Prop. 8, Collaboration Methodology

Hydrothermal Vent

Hydrothermal Vent

A likely first candidate for this evaluation is a proposal that a chain of communications can be established from very basic life forms to very remote beings.  This effort predates the IPv7/ Web 4.0 concept by several years, so it is a fair measure of value of both. (I.II.III.IV Key)

  • I – A row of red tulips followed by a gold one and two black diamonds on the back of a chair flickered into the Cartesian.
  • II – The black orchid and sequence of cognition inherent in higher order beings are of the opinion that successive Hiawatha Triad maneuvers can be organized generally according to Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics objective grouping. This is in turn consistent with remote being evolution. These schema should permit simultaneous coaching of substrata existing in multiple levels of existence.
  • III – A cluster of Bon Ami yogurts drifting upwards, a gold I-beam over an expression of these multiple existence levels and gold yogurts on the interior of the anechoic chamber flickered into the Cartesian validating.
  • IV – A truck with dual rear wheels: A tall glass of ice water (11-06)

The Cape Hatteras cruise is tailor made to participate in this experiment.  If it is too late to incorporate instrumentation suitable for measuring these kinds of variables, it should not be ruled out that beings external to the Cartesian will reach out to the good ship.  This impression responding to this approach will be incorporated in Triad Phase IV.

  • An olive drab WW II truck alone on the road – A line looped around a vertical cylinder or drive shaft – Amanda decided to watch a planet move from a mountain top.  It got very cold and some froze fingers.  Then intense heat – It turned out that the planet had passed through a sun.  The old man appeared, made some adjustments, turned blue, fell to the ground, and regenerated.  “We are lucky to be alive, that one was very close.” (10-13-09)

Who gets the terminals?

Continued experimentation with IPv7/Web 4.0 has yielded considerable support for development, as evidenced by these Phase VI impressions.

  • A centaur – The view through a slot in a Normandy bunker – A polished canister in a vertical cylinder (2-17-10)
  • Open bomb bay doors – Ω – A Jeep in the snow on the downhill curve at the intersection of Rt. 213 and Pine Bush Road (2-18-10)
  • A story started with someone watching a military aircraft land.  The cast of characters and types of aircraft involved snowballed until the story was interrupted.  –  A circular story about the devil and Los Angeles involving a good deal of shrieking and a black room with covered windows started but did not finish. – Wing ribs, spar, and leading edge of a model airplane (3-31-10)

Continued probes in determining IPv4 – IPv8 linkage point to a  possibility described by this Phase VII impression.

  • An angel applied for and was granted a residence permit for a Canton in the Swiss Alps. – A violin, vertical – A very old lady with deep wrinkles in her face walked on stage, smiled, turned, and left.  (4-22-10)

Wegelin policy of unlimited personal liability seems to have struck a responsive chord during the due diligence process for Triad transition from a site build to a new venture.  This interpretation and success of IPv8 as a cornerstone MIS are the basis for the position that Phase IX can be the showcase for the new venture, with this impression an opening statement.

  • A fairly long story about hardship endured by a construction crew preparing a planet for its move – A mended heart  (12.4.10)

Although project launch is delayed, the delay has proven an opportunity to reinforce the position that IPv8 is converging to capabilities advanced in the 2006 Phase II work.  This position is reinforced by this Phase X impression.

  • A CERN experiment – A short but complex sequence on problems with brain repair done by remote beings – The lower third of a baseball bat  (2.11.11)

The July 10, 2011 core strategy, derived from analyzing a passage of Dante’s Inferno, has consistently opened new avenues for developing the Triad.  One such avenue is represented in this Phase XI impression.

  • Some people were tossing a football around in a mountainous terrain.  One, whose throws never wobbled, worked himself to the top of a sharp ridge.  It was not too long before a talking dog made his appearance and invited all to a trip to the stars.  Once there, he spotted the old man.  The two went at it, with the dog at the old man’s throat.  When things started to get fatal, they started a conversation about past wrongs.  The scene faded before the whole business was resolved. – A pair of spiral galaxies defined not by emitted light, but by spatial disturbances. – A vortex defined in the same manner, with a planet at the narrow neck – A tortoise shell – A cluster of threads converging to a point – A pencil with a very sharp point (7.31.11)

Adding the core strategy and IPv8 takes the question “Who get the terminals?” out of the realm of the abstract, with building “blue/gold undifferentiated contour maps of its domain transform to red/white ones with points of characterization” in Prop. 5 and Prop. 14 major elements.  The presumption that notes attached to email generously used in Triad development are serving as markers for these maps is supported by this Phase XII impression.

