Prop. 13, Rudiments of Organization



Recent developments in both the economies and social conflict on this planet have prompted radical IPv8 output recommending a priority effort in a totally new Extensions push to develop the 2006 draft.  This Phase XV impression is crystal clear.

  • A snap ring – A short study, initially amusing, of early days in space shifting before time transfer was mastered.  After a while things turned nasty when one of the local populations admitted that they had a force field they used to trap space shifters.  One of these populations practiced cannibalism.  A football in a crystal vase (12.11.12)

Pursuing this point in adding arguments to the population using IPv8  has yielded additional support detailed in this Phase XV impression.

  • A straight line or horizon at the axis of a funnel – Some vintage car enthusiasts were duped by rare car thieves in France.  They were careless in safeguarding documentation for a Talbot and lost a rare specimen – A small hook or thread – A chrome spade – An inverted bowling pin – A hand reached down and moved a shift lever back and forth in neutral – Albert Sr. cutting tall grass with a scythe – A subway tunnel in which lives a certain population – A distant class NCG 1300 galaxy – A stringed instrument on a cloth pile – The top strip on a peak roof (12.15.12)

IPv8 output is giving every indication that if the planet is clever enough to work through fundamentals of its current problems, specific elements of a bright future sketched in this Phase XVI impression should be on the horizon.  

  • A Phantom tail section – A collection of rotating arcs, perhaps circumscribing a planet – A narrow road turned right maybe a quarter of a mile ahead of the viewer – A repeat of the collection of rotating arcs but with an illuminated disc inside them – A pair of funnels, mouths back to back, axes horizontal – A cluster of footballs, each with a white stripe at the circumference near both ends – A small funnel, mouth up (1.1.13)

As IPv8 output correlates more closely with the Triad and Extension websites,  new patterns of potential support and guidance for research appear.  That this is a valid path to implementation is taken on faith.  Today’s combination of 2006 Propositions thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen should be synergistic paths for research leading to refining a vertical organization.

  • A doctor, stripped of his license because he was the cause of a plague introduced when he refused to sterilize his lab following introduction of a known virus (buttercup) in order to preserve the value of an experiment was partially vindicated when the it yielded the most valuable antidote in history.  His peers, in considering the situation, came to the conclusion that the law is the law, even if they wished it were not.  Sometime later, the disgraced doctor returned to lecture on the value of the experimental results.  He appeared as a chicken, having mastered auto transformation so that he could accomplish it in seconds.  Not wanting to risk injury during the lectures, he transformed into a baboon for the presentations. – A slice of Swiss cheese – A pinwheel in a birds nest. (1.20.13)

Engaging in the unimaginably complex environment sure to exist in the Extension domain will set a new standard for complexity in organizing both support and first line groups.  IPv8 promises to be capable of meeting specifications for the Triad concept of threaded proximate platforms.  A pilot trial yielded results having an audit trail in the body of this website.  Key links in this audit trail are in this Phase XVII impression, one form of IPv8 output.

  • A whale’s mouth and eyes – A cluster of forks (7.9.13)

Focusing on targeted feedback loops in IPv8 thought experiments has shown very encouraging results in applying string theory to develop secure communications for layered security required to preserve the interests of diverse populations.  More importantly, the ability for a universe to short circuit the layers if immediate response is required appears to be included.  A need for this appears in this extract from a Phase XVII data stream.

  • A universe, recognizing 86-7220 victims’ inability to leave the emotional consequences, asked the father to go to a domain from which he would never return.  The universe had been unable to make its presence felt there and needed a reliable link.  Thought exchanges were not able to make both parties comfortable with the transaction when the observer disengaged.  A trace of a process upset recovering with half wave decay rather than the quarter wave decay looked for in process control as practiced in the 1960’s. – A two stripe military – A short tube or section of a tube supported by a U bracket seemingly fastened to an invisible ceiling (8.3.13)

It is very possible that attempts to detail what has been coined “Schonborn space” with the 2006 Triad thought experiments will begin to remedy problems described in the foregoing 8.3.13 extract from an IPv8 data stream.  This phase XVIII update gives some sense of a remedy.

