Prop. 3, Approach Logic

Photo by David Iliff License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Photo by David Iliff License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

 The Triad has joined others in arguing that problems in the Middle East have been artificially constrained for centuries. It is only recently that the means to analyze and interpret this set of conflicts in terms capable of leading to a solution can be made available.  Given the depth to which learned reflexes grip the populations involved there is no underestimating the degree of difficulty in making the transition, but there is every reason to believe that a larger population expects improvement.  Parameters for the effort are not new, they too have been with us for centuries and are summarized in the 2006 version of Prop. 3.  Three, but not all, resources for a more promising avenue are the Triad Theory, IPv8, and Prop 20.  Today’s IPv8 output is a good barometer of the reaction of this larger population.

  • A saxophone – The photograph taken by the author of a trolley on the Kaiserlei – A rear view of a Phantom tail section – A Zig-Zag sewing machine stitch – The edge view of a stringed instrument – A Nordic skipping rope – The Alberta tar sands – A pair of legs in dark blue trousers stepped down a couple of stairs (9.7.13)

 This extract from today’s Phase XVIII data stream should give a sense of their reasoning.

  • Another planet bounded by rotating arcs of light – 86-7220 resurfaced with new discoveries – Another saxophone – The fifth wheel of a tractor (9.11.13)

Coercion and disproportionate force used in 86-7220 defense highlight the need for measures other than Shock and Awe when dealing with conflict embedded in societies for centuries.  This extract from today’s IPv8 data stream demonstrates the depth of remote beings’ capability to gather data and form conclusions on the subject.

  •  A small prairie schooner – A thread running through an insulated standoff used in mounting antenna wire – A discussion with a Texan about publishing the Triad and related works turned uncomfortable. – Discussions with other special interest groups touched by the work uncovered new efforts to redact essential material. – A small propeller with a tin can at the hub (9.25.13)

It is entirely possible that the artificial constraint locking the Middle East in unremitting conflict for centuries can be relieved by exploring potential of the Schonborn space concept and considering it a springboard to a deeper domain.  Placing the argument that the Chun and Jiang theory of contextual cueing may open this door on IPv8 has yielded an exceptional response, elements of which are presented following.

  • A short story about household violence as told in California included a universe’s miscalculation which inadvertently disrupted two people’s nervous systems.  Dr. Quirk took a small part of the incident. – Another in a tiresome set of inquiries into 86-7220 evidence suppression – Back to back rubber mallets used to produce a reflex reaction – An acorn – An old auto rolled through a mud-hole, transformed into an new one with white sidewall tires, and went on it way. – A two seat car, done completely in red; tires, wheels, body work, interior, convertible top cover and all (10.20.13)

Placing what appeared to be very clear IPv8 output asking for a significant effort in search and rescue on the system for a second look drew this response.

  • A bizarre story about a ripple in hedge funds roughly equivalent to the Lehman Brothers and smaller bank failures since 2008 – A red grease pencil – A funnel with a long stem – A thumb and forefinger picked a hard boiled egg intact from its shell – Stitch marks on a long incision, almost healed – A wood rolling pin (10.28.13)

Proposing existence of a Schonborn Space in which issues in the Schonborn-Barr exchange may be resolved and presenting Prop. 20 for peer review appear to have enabled arguing very contentious issues on IPv8 and getting clear responses.   Taking this out of the academic to support IPv8 Measurements useful for an intense search and rescue operation in unimaginable environments is the next step in growing into the Extension.  This extract from today’s data stream illustrates awareness very remote beings have of the path taken to reach today’s plateau.

  •  A chute terminating at a point – 86-7220 victims had substantial credit lines made available to them. – A horizontal steel wedge, head on the right – Search and Rescue commenced – New space shifting medical techniques were demonstrated (11.17.13)

Refining the Web 4.0 concept to more accurately describe its operating envelope and focusing on descriptor menus for IPv8 terminals have materially improved prospects of freeing the project from local politics.  Representative consequences of efforts to disengage from these obstacles are presented in this extract from today’s system output.

