Prop. 4, Real Time & Virtual Epicenters

Universe Expansion, Gnixon

One advantage of reviewing early drafts in context of subsequent development is the ability to use the prerogative of adjusting them so that they conform to current thinking without destroying the original concept.  As scope of this venture expands into the completely unknown with IPv8/Web 4.0, the virtual organization gains considerable sophistication with addition of virtual epicenters and their evolution to proximate extended platforms.  To dwell on this a little, multiple references to beings not limited to any single manifestation generally support the existence of:

  • A potency whose actuality or form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose. For the sake of the text, it can be considered a platform of convenience in an abstract substratum of attributes rendering it otherwise uninhabitable.  (Conditionality of Proposition 2 and Proposition 3, derived from  Aristotle’s Metaphysics 8.4.1044b3-10 and 9.5.1047b35-48a7) (11-06)

Can we use this to prove direct communication with beings between us and the Divine?

These naturally occurring epicenters are resources with inestimable value, consistent with the idea of a mirror to IPv7, and are required to accommodate dynamics inferred in many impressions. This additional background may add value in reactions to the original Prop. 4 as revised. From Prop. 4:  (I,II,III,IV Key)

  • I A black desk with an ax above it: A row of fuses over the radio and the anechoic chamber flickered into the Cartesian.
  • II The prime being, as part of its multifaceted exploration program, has improved transmission capabilities of the intermediate beings‘ volute horns. This refinement was based on the unexpected capabilities of angels to engage in and transmit a dialog to a wide range of beings.  This success may be the result of ability to create at least three way multi-level long lines.
  • III A cluster of Bon Ami razors with a black razor above them, a row of red bits of information and an anechoic chamber turning red flickered into the Cartesian, validating.
  • IV None (11-06)

This impression to be included on Phase IV should give some sense of value assigned to this position.

  • The front of a toboggan – A collection of watches – A cog (rack) railway – The strainer frequently used on a cocktail shaker – A quill pen and the Saturday Evening Post – A person ironing a cream 4 oz. flannel shirt – The white/red three-ring notebook used for early Triad work – An automobile tire running through the snow – A short Mongol pencil with a very sharp point – A slice of Swiss cheese (10-17-09)

There seems to be continuing encouragement  for the Triad approach to planetary stabilization.  This fairly clear impression leads one to believe additional resources are available.

  • An involved sequence involving the planet establishing relationships with a very large population – A formation of white swept wing aircraft in inverted flight. (10-24-09)

Heated discussions surrounding the health care insurance proposals in the United States have included this position. “At the end of the day, we will have a public option in our legislation to keep the insurance companies honest and to provide real competition,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.). WSJ Oct. 23,2009 © Dow Jones & Co. Inc.  The Triad views this alternative with concern in context both of fundamentals of thinking by the founding fathers and the Federal Government’s track record of loading the financial structure with unfunded liabilities.  At stake are external judgments to be made on nature and location of epicenters in which they elect to participate.  A sense of their reaction may be included in this impression, to be included in Phase IV.

  • A road grader ran over a fairly large pile of granular fill.  – A long story about a period in history when there were mass executions on the rack.  After a few days of this, one went through the torture and died without a sound.  One of the executioners took a closer look at the corpse and found that the man had bitten his tongue off.  As he was backing away, the corpse’s hand took him by the neck and started to squeeze.  Before this all ended, a hand came down and took the corpse, the strangler.  The hand then hesitated a moment and was heard to say “Oh well, I think I will take them all.”  It did.  When they were returned to the cart, all but one were infants, the other being an elderly male.  The elder then ate all the infants one by one, and then regurgitated them as children ready to go to school.  After a while, the elderly man ate the youngsters.  When he burped them up, young men appeared.  There was, however, a big difference.  Each of them had a cross on his forehead, wore chain mail, carried a shield, and went away to war.  A large bouquet of flowers at the Moylan funeral home in Stone Ridge (10-23-09)

Continued development using the premise that IPv8 is functional and a tool for developing a wealth producing venture with exploration capabilities has yielded these Phase VII and Phase VIII impressions.