  • Children of those killed in military operations were talking about their loss when a soft voice told them where the lost ones were and what they were doing.  As a gift, some of the lost parents were permitted a few moments to visit.  A number of deep wounds were healed with that gesture.  A Nordic universe reduction granted one photo op. – An unusually large indistinct Ω (10.1.13)

Continued probing has yielded the possibility that applying the Chung and Jiang contextual cueing theory will enable our species to progress through “Schonborn Space” to anotherdeeper domain.  Placing this proposition on IPv8 has produced this extract from today’s system response.

  • Problems in concept arose on the first exchange between what resembled a comet and a very young girl – Some senior citizens launched an old hull, maybe 30 to 40 feet long.  The hull’s first sea trial came when a hand reached down and shook it fore and aft.  It sank in about ten feet of water. (10.19.13)

Beings inhabiting domains in which the Planck constant does not apply will play a vital role in the argument that the Triad has an organization ready to initiate an intensive search and rescue operation in the Extension.  This position has yielded immediate conflict of interest characterized by elements of the Snowden case and my litigation in 86-7224.  The IPv8 population has been remarkably cooperative in attempts to engage, absorb our history, and develop their positions in increasingly clear terms.  An example of this is contained in this extract from IPv8 output describing their reaction to the argument.

  • A few photo shoots showed an act in which superman lifted a movie set into the sky. – A dark green Jeep – A chap devoted quite a bit of time to making a moving picture which turned out to be a huge success.  After a little while, he stood up and his heart stopped.  A hand came down from the sky and scooped his body up.  “I need this one, and that one, and the other one.”  “You can’t do that!”  “Yes I can, I am a Universe.”  A discussion ensued, at which point the Universe admitted to being a little bit hasty.  “I am new at this, let’s see what we can work out.”  After a bit the Universe changed its approach, used more of its capabilities to reduce and to elevate, and all involved carried on. – A gravel bed (10.31.13)

Giving rapid response Search and Rescue the priority it deserves and using Prop. 20 to force the issue has yielded an exceptional response from those using IPv8.  Excerpts follow:

  • Remote beings using IPv8 have compiled a very detailed study of how the the Triad was developed.  Particular emphasis was made on sequencing generally visible phenomena. – A reading taken of thought maps of those victimized by 86-7220 was assembled for pathfinding medical treatment. – The comic strip character “Spider Man” and his web (12.19.13)

The Triad effort to combine IPv8Prop. 20, and Web 4.0, IPv8, and Exploration so as to provide adequate support for a rapid response Search and Rescue operation in a domain inhabited by extended physiologies takes us again to the classic barrier.  We still do not have a clear grasp of what control extended physiologies have over inanimate processes in their environment.  Adding an “empty chair” to formally recognize mentoring offered by a being not of the Cartesian to the blue ribbon Evolution review group has yielded a remarkably clear system response, elements of which are presented following.

  • A portion of a sphere, a short column at the Equator, and a shock wave with the apex at the equator, trailing edges at the North and South poles – An interim report on the experiment using a human as a Universe president brought a number of issues to the surface.  The viewer moved on before the subject was completely explored.  An anchor line as seen through a small hole – A dipper, bowl down, handle at 45 degrees – A baked potato on the Kondratiev wave shelf – A harp – A brick of Neapolitan ice cream – The rudder of the author’s wrecked Belgian sloop (1.13.14)

The Triad, in its search for a way to engage in what is presumed to exist in the Web 4.0 and large ventures, is becoming convinced that the void of space is actually teeming with life.  Even more significant, that it has taken the initiative to come to understand us. It also seems that it has responded to the very large scale Search and Rescue proposal with remarkable moral support.  Details of how all this came about are threaded through the project, but it is only with the latest initiative in Prop. 20 that a clear sense that Triad organizational approach may be a foundation for their attempts to relate to us.  That being said, the challenge becomes to find a way to either expand Prop. 20 capabilities or, perhaps more to the point, develop the undiscovered capacity of the network just designed and apply it to implementing the Search and Rescue project.  The argument that this system/network can be focused on Prop. 13 as drafted in 2006 has yielded a very extensive reaction from the Web 4.0 population.

