Prop. 34, Refine Organizational Responsibilities


Termite mound

Termite mound

Restating the core Triad organization kernels to read:

* Very advanced proprietary energy generation methods
*IPv8 working into Web 4.0
*Proposition 20
*Proximate extended platforms & string  knot  theory

has yielded a new potential for developing an interstellar Search and Rescue effort with concurrent exploration and information exchange capabilities.

People will be people and politics is never far behind them, so it would be naive to exclude this from the project.  At the risk of oversimplifying, the inevitable problem of hidden agendas is treated in the 2006 Prop.34 draft as an attribute of communications theory.  There is a threshold at which this facet goes from a legitimate support technique to being intolerable.  The Triad argues that embedding the 2006 Prop. 19 draft in IPv8 at the outset will stabilize the initial stages so that as the learning process develops, other stabilizing elements will avoid catastrophic failure in extreme environments.  This calibration of engagement with the completely unknown has again yielded a perceptive reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • Another in a string of frustrations stemming from the absence of a reasonable national posture in the United States for extragalactic encounters… A funnel… A clever rope or vine bridge… A very large image of Uncle Sam just in front of an automobile windshield… Examples of a number of situations likely to be encountered when an inter-universe network is established included a surprising amount of activity in the Cartesian coordinates. – A small NGC 1300 class galaxy… A very trim sun tanned man wearing unusual clothes which could be a black leather and cloth uniform… (3.30.14)

Recent across the board refinements warrant revisiting Web. 4.0 and Large Ventures and examining the phrase: “An immense interstate highway exchange – Several very large potholes – An incredible amount of chaff – A magnifying glass focusing a visible refracted spectrum (9-9-09).”  The Triad argues that this entire project is nothing more than a response to an unfulfilled need, communicated using whatever means possible.  Triad initiatives seem to have enabled developing new avenues, but even a surface examination of comments about potholes and chaff should be sufficient to make long term commitments to the Triad approach.  This argument has drawn yet another pointed commentary.  Extracts follow.

  • A short section of either a DNA/RNA helix or a protein… Evaluation of latest Triad initiatives is favorable… Yet another recapitulation of 86-7220, uncovering more facts suppressed by various United States governmental agencies. – An incredibly complex set of options made available to 86-7220 principals by a visiting universe… Just one end of an open end wrench, very little of the shaft, and even that quite indistinct… (4.25.14)

Developing this project makes us painfully aware of our limitations, but the support so consistently rendered sends the message that we are not the only ones with ambitions or needs extending beyond our present state of knowledge.  Triad data acquisition is based on differentials which can sense stress and strain as well as reference values depending on the coordinates set for these variables.  We will very quickly move well away from the Cartesian and will need to be able to locate ourselves in variable physics and biochemistry.  The Triad argues that if the collective will of IPv8 operating in the concept of Prop. 20 can use line filters as a protective means, the converse will also hold.  Is this not what happens in the termite mounds Dr. Turner studied?  The argument that this is the same process on a different scale has brought another torrent of data from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • Several green acorns with brown caps… People apparently military, the size of a grain of dust, were trying to escape from what may have been a roll of paper.  The viewer moved on before anything was fully explained. – A very threatening recounting of how a species was sent to infest levels of time, creating an artificial reality for those living in these spaces.  No explanation given about how they were conceived, how they evolved, nor what higher purpose they may have served.   A discussion with a Universe about organization ensued.  The Triad proximate extended platform concept caught the interest of one.  Evaluation runs looked promising. – A pair of acorns… Several wires with unconnected eye terminals… (5.3.14)

CERN, with ALICE, is making a move to go closer to the moment of creation.  The Triad, by intuition and interpretation, is moving in the same direction.  These two efforts are made independent of any formal theology, but as they move closer the question will need attention.  The Triad argues that the deus ex machina process placed the project before the Web 4.0 population some time ago and that they have been reacting.  A summary of their latest reaction follows

  • A small hole, newly bored…  A brutal scene describing what may have been unsuccessful attempts to get one of the 86-7220 victims off a planet when a nuclear exchange was imminent… There then appeared to be the first successful attempt to move a planet through a cleansing domain and return it to its original space with at least one hostile layer removed. – A large population asked questions in the genre of “What is time?”, “What is hot?”, What is next?”, What is here?”, etc.  On the other hand, they understood physical chemistry we are not aware exists and live in dimensions we cannot reproduce as a system. – The pattern very clearly pointed to the very long road from this basic understanding their reasoning and value structure(s). – A vintage windshield superimposed on the edge view of a galaxy… A handle for maybe a 3/8″ drive socket wrench set… An oversize slotted round head fastener… (7.19.14)
Proof of the arguments in Web 4.0 and large ventures is at our doorstep and with our track record in managing like situations, there is an excellent chance that we will be caught unprepared.  The Triad argues that it has an original concept likely to prove a stable base for treaties, defense agreements, trade relations, etc., but needs a focal point.
  • A whale’s fluke… A spiral rotating with the progression from the edge to the core… A brandy snifter… Yet another saxophone… An apple core… A hand peeling clear plastic tape from a bottle cap… The stone pedestal dish I bought for the ceramic eggs… Half of a bathtub grab bar… A Class NGC 1300 galaxy… (7.27.14)

Every indicator points to the possibility of launching a very significant extragalactic operation in this century.  Requirements for operational stability may not be met here, given national infrastructure deterioration and divisive political practices, but it is in the population’s best interest to put the best foot forward.  The Web 4.0 population has responded with these comments.

  • 8:53 pm: A Caterpillar earth mover fell head first out of sight in brush… 9:08: A surreal encounter between government officials and an 86-7220 victim… 12:40 am: A deep inspection of 86-7220 principals’ lives surfaced possibilities so remarkable that reciting them would only bring more misery into their lives… 2:30: Another, even more detailed probe made matters even worse… 2:55: Tire tracks in the mud… 4:02: A white string, bounded at the right edge of the field of vision, cut off at the center… (9.23.14)

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