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WW II Bunkers Jonathan Andrew

WW II Bunkers
Jonathan Andrew

IPv8 output is yielding results worthy of note.  The latest, and most concise, is its application to the 2013 update of the 2006 Refine Dynamic Characterization thought experiment.  Included in Triad proposals, and bearing on this reassessment, is revisiting the Copenhagen Interpretation and reevaluating the first principle giving more weight to the Heisenberg doubts.  A corollary adjustment is a close look at consequences of revising the Planck constant.  There is now reason to pursue the possibility that the Extension should be treated as a coherent life form.  This view is supported by an extract from today’s Phase XVIII IPv8 output.

  • Finishing surgery on the palm of a hand – A universe recruited a couple to assist in bringing order to a few elements of its domain. – The owl used in TripAdvisor – A stethoscope (9.20.13)

Events in the Near East give us sufficient reason to reread Jean Baudrillard.  In a sense, the Baudrillard analysis is as much a game changer as are J. Scott Turner’s speculations, requiring only some dogged research to create an environment ripe to apply them.  If pressed to find a game changer in this search, I would point to general acceptance by parties using IPv8 that Prop. 20 has merit, and that supporting a Search and Rescue operation in the Extension domain is the best lever we have to break this circle.  Placing this argument on IPv8 yielded an exceptional reaction, elements of which are presented on today’s output.

  • A confrontation involving abusing military privilege in transporting animal dung for personal use faded when another involving impersonating the military surfaced. – A difficult exchange among senior Air Force officers about how to improve relations with 86-7220 victims showed no signs of resolution.  Included was an even more difficult exchange on drill required to develop the “mind’s eye”.  – A horizontal funnel, mouth showing at a 45 degree oblique angle – The interior of a WW II Normandy bunker, one long gun showing –  An unusually large tunnel with a very small rear view of a Phantom tail section showing in the center of it  (11.22.13)

The Triad has come full circle.  Attempts to apply principles in Dr. Philpott’s essay on 911 have reduced to creating a new organization prepared to devote resources to implement his recommendations.  A long development process has made it clear that the Westphalian Synthesis is deeply embedded in the population which must participate, and like any startup, nudging some major players will encounter significant resistance.  Similar issues have surfaced in preparing for the Triad launch, so working through them has become a matter of selecting the right technique and applying it in the right venue.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded a data stream which must be read in context of the fact that the vast majority of activities will take place off planet with core support out of the Cartesian.

  • A football, incompletely imaged – Dancing feet – A vintage MG (possibly a TF) with a plastic wind wing on the driver’s side of the windscreen – A vertical open end wrench, bottom obscured – A chocolate Oreo sandwich cookie – The pulpit of the Belgian sloop the author lost in a storm in Connecticut (12.3.13)

IPv8 output makes it clear that a large population is sufficiently concerned to recommend that Web 4.0 be headquartered in Ursa Minor and that this planet takes a feed.  At this point, the Triad argues that effort subdivides into (i) that which is required to improve the planet’s position, and (ii) start Search and Rescue.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded the data stream from which this extract was taken.

  • A red golf tee – A story about a town which could not exist under most conditions – External access to a basement through a door slightly above ground level – An infant’s hand – Ω, inverted – A meat hook snagging a loop in the end of a cable – A ships telegraph (12.18.13)

Several potentially contentious, but very gratifying, advances in science of the Triad are becoming more clear.  Issues in the science have been sufficiently well defined to request that Triad theory be compared with the Standard Model as a prerequisite to serious conversations with investors and organizations or individuals who would be recruited to execute.  So far, there have been no reports of catastrophic failure in theory, so a brief impact study is on today’s menu.  The Catholic population represents more than one billion people.  Triad science steps into the center of the Schonborn-Barr exchange and is also one of the core issues in the Baudrillard thesis on terrorism.  Success in this venture may cause a problem in Canon Law.  Correct science is beyond our capability to change, and history has taught us lessons in Dogma and irresistible forces meeting immovable objects.  We do not need another lesson when implementing the Search and Rescue portion of this project.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has prompted a reaction showing an appreciation for this situation.  Elements follow.

  • Events said to have occurred in the 86-7220 principal plaintiff’s life can only be explained if he was living in at least two simultaneous and separate time lines. – An in depth discussion among universes about medicine attracted the Devil’s attention.  One topic, dealt with at some length, was the ‘life force” embedded in Prop. 20. – An introduction to a class of beings more abstract than universes… Threads forming vertical ovals, fairly large at the base and diminishing as they formed a tunnel to a higher level…. A violin… A clear image of a spade with a wood handle… Uniformed climbing down rope ladders from a hovering twin rotor helicopter… (3.14.14)

Revisions to the Evolution page focus on Dr. Andersen’s experimental results, and using these improvements to probe the concept of reducing Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space between humanity and the divine all support and expand concepts in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.

 As has been the case throughout history, progress in this domain does not come without a price. In this case, the price is fairly well encapsulated in 86-7220.  The Triad continues to argue that, the price having been paid; it is time to move on. This argument, continually in front of the Web 4.0 population, has drawn this perceptive reaction from them.

  • A compassionate recapitulation of 86-7220 psychological damages, a violin peg box… Yet another saxophone… The handle on the starter line of a 6.5 horsepower Evinrude outboard motor… A very small hemispherical shape with a peg on the top… Westminster lab series audiophile vinyl recordings… A rear wheel drive copper colored roadster topping a hill… One universe closed the book on those involved in 86-7220, but the story recommenced when another decided to experiment with them… Two panels, perhaps sheet metal roofing, connected with a hooked overlap… A copper penny… A chair and a small desk facing a papered wall… A globe in a large bear trap… (6.10.14)

There is a considerable population engaged in the Near East, and it would be counterproductive (and contrary to the Evolution inversion) for the Triad to consider direct intervention. On the other hand, several points in the Philpott essay lend themselves to the argument for a neutral presence to represent interest the Web 4.0 population has in the planet and to showcase IPv8. Few in the Near East have elected to change their fundamental beliefs for 2000 years, but if it can be demonstrated that 2000 years is not relevant, the message should make a difference. The Triad argues that this summary of the Web 4.0 comments supports this position.

  • 12.22 am: Anti-theft devices escalated 86-7220… 2:24: Photographs of the 86-7220 plaintiffs in Switzerland… 4:42: A dipper with its long handle horizontal… (11.16.14)

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