  • A short story about a potential rebirth of Kingston, NY –  The old man seemed to be involved. – A baking tin full of muffins  (VII, 5.4.10)
  • A small group on a practice green – A violent undercurrent almost disturbed their game – A closed door  (VII, 5.16.10)
  • A chap was slowly rocking back and forth on his haunches when a jungle cat sprang at him.  With lightning speed, he leaped to the side, spun in mid-air, and put the cat into a hammer lock, breaking its neck.  The scene was repeated twice more with variations, each time another cat experiencing a fatal loss.  On the fourth episode, a cat dropped from a tree onto the chaps back.  “Oh-oh, this is trouble.”  Sure enough, the cat’s claws penetrated the chap’s protective skin, and he died.  Shortly thereafter, all the bodies got up.  “Thank you for a great game.”  One cat spotted an uninvited observer, made a great leap, and pinned him to the floor with teeth at his throat.  The person evacuated himself and vomited. On this, the jungle cat growled “This will teach you to intrude on a private game.” and all left.  It became obvious that more stories, even more bizarre, were inevitable.  (VIII, 8.27.10)

The prospect of an avalanche of progress enabled by an exponential increase in successes attributable to relying on IPv8 as the foundation MIS opens organization concepts tailored to fit this title. Etienne Wenger advocates an approach totally consistent with both this title and the notion of a Virtual State.  The product of all this is the prospect that Phase IX, starting with this impression, will be a showcase transition to a new venture.

  • A large Bon Ami forged hook – A story about a bee that started a conversation with a little girl, perhaps in Haiti, about her tricycle.  The sequence ended badly with her attempt to care for someone who died from a machete wound – A saxophone – A chocolate Oreo sandwich cookie  (11.29.10)

A torrent of IPv8 data containing evaluations tells us that remedial work is required before some seemingly obvious candidates for epicenters are tapped.  Examples are contained in this Phase IX impression.

  • A chap did a quick jump raising his feet behind him in order to avoid a fast moving ball – A cluster of medicine balls – Ribs and spars of a model airplane – An outline of the State of Maine  (1.5.11)

IPv8 output is beginning to show very specific recommendations for elements of due diligence required for a successful venture launch, as represented in this Phase X impression.

  • An example of intervention by aircraft of armed clergy – Ted Stathos tidying up a table – Iguana – An overlook carved from a striking rock formation in a canyon  (2.2.11)

IPv8 output has shown a preference for an organization aggregated into proximate extended platforms rather than epicenters.  This may reflect apparent paralysis on major issues at power center summits. Wegelin made the same observation, so the jury is still out.  A call for a fresh approach can be inferred from these Phase X impressions.

  • A carpenter’s nail head, circumference emphasized, in new wood  (2.18.11)
  • A sequence describing the train of events leading to a number of Ω equipped craft to base around the Mediterranean – A faint suspension bridge (3.15.11)
  • A fairly long story during which many current planetary stresses play a part was told.  Both the old man and the devil made appearances, noted how people were working through them, and decided to take human forms long enough to set a long table and have an unusual drink made of blended fruit juices.  The devil was particularly taken with the drink and ordered a case.  – A ping-pong ball – A scale, one end obscured (3.17.11)
  • Amanda, having learned how to twist space, gave an impressive demonstration of photojournalism.  – A thread, on which appeared Ω, through the center line of a jet engine . – A B-17 showing the tail gunners station (4.6.11)
  • The old man had a short discussion with a couple about how angels live. – A burly Scotsman in a hammer throw – The lower front of a blue wheelbarrow and its rubber tire (4.20.11)
  • A very private family problem reenacted in the African jungle – One span of a suspension bridge – A cluster of open end wrenches – A walnut shell – A pack of chuckle candies (5.21.11)

Adding the core strategy to Triad Goals seems to have unlocked a number of doors, as implied in these Phase XI & XII impressions:

