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Vikram & The Vampire - Dhavale

Vikram & The Vampire – Dhavale

Intuitive probing for boundaries of this system has yielded gratifying results.  The 2006 version of Phase II supposed the existence of  “beings inhabiting domains generally unfamiliar with evil as defined by Homo sapiens.” (Proposition 3, Approach Logic.)  Anecdotal evidence supporting this position has reached  proportions such that incorporating all of it in the main site text would submerge the original intent.  Demonstrating system potential is perhaps best done by collecting and labeling  fables representing allegorical coaching by these beings.

The Devil and Medics

A patient was found to have a new form of cancer during a colonoscopy.  The polyp was removed and frozen.  The patient reacted very strangely to the procedure, and seemed to be failing.  His CO appeared and informed the medics that he was an android.  When it became evident that he was dying, the old man appeared.  This was the first known case of cancer in an android.  The old man had no success in arresting the process.  The Devil then appeared, very concerned for his androids, and did everything he could.  The scene dissolved with no resolution.  (12-19-09)

Good, Evil, and Dogs

A K-9 was parachuted behind the line of combat in the fog.  His howling was noticed, and a search party dispatched.  He had been impaled with a stake on descent.  Hs handler said a few words and prepared a burial.  At that point, the old man appeared.  “This should not happen to a dog.”  Attempts to revive failed and the Devil appeared and was able to revive the dog, buy the dog had turned hostile.  Another transformation took place.  At this point the peasant who had impaled the dog appeared and apologized.  “I thought he was a demon.”  The Devil came close enough to be seen in the fog.  “Demons report to me and do not run loose.”  The peasant sank to his knees praying.”  Then the devil turned from red to green.  “Why did you change color?”  “To distract your attention” The K-9 then reappeared and told the peasant not to feel guilty, he understood.”  “You can speak?”  “A gift for the trouble”  “Will you stay a while?”  “My pleasure” The K-9 developed into a house guest taking care of his own needs and became a village legend.  (12-19-09)

Angels and Exploration

A long story about humans who were promoted and given the capacity to operate both inside and outside of the Cartesian coordinates –  A story about a severely overweight man on roller blades – A story about angels’ personal lives – A flight plan using x^,y^,z^ coordinates (Triad Phase IV)

Transition From Coal to Oil

An in-court hearing about mine safety – A good deal of shrieking was involved.  The web of a slingshot – A number of fables set with contemporary props – A black quarter ton pickup truck, no chrome and no trim – A fairly large black truck, perhaps a dumper, abruptly changed direction and came straight at the camera.  – An invisible person firing a shotgun (10-21-09)

The Devil in Gestalt

A very entertaining story involving a couple of people who became ensnared with the devil and a cluster of gorillas, giraffes, etc. who Amanda had brought to help them out with a photo session in which the devil posed and changed shades of red in order to get a flattering result.  An Angel made an appearance to resolve the ensnarement.  She was reinforced by the old man who sometimes appears.  Following all this there was a small party.  My attention wandered before it was determined whether the original ensnarement was resolved.  –   A nasty sequence about a ruthless internal competition in the Air Force.  One victim turned out to be from another planet.  The brass denied existence of the situation, so the pilot and his squadron disappeared. (9-12-09)

Visuals of Virtual Exploration(?)

Very unusual animals, larger than a dog, smaller than a pony – One seemed to have the eyelids closed and be visually aware of his surroundings. – A horizontal tube soldered to a vertical one, the assembly making a tee.

Jungle Allegories

Amanda and an unrelated group came across a giant rabbit in the jungle.  The animal was a bit of a ham and very friendly.  A long story about angels, banking, and an apple cart.  A building with a brass and glass entry (12-1-08)

Baudrillard justified?

