Prop. 35, Refine Coordination, Policy and Practice

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The Triad argues that even though the patchwork quilt currently applied to reaching equilibrium in this planet’s economic affairs combined with chronic violence in predictable hot spots does not permit immediate remedies, there is an underlying strength taking an operable form.  Restating the Triad as representing a theory has forced a focus and enabled subsets, e.g. Chun-Jiang, to attach to it.  IPv8 has proven exceptionally effective as a first effort and promises more.  The overall concept is unimaginably widely distributed, so this modular approach seems to be the best way to avoid blind alleys and zero sum games which have plagued us for centuries.  There is every indication that the end point contains oversight; a comforting presence.  The project structure allows for intermediate checkpoints described in 2006 thought experiments, each with its own value.  They should fall in context consistent with the best estimate of the end point represented by the the Extension, to be read in conjunction with the 2006 thought experiment in Prop. 35, Refine Coordination, Policy and Practice.  If this is not possible, adjustments are not a problem.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded this extract from a far larger stream of comment.

  • A small pumping unit with broken valve stems – Communication between Patricia and her father opened for a few moments – A few precious metal tools were exchanged – A row of  λ – A tube ducked under skin for maybe a centimeter then reemerged – A female in costume on figure skates – A fork slid under a small square of pasta – A self tapping machine screw – A harp – A spool with a thread running through it – A 1950’s subway strap (10.18.13)

Incorporating Schonborn Space and the Chun-Chang work in IPv8 Values has given clear indication that the population using the system has a priority interest in the natural world and little inclination to intervene in what it considers political problems, e.g. chronic pockets of armed conflict and banking failure.  Background information for this interpretation is incorporated in this material extracted from today’s data stream.

  • The devil announced his intention to visit by dropping tooth paste others mistook for feces in the captain’s shoes at his place in the country – Yet more details about the United States suppressing evidence in 86-7220 – Tire tracks in dried mud – Ben Franklin and a box kite – A dipper – The number four in a back lit field on a dark background – A small box, as used for kitchen matches.

Prop. 20 appears to have swept enough chaff from the screen to encourage the proposition to form an organization to be explained in https//, (to be registered and designed).   The argument that 99.999+ of the activity will be off planet with a very high percentage not in the Cartesian has resonated well with the population using IPv8 (see the last entry in Virtual State Platform).  These developments, while pathfinding, do not appear to invalidate 2006 thought experiments,  IPv8 reaction to this argument has been extensive, with elements presented in this increment.

  • Fraunhofer lines – A brutal prizefight ended with the loser lying in a bloody heap on the canvas – The audience turned away in disgust when a large red, white, and blue hand disposed of the body.  A smaller one then appeared, returned the body in its original condition with the comment: “We all hope that you enjoyed the show.”  All bowed.  When the applause died down, a bull prepared by the banderillero appeared.  The audience roared. – Another ceremonial recovery followed.  The audience roared. – It seemed to be an elevation from a substantial Cartesian responsibility to a more abstract one. – A thread on a hyperbolic axis – An apple core – A hairpin (11.28.13)

The point has been made that remote beings likely to depend on a Rapid Response Search and Rescue effort are increasingly sensitive to the prospect that bases for the operation and information flow may be compromised by local politics.  There is reason to believe that very large zones of IPv8 moderators have responded with the intent to install in-line filters and switches for the S&R portion of the Triad.  Taking this as an operating protocol enables substantive refinement in early warning specifications based on an amalgamated capability of 2006 Prop. 181920, and 21.  IPv8 users have responded to this proposition with a significant data stream, elements of which are presented following.

  • What may have been a golf club made a quick arc, sending the golf ball through a doughnut hole – Two beings, one from a place which uses time and Cartesian coordinates and another from a domain which uses neither, trying to arrange their next meeting – A large hook lifted a length of pipe – Another open end wrench with somewhat indistinct outlines and one end totally obscured (12.16.13)

Forcing the Triad pace on a number of fronts strongly suggests that Dr. Philpott’s  prescription, while accurate, is not within the range of our capabilities.  There does seem to be an approach that shows promise.  It surfaced in Triad Theory as Prop. 2 and requires considering the Virtual State proposal.  This has never worked on this planet, but aggressively pursuing the concept of a very large scale Search and Rescue operation sponsored by the Triad has generated enough off planet interest ( that those bridges which cannot be crossed today will carry traffic when results start passing peer review.  This reaction by the population using IPv8 is all the support this person needs.