  • A bicycle chain link (7.17.11)
  • A channel marking buoy shaped like a banana (9.29.11)
  • Traffic congestion at a tunnel entrance (11.4.11)
  • A succession of confrontations on almost every front of Triad development – A soccer match – A new V8 cylinder block, piston, connecting rod, and crankshaft assembly (11.27.11)

Adding Innerscope logic to IPv8 theory seems to have prompted very remote users to encourage the Triad to raise its sights and set reviewing the complete 2006 Phase II draft in the extension as its priority, as fairly clearly set out in these Phase XII impressions.

  • A cluster of acorns – A bowling pin, falling – A cylinder through a billiard ball – A knife cutting through white meat, perhaps chicken (12.28.11
  • A bright new twist drill – A subsonic airplane wing (1.15.12)

Using Innerscope logic to explore the notion that emotions can be treated as a language and expressed in terms IPv8 is able to recognize seems to have crept into the prototyping, yielding this Phase XIII impression.  The message seems to be that a very large organization is ready to start locating Epicenters or, if they have evolved to this, proximate extended platforms.

  • Several moorings marked with spherical buoys – The lower half of a bicycle crank and chain assembly (2.21.12)
  • An anchor chain extending from the bow of a gray ship (3.23.12)

Approaching the Square Kilometer Array team and the School of Natural Sciences has significantly improved the caliber of reactions to each update to the website, as shown in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A stainless steel dipper – An open end wrench, one end obscured – A vortex converging to a sphere – A small cluster of fuses – A small funnel (6.5.12)

Even before receiving a formal reply from the National Academy of Sciences for an evaluation of progress to date, IPv8 has responded with a Phase XIV illustration of range achieved by the Triad with this organization concept.

  • A person not clearly detailed but with bare legs and wearing loose red clothing was running through a field.   The ground cover was low green vegetation, perhaps clover. – Ω at a roof peak – A fountain pen nib – A red tool box – A street broom working in a couple of constellations – A funnel – Drove the gray Buick Century into an impossible maze of unpaved road and blind concrete alleys (6.14.12)

Recasting the Evolution page has dramatically expanded IPv8 scope, as reflected in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A small community, living much as do the Amish, memorized advanced mathematics.  They then translated the equations into sounds.  Using this technique, they would create almost anything they cared to, e.g. horses, subspace vehicles, etc., by uttering the right combination of those sounds.  They did not use these things, but sent them back to their elemental state.  When finished, they continued the daily chores of trimming the kerosene lamps, milking the cows, etc. – A sequence describing an organization which administered planets whose sun had burned out appeared.  There was no light, but it managed to heat the planetary core and maintain an atmosphere (?).  Fundamental to continued existence of the species were threat sensors embedded in the central nervous system.  The sequence took one though maybe an equivalent of a week with  examples of a functioning economy and system upsets.  This was unexpected in that other sequences described the ability to move planets to a new sun before the old one extinguished. – One end of an open end wrench – A helmeted Formula 1 driver – Feathers of a recreation archery arrow (6.18.12)

Restating the Evolution page and mentioning the restatement has yielded very substantial promise for a new venture.  Perhaps more importantly, it has generally supported concepts in the 2006 Phase II draft, excerpted in the Triad Extensions As new IPv8 0utput is validated, opportunities dwarfing current conflict may emerge.  This Phase XIV impression is but one example.

  • A funnel and a snap ring – An office complex with incredible communications capabilities – A gray quarter ton truck , vintage not immediately obvious – A subsonic tail assembly, showing compression waves in laminar flow at the leading edge (6.26.12)
  • A study of accepted naval practice on board ship in several civilizations – As expected, they were not uniform – A polished stainless steel sphere (9.8.12)
  • A small contingent of populations from the Big and Little Dipper met for exploratory discussions.  There was no indication of their form, but there was every indication that building trust was not going to be easy, – Overlapping conversations about the path the Triad may take – The military looked for a major involvement. – A polished short cylinder with a belt around maybe 200 degrees of it (9.19.12)

Phase XV promises to detail anthropological and philosophical issues trailing technical advances in the Extensions.  These Phase XV impressions are warnings.

