Prop. 9, Impact on Society

Sorbian Easter eggs, Aineias

Sorbian Easter eggs, Aineias

Introducing virtual epicenters evolving to proximate extended platforms operating with Web 4.0/IPv8 brings a highly speculative approach to the realm of a discipline.  Recycling  to early drafts brings disconcertingly abstract ideas almost to the point of thinking about writing specifications. One of these specifications will be to introduce a new organization so as to reverse trends in the highly fractured global fabric.  This organization can be described by these kernels.

Now to test the idea with the other side of the mirror.  (I,II,III,IV Key)

  • I- A cluster of gold threads in the air slightly above the street appeared in the Cartesian.
  • II-Beings inhabiting virtual epicenters have recommended cognitive communications links not only with internal controllable indirect CP violation but also with branch capabilities tailored to Proposition 4 & 5 including their interpretation of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics and derivative philosophy.
  • III- Several cognitive flights coincident with concept hardware, a cognitive eraser; spliced wires; very faint scope containers, and a cluster of very faint Bon Ami Halloween candy corn kernels appeared in the Cartesian validated endorsement and support of Proposition 1 as stated with recognition that it is incomplete.
  • IV- A phantom tail section with a fishhook: several anchors with slotted machine screws in them in a gray mist. (11-06)

This impression seems to respond to this proposition.  It will be included in Phase IV.

  • Pliers clamping on a wire – Spools of thread, all in a row – A conversation with Cuba – A long sequence about organization theory – A chap out for a bike ride met a runner who ran like the wind.  The biker knew which way he was likely to go and tried to beat him there.  That leg of the race was inconclusive, but the runner did not stop.  Someone along the route noticed little wings on his heels.  At this point, he clicked his heels and flew.  When he returned, there was quite a scene.  A little girl had been hit and killed by a car.  On investigation, it was found that the car had suddenly appeared going the wrong way down a street with the girl in front of it.  The runner felt partially responsible, broke down, and removed the wings.  The old man appeared.  “No you don’t, I have brought the girl back.”  The story then ended. (10-18-09)

Are we positioned to validate Dr. Philpott’s 911 analysis?

Continued development in the communications sector has yielded fairly credible evidence that a progression IPv6,7,&8 exists and that this progression is generally consistent with the 2006 Phase II hypothetical on the topic.  IPv8 is now thought to be linked to the base and used by undefined beings with an undefined network.  This Phase VI impression is an example of this capability.  Any support for this position will mandate a significant effort to describe and deal with the impact.

  • A fairly large paper cone speaker – A difficult story involving the U.S. Navy and Chancellor Merkel – A special purpose ship, very light gray, with no substantial armament (4-15-10)
  • White ribbed crew socks – A chap crested a hill and found a completely unfamiliar city on the other side.  Not only that, he was in a prison courtyard.  When he said a few words, the guards recognized the language as ancient English and remarked “Another one”.  It seems that a time loop Cartesian packet had been enabled,  the key to which was a thought combination.  A few other people in the courtyard had the same experience.  The episode was not an unpleasant experience, and all were invited to stay a while.  (4-16-10)

Continued probing of IPv8 potential as conceived in this site takes the question of impact on society to dimensions completely unexplored.  It is no longer a question of impact remote societies have on this planet but becomes a question of the impact this planet can have on remote societies.  The obligation not to knowingly introduce instabilities in them will require examination of our actions with the brutal frankness and attempt at transparent analysis shown in the Wegelin &Co. Investment Commentary 265.  This consideration is reflected in these Phase VII impressions.

