Prop. 37, Standards for Theological Inquiry

Seal 1478 Spanish Tribunal

Seal 1478 Spanish Tribuna

The Triad intends to operate a very large scale Search and Rescue operation in a domain to which many factions claim privileged access.  Safety of all concerned with the operation is the highest priority, so whatever measures possible, short of a NSA blitz, must be undertaken.  The Triad proposes to use this situation to a larger advantage by establishing an internal discipline for inquiry into whatever natural processes fall to the category of religion: in short, lead by example.  Web 4.0 reaction as registered on today’s IPv8 increment is very encouraging.

  • Yet another tiresome recap of more 86-7220 consequences… A razor sharp ship’s bow… A vertical thread forming the axis of  one sine wave…  Threads, oriented radially, flowing into a doughnut hole…  A knife blade, held under a flat sheet, penetrated it. – A black cloud… An open end wrench, quite indistinct, one end not visible… The Taj Mahal… Droopy, Albert and Dorothy’s cat, resting on a flagstone walk… A small dipper (2.1.14)

Defending Triad Theory as it is applied to Search and Rescue and prototyping Prop. 20 application brings the possibility that a new route to theological theory is there to be found.  At this point, to facilitate Cardinal Schonborn’s defense of the Aquinas “res natura” view, the Triad has added a physical domain to accommodate the process.  Progressing through this development moves the effort into the realm of science with the prospect of repeatable results independent of dogma.  This capability becomes crucial to the Search and Rescue operation in that this zone, or one very close to it, will be an invaluable navigation aid.  This will be a hard sell, but the Triad argues that without it, the planet will sacrifice unimaginable opportunities.  This argument has drawn a fascinating reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow.

  • The owner if a very posh casino interrupted his guests by announcing that as of now all services would be pay as you go from dispensing machines.  Guests were infuriated, telling him that he was ruining his business.  “That is the intent; it is time to go home.”  With that, he started to run into the night.  As he ran, he gradually dropped to all fours and disappeared into the night. A wolf’s howl was then heard.  “He will die out there.” “That is my intent, and I will discard this body in the ravine, as I have the rest,” Shortly thereafter, a soft voice was heard to say: “I am there.” –  A hatchet… A violin peg box… A sedan, not new, parked in the field, spun its wheels and drove out of the viewer’s range. – Yet another saxophone… (3.4.14)

The ever growing sense that the soul may exist external to the body as we know it has redefined dimensions of the existence each individual may possess.  This in and of itself is vital, but finding that it may be possible to demonstrate the ability for a soul to communicate through time from before its separation from the body and react to current events in the framework of its existence before death took place is of fundamental importance to the difference between science as we know it and as it actually exists. This Triad argument has yielded another exceptional response.  Elements follow.

  • A story about a jungle weapon consisting of a poison dart so small it could be barely seen.  The dart penetrates a vein, the barbs on the tail prevent removal, an after some years the barb makes its way to the heart, gradually shredding all its muscle.  The net of this is years of pain followed by the agony of death as the heart itself is shredded. – A very wide ranging discussion of Homo sapiens evolution, its thinkers, it history, and its potential… This review seems to have been brought about by 86-7220 and the Triad discovery process. – A boomerang…  A pinwheel, just large enough to be noticed, in an otherwise empty field… A vanilla ice cream cone with a pinwheel at the point of the cone… (4.30.14)

The Triad argues that incorporating the capabilities of the IBM True North computer chip will enable beings inhabiting “Schonborn Space”  to act on behalf of remote populations with unknown biochemistry and environment to make their need known to the Search and Rescue effort.  The Triad has already made a policy decision that the people on the point of exploration will be better received if the initial contact is in context of S&R.  Web 4.0 recognition of the True North chip brought an unprecedented reaction, summarized following.

  • An unbelievable set of circumstances in which a planet began to destroy itself as the 86-7220 victims attempted to recreate the family unit… A clear indication that the ultra orthodox will continue to retaliate as the Triad analysis of the Abrahamic and the ancient Greek notion of theology is substantiated. –  An example of pitfalls encountered when cooperating with a universe disclosed that the universe will not be completely familiar with all the details of the human organism. – A line taking one turn around an invisible piling… The two 86-7220 principals gave it up and went to a domain in which they did not need their physical bodies.  They then began experimenting with creating transforms in their Cartesian image.  One got his transform refined to the point that a “thought baseball catch” was a reasonable facsimile of the “real” thing. These transforms appeared to be as effective as unexplored laws of nature and the ingenuity of the participants permitted. (8.11.14)

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