Web 4.0 and Large Ventures

Sarre Union, trolvag

The Triad excludes any venture limited to the Cartesian coordinates and to this planet from the definition of a large venture. The point has been made in this site that process of devolving (our arguments and positions) from the macro to the micro can be improved.  In principle, this implies that bits of information existing in the “top umbrella” are contained in lower order  states, e.g. starfish.  The very strong indication that the prime being or beings can and do construct and transfer allegories to show understanding of the human condition (see Web 4.0 and Forced Labor) should be a valuable guide in large scale ventures and exploration.  Comfort can be taken that common ground has surfaced, but the problem may be more properly framed by the challenge to fit information our species is liable to act upon.  This differentiation is crucial to success in any venture approaching or passing the mirror of IPv7, regardless whether it is in the physical or humanities domain.  Observations made to date are a convincing sign that we are centuries away from even a superficial understanding of dynamics in this zone.  This reversion to uncertainties and debates surrounding the period of the Schrodinger thought experiment leading to “Schrodinger’s virus” takes the Triad to relying on experimental excellence to lead theory, at least for the moment.  This impression, to be included in Phase IV, should be self explanatory, is a self contained experiment, and will be refined.

  • Someone completing their stretches while wearing street clothes – An immense interstate highway exchange – Several very large potholes – An incredible amount of chaff – A magnifying glass focusing a visible refracted spectrum (9-9-09)

If the notion of an immense interstate highway exchange is taken to a limit, this impression to be included in Phase V will take on significant meaning.

  • A pair of Terracotta walls bounding a curved passageway – A highly polished black sedan moving very slowly through a crowded street – A rocket launch in the middle of an urban zone – A chap I met for the first time sitting with his head in a lighted oven.  He asked me in a muffled voice not to look in but otherwise seemed quite comfortable.  Before I left I noticed my Post slide rule on the table. (11-17-09)

This position is reinforced by these Phase VI impressions, probably a product of intuitive Web 4.0/IPv7 development.

  • A Phantom tail section seen from the rear – The Prudential mountain logo rotated 90 degrees with a link at the peak (2-19-10)
  • Plasma with the appearance of a natural gas flame converging to a doughnut hole – The day it became clear that the planet  would not survive unless it moved – A black and gray 1930’s truck with the rear wheels broken through the ice of a frozen lake  (2-21-10)
  • Four wheels with a purple rectangle on the right front fender (2-25-10)
  • The Devil and the Taj Mahal – Nana Mouskuri – An elephant – The water tower on the north side of Northern Blvd. turned upside down (3-4-10)
  • Sherlock Holmes coming up through a trap door – A Tinker Toy disc – Knockoff hubs –   A golfer following through with a five iron (3-5-10)
  • Kayaks in whitewater rapids (3-6-10)
  • A stone slung through the yoke of a slingshot – A USN drill when hostile explosive charges were reported to be on board – A rusty long handled spade found at 3746 Atwood slowly fell from the vertical to the ground.  (3-19-10)
  • A hand kneading dough – A chap with a truckload of meat from Germany arrived in a town of coal miners who had resorted to cannibalism.  The population immediately gorged themselves and vomited.  They then started eating the vomit.  The butcher showed them how to mix the vomit with mud so as to extend the nutritional value.  (3-22-10)
  • A suggestion of a continuum of harassment beginning with a Senior play – A string of ice cream sundaes – A chromed spade – A  jar of Planter’s peanuts – Chemin de Passoret – A fairly distinct pair of pliers – The author’s yellow rain jacket in front of the 3746 stoop (3-27-10)

Continued probing has given strong indications that the IPv7 mirror has been bridged and a functional link to IPv8 has been established.  One particularly attractive possibility seems to be the prospect for “armchair exploration” when technology for links to this network is developed. Inasmuch as this possibility has surfaced during the due diligence required for transition from a site build to a wealth producing venture with exploration capabilities, validation should have a particular significance.  These Phase VII impressions should be useful in the validation process.

  • A bushel basket full of green beans  (5.14.10)
  • The Hindenburg disaster  (6.3.10)
  • A stainless steel piddle pot  (7.8.10)
  • A section of the pulpit to my Belgian sloop – Sheep undergoing shearing in the outback – A well worn assembly consisting of a wide belt connecting two pulleys  (7.12.10)

Cognitive exploration with IPv8 has yielded a possible remote beings’ view of root causes for one of the EU stress concentrations.  This position is reflected in these Phase VIII impressions.