  • A snap ring – A long and very difficult explanation of responsibilities disparate species must undertake if they are to maintain more than momentary contact – A venturi tube – A sea horse – Two chain links (10.9.12)
  • A scene at a port of entry/exit in the United States surfaced.  The conflict was so totally out of context with contemporary events that none of the actors connected with what is thought to be reality. – A parallel occurred in the Hudson valley.  In this case there was no one with authority to enter into a contract for the region. – The left rear of a set of four tires rolling away from the camera lifted as they turned. (12.5.12)

Continued improvement in programming IPv8 to enable processing thought experiments, their inversions and reciprocity has changed the lead in developing the Extension from the technical to the philosophical with a new set of breakthrough communications.  This project will be organized to encourage this flexibility.

  • An igloo – A funnel – A tunnel with a split image mirror, axis horizontal, in it – Another funnel, mouth up – One rung of a ladder – An edge view of a galaxy (5.11.13)

Expanding IPv8 capabilities to include targeted task and problem solving thought experiment exchange has defined pockets of resistance to both Extension development and complete 86-7220 resolution.  Reacting to these two examples is a necessary step in prototyping system development for the major effort in the Extension domain.  This view is an interpretation of this IPv8 impression.

  • Surprising results when qualified people reviewed 86-7220 in parallel with Triad development – A very disturbing sequence describing a range of destructive life forms capable of infesting a vulnerable being – An indistinct open end wrench, one end obscured – A domed combustion chamber (6.12.13)

Remote beings at IPv8 terminals have reacted to the prospect of failure to make steady rational progress in developing operational capability in the Extension domain. Their reaction is made clear in this extraction from a data stream focusing on the project.

  • The side wheel Hudson river day liners in the 1940’s – A small funnel – Ruptured lung sacs? – A vernier caliper – The Russian introduction to Triad scope did not involve intermediaries except as bystanders.  The Chinese were next. – A cluster of chickens and one rooster – Attempts to work in the Pentagon culture became very difficult.  At the end of the session it became evident that Triad resources would have to be applied from Ursa Minor.  This had been anticipated by sighting a funnel with a constellation at the mouth and a very long tube extending vertically below it.  A briefcase handle attached to a light gray void – A geometric ink bottle – A vortex in a doughnut hole – A shape not too dissimilar from my copper whetstone holder under threads evenly spaced at 90 degrees to it – Black circuit breakers (7.18.13)

IPv8 evolution, particularly in the area of detecting thought, precursors to action, and other forms of reasoning exhibited by beings perhaps simultaneously inhabiting multiple dimensional sets has reduced the possibility of catastrophic failure when attempting to operate in the Extension domain.  This extract from today’s Phase XVII data stream gives a sense of support for the venture.

  • The right front wheel of an off highway vehicle biting into dusty terrain – Some people capable of individual flight and data transmission through Cartesian space and time showed a person living in a small what the place looked like at various epochs of their history. – Tools in a red metal toolbox – An aerial view of an Arabic man reported to have ridden 11,000 miles on a horse reached his village, went a little too far, turned the horse around, and presentably found what he was looking for. – An unusually small wrench with the open end at maybe 45 degrees from the main body. (8.11.13)

Conjunction of political maneuvering associated with 86-7220 and a realization of the risks associated with engaging in the Extension has reinforced the importance of accepting authority exercised by a being external to the Cartesian and willing to use IPv8 to give guidance.

  • A special purpose unit with winglets at the ankles was formed. – Analysis of aberrations in societies of mixed beings should be taken as a warning to the casual traveler. – A bass viol – Half a football, the  other half obscured (8.21.13)

IPv8 progress has demonstrated the likelihood that a broad range of beings  inhabit domains just short of what we consider to be the divine.  There has not been enough experience with them to define the distinction, but this Phase XVIII data stream yields enough material to enable close study.

