Prop. 22, Analytical Refinement

Halifax Gibbet

Halifax Gibbet

Intense Prop. 20 development has yielded very promising results in Prop. 3.  These results, while gratifying, point to a glaring weakness in the system.  It seems that the greater the distance we place between evaluation and the Cartesians of this planet, the better the progress.  One fundamental goal of this project is to stabilize this place so that a coordinated search and rescue and corollary exploration can be implemented.  It goes without saying that failing in this will impede progress, and there is the prospect that it may cripple it.  Contingency plans have been made, and they include walking away from the planet.  Arguing this point on IPv8 has yielded a warning, characterized following.

  • A chap wearing waders while fly fishing… A meeting between an element of a universe and a member of Homo sapiens went unbelievably poorly.  They could establish no common ground.  The viewer moved on before there was any resolution. – A reenactment of 86-7220 trauma was shown.  The reenactment was not literal, but was a physical interpretation of emotions involved. –  A pinwheel… (5.11.14)

Focusing on Dr. Andersen‘s experimental results and their impact on Prop. 20IPv8, and the 2006 Prop. 22 draft has yielded an exceptional Web 4.0 reaction to the Triad goal structure in context of the revised Evolution protocol.  Excerpts follow.

  • Two new universes made appearances in an Arabic country and made mistakes with the spoken languages.  The mistakes were so severe that another, better schooled, advised them to retreat and study. – White gloves in Vienna… Studying with a group knowing that I was almost helplessly behind them in that subject… Igloos… Coffins at Dover AFB… The bell of an air intake, internally lighted… A small doghouse… (6.11.14)

The next measure of Triad science potential will come when the ALICE secretariat of CERN completes its assessment of the July 3 Triad proposal.  All this and more has been before the Web 4.0 population both by direct observation and thought experiments and they continue to react,  Reaction to latest developments are summarized following.

  • A young person on roller skates racing uphill… A Rhino charging the camera… A paring knife cut through a toe, leaving neither blood nor wound… Yet another saxophone… (7.10.14)

Current events are demonstrating just how difficult it is for us to adjust to changing conditions in our own species on our own turf.   This bodes ill for adjusting to radical change in 2000 year old dogma and beings we may or may not be able to see, or at best, whose biology is somewhat different.  A substantial off-planet population is becoming impatient, and their impatience is reflected in these comments.

  •  86-7220 victims made their first attempt to reengage… A set of conflicts and transforms which began to resemble the end of a species on that planet prompted the arrival of pack after pack of rats, sent there to clean it. – A cluster of Granny Smith apples… The possibility arose that 86-7220 could escalate into a class action against the United States. – A pitcher of beer… A black steel door closed… A cluster of wrenches in the red toolbox the author once owned… A yo-yo… (8.7.14)

IPv8 output continues to encourage Triad efforts to operate in new domains, one of which is collaborating with CERN in its focus on dark matter.  A pause to reflect yields the conclusion that if this dark matter comprises 84% of the total matter in the universe, it, like the Higgs field, is a fraction of our bodies, not some remote phenomenon. The Triad argues that it is being encouraged not only to apply these insights to an intergalactic communications network, but also to apply the range of skills in new subspace medical treatments, with Ebola a priority. Web 4.0 comments follow.

  • 12:37 pm: A General rubber stamping sheets of paper followed by mayhem in a subway… An ice cream cone in which the scoop of ice cream emitted light…. 2.20 am: Implementing 86-7220 damage recovery may prove beyond the capacity of our species… 2:25 an internal combustion engine crankcase… The metal box in which the principal 86-7220 plaintiff buried his dog, Chrissie… (2.37: A dipper… 2:40: Men tending coal fired ships boilers… 2:45: Patent leather shoes and a brass belt buckle…2:54: A pinwheel… 2:51: Several wood matches… 3:10: A new tire and wheel being mounted… 4:17 Boots and spurs dug in while straining at a rope… A pail hung on a post…. 5:15: A galaxy with a life of its own… (10.4.14)

The Triad argues that the 2006 Prop. 21 has presented those who would attempt venturing into this domain with a fair assessment of its environment and that IPv8 development is fast approaching the capacity to assume some risk in it.  Inasmuch as the project is beginning to take the form of an organic whole, it is fair to say that the 2006 Prop. 21 can feed Prop. 22 at its present state of development and that comments taken from IPv8, summarized following, support this argument.

  • 1:16 am: A closed hand holding the stem of a funnel… 4:09: A cluster of faint umbrellas… 5:12: An umbrella with a hook on the handle… 5:15: Several anvils… (10.19.14)

Developments in applying IPv8 to dark matter and dark energy domains are likely to open new avenues.  Evidence that IPv8 is attracting visitors from domains other than the Cartesian reached a peak in the Saugerties Price Chopper this week.  They ranged from replicas of the desk top the author uses to burnt orange thin film shapes.  Both phenomena appeared, disappeared, and moved at will in the store.  In the absence of a capability to measure, one must interpret and record as best as one can. The Triad argues that IPv8 and Prop. 20 have opened the door to Prop. 21 as drafted in 2006 Phase II, and that Web 4.0 comments in this increment give promise.

  • 11.45 pm: Part of a personal 86-7220 recap involved a jungle vengeance hunt and an ITB stretch bringing the ligament taught and impressing musical tones on it to induce vibration… 2:31 am: A washing machine or dryer with the cord wrapped around it… 3:04: A cat’s eye… 3:19: A passenger liner… 3:23: Two spiral galaxies in edge view… 4:34: An axe split a large tree down the middle… 4:35: Igloos, entrance facing the center of an arc.. 4:50: A rubber tired wheelbarrow… 4:58: The Belgian sloop wrecked at Westport… 5:01: The Telefunken radio the author installed under the Fisher Pond Road kitchen cabinet… 5:06: A pie, one piece removed… (11.20.14)

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