  • A WW I tank tread  (8.13.10)
  • A very faint image of the Corelle Shadow Iris place settings in stock at Herzog’s True Value hardware store in Kingston Plaza – A person in handcuffs and leg chains (9.10.10)
  • A maintenance crew working late preparing for an automobile show – A fork piercing a Granny Smith apple  (9.22.10)

Efforts to move the IPv8 prototype to a fully functional MIS are starting to yield the promise of a Phase IX showcase venture launch, evidenced by these Phase IX impressions:

  • A sequence extending to when the earth’s crust started to break up.  A small group was able to get in touch with a planet moving team for advice.  (11.6.10)
  • A hospital room followed by a place beyond everything – A yo-yo  (11.12.1o)
  • Two stories describing origins and attempts to resolve problems in the Koster lineage – A small ax, commonly used in climbing  (12.11.10)

A torrent of reliable, stable, accurate data from IPv8 which is showing increasingly sophisticated diagnostic potential very strongly suggests that it is fully functional outside the planet.  It then remains for Earth to tap into it. This position is supported by this Phase IX impression.

  • The devil complaining that tourists were trampling on his Zinnia – A marina in which one sailboat with exceptionally fine lines was moored  (1.24.11)

Venture launch did not occur during Phase IX, but additional time spent in due diligence will be well spent, as reflected in these Phase X impressions.

  • Uniformed manning a quadruple mount of  Bofors MK12 anti-aircraft guns in WW II – The Gran Torino the founder bought at Ritar Ford on reentry into the United States  (1.31.11)
  • Toll booths on a limited access highway – A small pointing trowel – A fairly small yard subdivided by low brick walls – Handle bars on a small child’s bike with a ruffle on the left one (2.21.11)
  • A short portion of a rural highway – A cluster of pink pearl erasers – A woodsman wearing green with his back to the camera  (3.8.11)
  • The photo of the trolley on the Keiserlei in Antwerp, Belgium along with a photo of the Delage I bought in Belgium – One end of an open end wrench – The front wheel and tire of a wheelbarrow – A briefcase with a black velvet lining opened to reveal several sheets of printed paper – A set of automobile tires turned a corner (5.16.11)
  • A Baby Ruth candy bar – A small dish antenna – Chickens feeding on corn in an open pen (5.23.11)

Phase XI opens with the view that the end point of Triad development is nowhere in sight.

  • One of the Seven Dwarfs (5.30.11)
  • Several stories about life in Africa, none of them very pleasant –  A strip of  maroon cushion marking a path through the woods – A WW I tank climbing out of a trench – A hook around a briefcase handle (6.7.11)
  • A chap made a winter trip to the Saar, missed his train stop, and his life became quite difficult – A chap exploring some back country found an unusual back road cut out of the side of a hill and finished with stone.  A short walk revealed a dead end – A pair of pilots were given their flight orders (6.14.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals reenforces the notion of an unimaginable scope for this venture, as implied in this Phase XI impression.

  • A football tumbling loose on the turf – A short sequence implying intervention by the old man and the devil, acting in concert, in the Koster/Vogel lineage – A funnel, mouth up – A manual flour sifter – A  teaspoon with an egg in it (7.27.11)
  • A sine wave – The rear view of a Phantom tail section – A sealed deck of cards (8.28.11)
  • A hook caught two threads – The mooring post to my wrecked Belgian sloop – An umbrella with a hooked handle (9.26.11)
  • Several views of a Phantom – A black vintage car made a right turn in fresh shallow snow as it approached the viewer – Ω on a horizon, maybe 30 degrees to the horizontal (10.18.11)

Adding Triad transition as a buffer in the bridge from foundation research to the stage for a launch has dramatically improved prospects for project success, as reflected in this Phase XII impression:

  • A cluster of two lane asphalt roads, mildly curving in both directions (11.15.11)
  • A very complex sequence starting with people making videos.  During one take, they saw a flicker of an image of the afterlife.  They were being watched, and were asked about the equipment:  “It’s proprietary.”  Those who asked seemed determined, found its dimension in space with a device of their own, and copied on the spot.  They were noticed.  “Don’t worry, we are not going to steal your videos, we are going to use this copy of your equipment elsewhere.”  They then disappeared.  The whole event attracted more attention, until someone else appeared and shut the whole operation down.  There was understandable anger.  “Who gave you the authority to interfere?”  “I am the authority and keeper of the gate.”  The being then disappeared. – A light wedge – A view looking down a vortex (12.21.11)