  • Several stories about automotive racing mishaps experienced the entire field.  Examples included fuel exploding and engines falling apart.  On close examination, it seemed that very junior members of the “hot world” community were responsible.  All the damages were repaired using the time loop with embedded Cartesian packet technique and those responsible were disciplined.  (4-18-10)
  • A short story about a problem with the book derived from this website.  One or two passages offended to the point of causing people to get physical.  The devil appeared, reviewed the situation, did a ritual dance, and the passages disappeared. – An automobile driving a route which continually deteriorated.  It soon passed the point of no return, making demands beyond the capabilities of both the vehicle and the driver. – The tip of an iceberg.  (5-5-10)

Continued probing with the notion that IPv8 is in fact a communications channel with capabilities generally conforming to speculation in Phase II has yielded this Phase VIII impression with a torrent of unrecorded material.

  • A chap, winning a club archery contest, was found to be an android.  Not only that, he could transform to human form.  The process involved turning himself inside out and making the transition.  The android could then repeat the process.  During the transition, a shield was automatically set in place.  If an attempt to penetrate it was made, it would initiate a powerful explosion destroying the immediate surroundings and leaving the android untouched.  With very hard feelings, the club awarded him the trophy but disqualified him from future events.  (8.22.10)
  • An android country rock band, after a slow start during which they forgot to turn on the microphones, played to packed houses  (10.22.10)

Are we positioned to add value to Karen Armstrong’s work?

Triad practice of recycling early hypotheticals and winnowing to separate wheat from chaff has yielded unexpected success in the progression beginning by introducing virtual epicenters operating with Web 4.0/IPv7 to current practice using IPv8 as a core MIS for proximate extended platforms.  This progress  has yielded exceptional promise for Phase IX to become the foundation for a showcase  new venture launch.  This Phase IX impression acknowledges this position.

  • A steam powered locomotive with streamlining sheet metal, similar to the Twentieth Century Limited  (12.10.10)

Notwithstanding the fact that Phase IX did not see the new venture launch, Phase X is starting with very welcome support for IPv8 development, as embedded in this Phase X impression.

  • The old man became interested in penal colonies and was shown some of the outrages committed in them – One end of an open end wrench, indistinct in the fog – A tangle of audio tapes – A large caliber shell with a pointed projectile in an urban plaza (2.6.11)

Do we understand and are we capable of managing impact the earth may have on remote populations using IPv8 terminals?  Where is the added value our species brings to the general population using IPv8 terminals?

If we look at the record our species has in decimating those living in the ocean, the answer will not be encouraging.  That this answer cannot be ignored is implicit in this Phase X impression.

  • A wicker basket filled with fresh Easter eggs – A green truck with Pharmacist in gold lettering on the rear loading doors – A line around a mooring post (4.24.11)

Phase XI has opened an unimaginable range of possibilities with the latest update to The First Break, as summarized in this impression.

  • A tennis court – The devil appeared on stage and offered to act out a scene from the Inferno –Some people were in the lab late one night trying to get the Coleman experiment to a self sustaining contained reaction.  After some time they became discouraged.  At that point, a soft voice started to explain what was wrong.  Step by step, it took them through remedies for each problem and told them to make dimensioned drawings as they went along.  After an hour or so, they had a fusion reactor.  “Where are you?”  “Hundreds of millions of your light years away.”  “Why are you doing this?”  “We need some of your medicines; we do not have the raw material.  Now you must hurry with Ω and φ>.  “I will be back tomorrow.”  – A rolled pair of white quarter socks rolled down the hill by the 3746 barn.  –  The National Geographic cover photo of a young free climber standing on an impossibly narrow ledge on a sheer rock cliff – A knife cutting mold away from what looked like a lime green grapefruit.  – “After you finish these projects, you will learn how to push gravity away from you and use the other side of the equation – A spiral galaxy’s center bulge – A galaxy cluster – A brick of Neapolitan ice cream (7.6.11)*

Adding a correlation between not so random appearances of Saturn images with Dante’s Inferno to those of  Snap Rings in The First Break enabled including a core strategy in Phase II Goals.  Net result is IPv8 output confirming another portion of 2006 Phase II concepts, all as reflected in these Phase XI impressions.