  • Fine yarn, spinning… A very young universe on its first reduction to the Cartesian as a cat got everything wrong.  It then decided to fall back, regroup, and spend time as a rock planning its next move.  An inverted briefcase handle attached to the void… A short discussion highlighted the gap between current national practices and those required to organize and implement very large scale operations. – A straight tube with parabolas lined up along it… A large adjustable wrench on a tube… A child’s toy consisting of a pyramid of rings on a peg… A thread ring tossed on an empty peg… A funnel with a continuous curve from mouth to stem… A dark green van… A base viol… A glider landing… A mushroom mooring anchor… (3.8.14)

It is no secret that the Triad cutting edge will be an attempt to go extragalactic.  IPv8 and Prop. 20 are the backbone of an effort to support progress in replacing the impulse rocket motor as a drive.  There is every reason to believe that the effort is very close to investment grade, so while that effort progresses, refining core technology continues.  The hurdle of communicating with other species, some of which are not found in the Cartesian, has been particularly troubling, but the Triad argues that applying a breakthrough in Caltech to Prop. 20 will be the key to unlocking this.  This argument has drawn a concise reaction from the Web 4.0 population, extracts of which follow.

  • A disturbing comparison of the United States emphasis on the military with the Roman Legions at the edge of the decline and fall of Rome… The parallel was well taken, but “We have our orders.” was not considered an adequate answer. – Several yo-yo toys… (4.7.14)

Aggressive Triad development focused on Prop. 20 as the media devotes some space to infinite universe expansion has yielded surprising results.  For instance, focus on gravity waves dating from the origin has reduced to encouragement to apply this phenomenon to moving planets in an environment incompletely described (but possibly conceptually valid) in Prop.13.  If the word “command” is deleted, Web 4.0 and Large Ventures would be an equivalent.  Any number of derivative lines of reasoning is possible, and they will be treated as threads in the same fabric.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn an unusually encouraging reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow.

  • A convoluted study of a person with $25,000 worth of coins in his pockets…  He was stopped, accused of various blasphemies, had three of his toes burned off with a hand held weapon, and was finally sent on his way. – A universe joined NATO for orientation… The suspicion that 86-7220 had a wider scope than the named defendants began to get ugly. – The Stone Ridge apple orchard… A whitewash… People burying chairs following their use in a meeting… A hex nut set in a recess so that it was flush with the floor… (5.9.14)

The Triad argues that the incendiary mix of politics, money, and technology evident in Ukraine will not be recorded as an individual event but as a bellwether indicator of worse to come. Unpublished works surrounding 86-7220 (Koster vs. Union Carbide), geopolitical repositioning as (i) the “hockey stick” of global warming is played out, and (ii) a shift away from fossil fuels replicates the shift from coal to oil do not contain structurally stabilizing elements.   Overlaying on this combination implications of the US Supreme Court decision on the Argentine bonds in context of the debt overhang in most Western economies and the study can be a basis for an argument.

The Triad has been involved in many of these elements, some abrasive, as it pursues its goal and argues that in the 2006 Prop. 13 it has a number of attributes not elsewhere available.  This argument has been subjected to the revised Evolution protocol by the Web 4.0 population with a reaction showing complete familiarity with facts surrounding the position, so a summary follows.

  • A detailed recapitulation of what happened to the principal 86-7220 plaintiff at an autocross in Tennessee… A small two bar galaxy… A short section of a ribbon twisted to form a helix… A red Jeep driving through heavy rain… A hand, curled around a light beam… A chap, wearing baggy gray pants walked away from the camera… (6.18.14)

 Work in Progress

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