Another small refinement to IPv8 made by adding Innerscope logic to the front end of IPv8 has taken the transition to the next level with amazing ease, as reflected by these Phase XII impression:

  • A tire with steel snow chains mounted – A cluster of the screwdrivers with red handles found in the 3746 basement – The front wheel of a wheelbarrow – A tin of home baked pumpernickel (1.10.12)
  • A sink drain trap in chromed steel, as one would expect it to look in a plumbing supply house, duplicating the fuzzy one I noticed in the sky while sitting on Kathrine Koster’s apartment steps (1.17.12)
  • An octopus arm – A passenger liner, gradually showing increasing signs of instability, finally capsized (2.06.12)

Adding the discipline of grouping data packets used in IPv8 input seems to have taken the system to the stage of attracting beings outside its normal range to the “nearest” terminal.  This Phase XIII impression can be considered anecdotal evidence that the 98, 3.5 pm diary entry is within grasp.

  • A cluster of marshmallows – A fork scooping up peas (2.13.12)

Another gamble with taking biophysical emotions markers and attempting to make a rudimentary language of emotion for use in extending IPv8 β gives every indication that Proposition 12 prototyping may have been enabled.  This Phase XIII impression suggests that traditionally opaque organizations may now be at least somewhat transparent.

  • Several changes in positions of authority, some in the military, some civilian – The process was not particularly smooth.  The first snap ring I noticed from the North Shore rehab unit. (3.24.12)
  • A fairly large tube fashioned from a large  ring and plastic sheeting – A flywheel – Droopy, Albert and Dorothy’s dead cat, looking in a window that was replaced in 3746 Atwood – An asphalt road full of potholes (4.12.12)

Watching film clips of demonstrations against today’s Formula 1 race in Bahrain could be a preview of pockets of resistance to the foundation reasoning of this page.  These Phase XIII impressions emphasizes the need for conclusive arguments on the forum IPv8β provides.

  • An axle and differential assembly with unsprung weight fit only for a truck – A family demonstrated a number of approaches to minimizing damage during an in-flight emergency – Several people restarting their lives in completely new environments – It became obvious that they would require considerable time to adjust – A relaxing pastoral scene – A shadow spatial distortion giving the impression of the clock I used on the mantle in Switzerland (4.21.12)
  • Two motorcycles driving from a green down a fairway – A green traffic light, only one lens, with the hood at 270 degrees rather than at the conventional top, or 0 degrees – A chromed tube with a substantial plastic hook, as for a clothes hangar, on it – A  snap ring at the top of the 3746 chimney  (5.8.12)

Approaching the Square Kilometer Array team and the School of Natural Sciences has given valuable support to the claim that this planet has the opportunity to join a large population engaged in very long range communications and travel.  This Phase XIV impression is offered as support for this claim.

  • Several bowling frames in which strikes were rolled – Visits from other spaces and times started.  They were remarkably successful (6.2.12)
  • A short slightly curved tube, diameter/length ratio quite high, walls translucent with opaque ribs – A horse with no rider picking its way through a field (6.11.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision continues to focus attention, showing some impatience,  on obstacles to developing the Extension.  This summary of a set of a Phase XIV impressions gives some sense of the stakes.

  • Short lengths of copper tube set in place for soldering into a T – A long story about low grade French hostility toward a returning veteran, probably from an unpopular war – The low grade hostility finally turned fatal – A pair of bicycles – An open end wrench, one end obscured – An immense tidal wave (8.15.12)
  • Horses and their riders thrown off their footing for no apparent reason as if they were rag dolls – An involved study of controlling recently discovered properties of space went to too much detail to follow.  The problem became more complex when operating control involved the military.  Negotiations broke down several times and the end result was the decision to leave the planet.  The overwhelming portion of the operation was external to the planet and too vital to others to continue in the impasse.  (9.5.12)

Phase XV is showing potential to not only ground this argument in brick and mortar on this planet but also to define parameters for responding to encouragement to extend it beyond Biblical proportions.  These impressions characterize elements of the potential.