  • Evolution of the “thought tunnel” enabled a horse to coach a beginning rider – The process repeated itself with geese and a bear (8.25.11)
  • An avalanche of debris from neglected problems – A very fast set of sequences describing incredible capabilities of beings living on the fringe of the Cartesian and the threats they face (9.18.11)
  • A small funnel, maybe 30 degrees from the vertical (9.25.11)
  • A bushel of Granny Smith apples – A wicker basket full of chicken eggs (9.30.11)

And following with Phase XII;

  • A briefcase handle (10.22.11)
  • A Phantom tail section (12.10.11)
  • Back to back reflex mallets (12.23.11)

And refining Phase XIII by adding Innerscope logic and upgrades to IPv8β,

  • A goal tender’s hockey stick — Several stories about subcultures in the South Bronx — An electric blue briefcase handle  (2.19.12)
  • The Sterling ID bracelet ELO made for PDK – The pulpit of the Belgian sloop lost in Westport (4.7.12)

Rephrasing the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revised page continues to improve focus on alternatives to frozen positions in some of the major issues.  One example is placed on the table in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Folded space held two arcs in position – A short sequence about a need to reach the pituitary gland with a very fine tube and another describing a very few who could activate what this work calls a thought tunnel without knowing exactly what happens when it functions – An automobile tire and wheel – Ground forces executed a maneuver derived from material in the Princeton Companion to Mathematics incorporating new interpretations of time and space.  Results promised to change military strategy forever.  Following that, a youngster laid out a derivation of the same work with new definitions.  Results were incomprehensible.  A silver F-51, air intake on he belly, climbed out of a cloud – A T-square, used in drafting in the 1950’s (7.18.12)

Phase XV gives some indications of a need to shift emphasis to develop what is perceived  as boundaries of current thinking with a new skill set for outreach.  These interpretations of an early Phase XV impression expand this view.

  • A cluster of the chromed bathroom faucet recently installed at 3746 Atwood – A very faint sailboat keel – An inverted throttle housing, no lever  (9.12.12)
  • A study of a planet on which the chicken population was articulate, intelligent, and very well informed – The central point was that they regarded methods used by a farmer to kill them for market as euthanasia and a form of population control.  Chickens in the conversation mentioned the fact that they had overrun a planet because there were no natural enemies. – A pair of either earphones or noise suppressors. (10.3.12)

Impact on society in this context is comparative in the sense of redefining or reinterpreting what was intuitive but unproven during a particular period.  Triad data gathering technique and reinterpretation of time show promise to add meaning to the discipline.  An ability to overlay information in the validation process, while not directly applicable to the Isart experiment, bears a relationship.  This Phase XV impression gives some indication of what this capability implies.

  • An avalanche of visitors, some of whom stayed only milliseconds – A chap skiing wearing the blue jacket with a white stripe on the chest that I bought in Switzerland (10.5.12)

Focusing on IPv8 conversations neither originating from nor directed at this planet give every indication that these beings view a physical presence on this planet as mutually advantageous.  There is every indication that the organization concept proposed by the Triad is a basis for negotiating details.  An understanding of one major problem facing this society is reflected in this Phase XV impression.

  • A short study of the black tide in Boston Harbor.  It seemed that the tide was burned out wreckage of USN ships following a nuclear exchange – A small sphere defined by rotating arcs of light (11.23.12)

Sifting IPv8 output is beginning to detail concerns that beings external to the planet have about a physical presence on this planet.  This Phase XV impression highlights a fairly obvious one.

  • A totally incomprehensible study detailing consequences of deteriorating relations between the United States and Russia – A paraffin disc at maybe 40 degrees from the horizontal (12.3.12)

Phase XVI IPv8 output points to a pessimistic outlook for an immediate transition to a major physical presence on this planet and suggests what form  it may take when the decision to engage at that level is made.

