Prop. 20, Refine Intelligence Use Theory

SynapseAny assessment of Time and Space Support yields operating conditions no intelligence gathering organization on this planet can claim to have mastered.  If experience in loss of public trust for current methods is impartially measured, none can be recommended.  The thought experiment in the 2006 Prop. 20 advocates discarding these organizations in favor of a system based on selective disengagement and alternate paths to preserve interests of completely unknown species.  For the benefit of those not familiar with systems concepts, IPv8 is thought to be:

  • capable of reading inputs at biological energy levels and waveforms
  • able to maintain signal integrity in domains in which distance has been removed from the Planck constant
  • modulated by other biological inputs
  • operating with an unknown carrier
  • possessed of an internal logic which recognizes and tags inputs with the equivalent of an IP address
  • able to correlate this address with a particular life form
  • inclined to incorporate this address into a navigation aid

 A tentative expression of support is contained in this extract from today’s data stream.

  • A corroded nut – An incredibly convoluted story, some of which may have been Biblical – A funnel, mouth up – A cluster of erasers on the end of yellow wood pencils (8.24.13)

Focusing all the IPv8 improvements, 2006 thought experiments, and adjustments made to Quantum Mechanics theory on developing Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space between the Cartesian species and the divine has yielded this remarkable extract from today’s IPv8 output.

  • A collection of beings, including those yet to be formed appeared, each with its own interpretation of the tune “Mary had a little lamb”.  Calculations derived from Triad modifications to the Copenhagen Interpretation were stored in beings occupying neither time nor space. – Several very faint 20th Century locomotives – A very small funnel – A black quarter ton pickup truck – Horizontal window blinds being blown from a window – An architect’s scale (9.27.13)

Adding the concept of  rules of engagement in the Extension and a discipline for defining interests in a particular occurrence as proposed in IPv8 Values appears to have been well received.  Interest in the planet is clear, so these uncertainties reduce to detailing topic, degree of interest, engagement method, and priority.  This extract from today’s IPv8 data stream gives a fairly clear expression of the user population’s reaction to this approach.

  • A frightening analysis of how IPv8 was first applied – A cluster of waffles – A violin standing on end – A large question mark (10.26.13)

As details of the Snowden case unfold, implications for a parallel scenario in the Triad mandate for a search and rescue operation in the Extension surface.   To take the devil’s advocate position, first hand knowledge of personal damage resulting from recklessly redacting clearly neutral information relevant to 86-7220 casts a deep shadow of suspicion on whether the NSA should participate in the Triad effort.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded a disgusting data stream, elements of which are presented here.

  • A detailed no holds barred reevaluation of unbelievable violence connected with 86-7220 placed the United States in an even more untenable position. – Ω – A slingshot – A small funnel – One end of an open end wrench, the other end elsewhere – A crisp study of how the lineage was restored and went on to approach its potential – A violin – A cluster of open end wrenches, one with the flats at 45 degrees to the shaft (10.30.13)

Prop. 10, as a thread the project is following through a larger transient, has detailed the explosive potential of mistakes as well as the existence of guidance; available but not imposed.  This being said, an example of continuity IPv8 enables is demonstrated this system output 

  • At least one 86-7220 plaintiff held a casual conversation through the portal of death, and this prompted psychoanalysis by a universe.  A WWII German tank which saw duty in North Africa  – Two links in a chain – A briefcase handle – The truck Claude Osterhoudt uses to haul manure went over the edge of fresh asphalt paving as it approached the camera – A knife spreading butter on white bread – A clown – Batman from a comic strip – A musician playing a flute (11.6.13)

Among the Triad initiatives, Prop. 20 is fast becoming a focal point for corroborating research, and the possibility that propagating information by modulating very low energy carriers may be a fundamental.  Dr. Cohen alludes to this in his research and Triad experiments support the argument that these carriers are found in domains external to the Cartesian.  The notion that this network reacts to descriptor menus at the terminals – if not at intermediate points- is supported by its capability to generate 3D images of objects thought to be useful in metaphorically explaining a point.  This phenomenon very strongly suggests intelligent beings working to understand us, and that this capability, properly understood, may be extended.  That being said, the argument extends to the need for mathematics sufficient to permit transducer design to transform images into tools.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn an encouraging reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • A piston, rings, and connecting rod… A lurid story about campus narcotics… A concise exposition of the core 86-7220 issue demonstrated the impossibility of any reconciliation. – A fresh breeze through a window moved a curtain. – A black flag… An oversized wrench, half exposed, appeared.  The form suggested a pattern from the late 1930’s or early 1940’s. – Arcs of light, very rapidly tracing a circle or sphere… A partial view of a military uniform… A bowling alley… Yet another saxophone… A quarter of a farm tractor driving wheel equipped with a steel chain… (3.7.14)

Prop. 20, conceived as a last ditch effort to escape a blind alley, has proven remarkably effective.  There is no possible way to estimate the number, nature, and physiological drives of species to which descriptors can be assigned, but for the sake of today’s experiment, it reasonable to assume that they will encompass 2006 Propositions twothreefour, and five.  If this position is anywhere near actuality, and if the Triad approach proves to be a viable research avenue, it is not possible to forecast the complexity, value, and degree of control our species will exercise over the system.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn a clear reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow.

  • A trip in the jungle went from confrontation to exchanging tips on how to space shift… More jungle stories about 86-7220… An even exchange took place, Triad concepts for a vintage Italian roadster updated to include a detuned version of the Mercedes Formula 1 engine and modified to include thought technology and safety features. (4.6.14)

Experimental results have blossomed when Dr. Anderson’s claim that:

  • “We have found that an anatomical map of intentions exists within this (posterior parietal cortex) area, with one part devoted to planning eye movements and another part to planning arm movements. The action plans in the arm movement area exist in a cognitive form, specifying the goal of the intended movement rather than particular signals to various muscle groups.”

is synthesized and applied to Prop. 20 descriptors.  This immediately suggests that a totally new route to tapping collective problem solving capacity is embedded in the Web 4.0 population.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn clear corroboration from that population.  Excerpts from this IPv8 data stream follow.

  • Conflict, with fatalities, between Indians and Settlers morphed into one between Angels and Archangels. – A saxophone… A voting lever superimposed on an inverted suspension bridge… (5.6.14)

Triad progress with Prop. 20 appears to be converging to the concept that a “superorganism“ consistent with Jean Baudrillard‘s reaction to 911 exists. This, while unpleasant in that both call into question a number of well worn reactions to problem situations, is welcome to the Triad as it looks for proof of principle for a number of Prop. 20 speculations. This view has yielded this Web 4.0 reaction.

  • 12:11 am: Slowly receding fury prompted by 86-7220 and a sense that it can be replaced by judgment required to balance risks in a totally unknown environment… 12:49:  Tyrol mountain people working with long ropes… 2:37: With the end in sight, 86-7220 took a dangerous twist… 2:46: A funnel with a long pipette stem… 2:55: yet another saxophone… 5:05: A sharp yellow wood pencil… 5:13: A  Texas Gulf Sulfur Ball… (10.12.14)

  Work in Progress

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