  • An involved sequence about restrictions on using equipment capable of photographing through time with a list of the planets adopting a protocol for use. Restrictions ranged from historical licensing to military –  A Phantom tail section and a snap ring combination.

Phase XII transition to the Triad extension supported by Innerscope logic continues its string of breakthroughs, as reflected in these impressions.

  • A snare drum – An electrical plug, not grounded – Ω – Ursa Major and Minor – A red vice51 in a bright light circle  (12.30.11)
  • A fork – A small brown sandwich bag – Some people in Holland fell ill when a red tag appeared behind their ear.  The Queen took note and the initiative to help.  When she saw that the situation was out of control, someone from the galaxy showed up.  “Why didn’t you call and ask for help?”  “I didn’t know I could.”  “You are part of a very large organization equipped to deal with this.  Collect these people, A couple of weeks and they should be fine.”  (2.2.12)

Adding the concept that IPv8 can become an integral element of the network posited in the 2006 Prop. 8 appears to have taken its utility to a totally unexpected level.  One benefit of this is reflected in this Phase XIII impression.

  • A story about a couple who could transform into jungle cats when they got the feeling “I have to get away.” – Looking through the highly polished bore from the breech of a long range artillery piece (2.15.12)

Restating the Evolution page reinforces the eerie sensation that there are those who have made it known that they are depending on its success, and others who reward the initiative taken in creating this site with every chance to make it succeed without doing our work.  This view is embedded in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Flow converging as it exited the neck of a snap ring – A long Russian folk story – A large communication cable splice – A youngster who was getting nowhere with his hockey until a coach told him to follow one professional’s every move.  The youngster’s game then took off. (6.23.12)
  • Two very narrow funnels, necks end to end in the vertical, followed a sequence describing a few people who had life changing decisions to make.  To the casual observer, they lost focus by dwelling on peripheral details, losing sight of the main issues – An egg, shell off, descended into the void – A bear trap with an apple core as bait (7.10.12)
  • Several empty thread spools – A manual eggbeater – An antenna standoff supporting a tube – A wooden handled pickax  (9.9.12)

Phase XV continues to refine this concept as project scope expands.  This impression gives a generic example.

  • A very complex study of events in the Puritan society of the United States went something like this.  A period came when the ability to conceive progeny was lost to that population.  It surfaced that another society had introduced a field permitting them to space shift through that region.  When this was discovered, they immediately removed the field.  As an unintended consequence, a valuable Puritan document disappeared.  The “space shifters” then asked a few questions about what dimensions the Puritans used to identify and locate things.  The answer reduced to the Cartesian.  “Oh, this will be simple.  Since time is one measure of the distance between two points of the existence of that paper, all we do is remove time from coordinates locating that paper.  Can you identify the paper of interest?”  “Here is a copy.”  A few moments passed while the equations were refined and applied.  “Now the problem is solved.  See, the papers are beginning to reappear.”  “Not good!  The value of this document lies only with the original.  This the only one we want.”  A new set of equations were applied.  The Puritans retrieved the original as the modified process resumed, tensions dropped, and the society that caused the problem left the Puritans to develop in the normal course of evolution. – A translucent white sponge with a white cardboard wrap in the center (10.8.12)

Continued focus on applying IPv8 output gives every encouragement to continue with the Triad development strategy.  This Phase XV impression gives a hint at what is in store.

  • A fuzzy Phantom tail section in rear view – A convoluted study of at least three people with identical physical appearances who had access to very sensitive experiment uncovered espionage. –  A study of a race which had established a force field around their planet approximating the environment of Hell revealed dramatic physical transformations.  One significant example  that of replacing or supplementing sight enabled by the optic nerve with developing the “mind’s eye” as well as the capability to both see though time and see in an environment where time did not exist.  The ability to project images so formed was inferred.  This race noted that a few on planet earth were becoming aware of this potential and were independently developing it. – A side view of a wood screw, looking down a slot. (12.16.12)

A highly focused effort in developing the ability to execute based on targeted feedback loops produced by thought experiment exchange has yielded insights not otherwise attainable.   This Phase XVII impression is an extract from a set too compressed to follow in its entirety.