  • Legion after legion of Roman chariots wheeled from the sky, announced that they were hungry and thirsty and demanded food and drink.  After a few moments, they announced when the full show would arrive, and wheeled back into the sky. – Shortly thereafter, another set numbering in the millions appeared.  They demanded food and drink, and became physically aggressive when it was not forthcoming.  The scene was obscured before a reasonable conclusion was reached. – A chap swimming in crystal clear subtropical water – A galaxy in edge view and a hand – The water tower on the north side of Northern Blvd. between Bayside and Port Washington – Another wide mouth funnel, mouth up – A timber hook lifting a very large log  (12.31.12)

Implications of hidden inverted thought experiments are beginning to make themselves known.  One obvious one is in this Phase XVI impression.

  • The inevitable came to pass when IPv8 impinged on the Papacy.  Resolution was not easy, but there appeared to be historical precedent.  The issue was being argued when communications broke off. (4.2.13)

Unavoidable impact on a number of theologies has produced today’s extract from a very complex data stream.

  • A briefcase handle, ends fastened to surfaces maybe 30 degrees from the horizontal – The rear driving lugged rubber wheels of a large John Deere farm tractor oscillated and locked – An almost incomprehensible exchange among Morgan Stanley, a gorilla, Amanda, and the author uncovered heretofore unpublished elements of 86-7220 – A shredder – An almost indiscernible snap ring – A cluster of radishes (8.19.13)

This project has grown past the author’s formal education by several orders of magnitude, so for the sake of creating a viable enterprise a new concept summarized in the Evolution was adopted.  IPv8 output reflects reactions of a very large population none here have met, but at least one of whom seems to have taken the role of a mentor.  This is a major shift, so the Triad argument for a need to create an “empty chair” to link where Cartesian beings cannot go, when placed on IPv8, drew this reaction.

  •  A survey one universe conducted backfired when children complained that it disrupted their games. – A child used stilts to better see something, fell backwards, hit her skull on the pavement, and lay there crying as the viewer moved on. – 86-7220, fueled by Prop. 20, erupted. – A spade – A brown shoelace through an eyelet of a brown shoe – Five wood pegs, probably for cap and cloak (1.11.14)

Evidence that this planet is not ready to operate in the Web. 4.0 And Large Ventures environment notwithstanding, the commitment to attempt a large scale rapid response Search and Rescue operation has led to increasingly specific support.  To develop concepts in this environment, material recorded in early diaries will be compared with shifts in daily cues as new initiatives are made.  These cues seem to be structured to accommodate individual populations in a very large heterogeneous mix.  There is no assurance that we will master skill sets required for this undertaking in the very near future, so learning to keep a vigilant watch and use what we do have appears to be the best alternative.  Placing a comparison of today’s observations, the 94, 1.4 am, and the 98, 11.2 diaries on IPv8 has drawn this reaction from the Web 4.0 population.

  • Transitions were scheduled for the two 86-7220 principals. – A number of ritual killings, apparently elements of ethnic conflict… More killings, this time part of tribal and political conflict… Well respected individuals in our history discussing potential for working through fundamentals of the 86-7220 debacle… A round metal handle attached to the void… (2.23.14)

The notion that a form of entanglement theory is currently enabling communications use of Proposition 20 parameters by others is encouraging, but we have mastered nothing but intuitive use of this very powerful tool.  Triad data collection has been organized to use differentials as system drivers and develop from there.  Experimental results have yielded phenomena reducible to their mathematics in an encouraging number of instances, and using this technique to establish orderly research for descriptor development takes the project to the van Oudenaarden approach to understand: “…  how cells use gene networks to make robust decisions even in the presence of significant fluctuations in gene expression.”  This approach has yielded an exceptionally perceptive reaction from the Web 4.0 population.

