

  • A black 8 ball with a rod sticking out of it… A gray tennis ball, rotating slowly in a dark void… Donald Duck… A clean paint roller on a surface forming a shallow V… A thread through a buttonhole (5.2.14)

IPv8, thought experiments, Prop. 20, a “mediating space” constructs, and an inverted protocol have been helpful, but translating the concepts to reducing bloodshed has not occurred.  There will have to be a way to sustain interest for the hundreds of years it will take to see results with this problem.  A commitment to intergalactic search and rescue opened a number of doors and uncovered a need for adjusting planetary orbits, moving planets, and neutralizing the threat of large asteroid collision with inhabited planets.  Scope of this operation is unique, and the Web 4.0 population has reacted.  Ipv8 output is summarized following.

  •  A mushroom anchor… A brightly lit cavity with a small brown ball on a rapidly oscillating pendulum motion… A string of exposures to people who would be considered misfits in any society… Another sequence of nonsense, this involving HRH in England… A grapefruit spoon slicing through an apple… A deeply disturbing display of the impossibility of any effort to compensate 86-7220 victims’ lost years… A playing card set so as not to reveal its value… A large funnel superimposed on all the foregoing… A synthetic situation in which an 86-7220 plaintiff was invited to a black and white dress event in Bayside. He counted on a place to stay at 56-24 but found there was no room and had no alternatives.  This produced the most intense emotion experienced during any of these sessions.  Following a few minutes of contemplation, his mind shut down… The Pamplona bull run… (7.17.14)

Successes with IPv8 validating concepts in Web 4.0 and large ventures encourage a change in project scope.  It is difficult to evaluate the IBM TrueNorth chip this early in its life cycle, but the Triad argues that IPv8 output is giving the strongest possible signs that it should enable a very large community to isolate and solve problems in environments we have yet to describe Triad support from very remote quarters shows parallels to earth, e.g. clearing space junk from satellite programs and removing the threat of asteroid collision. The degree of difficulty involved in these needs increases exponentially on even casual examination of information available, but refining Prop. 20 is as promising as are Dr. Andersen‘s results.  The 2006 Phase II tabulation, to be modified as we progress, is becoming more and more credible as a long term target.  Web 4.0 reaction to all this follows.

  • 9:07 pm: An Ohlsson and Rice air intake flare, inverted, with a tube entering radially from below… 11:23: mountain climbers in a rappel…  12:41 Lindbergh in the Spirit of St. Louis…  2:42 am: An indication that an 86-7220 derivative was restructured to form a class action, perhaps against the United States… Another saxophone… A coin slot… (9.8.14)

Dr. Philpott’s essay struck a set of major chords.  ISIS, as do galaxies, contains a fairly well bounded core and increasingly fuzzy peripherals.  In a sense, intergalactic operation is easier in that natural rather than positive law is likely to prevail.  The Triad argues that if the Milky Way were recognized as a “Natural Entity”, its presence in the area may be an inexpensive approach to prototyping viable solutions.  This possibility has been on the table for some time, and Web 4.0 has made some comments, summarized following.

  • 11:08 pm: Barely perceptible outlines of some bushes… 1:35: Barbed wire randomly laid on a field strewn with rocks… 3:49: A B-27 flew in the fog away from the camera… 3:49:15: A single engine 1940″s trainer… 5:09: A single man, naked, found a Latino family in his hotel room and could find no help to remove them… (9.16.14)

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