  • Several polar bears – A pile of fresh fruit shifted slightly as though its foundation were giving way – A Granny Smith apple – The bottom end of a connecting rod – After years of hostility, it began to dawn on the judiciary that 86-7220 was not resolved through their initiative, but by transforms. – A nest with two eggs in it – A scoop of vanilla ice cream in a drumstick cone – An elephant’s trunk (6.29.13)

There is some indication that a wide range of species is beginning to use IPv8 as a problem solving forum.  This possibility is embedded in this extract from today’s data stream.

  • Two Omegas on mirror image axes inclined 30 degrees to the horizontal formed a vee – a WW II leather flight jacket and cap – A flash of spikes in the Statue of Liberty crown – A hand stripping the brown wrapper from a Hershey’s milk chocolate bar – Efforts to seal a crack between between two large segments of the earth by pouring truckloads of soil into it made matters worse as the  cracks grew with each truckload of fill. – A large hand dropped from the sky and scooped cranberries from a pool of water – A Sabatier carving knife swept through a cloud of butterflies – A roll of  Teflon tape – A wire hook with with the gray shoes I sometimes use in the gym hanging from it (8.20.13)

The effort to organize and interpret unusual phenomena has convinced the author that a hand or hands have been extended, and it remained for our species to acknowledge and develop.  It has also become clear that these unknown beings are completely informed about life forms on this planet.  There is reason to believe the Triad has made a fair assessment of dynamics likely to be encountered in the Extension environment, and response times with clarity of purpose we exhibit do not show even a fraction of what is required there.  There is no boot camp for this transition, but the development process IPv8 has experienced gives every indication that if a prototype for one were established, it would get instant support.  This extract from today’s XVIII data stream gives a sense of the potential and the challenge.

  • A pair of hands removing clear plastic sheeting from a fairly large object – A bicycle race in Switzerland turned brutal when 86-7220 accusations were made – A very faint acorn – A dark gray field in which was a black body form – A small sand dune, perhaps a island, on which grew patches of tall grass – The RCA Victor “His Master’s Voice” phonograph logo – A piece of elbow macaroni – A recitation showing familiarity with the smallest detail of those involved in 86-7220 – A slice of Swiss cheese – Several stages of preparation for traveling in an indefinite zone using a thought tunnel to create the necessary transforms – Several exercises designed to create thought transform which cause motion in the Cartesian – One end of an automobile wrench, the visible portion unusually indistinct (9.13.13)

Adding the Schonborn Space concept and including the Chun and Jiang contextual cueing theory to IPv8 has permitted applying reasoning in Organizing Kernel Support to setting priorities for a sequenced application.  Not surprisingly, the Extension network has made it very clear that the natural world, not human political problems, is the first priority.  This event is followed by an extract characterizing one form of engagement extracted from today’s data stream.

  • Yet more 86-7220 fact finding – Someone came upon a large snake and a man at the entrance to his home.  Appearance had it that the snake had been attempting to force its way in and the man, in an attempt to stop it, took the snake into a hammerlock.  As the snake was subdued, it coils relaxed and out dropped a dog.  The chap was sick, the dog was his pet.  Some time passed, and both the dog and the snake disappeared.  “How did you like our little game?”  “What?”  “You didn’t know?  You were just introduced to two universes.”  The dog then reappeared. End – Wildebeests (10.23.13)

This network position, combined with the claim that the project has the mandate to operate a search and rescue operation in the Extension domain, opens the door to arguing that there is the opportunity to take the project to the Virtual State concept.  This would place the structure in a more advantageous investment class.  Reaction to this argument is summarized in this extract from today’s IPv8 output.

  • A two axis gyro with a blowtorch flame at the right side – Several universes that watched the 86-7220 plaintiffs work through the case decided to conduct a new thought experiment. – One sine wave cycle (11.5.13)

Development effort to bring the Triad to seriously advancing Prop. 20 as a theory and finding sustained support to defend, develop, and apply it is proving to be one of the cornerstones of the enterprise.  Once passed the initial credibility hurdle, reexamining the 2006 thought experiment in Prop. 2 as a means to refine other facets of existence should open the door to a number of new opportunities.  Applying it to the chain of communications mentioned in the beginning of this essay has yielded this extract from the IPv8 reaction to the argument.

