Prop. 9.1, Rebalancing Society

Yalta, by BBC

Yalta, by BBC

Texture and contours of today’s stress may have value as a laboratory for developing a strategy to deal with what will be in store for us as probing Web 4.0 and Large Ventures gains momentum.  The Triad has introduced the notion of rebalancing IPv8 to accommodate dynamics of 2006 Prop. 9 on the assumption that proximate extended platform and string and knot theory can be applied.  This revision recognized that linear expansion of what have been surprisingly durable arguments in the 2006 Phase II draft will not be effective for very long. The argument continues with the claim that the larger population has been trying to get this message to us for at least two decades and is finally making its point with comments summarized following.

  • 3:20 am: An unsolicited package containing a cheesecloth roll containing several tubes of medication was delivered to an 86-7220 principal… 4:51: A black home plate… 5:16: A small funnel… (12.1.14)

Work in Progress

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