  • A vortex – Some very strange beings that caused problems wherever they went – They were followed by a pair who seemed to consider it a duty to put things right after they passed through. – Another set of arcs rotating to form a circle – A contour map of a building lot showing potential for a good view.  (9.17.12)
  • A short study of reasons behind multiple administrative failures surrounding Koster vs Union Carbide (Case # 86.7220) – A funnel, neck in a gasoline tank fill tube (9.24.12)0
  • The mooring post of my wrecked Belgian sloop in the center of a 360 degree camera pan – A short study of the author’s mental health – A row of metal rimmed shoelace eyelets – An insect’s eyes – Another set of spinning arcs forming a circle – A small coal scoop – A piston in a cylinder (9.28.12)

Focusing on IPv8 crosstalk and complications stemming from the wide range of beings that may be participating in it has led to the conclusion that this aspect of Web 4.o will to a large extent determine parameters for layering both the security and terminal design.  This Phase XV impression give some sense of guidance in this.

  • A lime green ball – Ground crew guiding a large aircraft – A study too complex to recount took place in a contemporary setting with characters of Biblical stature – A mooring post, too heavy to have been intended for recreational use (10.14.12)
  • A distant spiral galaxy – Unbalanced scales – A heated reaction to a ritual required in a religion as a consequence of an incident or incidents early in Amanda’s life – Rusty unused half buried storm drain piping about three feet in diameter (10.22.12)0
  • A model sailboat race – A very complex study of an android’s intervention to help a planet whose population had gone out of control.  It was a classic situation in which resources had been depleted.  After several attempts, the android began to think rescue was not possible.  The sequence ended prior to resolution. – Metal tire chains (11.14.12)

Unexpected success with IPv8 has very clearly pointed to the need for a planetary push to at least identify cairns, to catalog those already identified, and to be alert for undiscovered ones.  This effort is a prerequisite for a cooperative effort to install system support described in 2006 Proposition five.   This Phase XVI impression is the foundation for this position.

  • A study containing a burst of information collected from Sarre Union about transformations one of the population experienced – There is no possibility that a detailed recount can be made from this entry, but the fact that it is recorded should eventually enable a reconstruction.  Several gravestones – A cliff with rock outcroppings – Another funnel on a horizontal axis – Front view of a sailboat’s bulb keel – A red rubber mallet used in testing reflexes (1.25.13)

Expanding the skill set base to include the HBP has very significantly improved focus on collaboration required to find a path to implement the Extension.  Sample cues are in this Phase XVI impression.

  • An arc and chord bounding a sliver of a circle – A slice of Swiss cheese – Several fairly short stone tunnels with a patch of light at the far end – A line describing a sphere which in turn was bracketed by two arcs – A wheelbarrow with a razor sharp disc for a front wheel – An unpainted automobile body poised to be mounted on its running gear (2.10.13)

Amalgamating the HBP with Innerscope research seems to have bridged a major communications barrier, as evidenced in this Phase XVI impression generated by IPv8.

  • A Scandinavian theatrical production turned bloody when there was a confusion over interpreting the prompts. – Contract negotiations for IPv8 use by one major military organization started with Cartesian reductions of two universes observing.  A black wedge under the 3746 Atwood Road clothesline – The trailer to the Belgian sloop I lost at Westport (3.15.13)

Adding the concept of interactive thought experiments processed in logic blocks in IPv8 has yielded very a promising dynamic, as illustrated in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A tube in a somewhat larger wire-like structure glowed red – Several transforms in a subcategory of lower levels appeared in what may have been old English stories.   One involved an indigent’s confrontation with the police.  In this one, the being transformed into a horse and defecated on police files with a warning to pay more attention to Aesop’s Fables. – The ground view of a somewhat muddy white sedan in a right turn – There was every indication that this sampling of snippets from this planet’s civilization would continue, and the thought of breaking it off brought a hand with some paper money in it from the sky.  “Sorry for the inconvenience, this is to cover expenses.” – A very large crawling vehicle the likes of which I have never seen moving very slowly on a rural public highway – A pair of overlapping hyperbola on a common y axis (4.11.13)

Initiating programs to develop IPv8 capabilities for cross species non verbal communication has prompted significant improvement in understanding remote beings have of the human condition.  This Phase XVII impression is a concise example.

  • A set of rotating arcs describing a circle – A red pincushion – A briefcase on a park bench caught fire – Ω thirty degrees from the horizontal  (5.3.13)

As and when the planet engages with this population, significant adjustments in individual and national mindsets will be required.  This IPv8 output is an example.