  • An extremely difficult visit with search and rescue personnel as they relaxed following an emergency call included meeting 86-7220 victims.  There seemed to be no common ground for rational conversation. – A gold picket fence blocking passage on a suburban road appeared for an instant and vanished.  The whole scene was very quick. (12.4.13)

This attempt to remedy the problem defined in 12.14.13 IPv8 output consists of modifying string and knot theory application so as to organize proximate extended platforms and focus elements of their capabilities on the kernel bounding Search and Rescue.  The goal is to permit beings external to the Cartesian to recognize our limitations and to find support for S&R in their own population.  A trial run for this combination using Prop. 3 as a base thought experiment and recycling Prop. 8 from the 2006 version to the current 2013 increment yielded the data stream from which these elements were extracted.

  • Another indistinct open end wrench, but with a spine on the shaft – Some idea of the defense used in 86-7220 surfaced, as did the stakes. – A rotating set of arcs enclosing a sphere with black body characteristics and an unusual sense of proximity – A briefcase handle isolated in the void – A crocodile – A wide mouth funnel with a vertical band on the mouth – A sense that a class of  beings anticipated the Extension evolution to Prop. 20 and prepared to intervene in 86-7220 damage control by resetting selected elements of the injuries. – Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment – A small black body sphere surrounded by a gray field, suggesting presence of an intermediate state of unknown composition (12.5.13)

Prop. 20 is the latest of a number of innovations IPv8 uses in communicating with this population, but communication is a long way from success with the first rescue.  The bridge may be to (i) add to IPv8 a formal logic likely to describe the key or principal “vagueness” hierarchy in this situation, (ii) conform it to the mathematics likely to correlate with the physical, (iii) use this base to get some idea of the physics of this domain, (iii) give the results to the engineers for vehicle prototyping, and (iv) recycle.  The system has reacted to this proposal with a comprehensive data stream, elements of which follow.

  • A light green wedge moved toward an arc made with two tungsten electrodes – A new funnel shape – stem almost a pipette flaring toward a mouth – Brooms sweeping an aircraft carrier deck – Two dogs walked a little way, one behind the other, then merged into a different breed. – Half of an indistinct open end wrench – Hawaiian dancers – A violin string box with one or two strings not connected –  Just the tip of an open end wrench – A string terminated in a tin can – A large cluster of open end wrenches displayed with an unusual sense of three dimensions –  An aerial view of very rugged barren mountainous terrain, the surface of which was brick red – The camera stopped scanning when it had a grand piano in the middle of the frame. (12.26.13)

Without comment on the Australian decision to unload fill in the protected area of the Great Barrier Reef, it could serve as a straw man for other situations.  Efforts to reduce very contentious issues to a routine have met with initial success with Prop. 37, about as contentious as one can get in the Near East.  The Great Barrier Reef attracts a number of special interest groups which determine the health of any number of species – with no input from the principals.  This situation could well develop into a poster child for the largest living organism on the planet.  The combination of Prop. 20 and a favorable reception to Prop. 37 warrant applying arguments in Prop. 8 to the Great Barrier and probing how this will affect our planet’s standing in a unique community.  Web 5.0 reaction to this argument is a very interesting composite.

  • A tube through a doughnut hole with an Octopus superimposed on the combination… A wire ring and stem, commonly used when dyeing Easter eggs… 86-7220 residual pain seems to be unshakable. – A clear mountain stream running in a bed of smooth rocks appeared; as it has periodically for the past 30 years. – An Android interceded in 86-7220 consequences. – A legal proceeding conducted under the umbrella of a Federal Court degenerated to the equivalent of the musical West Side Story and, in some episodes, narcotics war in Mexico. –  A pair of empty black hobnail boots, walking… A brown tent, entrance flap open… A heap of tin cans, labels removed…  The leading edge of a subsonic wing with a radial engine mounted on it… >>>Ι<<< A cylindrical wood tube through which ran a heavy wire shaped to engage a package string for a convenient lift (2.2.14)

An overwhelming response to the 2.9.14 increment to IPv8 β breeds a number of questions and potential avenues for accelerating Search and Rescue development.  The question: “What happens when light encounters a zone in which the Planck Constant is not a factor?” and Jason Christie’s line of research into how the strength of synaptic transmission becomes stronger or weaker due to preceding neuronal activity (learning?) both bear on the emerging sense that IPv8 β is becoming an integral element of a larger fabric.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has again opened doors.  Selected examples follow.