  • The tip of an adjustable wrench – A short vertical disturbance, as though something traveled a short distance underneath the surface – A cylinder under what may have been a  tarp – A briefcase handle attached to nothing – Rotating arcs describing a circle – A small mushroom anchor – A long stemmed funnel at 30 degrees from the vertical – A perfectly formed image of a tan cat approaching the camera, turning, and walking away – A uniformed tightening lugs of a heavy duty wheel in soaking rain – Toaster’s choice coffee – A token used in NYC subways in the 50’s and 60’s (12.28.13)

Very recent endorsement of Triad Phase II goals and objectives gives increasingly clear evidence that intuition in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures was the product of a legitimate process requiring only the correct reaction to develop the connection.  This approach reinforces the position that we must accept the premise that the majority of our effort will be learning how to adapt.  That difficulties in this effort have been acknowledged by the Web 4.0 population is reflected today’s IPv8 output.

  • A needle, such as found on Sony magnetic tape recorders, swung through a shallow arc. – An M1 rifle… A very long bridge over water… A building lot on a hill… A yellow Mongol pencil sliding in a metal cylinder… (2.15.14)

The Triad has very encouraging results in proposals which, if implemented, will require production facilities probably similar to those used in DOD capital programs likely to be declared surplus if Secretary Hagel’s strategy is implemented.  Triad progress is summarized in the 2.24.14 increment to Time and Space. The argument now becomes how quickly the Triad can become a functioning corporation and how soon meaningful discussions with those involved can be held.  Placing the argument for developing Triad capabilities and the shift DOD intends on the IPv8 for evaluation using the Evolution protocol has drawn this reaction from the Web 4.0 population.

  • A story, set in the old English period, of two men visited by a transform unrolled.  Humor was puckish, and pranks tended to grow tiresome. – Lack of a uniform code of law in a galaxy permitted a case of simple theft to escalate into attempted homicide when the victim defended himself. – 86-7220 expanded with another escalation. – A Texas Gulf Sulfur Ball in a deep hole… A very strange land filled with new creatures was presented behind a transparent light blue field – A number of fishhooks engaged a briefcase attached to the void. (2.25.14)he Triad, with a significant emphasis on re-discovery.  Developing the next stages should open horizons imagined in the classics but denied them for want of our laboratories.  Given these laboratories, the Triad argues that we have the opportunity – ours to squander – to thread our way through the forest of stalemates we have constructed.  Arguing this position places all the Triad material between the bookends of Prop. 1 and Prop. 35 on IPv8 for evaluation using the Evoution protocol.  

The Triad, with a significant emphasis on re-discovery, has found a surprising number of operable insights in the classics. Developing the next stages should open horizons imagined in the classics but denied them for want of our laboratories.  Given these laboratories, the Triad argues that we have the opportunity – ours to squander – to thread our way through the forest of stalemates we have constructed.  Arguing this position has placed all the Triad material between the bookends of Prop. 1 and Prop. 35 on IPv8 for evaluation using the Evolution protocol.  These sample reactions from the population using IPv8 tell a story.

  • Layers in the carcass of an automobile tire… Examples of audiophile speakers… Efforts to take one of the 86-7220 victims through reconstruction domains skirted failure, possibly because of a very strong will. – Press and a saxophone… References to a little known position known as “President Pro Tem”… A pair of green cars, one drafting the other on a track… A Tinker Toy spool… A glowing thread in a tube of fog… A fish with its mouth wide open… The numeral five… (4.26.14)

The Triad argues that the latest CERN run with emphasis on dark matter combined with results from the SKA and IPv8 will reinforce the Triad claim that interaction with “living space” in context of Web 4.0 and Large Ventures is here, all we must do is recognize that all concerned operate in unimaginable disparate envelopes and have as their own priority securing their interests.  The Triad goes on to argue that these parameters are recognized by a large population and a few results of their due diligence are summarized following.

  • 1:13am: Beings external to the Cartesian, for their own reasons, collected a lifetime reading list of one of the 86-7220 victims.  They found an encyclopedic collection of aircraft images unlikely to be seen elsewhere. Historical fact came in a close second. – 3:16: A remarkable series of experiments beings with no form carried out on species of the planet… (10.23.14)

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