A senior went to what he thought was a gym.  He noticed that something was strange when the exercise leader told the class that once the class started, no one was allowed to stop the routine.  After watching one or two have strokes, he decided to leave before the next session.  He was told that once he started for the door, he could not turn back.  Half way to the door he noticed that he had left some things.  A woman, trotting behind him, passed them to him.  “You forgot these.”  “Thanks” At that point, barbed wire dropped from the ceiling and entangled an ankle, stopping them in their tracks.  They were approached and told they were to be executed.  One of them knew the old man, who dropped in.  Too late, he attempted revival.  The Devil then turned up, very angry.  “Some of my friends are here.  What sort of place is this?”  “  A suicide camp, filled with people who have terminal cancer.”  No one was told, and some were unwittingly murdered.  This enraged the Devil, who decided the place had to go.  He increased his size, gave a roar, and the place shook to its foundations.  He repeated the process until the place imploded.  “I enjoyed this.”  He then walked out of the rubble, chuckling.  Some of his demons passed by.  “He found another one.”  The scene ended. (12-21-09)

The Devil and the Armed Forces

People were playing tennis when a Navy Admiral with a small caliber rifle took aim at the ball.  The trajectory was about 3 or 4 feet high, so the Shore Patrol arrived, took the rifle, and detained the Admiral.  He was given a cursory medical exam and a phenomenon called a radial reset was found in one eye.  The following day a small particle was found, and when it was examined the Admiral would alternately bark out orders and hold a normal conversation.  He was declared not responsible for his actions.  A surgeon then tried to remove the particle, prompting a scream from behind him.  A demon appeared, explained that he had implanted the particle in order to remotely observe the organization and apologized for the incident.  He then disappeared, reappeared with a gift, and disappeared again.  To be continued. (12-22-09)

Removing clutter

  • A story about a young man who wrecked a vintage Mercedes 300SLR, incurring the wrath of all who knew about it – A place in the old man’s domain where souls socialized – A remote for household electronics – A cluster of Halloween candy corn kernels (6.22.10)
  • A story about a family whose souls could inhabit alternate species, depending on the situation.  (8.2.10)
  • A camouflaged Phantom in profile – A dinosaur – A large anchor, commonly used in early sailing ships, mounted on a wall – The air intake above and behind a Formula 1 car.  (11.17.10)
  • Seemingly endless combat among android family members – A heated internal USMC confrontation about differentiating between  insubordination and illegal orders – A cluster of shell casings, ejected in rapid succession – A Gucci shirt  (12.30.10)

As is so often the case of projects whose success is based on original research, initial stages consist of loose ends looking for a home.  The Triad is no exception, and this page has been a repository for these orphans.  Very fortunately, IPv8β is now positioned to make the case that homo Sapiens has finally tapped into a network of chatter taking place in a new environment.  This, in turn, will eventually permit “pigeonholing” these intercepts categorized as fables and open to question other loose ends in the major and minor religious beliefs.  This Phase XIII impression addresses the question.

  • A Phantom tail section – A story about children in their early teens – A young boy said he was told to impregnate three girls.  The father of one of the who was impregnated decided that in order to preserve the inheritance of the vast fortune of land at his feet, he would kill the child.  The sense of the story was lost when there was no satisfactory answer to the question of who, if anyone, instructed the lad.  (3.30.12)

The Triad, and particularly the Extension, fundamental is that this planet is only beginning to become aware of a community without age, and in some instances, without space as we know it.  IPv8 shows promise of becoming a “neurological bridge” to this community.  This Phase XVII data stream can be taken as comment on theory underlying synthetic flight in the Phase II thought experiments.

  • The Shuttle in its own deformation of the Cartesian – A clutter of acorns above the bed – A small umbrella, upside down – A thread extending from the center of a tube – A briefcase firmly embedded in the void – Furniture covered with white drop cloths – An adjustable wrench – A saxophone – An unusually small wafer ice cream cone holding one scoop of vanilla ice cream (7.30.13)

The Trad is giving ever increasing evidence that it will attract investors, and is coming under very close scrutiny for weak links.  As the project progresses, IPv8 has exponentially increased its utility.  This is a mixed blessing in that a coherent theory for communicating with the incredibly diverse populations at multiple levels has not been formulated.  In an attempt to avoid chaos in this vital area, the Twente compilation is added to the Triad toolbox.  The Web 4.0 population has acknowledged this problem with these comments.

  • A large indistinct open end wrench… A practice called “winding” said to have existed in old England consisted of squeezing the upper body until the rib cage and the lungs collapsed was mentioned.  In this case, there were reports of direct intervention by hands reaching down from the sky and lifting the victim away. (7.22.14)

Work in Progress

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