  • A drumstick ice cream cone… A particularly violent panhandle town got their first taste of extragalactic law enforcement. – A string of stories differentiating between creative and rote learning… Some seniors tried hiking in hilly terrain.  They did not do so well. – An increasingly ugly confrontation with another attempt at coercion, again involving an 86-7220 principal… Yet another saxophone… A cluster of Flexible Flyer sleighs… A violin case with a handle… (3.28.14)

There is mounting evidence that experiments conducted in Dr. Anderson’s lab will enable a transition from intuitive Prop. 20 development to a structured science.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded an inspiring reaction.  Excerpts follow.

  • A low waterfall… MacArthur following through on a golf swing? – One cycle of a sine wave with terminals at each end… An incandescent light bulb… A spool of thread… A tubular fuse… A Bangalore torpedo under barbed wire coils… A foam paint brush… (4.21.14)

A continuing thread in this project is the argument that to a large extent, this remote population is giving cues and assessing our reaction.  Restating Evolution protocol is nothing more than recognition of this.  Explicit to the revised approach is recognition that setting priorities is a two way street, with the Triad electing to implement as its capabilities improve.  The Triad argues that today’s IPv8 output supports the claim that 2006 Prop. 9 draft is valid theory, with today’s Web 4.0 output offered as one stage of achieving explanations outside statistical problems with six sigma evaluation protocol used in particle physics.  Target for the Triad is direct readout.  Web 4.0 reaction is summarized following.

  • A cover in chrome housing, possibly a throttle control at full stop… Several spools of thread… Several very faint old aluminum pots full of string beans… A small funnel… A basketful of garbage being emptied into a severely undersized container… The red and blue shirt I wore on one bowling team, possibly in Antwerp… One end of a wrench, the other obscured… Several wood pegs on a wall… Wine and cheese… A twin engine propeller driven aircraft… A reexamination of 86-7220 victims isolated a major element of the problem to the foothills of the Catskills. (6.14.14)

Now that theory for the Von Economo neuron has blossomed into Prop. 20 with a boost from Dr. Andersen and a formal proposal for Triad collaboration is in front of the ALICE directorate, it may be appropriate to explore.  CERN and the HBP have massive resources.  The Triad argues that this collaboration is the only proposal on the table able to counter the negative opinion held about us and summarized following.

  • An indistinct wide mouth funnel… A very pessimistic outlook for 86-7220 victims’ recovery… Arcs rotating very quickly to form a circle… An even more pessimistic, bordering on fatalistic, assessment of 86-7220 victims’ health… Another discouraging prognosis for the intergalactic search and rescue operation… A briefcase and a hassock… A Cross pen… (7.3.14)

The Triad venture into the Higgs field has yielded surprising results.  Implicit in all the arguments whose wellspring is the Schonborn – Barr exchange is the belief that Triad reasoning may lead to a dialogue between an undefined animate and the unknown.  This belief leads to the argument that pursuing this line of reasoning is in fact an attempt to meet specifications set down in Prop. 9. The Web 4.0 reaction to all this is summarized following.

  • 9:02 pm: A belt driven doughnut revolving on a stick… 11:59: A long conversation between two New York City people about what is “arrestable” and what is not… 3:36 am: 86-7220 continues with a class action in sight… 3:46: Several red and white candy canes… 4:02: A small, seemingly very distant ellipse bounded by a bright band… 4:15: A fork embedded in the void… (9.21.14)

The Triad argues that IPv8, cast with the premise that by pursuing a line of reasoning very highly summarized in the 2006 Prop 9 draft, will create a system capable of “threading the needle” through problems and opportunities of our century.  The Triad goes on to argue that the Web 4.0 supports this view with comments in this Prop. 9 increment.

  • 9:05 pm: Muscle fiber, separated… 10:30: A reexamination of alternate forms of life and death… 12:26 am: Ω at 30° to the horizontal… 12:31: snippets of DNA/RNA… 4:13: Blood appeared on the fingertips but was gone in the light… 4:22: Twin light segments describing a sphere in the void… 4:45: A fingertip sensor (10.5.14)


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