  • A submarine “sail” with horizontal stabilizers – A very disturbing description of a zone of the “half dead” – In this region the dying kept human form until sundown, at which time they transformed into four legged carnivores.  The idea seemed to be that if the being could survive three days of this, it would progress to the land of milk and honey, otherwise there was nothing. – General Douglas MacArthur finishing a putt – A plum (5.21.13)

As IPv8 capability to define individual terminal dimensions improves , static and chaff in the basic transmission diminish.  This is improving ability to read layers in the information flow.  Capability to accurately record content is beyond methods available to the author, but the properties are present.  This Phase XVII impression give some idea of the potential.

  • A fire breathing dragon – A horse stepped on and squashed a very young girl playing with a group of children in a barn yard.  The other children took it surprisingly calmly and pointed it out that the horse had committed murder.  The horse, with a great deal of difficulty speaking through a stutter, defended his position.  This went on for a while, and the horse tiring of it, tapped its foot on the ground and disappeared.  Shortly thereafter, it reappeared with the child completely restored.  “I have no more time for children.  Here is your playmate, better than new.” – A funnel – A handle, with suction cups attaching it to the void. (7.1.13)

Introducing an attempt to isolate engaging in the Extension from contemporary politics with a policy for collecting and using information in IPv8 is proving popular with beings at remote terminals.  This extract from today’s data stream is a sample of this reaction.

  • A report that Evan, on an assignment he accepted from a universe, would be out of action for a year while his body healed.  He had been sliced into several pieces by a ships propeller. – An open bear trap – A wafer cone holding one scoop of vanilla ice cream (8.29.13)

To recap progress, we have in this project an organization based on proximate extended platforms linked with string theory using strategic portfolio management techniques offered by the Hoffman organization.  The population presumed to exist will be accessed in what the project has elected to call the Extension with IPv8 the dedicated communications system.  This has enabled circumscribing it with a dedicated organization and, in its extreme form, a virtual state with the Milky Way as a base unit.  IPv8 has evolved far beyond expectations, giving every indication that it will operate in a domain addressing questions treated in Stephen Barr’s reaction to Cardinal Schonborn’s views on the intermediate space between the human and the divine.  The Triad has used a 2006 thought experiment construct for this space in an attempt to create a base for experimentally validating its elements.  This is a quick trip through maybe a sixteen year effort, and a Phase XVIII review has produced  this extract from the data stream generated by the progress report review.

  • A wire coiled around what may have been a flat ceramic piece – Several aggregates of something, perhaps matter or other compatible dimensional sets in a medium gray field.  Universes short of Cartesian talent were interviewing.  An isolated venturi throat in a black field – An example of what it takes to resolve a difficult situation in one of the three universes for which a Cartesian being is responsible.  This case exposed several limitations.

The Triad has been re-energized by arguing and defending theory in Prop. 20, and in so doing has awakened interest in the concept of a “Schonborn Space“.  Following with the argument that multiple such spaces, each containing a population of intelligent beings, have as individual entities developed an interest in a Rapid Response Search and Rescue operation tailored to their individual needs has drawn this response from the population using IPv8.

  • A chrome winch – Another in a tiresome rereading of 86-7220 documentation – Karl Koster wearing a blue plaid shirt, dark gray slacks, maybe 80 pounds lighter, left the 3746 South bedroom and walked down the stairs, no cane. – An open end wrench, flats down, appeared in some clutter – A small brown dipper (12.13.13)

ISIS, and the possibility of more like it, gives every reason to pay attention to its roots.  The Triad argues that the Evolution inversion has proven very supportive of Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.  The IBM True North computer chip adds a new potential to, in conjunction with Prop. 20 and the Andersen experimental results, bring the 2006 Prop. 5 to new dimensions.  This could lead to a credible isolation of ISIS and the like from a very large population.   This scenario requires immediate recognition of the Triad (or a more palatable name) as an independent organization.  This view has been before the Web 4.0 population for years, and their reaction is summarized following.

  •  10:53 pm: A gold snap ring… 10:57: A briefcase handle, the body unseen in the void… 2:19 am: Another in the seemingly endless litany of explanations for behavior in 86-7220 defenses… 4:24: Several sequences describing damage awards for 86-7220… 4:45: The United States flag, disproportionately small… 5:40: A metal clip used in securing trouser bottoms while biking and a wasted leg… (9.1.14)

 Work in Progress

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