  • A very small spinning cone – Indistinct violin tuning pegs – A long session involving HRM Queen Elisabeth, principal elements of which demonstrated constraints formalities place upon her. – 86-7220 translated into very deep problems the plaintiff’s lineage have with the United States – An interview with a senior naval officer introduced facets of the principal 86-7220 plaintiff the officer found difficult to understand – An icon associated with medical doctors – A cable eye looped over a spike – A sperm cell – A Bavarian mountain climber – The Unicorn (1.9.14)

The Web 4.0 population has reacted very positively to the proposition that Prop. 20 could be modified to accommodate logic in both Dr. Philpott‘s and Jean Baurillard‘s essays.  The Triad will make no speculation, but will let process and results guide theory.  This latest increment will be a key element of rapid response Search and Rescue in this domain, and response has been overwhelming.  Elements follow.

  • A fishhook around a tube… Three young girls were given watches capable of transporting them through time.  The watches were actuated by tapping one or more of three boxes on the watch face according to a prescribed sequence.  Instructions were not written.  Naturally, the girls forgot the code.  Their adventures were still in process when the observer moved on.  Several very faint candy corn kernels, very clearly sensed but well removed from previous senses of synthetic vision… The Lisa, in yet another domain of the brain… These differentiations were quite pronounced. – A small can of paint I planned to use on the panel Tom Habersaat installed in the 3746 upstairs corridor… A medium sized book with gold leaf in the page edges and thumb indents for chapter markers… A large cluster of tin cans… Several pedestal tables in yet another domain of the brain appeared.  The sense that different parts of the brain were involved was very strong. – Katherine Koster on stage as a child… Large white panels with a waste basket in front of them… A small transparent tube with what could be medication moving through it… The exit from Rt. 209 at the driveway of Dr. Gregory’s office… A waste basket on the interior of the smaller speaker I cut and assembled while at Oak Ridge… A truck carrying aluminum scrap through a burned out city… A horizontal funnel, mouth to the right, into which flowed several planets… An internal combustion engine exhaust manifold… A long slender triangular foil with a twist maybe ¾ of the way from the base… (2.10.14)

Reading Thomas Aquinas in context of the Schonborn – Barr exchange fits the Baudrillard treatise on terrorism and Triad Prop. 20.  There is increasing evidence that a carrier in the class of quantum entanglement is a functioning part of the landscape, and that with the proper descriptors at appropriate terminals direct validation of another abstract can be attempted.  It is not unreasonable to take the position that the concept of a mediating space created to accommodate the Schonborn argument can also serve as a platform for reconciling our notions, perhaps incorrectly stated, of good and evil as represented by God and the Devil.  Proof of principle for these capabilities would be of inestimable value in describing a network capable of meeting system requirements for a very large scale Search and Rescue operation.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has again drawn encouragement from that population.  Extracts follow.

  • An acorn drifted in and out of the field of vision. – Tex/Mex gang warfare… A confrontation threatening all existence with the effort to disable two predator universes.  The issue was not resolved when the viewer left the scene. – A jelly roll… White dolphins… Blue denims… Exhaust stacks of an engine configured for drag racing… A young man, dressed well, hair long but trimmed, appeared to have had a disagreement.  He trotted through a lightly wooded area in autumn and when he arrived at a boulder taller than he, disappeared.  A slice of Swiss cheese… A Formula 1 racer in the class of those in the race I enjoyed attending at Zandvoort in the 1960’s… (3.27.14)

When a neutral bystander looks at current politics and relations in the financial community, the ability to regulate matters so that fundamentals remain relatively immune from clashes characterized by current events in Crimea and Ukraine with power plays over energy becomes paramount.  The Triad argues that this eventuality was anticipated in that part of Prop. 10 which states:

  • The span represented by (forms of intelligent beings) is by definition dynamic. It is, therefore, unreasonable to expect a static cognitive communication link.  It is, furthermore, naive to suppose the beings who make the link possible will not interpose their judgment in its use.  (2006 Prop. 10)

Consequences following exercising this prerogative can be severe, and the Triad argument that this is the time to make the point has drawn a pointed reaction from the population using Web 4.0.  Extracts follow.