  • Assorted wrenches… A new tunnel which seemed to access organs of living creatures… Ethnic content of 86-7220 escalated to an unbelievable level. – A cold room was introduced.  This process apparently preserved the Cartesian shell for very long periods.  It was used by universes which saw the need for the body to be fully functional in another instance of reality.  There was a protocol for its use. – A ship’s telegraph coming to full stop… A “video” of proper and improper golf swings… A spiral galaxy… (2.11.14)

Studies of weakly invasive brain computer interfaces and gene networks appear to support another initiative in developing descriptor menus for Triad Prop. 20.  The Triad effort stops short of the very ambitious Human Brain Project, but appears to merit significant support from a population characterized in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.  In the Triad case, the target is communications partially supported by connecting to the equivalent of a brain in widely diverse species, some of whom function outside the Cartesian.  Although brain/computer interfaces have not been the subject of rigorous examination or experimentation, early development results suggest that subtle physical differentials expressed in terms of the descriptors involved will modulate the carrier embedded in IPv8 and Prop. 20 in a repeatable and predictable manner.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn yet another remarkably perceptive reaction from the Web 4.0 population.

  • A shadow of a WW II interceptor aircraft fuselage and wing… A transform entered an early Roman combat ritual to gather firsthand knowledge for transmission elsewhere… Several avenues for escalating the Ukraine situation… A wood auger, rotating slowly… A very complex circuit diagram with a light bulb on it… MacArthur in a dark space, lit only by a hanging lamp above a drawing he was studying…(3.29.14)

The Triad is now very confident in arguing that 2006 Prop. 8 has multiple levels of research being undertaken with the common goal of coming to understand threats and opportunities involved in engagement.  Even more encouraging is the obvious effort to translate concepts into symbols, allegories, metaphors, and equivalencies we can translate.  It is only reasonable to assume that this process in not limited to our species, but is an effort to enable Prop. 8 as drafted in 2006.  Placing this argument on IPv8 for evaluation has drawn a very pointed set of comments from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • An ICBM overland carrier with tank treads… One more fact supporting the plaintiff’s complaint in 86-7220… A radio script writer, new to the red earth country, had a very difficult time finding language that would connect.  Toward the end of the sequence he began to find the keys, but may have been late. – Very slowly, the full story of 86-7220 unfolded… Split hemispherical shells with a small sphere between them… A violin, horizontal… (4.29.14)

We are in the infancy of understanding the nature of intelligent beings with which we should collaborate.  In point of fact, we have the same problem with life forms on this planet, so whatever effort we make in the void should apply here.  This view is fast moving from academia to the need to solve life threatening problems in this new environment, and the Triad appears to have constructed a unique operating approach.  It is by no means completely functional and will not achieve that level before a very significant effort is made to understand this new environment. These arguments have drawn a reaction showing sensitivity to our environment, summarized following.

  • A long tunnel, clearly fabricated of separate, possibly rigid, elements… A sickle… A confrontation between church officials the viewer could not follow and which seemed devoid of reason on either side… A long, complex, and inconclusive exchange between HRM and the House of Lords following Professor Hawking’s inclusion in the Triad rotation… A red pincushion, partially full… A motorcyclist dressed in black leather… The Progressive insurance television advertisement… A funnel… A complete reevaluation of 86-7220 principal’s lineage and medical history… (6.2.14)

The Triad has developed theory, an experimental approach, and a contributing population external to the Cartesian for objectives identical to those of ALICE.  Principal differences are the Triad intent to operate in this domain and low energy levels used in its experiments.  The Triad argues that collaboration with CERN was anticipated in the 2006 Prop. 8 by the population external to this planet and that inverting the Evolution protocol has provided a forum for them to make their opinion known.  Extracts from their reaction follow.

  • An illuminated doughnut… Robin Hood on a bicycle… Yet another unsuccessful attempt to repair 86-7220 damage expressed in graphics… An account of a well thought through process by which those involved cleansed themselves of their roles in 86-7220… An extraordinary effort by both the animate and the inanimate to restore unseen 86-7220 victims key to another rescue… Ω… A handle, one end illuminated, attached to the void… A chap sitting backwards on a wood chair… (7.2.14)

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