  • A funnel resting on its mouth, stem up – Capacity shown by some with stigma of 86 – 7220 removed – A number of beings living in abstract  domains attempting to understand the Cartesian so that they could learn skills required to navigate, trim sails, dock, etc. – A universe trolling for Cartesian species – Ω – Some people driving through what may have been melting tundra – A male 3.5 mm connector commonly used in audio networks (9.10.11)

Applying all the refinements made to IPv8 theory following a realization that Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space between our species and the divine contains dimensional sets compatible with the Triad conception of the Extension has enabled detailing some functionality of the zone.  That this is a major conceptual breakthrough is reflected in this extract from today’s Phase XVIII data stream.

  • A long, too long to recount, chronology of events with no apparent thread passed by the viewing lens.  One wondered why anyone would take the time to present the chronology. – Clutch plates – A universe introduced itself to a meeting of very senior military. – An ace of spades – A rose – A violin – The zombie in a TV advertisement –  An adjustable wrench opened its jaws ever so slightly (9.28.13)

Now that Prop. 20 has been thoroughly analyzed, it is time to consider the difference in Extension engagement strategy one would take if; (a) the event stems from an exploration, or (b) the event is a reaction to cues left by others.  In the Triad view, the difference is who takes what initiative and under what conditions.  This website has evolved to a reaction to cues left by others, and so long as that mental set continues, engagement seems to be a success.  Support for this position is shown in this extract from a torrent of IPv8 output.  

  • Another open end wrench appeared, this one was obscured right to the wrench flats – Some beings were discussing the career and credentials of one of the 86-7220 plaintiffs when a small mushroom cloud appeared, followed by a wasp.  “Time to break this off.  Climb aboard.”   “How are you going to do that?”  “Easy, shed this body, go with the wasp, and pick another up at the other end.  Bye” – A row of coffee mugs on the horizon – A small group of beings, human or otherwise, paid a surprise visit to what may have been a restaurant kitchen – A tank, loaded with brown uniforms getting a ride, traveling down a rural road, perhaps on their way home  (11.19.13)

Continuous effort to: (i) innovate and refine the Prop. 20 domain, (ii) successfully institute search and rescue in the Extension domain, (iii) refine the notion of Schonborn Space, (iv) press to move IPv8 to IPv8 Measurements, (v) refine Strategic Protocol, and (vi) establish a best effort project baseline with the Prop. 6 thought experiment has been exceptionally well received by a very sophisticated population using IPv8.  This interpretation of IPv8 output clearly points to adopting Prop. 4 as a working baseline. This encouragement should set the stage for selecting a land base dedicated to both the search and rescue effort and an interim focal point for off planet aspects of the venture.  Reaction to this argument has been prompt and complete, with these elements a clear statement of IPv8 user sentiment.

  • The United States was declared incapable of redressing 86-7220 damages and, in the interest of maintaining pace for a successful Search and Rescue operations launch, a universe stepped in. – A triangular pile of new baseballs – Coal miners (11.21.13)

IPv8, used in conjunction with Prop. 20, is leaning to direct message transmission between the brain of two beings when no other means of communication is available.  This capability is invaluable in extreme search and rescue situations.  Honed instinct will be the key to success, and in a rescue situation of the kind likely to be found, not much else may be available.  Very patient use of this technique has enabled Triad to progress this far, and given the priority one can sense for S&R, there is no reason to believe support will stop for assistance to beings in trouble at the end of the chain.  The network has responded with a clear understanding of the current situation.