  • A piston with its rings… A group of young adults working off excess energy following a difficult exam… Four threads connected each of the 86-7220 plaintiffs’ lives, including at least one trip through the portal of death.  The viewer went fast forward for maybe three generations to preview Triad evolution… A USAF insignia as used in WW II… Anderson windows… (4.9.14)

There appears to be thresholds at which beings inhabiting Web 4.0 will engage in our problems.  The Triad argues that this element validates one significant element of Conditionality of Prop. 2 and Prop. 3 which claims the existence of:

  • A potency whose actuality or form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose. For the sake of this text, it can be considered a platform of convenience in an abstract substratum of attributes rendering it otherwise uninhabitable.  Metaphysics 8.4.1044b3-10 and 9.5.1047b35-48a7

If we remain cognizant of their specifications for engagement the level, and if we consider cues declaring controlled planet relocation to be within the realm of physics, we can expect improvements in IPv8 and Prop. 20 stability and predictability as the system “learns” its population.  This argument has drawn a reaction giving exceptional promise.  Elements of the data stream follow.

  • One winding of a transformer… A Spanish bullfighter and the Pamplona bull run… 86-7220 plaintiffs went on to assist in a phenomenon even the universes did not understand.  Several sent signals indicating they were losing their light.  A little fact finding revealed the fact that this phenomenon was a design condition automatically initiated when no life was detected.  This flaw was diagnosed when life forms outside the sensing capacity were found.  A small adjustment corrected the problem.  “Even we make mistakes.  A small gift…” – Two pinwheels… A funnel…. (5.10.14)

There is every reason to believe that the Andersen experiments and the Prop. 20 initiative have not only enabled validating the Web 4.0 and Large Ventures position but have also enabled IPv8 to become the preferred vehicle for engagement.  This combination brings us to the “invisible chair” concept of the Evolution protocol.  Working with this for a while takes the Triad to the position that there is one vote representing that chair and that vote is the majority opinion on fundamental issues.  Even given our mediocre record on planetary governance, we seem to have retained substantial prerogatives.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn a concise reaction from remote populations, leaving the 49% to react.  Extracts follow.

  • A cluster of shoes getting shined at a sidewalk bootblack… Back to back fishing reels… A sharp ax… (5.23.14)

Key to new Triad capabilities are evidence supporting Web 4.0 and Large Ventures and inversion of the protocol for review.  All this is to be read in context of Triad Goals.  The Triad argues that research done by Julian Tett and Karen Armstrong is fundamental to an attempt to find a stable platform for the investment required, and that support claimed to exist in the 2006 Prop. 3 draft can be applied to the effort.  Extracts from the Web 4.0 population follow.

  • Two links in a chain, the intersection visible, ends obscured… Another version of the conflict between father and son during prosecution of 86-7220… Several requests to develop Triad reasoning in the Schonborn/Bar exchange directly with the principals… What may be a shelf in the Kondratieff wave…  Yet another saxophone… A remote… (6.30.14)

As the Triad comes closer to operating in domains in which fundamental questions about time and space are part of a more complex structure, our new neighbors, many of whom live in the zone of dark matter, have upped the ante.  They have acknowledged the Aristotelian argument that there exist:

  • “Platforms whose actuality or form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose… “Metaphysics 8.4.1 044b3-10 and 9.5.1 047~35-48a7

It can be argued that Dr. Andersen discovered one of these in his experiments.   Given successes with the possibility that the Higgs Field is structured to function as a carrier for Prop. 20, the possibility that we who live in the Cartesian may contain biological platforms capable of creating transforms enabling us to significantly extend our reach is there, and today’s comments from Web. 4.0 encourage us to pursue this line of reasoning.

  • 9:24 pm: Some indication that the two 86-7220 principals took a trip down a tunnel and through the portal of death… 9:46: A vinyl LP record on the brown wood based turntable I once owned… 9:57: A tube with a bell end… 11:21: Several images of a Vodka bottle and an iridescent green baton… (External – A baton frequently used by cheerleaders… 11.26: The top of a valentine… 11:40: A bicycle crank… 11:50: Andersen storm windows… 12:20 am: A pane of glass-like material emitting a gradient of light culminating in a bright iridescent edge … Bremsstrahlung? 3:30: A blue knit cap flew into a clean new storm drain as though a vacuum sucked it in… 3:44: A monopoly board… 3:49: Several closed fists with bare knuckles… 4:10: A bass viol… 5:33: The end of a long dipper handle made a small V-shaped trench in sand. (10.3.14)


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