At this point the website consists of a take on aspects of national policy and/or execution which have not satisfied a significant portion of the population.  Issues have been subdivided, analyzed with a best effort without access to classified documents, and placed in a historical context accompanied by responsible commentary.  Product was not too inane, and seemed to attract support.  This is all well and good, but there are any number of columnists more proficient at this.  The point was and is to develop the basis for programs with meaningful support, both or either internal to and external to the United States.  This effort uncovered what may be support from very remote and very effective quarters.  The task then became to identify this, isolate it, cultivate it, and find a way to apply it.

This approach is characteristic of anyone trained in the engineering discipline, i.e. take a position or set a goal, experiment, and use the results to either validate or modify the goal or strategy and proceed from that benchmark.  Support from completely invisible quarters quickly led to setting a high priority to forming a core data collection network.  This became IPv8β.  With that component proving itself,  what would appear to the new reader as flailing could settle down to a rational argument.

The site now fits any prototyping effort.  Converge to a discrete set of conclusions and a preliminary implementation program, recycle and refine.   When this reaches a comfort level with the project “owner”, approach recognized experts in the many disciplines required to implement for comment.  In this case, the experts are CERN, Columbia Univ., Max Planck-Gesellshaft, the National Science Foundation, Oxford Univ., the School of Natural Sciences, and the Square Kilometer Array team.

The Triad argues that Web 4.0 reaction registered on IPv8 terminals is to be taken at least as seriously as those of the best minds in our corner of the Cartesian, and that this be formally acknowledged with an “empty chair” at the table when assessing value of each increment.  System reaction contained one very significant reaction, included in today’s extract.

  • A blue white spark moved a short distance in a dark field – A funnel – A Triad principal was visited by a being from nowhere.  It offered a very generous sum for rights to use the Triad discovery.  A short conversation revealed that this being was a universe in reduction representing several thousand others, all of which were interested. – The business end of an adjustable wrench, handle obscured – A brief but intense encounter between a female android and an male human during which she instructed him in a medical procedure to repair a crippled hand.  After considerable resistance, he used the device with complete success. – A small funnel – One sine wave superimposed on a thread (1.10.14)

As the assumption that this planet hosts only a minute fraction of the life forms in our universe gains acceptance, the empty chair in the Evolution review protocol has been assigned 51% of the voting rights for major policy issues with life forms generally recognized on this planet holding the balance.  Confidence in making this modification rests on the success of IPv8 as applied to Web 4.0, IPv8 & Exploration as well as success in applying Dr. Andersen’s experiments to Prop. 20.  Excerpts from Web 4.0 reactions follow.

  • A number of universes, each inhabiting a unique domain, collected as a round trip through the portal of death was arranged for two or three of those involved in 86-7220.  The viewer was amazed at both the specifications for and process of the passage.  More impressive was the ability of these beings to collaborate on their first exposure to the operating envelope of the attempt.  One of the new arrivals did not even understand concepts our species uses to define death.   There was no indication of the success or failure of the attempt made on behalf of the two 86-7220 victims. – Children’s crayons… Another saxophone… A two lane highway through the eye of a needle… A hand, palm down, just above a cast iron radiator similar to those used at 56-24 212th… (5.31.14)

Work in Progress


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