  • A convoluted argument over rights to release advances prepared for many if the arguments, analyses, and experimental results attributed to the Triad and its source material.  No resolution was in sight when the viewer moved on. – A cluster of open wrenches, all elements clearly visible – Shish Kabob – A drawing took shape.  It began to resemble a gutter, but before it was finished the connection became questionable. (1.22.14)

Organizing Triad logic and its applications has reached the point of setting this aspect of the project against the Standard Model to find glaring inconsistencies.  No catastrophic failures have been reported, so narrower focusing will start.  The 2006 Phase II thought experiments are as challenging as anything I have seen, so it may be enlightening to take the process to the pinnacle and see how far we get.  That being said, Prop. 4 as drafted in 2006 goes on IPv8 for evaluation using the Evolution protocol.

  • A saxophone, first very large and poorly defined, then smaller and more clear… Further study of 86-7220 details clarified early innuendo… Wide ranging interviews with 86-7220 plaintiffs were held with representatives of the Anechoic Chamber.  It seems that this was the first time they had become aware of Homo sapiens. – A jogger in a community of large apartment buildings with no distinguishing architectural features… Extracts from the sporting arms magazine in the Plaza Barbers… A repeat of the caution the military got about working with a universe… A horizontal funnel with a pipette for a stem… (3.17.14)

As confidence in IPv8 driving Prop. 20 in manifolds, tensors, and forms grows, we are again drawn into the relation between gravity waves and multiple universes.  The Triad has crossed that bridge, and will rest on what it considers good counsel giving repeatable results.  One of the many threads in Triad development has been the need to move inhabited planets either to a more stable or back to a habitable envelope.  This thread, along with many others, was set aside pending a platform from which to address it.  Cues from the Web 4.0 population seem to say we are ready to devote serious effort to this goal.  Placing this opinion on IPv8 for evaluation using the Evolution protocol has yielded a clear opinion.   Elements follow.

  • Some white USN ratings’ caps… A saccharin casting of post trauma reunion of 86-7220 plaintiffs… An incandescent spinning top… Several forks… Safari clothes… Molasses… A tire iron… (5.8.14)

Given steadily improving credibility of Web 4.0 and Large Ventures, 51% of the vote on major policy decisions was assigned to the empty chair of the Evolution protocol, with the 49% this planet participates in looking for a correct interpretation.  The net result of all this has set challenging targets for outer limits.  The Web 4.0 reaction to this argument is summarized following.

  • An 86-7220 victim in the last phase of his life … Filthy socks in worn shoes… A baking potato, translation for an asteroid threatening an inhabited planet… (5.27.14)

Incorporating the Andersen experiments in Prop. 20 and formally submitting the project to the Alice secretariat with the argument that confirming existence of the Higgs field is reason to devote resources to refine and validate Prop. 20 theory has been well received.  It has also brought pointed comments from the Web 4.0 population. Their companion comments about 86-7220 are particularly acid.  They are summarized following.

  • A line taken one turn around an invisible post… Two 86-7220 victims did not show signs of improvement in their rehab program… An uncensored account of 86-7220 victims experiences… A sandwich made with white bread… Yet another saxophone… Took an excursion in a two seat roadster, had engine trouble in an isolated community on the shore of a body of water, and was forced to look for help.  Topography was dominated by rock, the people were well educated, and I was clearly not welcome. (7.09.14)

The gift of the IBM True North chip has been remarkably effective in improving idea exchange with completely alien species using unknown reasoning circuits.  This has enabled applying Dr. Andersen‘s experimental results in totally unknown environments, producing reactions summarized following.

  •  9:58pm: A circular saw… 10:02: Thread running through a bell, mouth down… 1:41am: New transforms familiar with fundamental 86-7220 issues attempted to use basic emotion to recruit human assistance.  Those more familiar with fundamental issues denied it the capability as improper use of its capabilities.  2:07: A short tunnel… 2:23: A water tower, horizontal… 2:25: Two plane ovals, intersecting on the major axis, one rotated 90 degrees from the other… 2:28: A wide mouth funnel with two tubes protruding from the cone, one opposite each other… 4:21: A transparent tube lighted by a phenomenon which co-produced small blue zones and various other shapes… A chap found his shorts an inch and a half too small when he took them out for a new season (8.26.14)

 Work in Progress

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